The Doors / London Fog 1966

CD-only version of 2016 box set

The DoorsLondon Fog 1966 set which was issued in late 2016 as box set will be available as a standalone CD edition from August.

London Fog unearthed audio recorded at the LA club of the same name and these earliest recordings of the band find the quartet mixing blues covers with early versions of Doors originals (Strange Days and You Make Me Real).

Previously, this content was offered as a slightly inflated box set featuring the CD, a ten-inch vinyl record, various items of replica memorabilia.

Now you can just buy the CD for less than £10 in the UK, although the box set (limited to 18,000 units) is still readily available.

London Fog 1966 is released on CD on 23 August 2019.

1. Tuning (I) [Live at London Fog 1966]
2. Rock Me (Live at London Fog 1966)
3. Baby Please Don’t Go (Live at London Fog 1966)
4. You Make Me Real (Live at London Fog 1966)
5. Tuning (II) [Live at London Fog 1966]
6. Don’t Fight It (Live at London Fog 1966)
7. I’m Your Hoochie Coochie Man (Live at London Fog 1966)
8. Strange Days (Live at London Fog 1966)
9. Lucille (Live at London Fog 1966)

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Steven Campbell

I bought the rsd release of the vinyl version tho’I’ve since ordered the cd also but I’d say it’s reasonable. Bearing in mind it’s a 60s recording and the crowd do seem a little far away in the mix, for what it is, it’s worth a punt.

Brian Stanley

As a Doors fan who didn’t shell out for the earlier edition, can I ask those of you who already did – how is the audio quality ?


Reviews on other sites suggest that the quality is excellent, however the CD is only some 32 minutes long – another reason I didn’t want to shell out for an expensive box set when it orignally came out.

bruce kelso

hi brian , sound is EXCELLENT. you must get one,in fact get the box,photos from the night it was taped and more. the girl who taped cant find the 2nd reel yet but she is sure they did the end.lets hope she does.

Steven Campbell

I bought the rsd release of the vinyl version tho’I’ve since ordered the cd also but I’d say it’s reasonable. Bearing in mind it’s a 60s recording and the crowd do seem a little far away in the mix, for what it is, it’s worth a punt.

bruce kelso

their is no reason for this release. all true doors fan own the box.why cant rhino/ doors music group put out another live show. the only snb that’s missing is the seattle washington show 1970. one track someday soon did appear on a 4cd collection years ago.also the waiting for the sun deluxe edition is now available as a 2 cd set.bout $18 u.s. where is the 50th anniversary edition deluxe of soft parade? a so/so record but get bonus trax and a 1969 live show and its a winner.


‘All trues Doors fans own the box’ could be considered a somewhat demeaning statement I think. I consider myself a ‘true Doors fan’ and I do not own the box. I do not want vinyl or ‘replica memorabilia’ and I guessed that the CD would be released as a standalone eventually, as did many other fans I suspect. All we had to do was wait. We were right.

Bill Z

So…there are less than 18,000 true Doors fans worldwide? The box was limited to that number, and it’s still available.

John Peace

No, there are only 18,000 true Doors fans out there willing to listen to some chick’s crappy audience bootleg disguised as a real album


Regarding Caroline’s comments: I wonder this same thing, but I also think it is a marketing ploy – there are often live releases that claim: ’10 NEW live tracks’ {or something to that effect}, then there are ‘tracks’ like ‘introduction’, ‘tuning’, ‘encore applause’, etc and you wind up with 7 tracks of actual music….

Peter Stevens

Interesting….Do we now see stand alone versions of the mono/stereo cds of The Doors and Waiting for the sun.Rhino has reduced the size if not the content of nearly every box set it has ever issued.Why would you buy the new multi disc Woodstock when all you have to do is wait?

The Golden Age Of Emperor Trump & Bumpkin Boris.

I`ve ordered the big Woodstock box and can`t wait to receive it. You are probably correct Peter I also think Rhino will release a bare-bones 38 CD set at a third of the price.

The thing is I will have been enjoying the full set* while you wait for Rhino to release, if they do, the bare bones set. I`m not bragging, I sold unwanted LPs/CDs (not as many as you may think) to pay for the big box. The wife bought me the 3CD set, she knows I love Woodstock, haven`t told her to clear family photos to make shelf room for the big box yet, but I have to say the mastering of the 3CD set and I believe the 10CD set is superb. So I have no doubt the big box will sound the same.

The Doors `London Fog`, this is for collectors only. I bought the full box set in an HMV sale for £6.99 and it isn`t worth any more than £6.99.


Difficult not to admire the sublime cheek of designating “Tuning” as 2 separate tracks. I can’t help but wonder if this is due to the covers-heavy nature of the release – does that gain the band a bigger slice of the publishing royalties?


i never would have thought of it that way. i’d see it as just trimming that far for playlists when one just wants the song itself without the tuning.


Tim South

Paul , i see that Reflex “Politics of Dancing” CD is due next week. Presumably the master tapes issues from late last year have now been resolved………

Glen Buchanan

Keep me posted abuts the Reflex issue. But- I want it on vinyl.