The Doors / Live at the Isle of Wight Festival / audio-video combo sets

Restored footage • 5.1 surround • combo sets available

Live at The Isle Of Wight Festival – the last concert ever filmed of The Doors will be issued for the first time next month.

The concert footage has been restored and colour-corrected and the entire show has been mixed into 5.1 surround sound from the original multi-tracks by Bruce Botnick.

The performance was filmed in August 1970, in front of 600,000 people. Ray Manzarek described the performance as “subdued but very intense” adding, “we played with a controlled fury and Jim was in fine vocal form. He sang for all he was worth, but moved nary a muscle. Dionysus had been shackled.” This is a reference to Jim Morrison’s Miami obscenity trial which was at the time ongoing and weighing heavily on the band.

The fairly short but historic set includes such staples as Roadhouse Blues, Break On Through (To The Other Side), and Light My Fire.

This release is available as both blu-ray+CD and DVD+CD combo packs, although annoyingly, it looks like the former is exclusive to North America/Canada. Standalone Blu-ray and DVD are also available and all the DVD and Blu-ray elements contain a bonus feature This Is The End, with interviews conducted by the film’s original director Murray Lerner with Krieger, Densmore, original Doors manager Bill Siddons and archival interview footage of Manzarek from 2002.

Live at the Isle of Wight Festival will be issued on 23 February 2018.

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Live at the Isle of Wight Festival - blu-ray+CD


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The Doors

Live at the Isle of Wight Festival - DVD+CD


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Live at the Isle of Wight Festival - blu-ray only


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The Doors

Live at the Isle of Wight Festival - DVD only


1. Roadhouse Blues
2. Backdoor Man
3. Break on Through (To The Other Side)
4. When The Music’s Over
5. Ship of Fools
6. Light My Fire
7. The End (medley): Across The Sea/Away in India/Crossroads Blues/Wake Up

Bonus Features
1) “This is the End” featurette – 17 minutes of interviews conducted by original director Murray Lerner with Bill Siddons (original Doors manager), Robby Krieger, John Densmore and archival interview from 2002 with Ray Manzarek.

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Kenneth Tilley

Although i’ve always wanted to see this released officially and i welcome this release, i agree with a previous comment, why on earth are the tracks in the wrong order, IE roadhouse blues should go between ship of fools and light my fire, i see no reason why they done this. Oh well another official release blighted.

Victor Dang

So Paul, not sure if you’re aware of this happenstance, but apparently this release has some serious issues:

1) Aspect ratio: getting this out of the way, apparently there isn’t a fullscreen option, only cropped widescreen. This may not bother some, but it’s regrettable when this was originally filmed in standard aspect ratio.
2) Setlist: the Bluray also sequences tracks out of order from what was actually played that night, for no apparent reason. For a live release, I find this unacceptable.
3) The CD release… hoo boy. It’d be one thing if only the Bluray setlist was out of order, but this carried over to the CD tracklist as well! But that’s not the worst thing for the audio. Take a listen to the “opening” track here:


Yes… that is not only crowd noise overdubbed to the beginning, but a FREAKING motorcycle!! Now take a listen to the same track from the boot:


No crowd noises nor motorcycle to be found here! Apparently all this occurred because they just carried over the audio from the Bluray to the CD… which is stupid and makes no sense. In contrast, just look at how the Isle of Wight releases for the Who and Taste were done.

All this and more was taken from the SHForums: forums(.)stevehoffman(.)tv/threads/695593/page-35#post-18166117


would anyone know if the US blu ray will be region free?
want to order the cd/blu from US but i cant play region A locked.

andrew R

According to one of the many Doors books, by this time it was the three doors
and their singer .Jim was effectively tolerated but isolated by the other three
because of his behavior. Jim in turn resented this and simply went through the motions in the last year. That more than the obscenity trial affected the quality of later performances.


Is the Blu-Ray region free?


I’d like to know this as well. Being in AU

peter chrisp

Rod i am in Australia i have bought many blurays from the UK they’re fine


Not sure why we can’t buy the Blu Ray CD set in Europe stupid

Gis Bun

Read somewhere that Eagle Rock chooses the formats based on the popularity. Europeans prefer them separately. If you believe it…


Are lp’s planned you think?


