The Charlatans / Different Days

The Charlatans return in May with a new album, Different Days, which is available in a dizzying array of formats, including a clear vinyl seven-inch box set.

Like Blondie‘s forthcoming Pollinator, the 13-track album is available spread over a number of seven-inch singles (five, actually) and this set is available on Amazon and the band’s own store.

The official store also offers Different Days on standard black vinyl and clear vinyl with signed options and bundles. There is even a cassette and a super deluxe edition bundle which gathers virtually every conceivable format. Interestingly, Amazon in the UK have an orange vinyl which doesn’t appear to be an option in the band’s shop. Update: Amazon have now updated their listing and describe this as ‘Clear Vinyl’.

Different Days is The Charlatan’s 13th album and guests include Johnny Marr, Paul Weller and Stephen Morris. It’s out on 26th May 2017.

  • 1. Hey Sunrise
  • 2. Solutions
  • 3. Different Days
  • 4. Future Tense
  • 5. Plastic Machinery
  • 6. The Forgotten One
  • 7. Not Forgotten
  • 8. There Will Be Chances
  • 9. Over Again
  • 10. The Same House
  • 11. Lets Go Together
  • 12. The Setting Sun
  • 13. Spinning Out


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I love 7″ box sets. I do play them too not just have them as a collector.
The Charlatans have only “lost” once with Simpicato. An amazing band who do something different with their sound on each album.


Thanks for the heads up on the change of the Amazon vinyl colour: I have cancelled that as the order still shows as orange but the item listing has indeed changed to clear which is the same as elsewhere. Saved me some money at least but I wouldn’t have noticed it if it hadn’t been for the posting on here


I totally agree!! BTW…the Amazon link now says clear vinyl. Does that mean the orange was a mistake?? I saw no mention of orange elsewhere….


Pre-ordered already. Their last album, Modern Nature, was just sensational. Favorite album of 2015 for sure. Saw them live in San Francisco on that tour and they were absolutely brilliant. Can’t wait to hear the new music. I love it that Marr and Weller have contributed.


I love the cover.


However good the album might be, you’d have to totally love it to own it on 7inches, black vinyl, clear vinyl, CD and cassette AND a further purchase on orange vinyl. I own several albums on both vinyl and CD plus a download, and that seems more than enough for me!

David Mc

Is that cover for real? It’s like a poor Instagram post.


Don’t think that the Charlatans have ever really dipped with the quality of the records, just the media interest and sales. Ordered the signed super bumper bundle from the band and the orange vinyl from Amazon and even found something else to order from Rough Trade whilst looking elsewhere for that (purple vinyl LP with bonus CD for debut album for the Big Moon, darn Rough Trade’s exclusives :)). Well, it was that lot or a new vacuum cleaner, but the dustpan and brush still works so…


I second that! “Us and Us only” is a modern classic nobody took any notice of. If only Wilco for instance were capable of coming up with the album of such a merit … huh! Last couple of albums were ok though, plus they’re a brilliant live band. Never miss them when they play London.


Can’t wait for this album. Modern Nature was my favorite record of 2015. I preordered the signed clear vinyl. They keep getting better!!


I think they peaked with the Dylan/Stones influenced ‘Us and Us Only’.


I think they peaked with “How High”

Simon F

Not the first time the Charlies have done a 7″ box set. They did it first with Up At The Lakes a few years back. Used to be a big fan but have gradually slipped away in recent times but it’s nice to know they are still around.

Peter Yarrow

I would!


Why would anyone want a set of 7″s?
I don’t get it….




Yeah, collectability for people who prefer to pay over the odds to collect music instead of listening to it!


Music alone isn’t enough to guarantee you a living any more. Without collectables, merchandise and touring there’s no money in the game these days.


Of course we are also expected to pay “over the odds” for concert tickets and merchandise. As the music market shrinks someone (i.e. the fans) has to keep profit margins buoyant. All these formats are nothing new, its just like the 80s


Didn’t they give away their last album online?