The Divine Comedy / Foreverland


The Divine Comedy return in September with their 11th studio album Foreverland.

Neil Hannon (who really IS The Divine Comedy) describes the new record thus: “It’s about meeting your soul mate and living happily ever after… and then what comes after happily ever after. Get ready for the most historically inaccurate hit of the summer”.

Like 2010’s Bang There Goes The Knighthood, the 12-track Foreverland is issued on Divine Comedy Records. A two-disc deluxe edition comes with a bonus CD featuring a studio recording of In May, Neil Hannon and Frank Alva Buecheler’s acclaimed chamber opera, which explores the relationship between a dying son and his absent father through a series of letters. This is sung by Neil Hannon, with string quintet and piano.

Foreverland will be released on 2 September 2016.

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Divine Comedy

Foreverland 2CD Deluxe


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Divine Comedy

Foreverland vinyl LP



CD 1

1. Napoleon Complex 4:45
2. Foreverland 4:01
3. Catherine the Great 3:03
4. Funny Peculiar 2:44
5. The Pact 2:55
6. To the Rescue 5:16
7. How Can You Leave Me On My Own 3:31
8. I Joined the Foreign Legion (To Forget) 3:41
9. My Happy Place 4:10
10. A Desperate Man 2:42
11. Other People 1:35
12. The One Who Loves You

CD 2 (deluxe edition only)

1. 6th of December 3:52
2. “11th of December 4:16
3. “13th of December 2:37
4. “23rd of December 2:59
5. “3rd of January 4:11
6. “13th of January 1:41
7. “15th of January 1:58
8. “30th of January 3:33
9. “7th of February 2:13
10. “22nd of February 3:49
11. “8th of March 3:10
12. “27th of March 1:07
13. “4th of April 3:33
14. “4th of April (Midnight) 2:34
15. “3rd of May” 4:16
16. “10th of May” 2:17
17. “21st of May” 3:12
18. “28th of May” 1:07
19. “31st of May” 3:22

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I remember at the time they were bought back, the forum admin was talking about how the reissues were likely to just be digital, what with the massive failure that was the promotional campaign behind Victory for the Comic Muse. I think reissues of recent/current bands were more thin on the ground back then too. I’m really hoping they do come along soon, b-sides alone should give an extra disc of great stuff for each album.

Andy J

Thanks Justin for this, ordered.
I’m hoping for a release of Neil Hannon’s Swallows and Amazons (in any form) at some point.


It was announced on their forums about ten years ago that Neil had bought back all the rights to the Setanta era albums and was planning on reissuing them as deluxe editions on DC Records – and nothing’s happened since. Hopefully very soon though.

That 2CD edition looks wonderful, I’ve been really curious to hear his opera so this will work nicely. Can’t wait!

Mark Penny

Got mine in as well for the 2 CD version. I have pretty much all his special editions from the setanta days as well. Agree with all of you on the catalog reissue; I remember it being announced on his website years ago. Likely he’s trying to get the masters back and has so far not been successful.


Welcome back. I’ll be looking foreward to this. Hopefully back to the over the top style. I agree that a good reissue campaign is an excellent idea. I would love it if The A Short AlbumAboutLove concert got released in it’s complete form.


Thanks for the heads up Justin, double signed ordered. DCs shop had sold out of the signed versions last week

Justin Isbell

Signed versions of the 2xCD deluxe edition can be bought from recordstore.co.uk for £13.94 delivered at the time of writing. Got my order in and my ticket for Feb at the Palladium :-)

Justin Isbell

Forgot to add they’ve also got signed vinyl copies for £17.99 (plus postage).


Thanks for the heads up ,just bought mine.

Le Baron

I agree there are tons of B-sides, samplers exclusive tracks, collaborations,…enough to release stunning Deluxe editions.
Vinyl reissues have also been long awaited for.
Thanks for the news.


Nice to see that a new album is coming, but back catalog reissue campaign is long overdue for this band. There’s much material available to make awesome special editions of the previous albums.

Paul Murphy

A rather gorgeous cover. Looking forward to having an LP just for the 12″x12″ artwork alone.

Chris Squires

I came to the Divine Comedy through Duckworth Lewis Method, Sticky Wickets is my favourite album of the last couple of years. Hopefully this will be *THAT* good. DLM can do ELO better than Jeff can at times.


Super, already booked a ticket to see them live January next year.


P.S. I also recommend Hannon’s Duckworth-Lewis side-project to anyone that might be a Divine Comedy fan (but has not tried it yet).


Love the Divine Comedy.
Last album was a bit too stripped back for my liking (I prefer their almost overblown string arrangements etc) but the quality of the songwriting is always first rate!
Thanks for the heads Paul!

P.s. They are (he is) always great live too!