The Doors / Morrison Hotel 50th anniversary deluxe edition

2CD+LP deluxe set • Over an hour of unreleased sessions

The Doors / Morrison Hotel 50th anniversary

The Doors fifth studio album, Morrison Hotel, will be reissued in October for its 50th anniversary.

The album was recorded in late 1969/early 1970 and released in February 1970. It’s newly remastered for this release by Bruce Botnick and this version is included on CD and as 180g vinyl record.

The goodies are all on the bonus CD with more than an hour of unreleased recordings taken from the sessions for Morrison Hotel. 

Botnick says: “There are many takes, different arrangements, false starts, and insightful studio conversations between the band – who were in the studio – and producer Paul Rothchild – who was in the control room. It’s like being a fly on the wall.”

The outtakes include rough versions of Morrison Hotel tracks ‘Peace Frog’ and ‘Blue Sunday’ as well as The Doors rarity ‘I Will Never Be Untrue.’ The bonus CD also features the band jamming on cover versions of the Motown classic ‘Money (That’s What I Want)’ and B.B. King’s’ ‘Rock Me’.

David Fricke writes the sleeve notes and as you can see from the image this is packaged like the The Doors/Waiting For The Sun and Soft Parade deluxe editions.

This anniversary set is released on what is becoming reissue ‘judgement day’ – 9 October 2020!

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The Doors

Morrison Hotel - 2CD+LP deluxe


Disc One (CD) : The Original Album

Hard Rock Cafe

1. Roadhouse Blues
2. Waiting For The Sun
3. You Make Me Real
4. Peace Frog
5. Blue Sunday
6. Ship Of Fools

Morrison Hotel

7. Land Ho!
8. The Spy
9. Queen Of The Highway
10. Indian Summer
11. Maggie M’Gill

Disc Two (CD) : Mysterious Union

Black Dressed In Leather (Queen Of The Highway Sessions)

First Session (11/15/68)

1. Queen Of The Highway (Take 1, She Was A Princess) *
2. Queen Of The Highway (Various Takes) *
3. Queen Of The Highway (Take 44, He Was A Monster) *

Second Session (1/16/69)

4. Queen Of The Highway (Take 12, No One Could Save Her) *
5. Queen Of The Highway (Take 14, Save The Blind Tiger) *

Third Session (Date Unknown)

6. Queen Of The Highway (Take 1, American Boy – American Girl) *
7. Queen Of The Highway (Takes 5, 6 & 9, Dancing Through The Midnight Whirlpool) *
8. Queen Of The Highway (Take 14, Start It All Over) *
9. I Will Never Be Untrue *
10. Queen Of The Highway (Take Unknown) *

Money Beats Soul (Roadhouse Blues Sessions)

First Session

11. Roadhouse Blues (Take 14, Keep Your Eyes On The Road) *
12. Money (That’s What I Want) *
13. Rock Me Baby *

Second Session

14. Roadhouse Blues (Takes 6 & 7, Your Hands Upon The Wheel) *
15. Roadhouse Blues (Take 8, We’re Goin’ To The Roadhouse) *

Third Session

16. Roadhouse Blues (Takes 1 & 2, We’re Gonna Have A Real Good Time) *
17. Roadhouse Blues (Takes 5, 6 & 14, Let It Roll Baby Roll) *

Dawn’s Highway (Peace Frog/Blue Sunday Session)

18. Peace Frog/Blue Sunday (Take 4) *
19. Peace Frog (Take 12) *

LP Track Listing

Side One: Hard Rock Cafe

1. Roadhouse Blues
2. Waiting For The Sun
3. You Make Me Real
4. Peace Frog
5. Blue Sunday
6. Ship Of Fools

Side Two: Morrison Hotel

1. Land Ho!
2. The Spy
3. Queen Of The Highway
4. Indian Summer
5. Maggie M’Gill

* previously unreleased

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Why Vinyl and CD.
I’m out
These 50th Anniversary releases have been such a mush mash some with vinyl some without.
Zero consistency

Juarez Ulhoa

I will buy it….. I never learn…


To me, until now, soft parade is the best 50th reissues serie in terms of NEW material included. Sound a bit like a paradox since, at the time of release, for many it is the weakest album into the discography…

Bruce Kelso

they should of included the rock is dead piece complete or the seattle 1970 show which they released the track someday soon on the box set. i do not need a vinyl copt of this. lets see what japan does.


The complete “Rock Is Dead” was released on The Soft Parade 50th edition:

Bruce Kelso

sorr,y my mistake rock in on the soft parade deluxe.

Kim Porter

Ordered with the cool logo version of the t-shirt!


Well, I am delighted with this box format, CD plus vinyl, you can enjoy the digital and analog experience. In addition, there is the plus of having the size of a vinyl cover in your hands.

Bravo for Rhino!


Hoping for a single CD reissue or 2CD option like WFTS. Strange Days was 2CD anyway, The Doors S/T came out as a single CD as did TSP (with an extra track).

