The Cranberries / Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can’t We? reissue

25th anniversary • 4CD box set • 2CD deluxe • vinyl LP

The Cranberries / Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can't We? 25th anniversary edition

A 25th anniversary edition of The Cranberries‘ debut album Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can’t We? will be released in October across a number of formats including a four-disc box set

This anniversary reissue was already in the works when Dolores O’Riordan died in January this year. After much soul searching, the band put out a statement saying “we thought about it and decided that as this is something that we started as a band, with Dolores, we should push ahead and finish it.”

The album was recorded in 1992 and produced by Stephen Street (who had worked on Blur’s Modern Life Is Rubbish in the same year). It was released in March 1993 and features the singles ‘Dreams’ and ‘Linger’; the latter a transatlantic top ten hit. The album topped the charts in both the UK and Ireland.

Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can’t We? 4CD box set

A ‘complete sessions’ reissue of Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can’t We? in 2002 added six bonus tracks, but this new 25th anniversary edition goes much further. The four disc box set contains the album on the first CD and bonus material spread over three further discs. Of course all of those previous bonus tracks are included, but so too are unreleased early demos, a live performance from 31 July 1994 at the Féile Festival in Ireland and a series of radio sessions from 1992-1993. The box includes a poster and four postcards.

There is a two-CD deluxe (disc two is repeated from the box) and a single CD and single vinyl LP edition (at the time of writing there are no links for the vinyl). Presumably, the audio is remastered, although no word as yet on the details.

Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can’t We? will be reissued on 19 October 2018. A new album from The Cranberries (for which Dolores had already recorded vocals) is expected in 2019.

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The Cranberries

Everybody Else Is Doing It... 4CD box set


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The Cranberries

Everybody Else Is Doing It... 2CD deluxe edition


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The Cranberries

Everybody Else Is Doing It... vinyl LP


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The Cranberries

Everybody Else Is Doing It... single CD


Disc: 1

1. I Still Do
2. Dreams
3. Sunday
4. Pretty
5. Waltzing Back
6. Not Sorry
7. Linger
8. Wanted
9. Still Can’t…
10. I Will Always
11. How
12. Put Me Down

Disc: 2

1. Íosa
2. What You Were (Demo)
3. Linger (Dave Bascombe mix)
4. How (Alternate version)
5. Liar (Single b – sides)
6. What You Were (Single b – sides)
7. Reason (Single b – sides)
8. How (Radical mix) (Single b – sides)
9. Them (Single b – sides)
10. Pretty (Prêt – à- Porter Remix)
11. Uncertain (Debut EP)
12. Nothing Left At All (Debut EP)
13. Pathetic Senses (Debut EP)
14. Them (Debut EP)
15. Dreams (Unmixed)(Early demos – recorded as The Cranberry Saw Us)
16. Sunday (Early demos – recorded as The Cranberry Saw Us)
17. Linger (Early demos – recorded as The Cranberry Saw Us)
18. Chrome Paint (Early demos – recorded as The Cranberry Saw Us)
19. Fast One (Early demos – recorded as The Cranberry Saw Us)
20. Shine Down (Early demos – recorded as The Cranberry Saw Us)
21. Dreams (Pop mix) (Early demos – recorded as The Cranberry Saw Us)

Disc: 3

Live at Cork Rock (June 1, 1991)

1. Put Me Down
2. Dreams
3. Uncertain

Live at Féile, Tipperary (July 31, 1994)

4. Pretty
5. Wanted
6. Daffodil Lament
7. Linger
8. I Can’t Be With You
9. How
10. Ode to My Family
11. Not Sorry
12. Waltzing Back
13. Dreams
14. Ridiculous Thoughts
15. Zombie
16. (They Long to Be) Close to You

Disc 4

1991 Dave Fanning Show

1. Dreams
2. Uncertain
3. Reason
4. Put Me Down

1992 John Peel Show

5. Waltzing Back
6. Linger
7. Wanted
8. I Will Always

1993 Dave Fanning Show

9. The Icicle Melts
10. Wanted
11. Like You Used To
12. False

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I don’t understand how “Them” can be there twice being identified as “B-side” and “Xeric”, cause when it was released as a B-side for one of the album’s singles it was excatly the same recording, maybe slightly remixed but basically the same… Could it be that this will be the biggest flaw on an otherwise magnificent set?


