The Coral / Coral Island

Exclusive formats and signed editions

The Coral return in April with a brand new studio album, Coral Island.

The long-player is a mammoth 24-track double and was recorded at Parr Street Studios in Liverpool by the current line-up of line-up of James Skelly, Ian Skelly, Nick Power, Paul Duffy and Paul Molloy. The first single is ‘Faceless Angel’ which you can preview below

There’s loads of options in terms of pre-orders, including an Amazon UK signed CD and signed prints with all formats on the official shop (A4 for CD and cassette, 12″ x 12″ for vinyl). The Coral’s shop also boasts exclusive 2LP red vinyl, an exclusive cassette and the usual bundles. Rough Trade in the UK also have signed copies of an indies-only transparent lime version of the 2LP vinyl.

Coral Island will be released on 30 April 2021.

Browse official Coral shop or see highlights below:

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Coral Island - signed 2CD

Shop Price gbp Stock
Amazon uk   10.99
Amazon jp   2034.00

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2LP black vinyl


1. Part 1 – Welcome To Coral Island
2. Lover Undiscovered
3. Change Your Mind
4. Mist On The River
5. Pavilions Of The Mind
6. Vacancy
7. My Best Friend
8. Arcade Hallucinations
9. The Game She Plays
10. Autumn Has Come
11. The End Of The Pier

12. Part 2 – The Ghost Of Coral Island
13. Golden Age
14. Faceless Angel
15. The Great Lafayette
16. Strange Illusions
17. Summertime
18. Telepathic Waltz
19. Old Photographs
20. Watch You Disappear
21. Late Nights At The Borders
22. Land Of The Lost
23. The Calico Girl
24. The Last Entertainer

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Ed Naylor

Thanks for sharing Paul. I’m a casual fan but might go for one of the bundles at those prices. Double coloured vinyl plus double CD and signed print for 30 quid? Bonkers. Although the double tape is also calling to me for some reason…

Michael H. Hughes

Looks interesting. I will check them out.

John MC cann

I presume by the name of some of the songs,( seaside themed),that this is inspired by the coral island centre in Blackpool?,, Or the old one in Torquay new demolished, I once met the wee guy from ain’t half hot mum standing at the doors of the Blackpool one selling his record back in 79, great wee guy he was,


I think that was Don Estelle. He had that song Whispering Grass with Windsor Davis. It was by default my first ever record as they threw 7” copies of it from a float at Southend Carnival and I was lucky enough to catch one!

John MC cann

It was mate ,and he was wearing his outfit,he had a ghetto blaster and was selling his record and tapes, nobody was their and I started talking to him he was really nice,this was 79;,, height of his fame,,,,years later he was turning up in shopping centres in his little outfit,and nobody really knew who he was ,, but was nice to me so rip
Don Estelle

The Golden Age Of The Phonograph

I`ve been a Coral fan since the first single `Shadows Fall` and thought that was it after the last LP `Move Throughj Dawn` so this is a great surprise. Love that single `Faceless Angel` and have ordered a bundle from the band`s shop at better prices than displayed above.

Graeme Ewan

Hi Paul. There was a Dinked edition. Initial run sold out, more being pressed to stop or limit scalping. Maybe link for this and future Dinked editions. They are def deluxe and would help promote independent stores too.

Ian Hartley

There was a also a “Dinked Edition” of 1000 that sold out almost immediately, then increased by another 500 copies via the “Dinked” indie retail out lets that also sold out last night. The band have a very loyal fan base and their work is never less than interesting, and often quite remarkable. Well worth seeing live too, when we are able. Recommended !