Jim Morris

I bought the Japanese versions of The Doors and Strange Days deluxe CD without the vinyl and the deluxe CD version of Waiting For Sun.
I haven’t bothered with the CD + Vinyl only reissues since I don’t want the vinyl. Hopefully one day Rhino will realise not everyone wants the vinyl.

David Regan

I’d go for it on CD but stopped collecting vinyl.. running out of room love both formats..so as it not available as stand alone CD set..it’s a No from me.

Bruce Kelso

yes cd 2 does look like they are scraping the barrel. the reason being is that when elektra was sold to the kinney corporation in 1971 ( they were the biggest owner of parkling lots) the powers that be decieded that only the original lp mixes and saftey copies on reel would be saved. some multi track tapes were spared. they took at the tapes had them thrown away and sold the empty reels , yes its true, hence no outtakes , no complete sessions exsist at all. paul rothchild sometimes had two tape machines running and that where these and the other outakes on the remix exist. also bruce botnick had rough mixes in his own collection, thats were the alternate mixes came from on waiting for the sun. so it would of been more reasonable to have a 2 cd set with no lp and keep the price low. as for david frickle ………….?

David Fisher

This has proved to be a costly post Paul! (Like our current “government” I have to blame someone else for my vices.) I just had to get the 13 coloured vinyl reissue mentioned in Mark’s comment but of course it was sold out at the doors.com so I had to go to Ebay – ouch! Still I’m pleased I’ve picked it up. Looks gorgeous…

This interesting MORRISON HOTEL set is ordered as well. Let’s hope L.A. WOMAN gets the same treatment next year and that they release the tracks from the previously cancelled box of sessions from that LP.

I doubt I’ll play the vinyl much from this reissue though. It’s unlikely to top my beautiful box set of Doors LPs spread over two discs and cut at 45rpm.


What is left to release from LA Woman? They issued lots of out takes with the 40th edition plus already released the absolutely brilliant Workshop Sessions n stand alone vinyl & CD (about her only time you’ll hear a different version of LA Woman). Hope there’s more in the can!

Daniel Kiss

As far as I remember well, the cancelled L.A.Woman box set would have been a 6 cd box, so they must have a LOT OF unissued takes in the can.

What? Morrison? Worry?

One more 50th to go LA Woman (which I am waiting for), then wait another 6 years then it can start on the 60th campaign, with more barrel scrapping material.


Have the other special editions but this will have to come down a bit before I bite. They did have a nice blue/white swirl vinyl 50th anniversary edition of the ’13’ compilation on the official website recently but shipping was dearer than the vinyl so had to pass.

Frank Flynn

They scraped the bottom of the barrel years ago and somehow they still find more half-finished junk. The original releases very carefully sculpted a version of the band that left out their clearly inferior attempts at songs like Money, Rock Me, Mystery Train and other blues-based tunes. Paul Rothchild knew the band’s strengths (until he passed on the superb LA Woman, which may have been because the band wasn’t playing the songs with the conviction of the album and more like the terrible live blues tunes that were left out of the band’s catalog) and never allowed their records to be marred by uninspired performances.

For a band that recorded six studio albums with Jim Morrison, somehow they’ve managed to release more greatest hits albums, live collections, box sets and re-mixes, remasterings than seemed possible.

I threw in the towel when the box set had a track called “Hello to the Cities” and consisted of Morrison saying, well, hello to the various cities they’d played. Also, including “Tuning” as a new track on their live albums was pretty ballsy as well.

Does anyone need another adjective-laden David Fricke essay?


I thought the original 1997 “The Doors Box Set” was pretty solid all the way through, and the few Rhino/Bright Midnight live albums are excellent despite the ridiculous pretense of ballyhooing Jimbo’s introductions and making us sit through the tuning.

I can understand how serious fans of the Doors may want to hear all of the unused takes (or whatever bits they have cobbled together into songs for this release). I have to question the business decision to sell those diehards both a CD and an LP of the album in order to get those outtakes though.

peter chrisp

Definitely Strange Days for sure. For memory with Morrison Hotel a remastered & expanded edition is also an option, uncertain if it’s still available. To me that is the best reissue? Have to agree with you Frank on your thoughts, leave it up to the fans it does look like rubbish. Queen Of The Highway as what Zeppelin would say “how many more times”. There are 2 options a hard cover graphic novel Morrison Hotel Graphic deluxe which includes the picture vinyl, a 144
page booklet signed by the writer $99US remastered. Or the standard version but without the vinyl but includes the booklet. See what you think probably worth checking out.


Very cool, but I still love the DVD-Audio version from Perception with all the bonus tracks that very well may be the same as some here. I really like the differences between the DTS and Dolby 5.1 mixes on that set and the slight tweaks to certain songs.

Steven Campbell

I’m hoping it’ll come down in price it’s a bit steep for 2cds and an LP. There’s alot of box sets coming out in October!

Edward Bates

Shame they never did this design for Strange Days.

Sylent Syd

What a relief! I saw that graphic novel + picture disc set they announced a couple months ago and was dismayed at the idea that they were gonna resort to releasing that to celebrate the 50th anniversary of my favourite Doors album. This is more what I had in mind.