It’s strange because wherever I’ve seen “Them” as a b-side, it still said ©1991 Xeric Records. The b-side version in this set mostly sounds like the original version with the first few seconds cut off.

Mark Levy

So sorry that Dolores isn’t around to see this project.


Pretty good prices for the 2 cd and 4 cd sets. More artists should price their expanded reissues at this price. They would sell more copies that way.

paul widdows

its a shame there is no DVD containing promos, tv appearences interviews or documentries .
also the Recorded live at the Record Plant in Hollywood on December 11-12 1993.
which was broadcast the week of 2.28.94 .AS HALF THE LIVE PERFORMANCES WHERE USED ON THE DREAMS AN LINGER 2ND RELEASE SINGLES. Because i really love those live b-sides and would have loved to have heared the full performance.It was released as a promo in the usa and would have been nice to be included in the boxset. A wasted opportunity in my book. I have ordered the clear vinyl lp but will wait for the cd boxset to go down in price before i purchase it

Ed Randazzo


I’m with you. Not including the Record Plant performance in favor of the Féile, Tipperary (July 31, 1994) gig is a bit puzzling. The latter is still not complete as well. “Sunday” is absent. I’m sure the band had their reasons for releasing what they did. That said, it’s a minor cribble.

I’m hoping that No Need to Argue gets the same, expansive treatment.


Disc 3, tracks 1-3 are “Live at Cork Rock (June 1, 1991)”

Disc 4 1991 Dave Fanning Show is recorded March 9, 1991 at RTE Studio 8, Dublin

Disc 4 1992 John Peel Show is recorded January 16, 1992 at BBC Maida Vale 4, London. First broadcast 16, 1992

Disc 4 1993 Dave Fanning Show, recording/broadcast details unknown


Live at Cork Rock (June 1, 1991) is missing from Disc 3 description


The description on recordstore.co.uk says “The album has been remastered at Abbey Road (under the supervision of the band’s Noel Hogan)”. I’m happy with my Analog Spark copy.


Forget the digitally sourced record, whenever it comes out – Analog Spark released a wonderful AAA sourced version in June 2017. Sounds great.

ian wilson

02-Mar-93 in Studio 8, RTE..
Ian Wilson ( producer)
RTE licensed the recordings without checking the full credits and details with me.. C’est la vie.


I’ve been waiting months for this! Pre ordered 4CD set and the vinyl.


Sometimes the demos are a bit stripped down – mellower. China Crisis had some good demo tracks on there deluxe cds that were instrumental versions of their songs or just less filled out versions.


I too will wait for a “No Need to Argue” reissue to get this. Maybe the third LP deserves a remaster/reissue too, “Free to Decide” is an amazing pop tune. We’ll see, anyway the two discs version would be more than enough for me.

Big Steve

Clear vinyl version on Recordstore if your into coloured vinyl


Question: Does anyone buy single CDs when there is better value with the 2CD set?


Correction. You said “…radio sessions from 1992-1993…” but the track listing for the first Dave Fanning show says 1991 according to the track listing.


Four disc for less than $40? Yes, thank you very much.

I wasn’t much of a fan after this album. I liked tracks here and there, but for me, Everyone Else is the one solid album from start to finish they released. No second guessing at all on pre-ordering this.

Andrew B

I’ll get this but only if the second LP is reissued as well at a later date, so will hang back for that.

Gareth Jones

Curious to know from other SDE readers – B-sides aside (which often are as good, if not better, than some album tracks), when you buy a box set containing a whole disco of demos and whole disc of live tracks, do you listen to them just the once then put the box back on the shelf? Or do they hold up to repeated listens?

I’ll be honest, I’ve listened to the new stereo mix of the Sgt. Pepper album several times, but the demos only once. Interesting and insightful the first time, but ultimately a lot of money spent on something I’ve no desire to hear a second time. I heard a Cranberries demo from this box played on Radio 2 this morning and I already don’t need to hear it twice!


“do you listen to them just the once then put the box back on the shelf? Or do they hold up to repeated listens?”

Quite often they’re a one time listen except for the likes of Bob Dylan’s ‘The Cutting Edge 1965–1966’ and a few others from the Bootleg Series.


