The Cranberries / No Need To Argue coloured vinyl reissue

The Cranberries second album, No Need To Argue, is being reissued as a coloured vinyl pressing next month.

Originally released in 1994, the album contains the big hit single Zombie and like their debut Everyone Else Is Doing It, So Why Can’t We?, it was produced by Stephen Street.

There are actually two versions of this new vinyl available: a clear and pink edition and a clear and blue edition. Both come in a gatefold vinyl presentation with printed inner sleeves and lyrics.

It’s worth pointing out that this is being released on Plain Recordings in the USA and they don’t have the best of reputations, when it comes to high quality vinyl pressings. The label have actually reissued this before, back in 2016 on ‘cranberry’ coloured vinyl, so some of you may already have that one.

These vinyl editions of No Need To Argue are due on 27 April 2018. Availability outside the USA could be sketchy.

  1. Ode to My Family
  2. I Can’t Be with You
  3. Twenty One
  4. Zombie
  5. Empty
  6. Everything I Said
  7. The Icicle Melts
  8. Disappointment
  9. Ridiculous Thoughts
  10. Dreaming My Dreams
  11. Yeats’ Grave
  12. Daffodil Lament
  13. No Need to Argue

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Avoid plain records they sound awful if you like Cranberries get the vinyl version of Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can’t We? by analog spark

Wes Headley

Plain records just Plain SUCK! I’ve been burned nearly every time I’ve purchased their craptastic products. Poor quality in every sense of the word.


Martin Power

The price alone for the UK release must surely rank as a clear example of ‘Taking the urine’? If something else pops up on the US site may get in but otherwise am a little wary of the feedback of Plain


No need to piss worry about this! I’m sure it has sold out before it went on sale like everything else done this way by the industry! It’s simply an insider clicks game! Nothing for public consumption!


I purchased this album on black vinyl from Amazon US a few weeks ago. The mastering is awful, virtually unlistenable. I returned it. Avoid.

Wes Headley

Plain Recordings does not care about product quality or customer service judging by the countless complaints on audio sites and forums and by my own long experience getting burned by their craptastic products. Buy with Amazon Prime if possible– then you can at least return it if you get a dud (which is almost a certainty).

Gary Hunter

What is it with record companies these days, why are they incapable of mastering or remastering an album properly, time and again stuff is put out that has glitches, awful compressed sound, distortion.

With modern day technology they should be releasing material that has perfect sound and blows you away, instead, they make a mess of it.

It makes my blood boil!


I pre ordered a Green Copy Of No Need to Argue and a Cranberry copy of Everybody Else from Amazon.com on 23rd January.,..

Everybody else arrived yesterday….. Black Vinyl and a 7” seam split to the top edge where Amazons Crap Packing has struck yet again…. put loosely in a massive box..floating around across the Atlantic….., bloody idiots. .

No sign Of the Green Vinyl…. all it says on the 3 month old order is we’ll e Mail you when we know the estimated delivery date

Needless to say the Damaged Vinyl is boxed back up ready to go back to Amazon.com and I don’t think I’ll ever see Everybody else on Green….. I also ordered it from A couple of U.K. distributors to be let down by them too… luckily I bought it first time around but it would be nice to get a spare copy.

Be warned with Amazons Piss poor packaging and be prepared to send it back when it arrives damaged…..


I’d like to get super deluxe editions of the first two Cranberries albums, in those nice mini box sets, same as the recent Tears for Fears, Simple Minds and The Verve reissues (speaking of The Verve, I hope a super deluxe Forth box will be released, there are lots of tracks not on the original album, and it’d be nice to get some videos and probably some live tracks and radio sessions – 2018 would actually be a great year for this, since Forth will be 10 this year). Vinyl is definitely not my cup of tea, so I’ll give this a miss.


