The Doobie Brothers / Quadio box

Blu-ray audio box set featuring Quad and stereo mixes

The Doobie Brothers recent ‘Quadio’ box set will soon be more widely available for fans to purchase.

The box set – which had a limited release earlier last month – features original quadraphonic mixes of 1972’s Toulouse Street (the band’s second album, which features ‘Listen to the Music’), 1973 follow-up The Captain & Me (which includes ‘Long Train Running’), What Were Once Vices Are Now Habits (1974) , and Stampede (1975).

For this collection, all four albums have been mastered using the original four-track Quad mixes. It’s important to emphasise that these are are blu-ray audio discs, so you’ll need a blu-ray player linked up to a ‘theatre’ style surround sound set-up to enjoy the 4.0 Quad mixes although for each album there is also a high res (192/24) mix as well.

The four discs come in replicas of the original vinyl record sleeves and are all packaged together in a clamshell box.

Four years ago, Rhino put out a Chicago Quadio box and now out-of-print, that goes for extraordinary amounts of money, so you have been warned!

The Doobie Brothers Quadio box gets a wider release on 6 November 2020.

Toulouse Street

“Listen To The Music”
“Rockin’ Down The Highway”
“Toulouse Street”
“Cotton Mouth”
“Don’t Start Me To Talkin’”
“Jesus Is Just Alright”
“White Sun”
“Snake Man”

The Captain & Me

“Natural Thing”
“Long Train Runnin’”
“China Grove”
“Dark Eyed Cajun Woman”
“Clear As The Driven Snow”
“Without You”
“South City Midnight Lady”
“Evil Woman”
“Busted Down Around O’Connelly Corners”
“The Captain And Me”

What Were Once Vices Are Now Habits

“Song To See You Through”
“Pursuit On 53rd St.”
“Black Water”
“Eyes Of Silver”
“Road Angel”
“You Just Can’t Stop It”
“Tell Me What You Want (And I’ll Give You What You Need)”
“Down In The Track”
“Another Park, Another Sunday”
“Daughters Of The Sea”
“Flying Cloud”


“Sweet Maxine”
“Neal’s Fandango”
“Texas Lullaby”
“Music Man”
“Slack Key Soquel Rag”
“Take Me In Your Arms (Rock Me A Little While)”
“I Cheat The Hangman”
“Rainy Day Crossroad Blues”
“I Been Workin’ On You”
“Double Dealin’ Four Flusher”

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@ Jonny5
From 1970 to 1975 the original Doobie Brothers lead vocalist was Tom Johnston (who recorded 5 studio albums by this point) then Michael McDonald replaced him on tour that same year and recorded 4 studio albums and one live with them until 1982 when they disbanded.
They reunite again with Tom Johnston in 1987 ……..

Jarmo Keranen

Hope they release 5.1 version, that contains 5 first records!

peter chrisp

After buying Chicago similar box set, this one was an automatic buy, as i am in Australia it was great to receive the box set in the mail the other day. It sounds amazing too in 5.1

Carl Ramplin

should it not have been called the quadoobie box?


Looking forward to hearing Michael McDonald’s soaring vocals ring out over Black Water and Long Train Runnin’ in glorious quad – some of my favourites! Loved the energy and songwriting that he and Jeff Baxter brought to the band after they’d quit playing with Steely Dan.

Steve D. Gentry

Michael McDonald was not in the Doobie Brothers when Black Water was recorded.


A matter of facts Michael McDonald which we all love
is not singing any tracks on either of them albums.

Dale Van

Nor was he around for Long Train Running.


Pretty certain Michael McDonald is lead singer of The Doobie Brothers. Dunno what you’ve all been smoking!!

Joe Van Bloon

I hate to burst your bubble but this box contains music that was recorded before McDonald joined the band.

Wayne K

This s a great set. I got this early from Rhino and I’m very pleased.

George Pittman

I. Love all the Doobie music. Minute by minute is my favorite album by them.


The doobies are my favourite band of all time and have been privileged to see them live in Scotland.


I’ve got this preordered and am very excited to hear it. Great value for 4 Blu Ray’s, hopefully more bands package like this!


I hesitated at the time with the Chicago Quadio box, I deeply regret it. All the more that a friend of mine has it and I have had the chance to hear Chicago II. It sounds amazing. I have ordered this one from italy.. hope it reaches my french home in time..

Marc Pearsall

David Fisher,

Hey. The Doobies are one of those great, 1970s, Americana ‘Biker’ culture ‘collective’ bands, with four and five part harmonies, four lead singers(!) and Bay Area grit.

As a child in Arizona, I was exposed to them via ‘The Best of The Doobies’… courtesy of my parents and my bass playing Uncle! A great place to start on the cheap.

