The Doors / super deluxe edition

Four-disc package includes mono mix on CD and rare live audio

The Doors‘ 1967 debut will be reissued as a four-disc, 50th anniversary super deluxe edition in March.

This large-format 3CD+LP package will feature a remastered version of the original stereo mix of the album on CD, the mono mix (remastered) on CD for the first time plus a live performance where the band perform most of the album at The Matrix in San Francisco on 7 March 1967. This is sourced from the ‘recently discovered’ original tapes. The vinyl LP features the remastered mono mix.

This new edition comes as a 12″ x 12″ hardcover book and features sleeve notes by David Fricke, along with rare photos etc.

This 50th anniversary deluxe of The Doors will be issued on 31 March 2017.



CD 1
1. Break On Through (To The Other Side) [Original Stereo Mix]
2. Soul Kitchen [Original Stereo Mix]
3. The Crystal Ship [Original Stereo Mix]
4. Twentieth Century Fox [Original Stereo Mix]
5. Alabama Song (Whisky Bar) [Original Stereo Mix]
6. Light My Fire [Original Stereo Mix]
7. Back Door Man [Original Stereo Mix]
8. I Looked At You [Original Stereo Mix]
9. End Of The Night [Original Stereo Mix]
10. Take It As It Comes [Original Stereo Mix]
11. The End [Original Stereo Mix]

CD 2
1. Break On Through (To The Other Side) [Original Mono Mix]
2. Soul Kitchen [Original Mono Mix]
3. The Crystal Ship [Original Mono Mix]
4. Twentieth Century Fox [Original Mono Mix]
5. Alabama Song (Whisky Bar) [Original Mono Mix]
6. Light My Fire [Original Mono Mix]
7. Back Door Man [Original Mono Mix]
8. I Looked At You [Original Mono Mix]
9. End Of The Night [Original Mono Mix]
10. Take It As It Comes [Original Mono Mix]
11. The End [Original Mono Mix]

CD 3
1. Break On Through (To The Other Side) [Live]
2. Soul Kitchen [Live]
3. The Crystal Ship [Live]
4. Twentieth Century Fox [Live]
5. Alabama Song (Whisky Bar)[Live]
6. Light My Fire [Live]
7. Back Door Man [Live]
8. The End [Live]

Vinyl LP
1. Break On Through (To The Other Side) [Original Mono Mix LP]
2. Soul Kitchen [Original Mono Mix LP]
3. The Crystal Ship [Original Mono Mix LP]
4. Twentieth Century Fox [Original Mono Mix LP]
5. Alabama Song (Whisky Bar) [Original Mono Mix LP]
6. Light My Fire [Original Mono Mix LP]
7. Back Door Man [Original Mono Mix LP]
8. I Looked At You [Original Mono Mix LP]
9. End Of The Night [Original Mono Mix LP]
10. Take It As It Comes [Original Mono Mix LP]
11. The End [Original Mono Mix LP]

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Alan Wilson

Available today on Amazon UK for £29.99 :)

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Love this band but thoroughly agree with the comments above. This is a poor example of how to do a 50th Anniversary deluxe edition of one of the greatest recorded debuts put to vinyl.
Jeff Jampol has made a mess of the recorded legacy of a number of artists… Doors included.
How I miss the Danny Sugerman days.


Oh why was the LP included? Should of been separate maybe with its own sterewo and mono mixes and live album.

[…] newly announced 50th anniversary super deluxe of The Doors‘ 1967 self-titled debut is now available for […]


Now available on Amazon UK for just under £37:


Jim Edwards

Have this in mono on lp. So, what’s the point? Also, why is the cover shrunk down ala Manic Street Preachers, Everything Must Go? Just looks ugly.

Pete Anderson

Love it when they include vinyl!


Why is there no option to buy without the vinyl? Seems like they’re throwing it in to bump the price up to more than its worth.
all i want from it is the mono cd, the rest is crap i don’t need.

Kenneth Anselmi

So now the 50th anniversary release and there’s NO alternate studio versions on it? Wasn’t “The End” spliced together from 2 different takes? Why not release both versions. Didn’t anyone listen over the master tapes for interesting outtakes. How many times are you going to buy the same recordings repackaged? Looks like NO research was done for this project. The Matrix recordings have been around for years and in good quality. Why would you only want selective tracks from them? And not everyone always wants vinyl included. Seems like a money grab. Only the diehard fans will want this release and it gives you NOTHING NEW!! Rip OFF

Billy Dojcak

I have The Best of The Doors on quad lp. All I need.

Gary Shaw

When it is says “original stereo mix”, is it referring to the mix with the edits to ‘The End’ and with the album played at slightly the wrong speed, or the amended mix for the ‘Perception’ boxset?


I hate it when they include vinyl.
I just want the CDs. apparently this was available on vinyl already in mono.

