The Doors / '13' reissued on vinyl

1970 compilation back in print

The Doors / 13 vinyl reissue

Rhino are reissuing The Doors‘ compilation album 13 later this month.

13 was the first Doors ‘best of’ and was issued in November 1970, five months before the band delivered LA Woman, their last studio album with Jim Morrison.
The title refers to the thirteen tracks included, and all in all it’s a fairly predictable collection of the band’s more radio-friendly output up until that point. After Morrison’s death, in July 1971, it was superseded by numerous compilation albums, such as Weird Scenes Inside the Gold Mine, Greatest Hits or The Best of The Doors and is therefore largely of just historical interest these days.
That said, 13 has been issued on 8-track cartridge, cassette and vinyl but never on CD. With this reissue only available on vinyl, perhaps Rhino are missing a trick?
13 will be released on 29 January 2021 and features newly remastered audio on 180g black vinyl.

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The Doors

13 - black vinyl LP


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Weird Scenes Inside the Gold Mine - 2LP vinyl


1. Light My Fire  6:50
2. People Are Strange 2:10
3. Back Door Man 3:30
4. Moonlight Drive3:00
5. The Crystal Ship 2:30
6. Roadhouse Blues 4:04
Side 2
1. Touch Me 3:15
2. Love Me Two Times 3:23
3. You’re Lost Little Girl 3:01
4. Hello, I Love You 2:22
5. Land Ho 4:08
6. Wild Child 2:36
7. The Unknown Soldier 3:10

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Just received my copy of 13 from Amazon. Normally the vinyl from them arrives in plenty of cardboard packaging but this was just in a a brown paper envelope. I feared the worst and on opening it, I found that two corners were bent and badly damaged. I was only buying it for the sleeve as I have all the tracks many times over so they can have this back. I ordered the World Party vinyls earlier this week so just hope they don’t get sent out in such flimsy packaging.

bruce kelso

there is no need to reissue this. but since they have why couldnt they used the original cover that was rejected. it was way better than this.another money grab from rhino.

£19.99 on Amazon, Paul not £14.99, they must have increased the price.


Just got my re-issued copy of The Doors’ Greatest Hits on White Vinyl from America (although it was pressed in the EU!). Definately the best simplified collection of songs coming up to date with LA WOMAN at the end. The vinyl version has an advantage over the CD which for some unknown reason swapped the studio take of ROADHOUSE BLUES for a live version. I wonder why that was? Also a track called NOT TO TOUCH THE EARTH appears on the vinyl version rather than the CD.

Phil Aston

Hi Paul,
Sorry I made an error in my last comment. It was The Best of The Doors’ which was included in the Blu Ray with The Doors – The Singles. I still feel this should be given a CD release. Thank you, Phil


There is a Hybrid CD release of it, which is still available (if you’re lucky) on Discogs or Ebay. But they’re pretty expensive as they’re American pressings.


Early pressings of this album contained a poster (Jimbo cuddling a goat) and an inner sleeve featuring live photos. At the risk of sounding too nerdy (have I come to the wrong place?), gotta have that poster! (Paul – More info from Goldmine – https://www.goldminemag.com/blogs/13-is-a-lucky-number-for-a-doors-album)

mark browne

Shame wete not getting the blue swirl edition. I have the doors perception dvd audio boxset with stereo and 5.1 mixes and original mixes..but sometimes I just gotta have vinyl too..I will pursue the blue swirl version but I know it won’t be cheap.

Steven Campbell

I wouldnt buy the Weird Scenes one on vinyl unless the pressing issues have been sorted out. I bought it on gold clear vinyl on RSD that particular year and had loads of issues with it skipping and so I had no choice but to bring it back and get my money back which I thought when it was reissued later on that year on black vinyl would have been resolved but alas as I think the same stampers had been used the same issues occurred and so I ended up buying it on double CD which came with a free download via Amazon. I later bought an original pressing of it too on vinyl but never bought the new master on vinyl for that reason. I have the new master of 13 on order and have an original pressing of it so it’ll be interesting to see how they compare.


A coloured blue and white splattered editon was issued last summer on Doors web site and from Barnes & Nobles web site/shops

Jarmo Keranen

This was my first Doors album that i bought in 1976. After that i bought only their first album in vinyl form in 1980. Then i bought all their studio recordings with Jim Morrison in cd form in late 80’s. After that i have bought Complete Studio Albums and Perception cd-boxes. That’s enough for me!


