The Cure / Disintegration 3CD deluxe

The Cure / Disintegration 3CD deluxe

The Cure‘s 3CD expanded edition of Disintegration looks like it will be made available again early next year, according to an Amazon UK listing.

The 1989 album was originally expanded in 2010 and the three-disc set offered remastered audio, a bonus disc of demos and an expanded and remixed version of the Entreat live album (called Entreat Plus for this set).

That deluxe set has been out of print for a while, but is listed as being available again on 28 February 2020.

SDE can confirm that Disintegration is now a 3CD ‘fatbox’ packaging and not the original digipak presentation and Faith is in a 2CD jewelcase.

The original presentation of the expanded Disintegration

CD 1: The Original Album

1 Plainsong 5:18
2 Pictures Of You 7:29
3 Closedown 4:20
4 Love Song 3:30
5 Last Dance 4:46
6 Lullaby 4:09
7 Fascination Street 5:16
8 Prayers For Rain 6:08
9 The Same Deep Water As You 9:22
10 Disintegration 8:21
11 Homesick 7:09
12 Untitled 6:30

CD 2 Rarities (1988 – 1989)

1 Prayers For Rain (RS Home Demo (Instrumental)) 3:01
2 Pictures Of You (RS Home Demo (Instrumental)) 3:32
3 Fascination Street (RS Home Demo (Instrumental)) 2:41
4 Homesick (Band Rehearsal (Instrumental)) 3:14
5 Fear Of Ghosts (Band Rehearsal (Instrumental)) 2:59
6 Noheart (Band Rehearsal (Instrumental)) 2:42
7 Esten (Band Demo (Instrumental)) 3:15
8 Closedown (Band Demo (Instrumental)) 2:51
9 Lovesong (Band Demo (Instrumental)) 3:42
10 2 Late ((Alt Version) Band Demo (Instrumental)) 2:52
11 The Same Deep Water As You (Band Demo (Instrumental)) 6:06
12 Disintegration (Band Demo (Instrumental)) 6:37
13 Untitled ((Alt Version) Studio Rough (Instrumental)) 3:39
14 Babble ((Alt Version) Studio Rough (Instrumental)) 3:01
15 Plainsong (Studio Rough (Guide Vocal)) 4:46
16 Last Dance (Studio Rough (Guide Vocal)) 4:43
17 Lullaby (Studio Rough (Guide Vocal)) 3:49
18 Out Of Mind (Studio Rough (Guide Vocal)) 3:00
19 Delirious Night (Rough Mix (Vocal)) 4:31
20 Pirate Ships ((RS Solo) Rough Mix (Vocal) 3:38

CD 3 Entreat Plus

1 Plainsong 5:19
2 Pictures Of You 7:04
3 Closedown 4:22
4 Lovesong 3:24
5 Last Dance 4:37
6 Lullaby 4:14
7 Fascination Street 5:10
8 Prayers For Rain 4:50
9 The Same Deep Water As You 10:03
10 Disintegration 7:55
11 Homesick 6:47
12 Untitled 6:45

The Cure / Faith 2CD deluxe

Faith 2CD deluxe

CD 1 The Original Album

1 The Holy Hour 4:26
2 Primary 3:39
3 Other Voices 4:23
4 All Cats Are Grey 5:27
5 The Funeral Party 4:14
6 Doubt 3:11
7 The Drowning Man 4:49
8 Faith 6:59
9 Carnage Visors: The Soundtrack 27:51

CD 2 – Rarities 1980 – 1981

1 Faith (RS Home Instrumental Demo 8/80) 2:56
2 Doubt (RS Home Instrumental Demo 8/80) 1:09
3 Drowning (Group Home Instrumental Demo 9/80) 1:52
4 The Holy Hour (Group Home Instrumental Demo 9/80) 4:48
5 Primary (Morgan Studio Out-take 9/80) 4:22
6 Going Home Time (Morgan Studio Guide Vox Out-take 9/80) 3:31
7 The Violin Song (Faith Studio Guide Vox Out-take 2/81) 3:38
8 A Normal Story (Faith Studio Guide Vox Out-take 2/81) 3:04
9 All Cats Are Grey (Live Somewhere Summer/81) 5:37
10 The Funeral Party (Live Somewhere Summer/81) 4:38
11 Other Voices (Live Somewhere Summer/81) 4:45
12 The Drowning Man (Live Australasia 8/81) 5:48
13 Faith (Live In The Sydney Capitol Theatre 8/81) 10:23
14 Forever (Live Somewhere Summer/81) 9:19
15 Charlotte Sometimes (Single 10/81) 4:13

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My copy of this on the rarities disc is messed up. Last Dance (Studio Guide Vocal Rough). I’ve ripped it four or five times and it’s scratchy and skippy a bit toward the beginning and a lot on the second half of the song. The disc is clean and free of scratches and dust.