Marshall Gooch

I’ve got the RSD mono vinyl, the 2LP 45 rpm stereo vinyl, and a CD. Love this album and the mono mix IS worth getting but I’ll probably end up taking a pass on this one.
BTW, Paul, got my SDE shirt and it’s a winner. Now, you’ll have to issue a “super deluxe edition” in long sleeve, or maybe baseball shirt (I think you guys call it “raglan”) or even (wait for it) A HOODIE!

richard den besten

Paul ( happy new year ) on the official doors site it says $ 65.00 + $ 54.00 = $ 119,00

so any other seller is a bargin i need this box a good way to start 2017


Charles Hodgson

More contempt for the fans following that London Fogg monstrosity. Used to enjoy picking up the Bright Midnight live CD’s in years past. But since then suck suck suck. Still, money saved! Thanks but no thanks Jampol!

Philip Cohen

…and Mr.Jampol also manages the musical estates of Janis Joplin and Marvin Gaye. The truth is that there isn’t much unreleased Doors music remaining. The multitrack concert recordings have all been issued, and only a small batch of outtakes from each studio album sessions were saved.

Record Collector

I love the Doors. Just get the price down to about $40 and it’s a big seller. The mono CD and the Live CD are the interesting items.

Philip Cohen

(sigh)…”Product”: Though the set has a better tape source for the Matrix Club material, there is not one second of previously unreleased material in this box. It’s a poor value. Until now, I bought all Doors CD’s(excepting “Greatest Hits”-type collections), but I’ll pass.

David M

I am also out – don’t need the vinyl, don’t need the stereo mix CD, would like the mono mix CD but not that bothered and I think the live disc is just WRONG, complete performances only please.

A great shame and I am concerned that the other albums will get the matching treatment when their time comes.

First time poster – long time lurker. Great site Paul.

David M

You’ve stolen my username!

The Poster Previously Known as David M2

Sorry real David M!
I will think of a new user name for my future posts!

David M

Ha ha . Thanks


Just like a door I`m in, but I already have the mono LP, stereo LP, CD, box set, live boot, I`m back out through that door. What a load of b@ll@cks!


I’ve already got the mono version on vinyl, so I will pass on this.

Happy New Year Paul, keep up the great work.

Simon A.

A CD box set of the first two albums in Mono with all the original Mono mixes of the singles would have made me very happy. I don’t need the live CD, the Stereo CD or the Mono LP. Oh well…


Yes, unfornately this boxset with this kind of material seems to be waste of …..time for me.
Im not saying this completely useless, but for any hardcore-follower and lover of The Doors, they could have released more outtakes (2 full versions of The End for example) and the uncut, complete liveshows from Matrix. Now, it’s kinda sad thinking that we have already been sold on getting so many different pressings and editions of the core-albums, so they should just continue with the release of the unreleased material instead of milking this once again with these anniversary-editions.


I’m out on this, I think Joakim just nailed everything that’s wrong with this.
Better release would have been original mono original stereo and outtakes , blu ray with mono stereo 5.1 all in hi Rez with outtakes.
Separate Vinyl release with mono stereo and outtakes, much like the Fresh Cream release.
And the Matrix live stuff should have its own box and issued as recorded and not as previously butchered, and from the original tapes unlike the previous release.

Sylent Syd

I already have the mono vinyl mix from RSD a few years back, so I’ll likely pass on this.


I have been a Doors fan since I was 14 or 15, a good few years ago now sadly.

I have the Doors Infinite and Analogue vinyl box sets and all the CD box sets.

But, as they are one my favourite bands, I will be buying this.

More fool me you might !


The live CD from The Matrix doesn’t even contain the complete recorded performance. What’s worse, the songs are not in the order performed – they just took songs from the show and put them in album order. Plus, I already have the fantastic studio album on SACD and DVD-Audio in surround sound, along with the very nice sounding “The Complete Matrix Tapes” bootleg containing the complete recorded concert, so I have no need whatsoever to purchase this set. I’ll wait for The Doors to officially release the complete Matrix shows, with the songs in the order performed.


After the obvious questions “who needs another reissue?” after so many reissues on CD AND vinyl and “who needs the mono version? on CD AND vinyl?”, the real question is: Are Peter Abram Tapes are used for the Matrix CD? If not, the whole box is a joke, the Rhino edition is really cheap and a lot of boots are out there. If the original Abrams tapes are used, it’s interesting for the die hards (is the sound really much better?) but at least another sad example of slicing the treasures from the vaults. A few years ago my christmas bonus went into the Doors infinite vinyl box, this is together with die Doors of Perception Rhino box all you need for the studio recordings imho.

Mark Carroll

Sigh……Joachim DOES MAKE a good point…

Kerry Koeppen