I don’t get why fans think this is a brilliant concert. It was terrible. Morrison, going thru legal issues, barely looks at the audience, keeps his head down most of time, doesn’t even attempt at moving from the microphone, does not speak to the audience (none of the band members do). He sounds bored (or high). I get this was one their last concerts (and the last recorded) and for that reason alone any Doors fans would want it but there’s no reason to rewrite history and claim this concert was “the best thing ever”.

Jochen Mosthaf

i was there and i remember it to this day, which indicates it was a memorable concert.

peter chrisp

JM you were there that would have been amazing to see as this was their last concert & we all know what JM went through i have no doubt he may have been off his brain but he was i guess many times but big deal it’s definitely worth checking out though & some people are suggesting it was a bit of a let down & the only way to find it is to have the concert from a fans perspective and an historical stand point & then judge and that’s the way Jim was & that can’t be changed. Looking forward to it.


So in Europe you can get a single Blu-Ray on a higher price than the BD+CD in America….thank you guys. :(


Froma a commenter on the US Amazon:

*Having been there…. LOOK OUT! This show is an understated masterpiece!*


Blu Ray and CD combo = North America exclusive? What fresh bullshit is This?


At last an official release of this show!!! I wonder if its uncut?
I think I’ll get the (cheaper but better) blu ray/ cd set from america.

Andrew Warran

I was at that concert on the Isle Of Wight in 1970 and it wasn’t their best concert ever because the week after the concert Jim Morrison was due in court on an indecency charge. All through their set none of the band spoke and Morrison just did the minimum to fulfil the contract.

I also saw them a few years before at The Roundhouse in London and they were brilliant then. Shame that was never recorded (as far as I know).


For footage of the Roundhouse, you need to check out the Feast Of Friends release (DVD/Blu Ray) from 2014. It has the 1968 Granada TV Special centred around The Doors Euro tour from that year and in particular the London shows. Great stuff and you also get the self produced Feast Of Friends short film. Essential (particularly as you were lucky enough to be there!)


Blimey this took them a while! Hope it arrives on vinyl. Also I hope The Who’s performance at Woodstock will see a full and complete official release.

Charles Laddish

Wow. Sound in glorious dolby digital!


WTF,no dts even on the blu-ray ?!

Mathew Lauren

Months now and only the “lossy” DD5.1 movie, audio-codec, 20-actual bits (up to 24bit according to Dolby), is listed @48khz.

It’s been listed as: AUDIO: TBA
@blu-ray.com since mid-December ‘17.

We ‘may’ (but-don’t-hold-your-breath) get a Dolby TrueHd 5.1 “lossless” @48khz audio-codec for the Blu-ray, but I wouldn’t bet on a DTS/DTS 24/96 or DTS-HDMA audio option for either the DVD or Blu-ray Disc.

Gis Bun

Wait until the 50th anniversary release. :-)

Mathew Lauren

I know! “They” just don’t get it (or care). Side by side or A/B and (ANY) one can clearly hear the top-end (and overall dynamic range) is gone when “lossy” DD5.1 is compared to ANY other, more music-oriented, 5.1 audio-codec — no matter the medium dts 24/96 DVD-V, DVD-A, multi-SACD or Blu-ray!

You know, even my “audio-codec-hacked” DTS-Cd’s have more presence and dynamic range than anything musical, recorded via DD5.1 — which is a MOVIE-ORIENTED AUDIO-CODEC, ONLY! It is NOT optimised, nor was it ever intended for music-only presentations. Please get that through your heads, Warner Music, Universal, et al!

With this DOORS release, for me, it’s a “push,” since this is primarily an early-70s, “movie” document with music, however, I’m still hoping for at least Dolby TrueHD on the Blu-ray Disc.


Exactly how many miracles would you like them to bestow upon near 50 year old recordings?!


I don’t know about “fine vocal shape”. He looks and sounds bored. Barely going thru the motions here. This was clearly the end.


Announced a bit ago and about time for an official release! Soon to be followed by a 2LP set. Great to have footage of “Ship Of Fools” live!!!
Still some other material to be released from their archives.