Mark R

Re: Disintegration- no remixes? No b-sides?


if somebody gets this: can you confirm that it’s a different presentation (jewel case instead of digipack)? thanks

Frank Weber

Some retailers like banquetrecords or norman records are listing the item as multipak jewelcase

Graham Richardson

Yes, got mine. It’s a double jewel case.


2010 release has terrible dynamic range – disaster!


ROBERT SHOUTED ON FB THE OTHER DAY THAT THE PERFORMANCE Of DISINTEGRATION AT THE SYDNEY OPERA HOUSE – the best gig of my life – would be on DVD/Bluray soon, so I wonder if this rerelease is tying in with that?

Phil Wilson

Could this Disintegration Box Set on Amazon actually be the Sydney gig with 2 CDs?


Gimme the Deluxe Editions of “Blood flowers” and “Wish” !!!


Bloodflowers agreed. 20 years – where did that go?
The Cure ‘Trilogy’ blu ray/DVD has a great rendition of Bloodflowers

Wishing SDE and all followers a happy, deluxe and musical 2020.


There has been a fairly comprehensive leak of Wish material (similar to the jams and out takes on other sets)
recently on YouTube. That, plus the Lost Wishes cassette tracks and maybe the Xfm show they did would round out the set nicely.

There are less extra tracks doing the rounds for Bloodflowers, with just Spilt Milk and Coming up as bonus tracks, few period extras (Dragon Hunters Song, Lost Flowers) some fairly pointless remixes. That tour was absolutely mint however and should there be a clean version of the Wembley show released I’ll be first in the queue.


Sorry i misread the beginning of the original post details and got over excited


So i take it this is a re-release of the 2010 deluxe version of disintigration, just different packaging?, same re Faith also (2005 i think that came out)


How about a remasted BLOODFLOWERS. From start to finish a true masterpiece. It just plays so well as a whole. When will Robert get around to remastering that? I feel BLOODFLOWERS is one of the best lp’s to come out by anyone in the last 10 – 15 years. I think this is much needed.
It has so much replayability unlike most of the crap that gets released by mediocre “talent”.
Lets try and make 2020 the year of a remastered BLOODFLOWERS.

Geert De Wilde

Time flies: make that 20 years! I remember, because it was the first album I bought back in the day that had the legendary year ‘2000’ in the credits. That used to be a thrill back then :D Anyway, it would make a nice 20th anniversary edition indeed! They have 2 months to pull that off!

thomas doherty

Disintegration deserves a Blu Ray Audio release.Why is it we can ONLY get 50 year old classic rock albums on this format?


Come on Robert, cut the crap, release a deluxe version of “Wish” already. Been long enough.


Poptones…I Am totally agreeeeee!!!

Paul E.

Why not release a 4 CD version with a disc of the download only MP3s from 2010? Nice that it’s available for those who want it now but kind of a missed opportunity to get those MP3s on a physical format as they were never made available in FLAC/lossless quality as I recall (320 kbps only).

I’ll just hold my breath for a “Join The Dots: 2002 – ?” box bundled free, of course, with the teased “Wish” SDE.


What, not being reissued with 3 CDs and a couple of vinyl for £120? Only joking, this is an absolute bargain price. I actually prefer these smaller boxes which fit in my normal cd storage. The recent Aha reissue was similarly great value. Agree with other comments about the missed opportunity with Wish.

Personally, i do prefer the old plastic cases as my CDs are an investment and they often get scratched trying to squeeze them into a card case. But I guess in this day and age the majority of the public prefer card packaging and it’s an easy win for the record labels CSR strategies.

On a separate note, it’s worth mentioning that The Beloved’s Where It Is is also being reissued in January as a double CD. The original from c 1987 has been out of print for decades and often goes for £50+ on eBay. It’s their original “band sound” – bit like New Order crosses with The Cure.