They are one of those bands that for anyone under 45-50, you say to yourself… ‘I didn’t realize THEY wrote that song!?’. The Best Of is loaded with them.

The Quadio is a wonderful, solid, dive into everything that made this band a soundtrack to folks lives during the toughest years of Vietnam and paradoxically the grandest, care-free time of the seventies.

Enjoy and Cheers,


Intro’d to the Doobs by my dad in the 70’s. Best Of…8-Track. I have had that same Best Of since the early CD days, and while I have a decent amount of Doobs, it is still the best compilation (I am a fan of the later years…ie Minute By Minute, etc. – NOT represented on the Best Of I believe we are speaking of). The Quads cover these same years (as my dad would say, they were “tough”). My first concert was seeing their Farwell tour at Chicago Fest when I was in early teens. Saw them again in the last 10 years or so, and it is amazing how many hits they had.
As far as this release, listened to Captain and Me the other night, and it sounds excellent.

David Fisher

Thanks for taking the time to reply Marc. I’ll check them out. My producer co-songwriting pal Tim has been in a band called Cooper for a while with The Doobies’ drummer Ed Toth so I thought I ought to know what they were about. Incidentally, Cooper’s song “Halloween Again” is lovely and worth checking out if you can find it online.


Something technical. 4.0 quadro does not have a subwoofer channel, right? So what if people only have small satellites plus a sub? This was mixed with four identical full-range speakers in mind. Or does a modern surround receiver filter out the low frequencies to feed the subwoofer if it gets 4.0?


Hi Arnd, I own this and have the small satellite speakers plus sub situation you describe and can report that my receiver sends bass sound below a certain frequency to the sub. It works the same way as you may be accustomed to hearing 2.0 mixes: No dedicated “bass” channel but the low frequencies go to the sub-woofer.

I’m using an Onkyo receiver/speaker system with hdmi connection to blu-ray player. I think it sounds wonderful but this set-up does alter an aspect of the mix since the bass guitar in particular is no longer confined to a single channel, although I’ve heard that once bass gets low enough, it’s impossible to hear what direction it is coming from. I did change my settings so that more bass would come through the satellite speakers themselves. Of course the ideal (but expensive) solution would be to have four large speakers, each cabable of producing deep bass.


If your speaker settings are set to “small” L, R, C, SL SR and subwoofer “yes” , the receiver will route the bass to your sub



I have the “Chicago Quadio” box set, which was also a 4.0 quad mix made by the Rhino sound engineers. 4.0 is audible through my subwoofer in the same fashion as a 2-channel formatted disc or record. If your have a 5.1 speaker set-up for a 4.0 mix, it will be the center channel that falls silent, and lead vocals and instruments are redirected, and usually equally balanced between the front right and left speakers. Unless there’s something unique about your amplifier or speaker set-up, you should be able to hear the subwoofer on your sound system when playing 2-channel or 4.0 recordings.

Michael from Sydney

Arnd: to answer your question, your receiver’s settings will have a bass management section, and you want to select the setting that sends both the LFE channel (the “.1” in “5.1”) AND the low frequencies from the main channels, to the subwoofer. On the Denon and Marantz receivers, this setting value is “LFE+Main”. You also need to set the crossover frequency (80Hz is a good starting point, but it will depend on your speakers) to tell the receiver *which* frequencies from the mains to send to the subwoofer. Hope that helps.


They address this in the information that comes with the set. They suggest you set your surround system to use Bass Management to send a mix of the four channels to your subwoofer. If you have satellite speakers your probably going to need this. I’m using full range speakers so it’s not necessary. BTW this set is a must have for anyone who’s into multichannel music.

Mathew Lauren

“Life In Surround” did a very thorough, pre-sale unboxing (Tx Mike):


Yes @Arnd, your MODERN AVR should send (the) sub frequencies to .1 (subwoofer).

@Marc Pearsall I’ve never thought of them as a “Biker-Band,” but facts are facts and you are correct, sir! I think of them (more) as the “Northern California 70s (pop/rock) sound” of that era — and any band that (eventually) includes musicians from Steely Dan “are just alright with me.” ;)

All this talk and I had to pop in “TCaM” 4.0, 24/192 Blu-ray. Wow! What a great 70s, Quad presentation in VERY high resolution! Lots of instrument separation and (mostly, but not always) “centred” main-vox. Very tastefully done, imho, the better part of 5-decades ago (now), btw.

I remember when quad died. I cried, but with “legacy” recordings like this, presented in pristine (surround sound) condition finally making it to market — and with modern 5.1 & Atmos, pop/rock mixes continually forthcoming (mixed by “our favoured” usual suspects), let’s hope surround-sound, as a viable, (pop/rock) physical-media (audio) option, remains a viable choice!

