The Doors / The Singles: 20-disc seven-inch vinyl box now available

The vinyl box set version of The Doors‘ The Singles compilation is now widely available.

The box contains 20 seven-inch singles and collects the rare single versions from all of the band’s landmark studio albums, plus other rarities from the era, including:

  1. Light My Fire (Original Mono Single Edit),
  2. Unknown Soldier/We Could Be So Good Together (Original Unique Mono Mix/Edit),
  3. Love Me Two Times (Single Edit),
  4. Touch Me (Original Unique Stereo Single Mix)

The full track listing is below. The UK price of £96 seems quite competitive. It’s also worth noting that with VAT deducted, the UK price for US fans is around $104 + shipping, which is a saving of nearly $50 on the US price.

As previously reported, this compilation is also available as a 2CD+blu-ray package. It will be released on 15 September 2017.

1a. “Break On Through (To The Other Side)”
1b. “End Of The Night”

2a. “Light My Fire”
2b. “The Crystal Ship”

3a. “People Are Strange”
3b. “Unhappy Girl”

4a. “Love Me Two Times”
4b. “Moonlight Drive”

5a. “The Unknown Soldier”
5b. “We Could Be So Good Together”

6a. “Hello, I Love You”
6b. “Love Street”

7a. “Touch Me”
7b. “Wild Child”

8a. “Wishful Sinful”
8b. “Who Scared You”

9a. “Tell All The People”
9b. “Easy Ride”

10a. “Runnin’ Blue”
10b. “Do It”

11a. “You Make Me Real”
11b. “Roadhouse Blues”

12a. “Love Her Madly”
12b. “(You Need Meat) Don’t Go No Further”

13a. “Riders On The Storm”
13b. “The Changeling”

14a. “Tightrope Ride”
14b. “Variety Is The Spice Of Life”

15a. “Ship W/ Sails”
15b. “In The Eye Of The Sun”

16a. “Get Up And Dance”
16b. “Treetrunk”

17a. “The Mosquito”
17b. “It Slipped My Mind”

18a. “The Piano Bird”
18b. “Good Rockin’”

19a. “Roadhouse Blues” (Live)
19b. “Albinoni: Adagio”

20a. “Gloria” (Live)
20b. “Moonlight Drive” (Live)

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Yep another one one here who’s order has been cancelled.


Hello Marcel

I got the same email this morning. Yes, it seems the price was too good to be true.
I have re-ordered from Amazon.de. Not a bad price for now.
Am checking this weekend if any of the record shops in Dublin will be stocking it.
Would rather buy from them than the Behemoth that is Amazon.

I’m not ordering direct from thedoors.com because I live in Ireland and got stung by customs a few years ago when I ordered some Doors hoodies from the website.


Yes, mine has been cancelled too. SDE, do you have any update on this?

Marcel Rijs

Well well., Amazon have cancelled my order because “Our supplier has informed us that this item is no longer available.” Anyone else get this? Maybe because the price they offered was too good? I feel rather let down.

Ian Hicks

Hi Marcel, yep mine cancelled by Amazon as well . Oh well saves me £96 I can’t really afford.

Tony Orwell

I have a feeling this wont sell well, not because it is not a nice set or the doors dont have their collectors but there are certain bands that dont seem to do well when selling collectable singles and the doors is one of them, it all depends on how many are made of course but if there are more than a thousand i would expect the price to plummet over the next year.


Next year they’ll be doing the French/Australian EP collection. That should ring the last cent out of the ageing Doors’ collector.

Mo Lester

Looks like a lot of the sleeves will be plain/ plainish?


$108 Shipped for me in So. Cal., US! Thank you! Wish Amazon would price match across their own sites!


I’m curious to know if you have any more info regarding Blu Ray?


I’m just curious. Why would anyone want 20 x 7″ singles?


My mistake. I thought the site was about Super Deluxe editions. I can honestly say that I can see nothing ‘super’ or ‘deluxe’ about a 7″ single. I almost get the fascination with vinyl LPs (nostalgia?) and they can even sound quite good if you have a half decent setup, but 7″ singles NEVER sounded good on ANY setup.


I’m buying them to put on my Wurlitzer jukebox!


“Why would anyone want 20 x 7″ singles?”

It’s for displaying, not playing! I’d wager that the majority of people who buy the 7″ box set will also buy the corresponding CD set so that they can listen to that instead of running the risk of damaging their 7″ vinyls. Credit to the labels – they know how to extract every last penny from fans (collectors)!


This is not a boxset for displaying.

Tom of FIN

Because of B-sides too, songs unreleased on LPs.


Ordered !

Now need to cancel the Japanese ‘Light my fire’


People keep going on about the cover.isn’t it about what’s in the box .I will buy it for 20 vinyl not for the cover.I’ve never played a cover so I’m not missing out on anything


For some people the cover art is part and parcel of the whole package, sure the music is paramount (otherwise you would not buy it) but the cover art can be a work of art in it’s own right.

I have for many years been a fan of the cover art of the label 4AD. Vaughan Oliver is for me one of the great cover art designers along with his colleagues at V23. Here is an admission, I have purchased a number of 4AD releases not because of the music but because of the excellent artwork..


Yes but this is just a reissue of stuff.it’s not like they have changed the pl covers


I mean lp covers


Plus 4ad has artists doing there covers.don’t think the doors covers have ever been more than erm crap.great music thou

Tom of FIN

Yes, that is correct. Box visuals are so tasteless, unprofessional, crappy and loud, that have to prefer digital listening on B-sides onwards.

That box front would my whole collection to shame, would be the all time low front in the library. By far. What’s with the colors and for example? LOL