My original copy of Where It Is developed disc rot and refuses to play. I don’t mind that it doesn’t play because I never went a lot on it, but I would have liked to have been able to flog it while the prices werr decent!

I see a lot of Beloved back catalogue singles have been given a digital release and wouldn’t mind a comprehensive remix box set with all of those on it.


Please please tell me where I can find this CD from The Beloved.
I have all the singles and 12″ but never found the CD.
a Hundred Words is ultimately brilliant….


The beloved cd is currently listed on amazon uk. Good price too.

Steve F

Thanks, Deano. Great spot. Happiness next please, Jon, if you’re reading this.


Considering Entreat Plus has been issued on vinyl in 2012 and is now an album by itself, I don’t think there was a need to reissue Disintegration as a triple CD. A Deluxe double CD would suffice or maybe after 30 years it was time for a SDE with a 5.1 blu-ray (this album is a perfect candidate for surround sound), b-sides, different mixes and remixes found on the 12″ singles and a live set recorded during the Disintegration Tour.

As it will be the 20th anniversary of Bloodflowers next year, they should have put their effort on a Deluxe or Super Deluxe edition of that superb album. And maybe going backwards a 25th anniversary of Wild Mood Swings in 2021 (even if It’s a very weak album) and a 30th anniversary of Wish in 2022.


Poptones…I Am totally agreeeeee!!!

Stevie B

Sorry, make that 12 track.


Faith 2CD Deluxe is still available, so why a reissue???

Stevie B

You get the 13 track ‘Disintegration’ remastered album as an Auto-rip as soon as you pre-order on Amazon. A bargain. FYI.

Stevie B

A brilliant album! Probably their best.
Great that it’s being reissued. I for one hope it’s as plastic free as possible, so an all card sleeve would be fine by me. Great price too.


I totally agree with Iain and Caroline !!!
Both are totally RIGHT !!!!

Mr Robert Smith must be crazy talking about Wish deluxe and most recently about three new The Cure’s albums that NEVER come out.

I remember very well about the Disintegration deluxe edition released 10 years ago which made available exclusive digital material to download. If this reissue do not bring anything new (the digital material available at the time for instance) IT’S SUCH A WASTE OF TIME.


Indeed! We want Deluxe re-issues of the other albums…

‘Disintegration’ is a great album. So, re-release this at least as a super-deluxe edition:
CD1 – Original album
CD2 – B-sides, 7” & 12” versions, non album versions
CD3 – Demos, rarities, live recordings, studio sessions 1
CD4 – Demos, rarities, live recordings, studio sessions 2
CD5 – ‘Entreat’ (better audio as the re-issue)
CD6 – ‘Entreat Plus’, the rest of the Wembley concert
Blu-Ray/DVD – Promotional videos, performances, full concert


CD1 – Original album:
1. Plainsong
2. Pictures Of You
3. Closedown
4. Love Song
5. Last Dance
6. Lullaby
7. Fascination Street
8. Prayers For Rain
9. The Same Deep Water As You
10. Disintegration
11. Homesick
12. Untitled
13. Hello, I Love You (Psychedelic Mix)

CD2 – B-sides, 7″ & 12″ versions, non album versions:
1. Pirate Ships (Rough Mix)
2. To The Sky (Studio Out-take)
3. Fear Of Ghosts [original 12″ single b/side]
4. Lullaby (7″ Remix) [original single a/side]
5. Fascination Street (7″ Remix) [original single a/side]
6. Lovesong (7″ Remix) [original single a/side]
7. Pictures Of You (7″ Remix) [original single a/side]
8. Hello, I Love You
9. Babble [original single b/side]
10. 2 Late [original single b/side]
11. Out Of Mind [original 12″ single b/side]
12. Lullaby (Extended Remix) [original 12″ single a/side]
13. Fascination Street (Extended Remix) [original 12″ single a/side]
14. Lovesong (Extended Remix) [original 12″ single a/side]
15. Pictures Of You (Extended Remix) [original 12″ single a/side]
16. Hello, I Love You (Slight Return)