On the plus side you get a gatefold with a couch and a rainbow. But like being a thirsty man in the desert; you can run to it, but the mirage will never quench your thirst. As with many reissues this looks like snake oil. As much as I am a vinyl enthusiast, the whole vinyl thing is getting out of hand. If the records were recorded pre digital, atleast you have a chance for an anologue master, quite doubtful here. A proper LP reissue is not really that common, and requires a lot of work by people who really know what they are doing, dealing with master tapes that may or may not be playablej. Most reissues are just CD quality or at the very best 24 bit pressed to vinyl, done by??? whatever you may hope to gain is basically lost through poor equipment, bad pressing, or improper digital to analog mastering. You need master tapes (analogue) proper mastering and quality vinyl and a good pressing plant, and a high end stereo, Anything less is just for looks or fun. Most records were recorded to digital to begin with, unless it is specifically made for the alalogue domain you are getting shortchanged. Most people would do themselves a favor to actually look into buying a better stereo system before going down the “vinyls are better” road. A basic digital transfer to vinyl, is pointless and moronic. Just go to your local bargin bin and get the CD if you love this record so much, use the eq on your receiver for more bass, it will still sound better than a cashgrab digital to vinyl pressing… or simply get an lp with blank grooves, put that on the stereo, you get the nice plunk of the needle, the satisfying chew of grooves, and then mix that channel in with your CD audio feed to really impress your friends, who will likely comment on how they only use spotify and how great youtube is.

Mike the Fish

That sounds like H*ffm*n forum talk.

Derek Langsford

This thread is showing why I embraced digital and eschewed vinyl and its resurgence. Number of times back in the 70s and early 80s a brand new record had crackles and pops on quiet intros had me taking them back to the store (up to 2 hours away as I lived in rural Cornwall at the time). Remember getting a copy of PG 3 in an Edinburgh HMV and it had a pimple in the vinyl which launched my cartridge into the air. Checked other copies in the store and all had the same pimple. The effort and expense of dealing with vinyl was not compensated for by the “warmth ” of the sound. Guess things haven’t changed.


I’ve got a black pressing of this album by Plain, the album played fine from start to finish, but it was pretty obvious I could have easily have been listening to the CD, with a few crackles. I should really check my copy of Bury the Hatchet that this label also released.
I’m praying there will be some sort of box set done officially by the band so we can get these albums in the best quality possible. Although I’ve read the original pressings weren’t much better.


I’ll wait for a complete albums LP box

Yani P

Bit confused I had one of these delivered at least 2-3 weeks ago?


No thanks to any Plain Record releases. I made the mistake of grabbing an OOP of their re-issue for Fiona Apples Extraordinary Machine and UGH that audio is atrocious! Companies like Plain should be sued and their company shut down for such awful LPs.

Its also funny cause my local Down in the Valley Record / CD music store has Two versions of this Plain vinyl of this album and in fact one has a stcker stating it is colored vinyl the other is black vinyl. Both im sure sound poor.


What would make a fitting tribute would be to re-issue the GOLD double cd. It has all the key tracks from the Island/MCA years. It would also make a superb 4 LP set, perhaps on gold vinyl?

Damian Docherty

Another warning about Plain Recordings. I bought a copy of My Bloody Valentines Swoon on Plain about 15 years ago, and it was awful – clearly made from a compressed source, but at least it played okay. A few years ago I made the mistake of not reading the discogs reviews and purchased Beth Orton’s Trailer Park again on Plain Recordings, this time as well as the horrible compressed sound (my CD copy is so much better) as Steven mentions, there was a lot of small vinyl shards all over the vinyl and even after cleaning the amount of crackle made it pretty much unplayable. Unless you’re just looking to have the spine in your collection I’d avoid.


Still gutted about Dolores. Grabbed the D.A.R.K. collaboration and it is actually really good. Recommend. Thought she was just the backup singer but that is not necessarily the case on many tracks.

Charles K

That is really disheartening to hear it’s coming out on Plain in the US. I would wait for a reputable review of the quality of this vinyl before buying. I’ve been burned three times by Plain, especially with the disastrous release of This Is Hardcore by Pulp.


yea I hear you a cracking record…or crackling!….got to say i buy a lot from charity shops mainly 80’s records that i hated at the time but love now…to get around it I just cook a fry up …is it the bacon or the vinyl pop’n..who knows !!! I’ve two needles for the sl1210…switch as appropriate..is that a solution..probably not!!


The reputation with Plain is that not only do they not have the best standards when pressing vinyl (sounds very noisy) but they use MP3s as the source. Before I knew this, I had bought a copy of the Lemonheads “It’s a shame about ray”. Opened it and there were little shards of plastic all over it and in the sleeve. Used a carbon-fiber brush to clean it off. And played for the first time, super noisy (crackiky) in between songs. I later found the Music On Vinyl Redding if this album and it was a night and day difference. Not trying not to be snobby; trying to help people who really want this record.