The Creation / Creation Theory limited 4LP coloured vinyl box set

Exclusive coloured vinyl box limited to 500 copies

Demon Records will issue a Creation Theory in a new four-LP vinyl box set that charts the chaotic and haphazard career of sixties English rock band The Creation.

The four LPs include all of The Creation’s legendary recordings for Shel Talmy (the 2016 stereo mixes appear on LP for the first time), We Are Paintermen replicating the 1966 German LP, the only Creation album released anywhere in the 60s. How Does It Feel To Feel rounds up the remainder of the ’60s recordings, and the other two records are the 1987 album Psychedelic Rose and the 1996 Creation Records album Power Surge complete the set.

Only 500 copies of this coloured vinyl set (exclusive to Amazon UK) will be made. We Are Paintermen is on blue vinyl, How Does It Feel To Feel on yellow vinyl, Psychedelic Rose on red vinyl and Power Surge is pressed on orange vinyl.

This set has been designed by legendary designer Phil Smee and indeed the album sleeves feature photos from his personal collection.

This limited edition Creation Theory vinyl box is released on 1 June 2018. It’s great value and it’s worth pointing out that fans ordering from the USA the total cost of this set, with VAT deducted, is just $55 plus shipping.

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The Creation

Creation Theory - 500 only 4LP box

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Amazon uk   53.1

Disc: 1
1. 1. Cool Jerk

2. Making Time (*mono)

3. Through My Eyes

4. Like A Rolling Stone

5. Can I Join Your Band?

6. Tom Tom

7. Try And Stop Me (* mono)

8. If I Stay Too Long

9. Biff Bang Pow

10. Nightmares

11. Hey Joe

12. Painter Man”

Disc: 2
1. How Does It Feel To Feel [UK version]

2. Sylvette

3. Life Is Just Beginning

4. How Does It Feel To Feel [US version]

5. I Am The Walker (*mono)

6. Ostrich Man (*mono)

7. Sweet Helen (*mono)

8. Midway Down

9. The Girls Are Naked (*mono)

10. Bony Moronie*

11. Mercy, Mercy, Mercy (*mono)

12. For All That I Am

13. Uncle Bert (*mono)

Disc: 3
1. Creation

2. Power Surge

3. Someone’s Gonna Bleed

4. Shock Horror

5. That’s How I Found Love

6. Killing Song

7. Nobody Wants To Know

8. City Life

9. English Language

10. Free Men Live Forever

11. Ghost Division

12. O+N

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Ordered. That’s a truly nice item – content- and presentation-wise…


The RSD is a joke for normal people who doesn’t live in big cities. Local stores have litteraly not stock or…
I just went back from one of my favorite little music store and they tell me that a guy was there at the opening, buy almost all their stock, …
RSD is just a thing for people to make money. They don’t care about what they bought, they just want to sell them online quick as possible with indecent prices … Soft Cell Wave Goodbye is already at 45€ and higher on ebay and co…
Keep your limited edition records RSD. It was the last time i woke up for you.
This is not the good vibes it was. Now it is kind of a silly run’ n’ buy.
I won’t be a part of this circus.

And for true lovers of music i hope you could have get the record you wanted. I’m really happy for you. (ps sorry for my english)


Dear Paul, I post in the wrong commentary section. I’m sorry. You can delete this comment that was related to the RSD 2018.


I totally agree. The selection here in Germany is crap, it’s become a money-making machine. There was just one thing I wanted, namely the Sparks hippo-shaped picture-disc. And that’s not even available here in Germany. I asked a friend to get it for me. Other than that, it’s become a collectors’ market. Prices should be mandatorily kept down, because it was not supposed to be just a money-making machine. The usual greed factor set in years ago already. If they keep going on like that, there will be a point when the whole thing collapses. And quite rightly so. Despicable!

Paul Wren

Ordered my copy Paul, thank you.


Thanks again Paul. Had planned to get he CDs but have just pre ordered the coloured vinyl a bargain at£46

Paul Wren

It’s either sold out already or not yet on Amazon’s website to buy yet?


It’s already sold out?! Why even bother telling us about it?!


Ummm…whooops. I cocked up on that…sorry….


With that said…I’m pretty sure there wasn’t any option for the vinyl earlier…I mean I feel very confident about that as I went ahead and bought the compact disc version. As it is only one is listed but I guess that is all that there needs to be for whatever customer and even then I guess they could just go back and buy more if they wanted or needed one at a time.


You can sign up for Amazon email alert and they will let you know when back in stock.
I did yesterday and ordered when they emailed later that evening,

Geoff D

Great – I’ve been playing the CD box set a lot over the last couple of weeks and had ordered the 2LP of ‘Our Music Is Red With Purple Flashes’ literally half an hour before this was announced as I got an Amazon price alert for it. I was going to get the standard vinyl box in June anyway so this is a nice bonus.


Missed opportunity. Should be on red vinyl with purple flashes.

Tim Abbott

Tempting, but a bit too much for two LPs that will get listened to, and two that are conversely unlistenable in their terribleness.