CD3 – Demos, rarities, live recordings, studio sessions, Part 1
1. Prayers For Rain (RS Home Instrumental Demo)
2. Pictures Of You (RS Home Instrumental Demo)
3. Fascination Street (RS Home Instrumental Demo)
4. Last Dance (RS Home Instrumental Demo, May 1988)
5. Pirate Ships (RS Home Demo)
6. Homesick (Band Instrumental Rehearsal)
7. Fear Of Ghosts (Band Instrumental Rehearsal)
8. Noheart (Band Instrumental Rehearsal)
9. Esten (Band Instrumental Demo)
10. Closedown (Band Instrumental Demo)
11. Lovesong (Band Instrumental Demo)
12. 2 Late (Alternative Version) (Band Instrumental Demo)
13. The Same Deep Water As You (Band Instrumental Demo)
14. Disintegration (Band Instrumental Demo)
15. Untitled (Alternative Version) (Studio Instrumental Rough)
16. Babble (Alternative Version) (Studio Instrumental Rough)
17. Plainsong (Studio Guide Vocal Rough)
18. Last Dance (Studio Guide Vocal Rough)
19. Lullaby (Studio Guide Vocal Rough)
20. Out Of Mind (Studio Guide Vocal Rough)
21. Delirious Night (Rough Mix)

CD3 – Demos, rarities, live recordings, studio sessions, Part 2
1. Closedown (RS Home Instrumental Demo, May 1988)
2. The Other Side / Fear Of Ghosts (Roger O’Donnell Demo)
3. Lullaby (RS Home Instrumental Demo, May 1988)
4. Tuned Out On RTV5 (Instrumental Rehearsal, June 1988)
5. Funknnotfunk (Instrumental Rehearsal, June 1988)
6. Babble (Instrumental Rehearsal, June 1988)
7. Plainsong (Instrumental Demo, September 1988)
8. Pictures Of You (Instrumental Demo, September 1988)
9. Fascination Street (Instrumental Demo, September 1988)
10. Homesick (Instrumental Demo, September 1988)
11. Delirious Night (Instrumental Demo, September 1988)
12. Fear Of Ghosts (Instrumental Demo, September 1988)
13. Out Of Mind (Studio Instrumental Jam, October 1988)
14. 2 Late (Studio ‘WIP’ Mix, November 1988)
15. Lovesong (Studio ‘WIP’ Mix, November 1988)
16. Prayers For Rain (Studio ‘WIP’ Mix, November 1988)
17. The Same Deep Water As You (Live Dallas Starplex 9/15/89)
18. Disintegration (Live Dallas Starplex 9/15/89)
19. Untitled (Live Dallas Starplex 9/15/89)

CD5 – Entreat (Live at Wembley, July 22nd 1989):
1. Plainsong
2. Pictures Of You
3. Closedown
4. Love Song
5. Last Dance
6. Lullaby
7. Fascination Street
8. Prayers For Rain
9. The Same Deep Water As You
10. Disintegration
11. Homesick
12. Untitled

CD6 – Entreat Plus (Live at Wembley, July 22nd 1989):
1. Kyoto Song
2. A Night Like This
3. Just Like Heaven
4. Charlotte Sometimes
5. The Walk
6. A Forest
7. In Between Days
8. Close to Me
9. Let’s Go to Bed
10. Why Can’t I Be You? / The Lovecats
11. Hot Hot Hot!!!
12. A Strange Day
13. Three Imaginary Boys
14. Boys Don’t Cry
15. Faith

BluRay/DVD – Promotional videos, performances, concert
1. Lullaby [promotional video]
2. Fascination Street [promotional video]
3. Lovesong [promotional video]
4. Pictures Of You [promotional video]
5. Pictures Of You (Extended Version) [promotional video]
6. Live at MTV 120 Minutes (May 11th 1990)
+ additional footage, EPK, concert…

Rare Glam

The mock up for Disintegration looks like it’s a fat jewel case, I can’t stand those so not thanks. Anything these days with three discs should be in individual card sleeves and a clam shell box or an 6-8 panel digipak. Likewise, 2 x cd digipaks should be plastic clip tray free with discs just slotting into either end of the sleeve. The less plastic the better (other than the actual CD of course!).


How many times was Wish announced ?! I can think of a couple since 2010 when this 3CD set came out! I also want Wish Deluxe.

Iain McCarthy

Give us the Deluxe Edition of ‘Wish’! We have only been waiting 10 years now.


Agree completely – let’s have “Wish” to accompany these. Almost ridiculous that we’re getting reissues of reissues before that!!


You Wish

Sorry !