Weird Scenes.. vinyl showing at £20.48 on Amazon UK now :0)


Echoing others no CD no sale.
Not a big loss to me but the completeist in me would have bought


I don’t even really like The Doors, aside from about three songs, but I would buy this if it were on CD, just because I like the cover (and it has the few songs I like).
Rhino please not, I said I would by this IF IT WERE ON CD.


Paul, if you’ll permit a quibble, Weird Scenes Inside the Gold Mine doesn’t supersede 13 but instead complements it rather elegantly.

Mark H.

Strange to have “Weird Scenes” on CD but not “13”. It’s the missing piece in the Doors CD releases.


The 50th anniversary release on RSD was made available regularly already via Amazon. I know because I bought 2


I’m slowly going back to cds. The quality of vinyl is once again going down the toilet. Many of my recent purchases have far too much surface noise, spindle hole off centre, warped etc. These anomalies wreck the mood for me.
Having got that off my chest, the Doors 13 is a must own.
You can never have too many Doors albums.

John MC cann

I’m buying CDs for peanuts and replacing the jewel cases with brand new ones!, I’m back to 1986 again, nothing cooler than a pristine condition Neil young harvest sitting on top of a cd player!,,, although in this case it’s a top of the range Panasonic 4k player!, And just using the TV speakers,( Harmon ),, sounds good to me and saves space!,, Cd will return,so hit the charity shops now and get them when they are 10 for £1,


I too am buying CDs cheap and replacing cases. I left vinyl back in the early 90s and won’t go back. CD will be back, it’s worth collecting whilst it’s cheap now. In a few years people will be clamoring for CDs they can’t get hold of.


And somewhere, maybe, is the LA Woman Super Deluxe 5 disc box set that was promised in 2012? and abruptly cancelled.
If you own Weird Scenes and LA Woman, you are pretty much there.

Alan Jones

Paul, just to advise the blue swirl edition was not for RSD. You could either get it direct from Rhino in the US or as a Barnes & Noble Exclusive. I ended up paying through the nose on eBay, but it’s a lovely pressing.


Just as a clarification: ‘Weird Scenes in The Goldmine’ did not so much supersede ’13’ as complement it, as there’s no track overlap between the two releases. ’13’ was a collection of the most obvious Doors singles to the point of its release (it was released prior to ‘LA Woman’, so no ‘Love Her Madly’). ‘Weird Scenes…’ was more a collection of what people now like to refer to as ‘deeper cuts’. As a standalone collection, ‘Weird Scenes…’ is definitely the more interesting of the two, as it mixes what were to that point ‘rarities’ like ‘Who Scared You’ and ‘You Need Meat’ with tracks like the classic full-length ‘Riders on The Storm’ as well as ‘The End’ and ‘When The Music’s Over’. Having both collections on vinyl is a good way to get an excellent overview of the Doors, though of course no substitute for the Analogue Productions vinyl box, which reigns supreme over all other stabs at the catalogue. Cheers, and as always thanks for keeping us all posted…


Just ordered The Doors’ Greatest Hits on White Vinyl from the United States via the Discogs website. It contains the biggest songs and goes up to the L.A. WOMAN period. It was re-issued just last year.


I could be tempted to get this one, there was another Doors vinyl only compilation though. I can’t remember which one it was and whether or not that one is better.

Matthew S North

Its a Curio so people will buy it on Vinyl like Hendrix Smash hits because it was a n album released in the artists lifetime.


Rhino has already released a 50th anniversary edition of “Doors 13” last August in blue/white swirl and black vinyl, why another reissue ?


I bought „13“ as exclusive Barnes & Noble 50th anniversary reissue in blue & white swirl vinyl last year in august.

Peter Stevens

No CD no sale….The wait continues….


No CD, no sale.

John MacLeod

Why are we (almost) all pretending that cds don’t sell?


It is a pity that labels are abandoning the CD. I have these songs multiple times already but I would love to own this on CD. Collecting shouldn’t be limited to vinyl. We want CDs!

David M

Fail to see how this would sell anything on CD apart from a few SDE readers. It is just a compilation of easily availale tracks. Burn your own or make a playlist!


very true, but slightly more difficult to burn them to vinyl at home :-)