Thumbs up on this one, for sure!

A quick shout-out to Paul Sinclair for posting a “heads-up” about this release, now “gone wide” — a “labour of love” ushered into production (despite many delays) and, finally, to fruition by Steve Woolard @Rhino/WBros. (Tx Steve!)

I find these 4.0 channel, 24bit/192kHz Quadra Discs marketed here, as a Quadio Boxset, not only a great value, but a great addition to any pop/rock surround sound collection — and in one case, a great compliment to the RHINO/WB 5.1 DVD-A or (Japanese, WB Premium Sound) 5.1 SACD of “The Captain and Me” (both 5.1 discs mixed by Elliot Scheiner).

Please p/u your DBros. Quadio Boxset and encourage WMg to release more of these Quadio/Quadra (PHYSICAL) disc sets, as well as even MORE, modern pop/rock titles remixed to 5.1+ (i.e. “90125,” “Chicago 16/17,” “The Cars,” “Heartbeat City,” “The Long Run,” “Eagles Grtst Hits Vol I&II,” Van Halen, Van Hagar, etc…place your title here).

Cheers All

Mathew Lauren

A modern AVR with the crossover-frequencies “set properly” (for your particular application), should send the lower frequencies to your subwoofer (.1).

Hint: cube satellites depending on size (start ~120khz +/- with your AVR X-over frq settings), but check your speaker’s manufacturer recommendations to be sure — then trial and error with your ears to fine tune, if you choose…

This done, the DBros Quadio Boxset (albums) will (then) sound (more) like a 4.1 mix.

Hope this helps.


Tim Abbott

The latter – the low frequencies are sent to the sub. So it’s technically 4.1 with the centre channel not used.


Thanks everybody for the comprehensive information! :-)
(I do not own a surround system yet but a several 70s 4.0 recordings that were a part of the Pink Floyd boxes.)
Thanks to Paul for tolerating the OT.


Bought from the Rhino store. What a great box set. The mixes are excellent. Wish I bought the Chicago Quadio version as well.


They should reissue that Chicago Quadio box. I bet there would be a few takers.


I bough this from the Rhono store and have had it for a month or so. The mixes are great and a compliment to my Captain and me DVDA from back in the day.
Great albums and great mixes lovingly transferred and worth every penny if you are a surround fan. I believe for the sterophiles there is a hi rez steroid mix on each disc consistent with the Chicago box of too many years ago.

Simon C Marsiglia

All these albums are great. A must have.


Just finished listening to Toulouse St. The quad (surround) sound is great. Looking forward to listening to the other classics in this collection.

Maria Danahy

What happened to the center that was suppose to given to the people who purchased tickets for their concert from this year?
We were told they would be sending out one CD per ticket purchased.

David Fisher

I have to admit that I know nothing about The Doobie Brothers other than they are name-checked on Zappa’s “Bongo Fury” album. Perhaps this new release is a good place to start? I’ll take fans advice on that. Any thoughts folks?

I do love a good Quad mix. I wish they would release all the Beatles’ solo Quad albums on Blu Ray – I have bootleg discs ripped from the vinyl and the mixes are great fun – BVs, bongos and guitar parts at the back of your head, etc. The 5:1 and atmos mixes on recent Beatles, Lennon and Stones releases are variable to say the least – there seems to be a fear of separating the instrumentation between the speakers in the name of “good taste”. The point for me is that these don’t have to recreate the live experience of having a band in front of you with a bit of echo from the back of the hall. OK, if you were watching Pink Floyd in concert in 1967 you might expect sounds from around the room (remember the “Azimuth Coordinator” Quad joystick?) but for me as a musician playing live, I am quite used to hearing the drummer behind me, the bass in one ear, the keys everywhere, a guitar in the other ear and my vocal and guitar from the front monitor. Most people don’t have this experience of course but it is a legitimate rock ‘n’ roll audio scenario. The same is true for the recording studio. Why not recreate this?

The only really great recent surround mixes I’ve heard are of King Crimson who use all the channels very imaginatively. With up to three drummers and very complex arrangements it’s maybe easier to make something more organic. I’ll have to check out the Jethro Tull and XTC surround albums I guess.


Hi David. Intersesting regarding surround and distribution of the “actors” since the point of view of a musician, on this case the singer. Why not to try that distribution just to check the feedback? Adding that one to the regular ones. It could be interesting, indeed.

Narendra Kumar Alambara

Picked this up from the US Rhino Store a few weeks ago. Essential purchase!!

David B

Pre-ordered thanks .. can’t wait to hear “Black water” is surround sound and them all really .. “Listen to the music” .. indeed .. can’t wait ..