For me, it depends on the quality and hoe different they are from the original. For instance, I have a bootleg from way-back of the demos Tori Amos did for Little Earthquakes, and I still listen to that frequently, because I love some of the alternate versions. If the demos sound pretty much like crappier/sloppier versions of the finished product, then they don’t get much play. But in general, I’m still always interested in having them and deciding for myself whether they are “playlist” level tracks or not. I buy it knowing the risk.


I listen to everything at least a half dozen times but listening to some tracks maybe 24 times [original version and say 3 out-takes] can get too much!


Yup, I have the same. Basically I collected 2 large shelves full of box sets that if I am honest as well, almost did not listen to repeatedly. Looks great though….

Henry Martinez

Hello Gareth

This is the curse and value of the super deluxe edition, revealing what is the artist’s sketchbook, not originally meant for public consumption, but proves to have some inherent quality and value, and rewards at least the occasional listen. And there are demo releases that deserve regular play such as Bill Nelson’s Noise Candy, Steve Howe’s Home Brew series, and XTC’s Fuzzy Warbles. I expect that most if not all SDE readers have many of their own demo sets that get regular play.

Brian Stanley

If I’m being honest, it’s very rare for any of the demo and live disc tracks to make the cut onto my iTunes after the discs have been played once.


An emphatic no to the demos, ‘mixes’, ‘edits’ and that sort of thing but yes to live material, as long as it’s long enough to warrant the effort, if it’s just a handful of tracks they have to be really something to make it worthwhile digging out the disc (case in point, the full show in the Misplaced Childhood box is so good I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve played it!). In my opinion very few demos, etc warrant a second listening and many not even the first! Plus, with so much music out there and new stuff continually being released I often wonder who has time to go back to that sort of thing. The finished versions we know so well tend to be the yardstick we measure against so end up usually sticking with those.

Paul English

Great to see tracks from their debut Uncertain 12″ included – the price of it and the CD single is pretty steep.


I want this for sure. I do hope the remastering is better than on any reissues released before this.

Steven Campbell

On it like a car bonnet! Great stuff Paul, I’ve been eagerly awaiting this for some time. I have the original cassette somewhere of this and then later bought the re-issued cd with 6 bonus tracks that you mentioned, but when I’d heard on your website of this being forthcoming I couldn’t wait for it to come out. For me the Cranberries were a bit hit and miss though their 1st two albums and Wake Up and Smell The Coffee were my faves. I bought the reissued 2nd album some time ago also because it contained bonus tracks too one of which was one I’d been searching for and that was the very rare remix by The Orb (of whom I’m a massive fan) of Zombie called (The Camel’s Hump Mix) which I believe Dolores re-recorded her vocals for. She was a girl of much talent and very sadly missed.


Looks great. And CDs only! Jippieee a 1-format only set


Amazed they did a Peel Session, doesn’t seem like they would have been his cup of tea at all!


Maybe he was out for lunch when they entered the studio…


I really liked the Cranberries and their debut album is top notch. The live concert is actually from that first tour. It’s taken from the tail end of it. Their second album didn’t come out until October 1994 so they were previewing new songs in the final dates of the Everyone Else Is Doing It Tour.


Good set, good price but a huge miss for not including a 5.1 surround sound DVD or Blu-Ray. Would have gladly paid more for a surround sound mix. It’s a great album. Hopefully they’ll also do “No Need To Argue”.


I’m by no means a Cranberries fan (though I’ve got a few cd’s) – but are they pulling a George Michael by including a show from much later on? Having tracks like Zombie and Ode To My Family on the live disc is a bit weird when they are from the album that came after this…?

Charles Christopher

Maybe there’s not a good quality recording of the period before the second album – though with the success of the first album, you’d assume there would be.

I’m not a huge Cranberries fan, but I find enjoy them more in hindsight than I did at the time (especially the first album singles). It does have a really good price point for a four disc set. Maybe I’ll be tempted!

Bryan Barker

Second album wasn’t out until October 1994, so the July show included here is prior. Must have just been previewing new material…


They previewd songs from the 2nd Album already way earlier, just as example: the ‘Live’ VHS release was recorded in January 1994 + already included multiple songs that would later appear on ‘No need to argue’.
Bit sad they didn’t manage to include a DVD, so still no ‘Uncertain’ promo video that the fans have been longing now for so long. Still a nice set that I definetely have to get my hands on.


@Bryan Barker: Can’t say for sure but maybe they did a few new tracks live before studio versions were released.