The Doors / The Soft Parade deluxe

3CD+LP deluxe edition • Unreleased tracks • remastered

The Doors / The Soft Parade deluxe

The Doors’ fourth studio album, The Soft Parade, will be expanded and reissued as a 50th anniversary 3CD+LP deluxe edition in October.

The record was actually released 50 years ago yesterday and the new edition offers a newly remastered version of the album (by Bruce Botnick) on the first CD with a bonus track of the B-side ‘Who Scared You’.

The second CD offers more than a dozen unreleased tracks, with highlights including stripped down ‘Doors Only’ versions of five tracks where the ‘controversial’ horns and strings have been removed from the original versions (these are ‘Tell All The People,’ ‘Touch Me,’ ‘Wishful Sinful,’ ‘Runnin’ Blue,’ and ‘Who Scared You.’)

Also, interestingly, this set features three of those stripped-back versions with new guitar parts added by Robby Krieger (‘Touch Me,’ ‘Wishful Sinful,’ and ‘Runnin’ Blue’).

The Doors / The Soft Parade deluxe

The third CD only features four tracks, but one of those is the complete version of ‘Rock Is Dead’. This hour-long bar-band R&B blues jam was previously edited when included on the The Doors’ 1997 box set.

The collection is a, a-hem, a ‘limited edition’ of 15,000 individually numbered copies and is presented similarly to the Waiting For The Sun or The Doors deluxe editions. In other words, it’s a large format hardcover book format and includes a vinyl version of the album and sleeve notes by David Fricke. A single CD remaster is also available (that doesn’t include the bonus B-side).

The Soft Parade 50th anniversary deluxe will be reissued on 1 November 2019 (previuosly 18 October).

CD 1
1. Tell All The People (2019 Remaster)
2. Touch Me (2019 Remaster)
3. Shaman’s Blues (2019 Remaster)
4. Do It (2019 Remaster)
5. Easy Ride (2019 Remaster)
6. Wild Child (2019 Remaster)
7. Runnin’ Blue (2019 Remaster)
8. Wishful Sinful (2019 Remaster)
9. The Soft Parade (2019 Remaster)
10. Who Scared You (2019 Remaster)

CD 2
1. Tell All the People (Doors Only Mix)
2. Touch Me (Doors Only Mix) [Robby Krieger Overdub]
3. Runnin’ Blue (Doors Only Mix) [Robby Krieger Overdub]
4. Wishful Sinful (Doors Only Mix) [Robby Krieger Overdub]
5. Who Scared You (Doors Only Mix)
6. Roadhouse Blues (Screamin’ Ray Daniels a.k.a. Ray Manzarek On Vocals)
7. (You Need Meat) Don’t Go No Further [Screamin’ Ray Daniels a.k.a. Ray Manzarek On Vocals]
8. I’m Your Doctor (Screamin’ Ray Daniels a.k.a. Ray Manzarek On Vocals)
9. Touch Me (Without Horns & Strings)
10. Runnin’ Blue (Without Horns)
11. Wishful Sinful (Without Horns & Strings)

CD 3
1. I Am Troubled (2019 Remaster)
2. Seminary School (a.k.a. Petition the Lord with Prayer)
3. Rock Is Dead (Complete Version)
4. Chaos

Vinyl LP
1. Tell All The People (2019 Remaster)
2. Touch Me (2019 Remaster)
3. Shaman’s Blues (2019 Remaster)
4. Do It (2019 Remaster)
5. Easy Ride (2019 Remaster)
6. Wild Child (2019 Remaster)
7. Runnin’ Blue (2019 Remaster)
8. Wishful Sinful (2019 Remaster)
9. The Soft Parade (2019 Remaster)

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Rich G

I am please they are continuing with the release through all the albums. I don’t mind them popping a single LP in there, as it keeps the artwork pretty big. I don’t mid a full Rock Is Dead, maybe not a repeat play item, but when there’s room on the CD, why not release the actual full track? The fact that WFTS and TSP have got the full SDE treatment like the debut, makes the decision to treat Strange Days differently (2CD and mono LP available separately) quite surprising. Were there simply not many outtakes for that album to justify the SDE. I guess it was made soon after the debut and many of its songs (Moonlight Mile and others) had been around since the start, so were also outtakes from the debut I guess. That said Strange Days is very good, and will look weird missing from the shelf when the other 5 have been released? Are there any surprises left for LA Woman, after the expanded releases we have already seen? Maybe lots more alternate takes that will also be full band and pretty listenable because of the “live in the studio” recording style? The price of TSP SDE will have to drop before release though or I will cancel pending a better price, as the rest have been quite a bit cheaper.


I always loved this LP despite it’s flaws. But to fill the 2nd CD w/ Morrison Hotel outtakes and new guitar overdubs makes me not want to go for it. It has some of Jim’s best songs on it, but it also has a 30 minutes Rock Is Dead that I would probably make myself dead if I heard the whole thing! I like the idea of DOORS ONLY mixes of the songs mentioned, but to have RK overdub new parts sounds scary, lots of people don’t try to recreate the sounds that would fit into an old LP. Is is RB’s guitar going to sound like 1019 or 1969? I hope for the latter. I doubt I will go for this one.


1019? was Kreiger playing a lute dressed as a minstrel, i know he is old but….

bruce kelso

robbie got the lute for the overdubs from the ancient gallery.

Mario Joao Paulo

Maybe the overdubs are necessary to fill the orchestral parts.


Mixed format box set

Looooooooong sigh!

I’ll wait until they either do what they did with WFTS and release the CDs on their own or wait until the box set is so heavily discounted I can afford to throw away the vinyl .

The whole world is full of single use plastic and they persist in issuing no f***ing use plastic. Sticking bonus tracks on CD rather than giving the vinyl guys the bonus tracks on vinyl.

It just needs a small amount of though really.

For now The Doors are missing out on my cash, which is fine I have just bought The Tangerine Dream and King Crimson box sets.

Dave H

So will this get a Japanese SHM-CD release without the vinyl.

I see ‘Waiting for the Sun’ did get a 2-CD only release without the vinyl bringing the price down to a reasonable amount.

bruce kelso

hi dave ,no shm cd japan disc on waiting for the sun. cd japan has has it listed as a u.s. import. I got the regular 2 cd in jan and its sounds great.will not purchase a shm.


I saw the Ian Astbury fronted Doors in Birmingham a long while ago, listened to the soundcheck in the afternoon whilst parking, I’m not a huge Doors fan but my guitarist pal Ben is, Robby Krieger stopped to say hello outside and wrote out the chords for L.A. Woman for my pal (still on his wall today) , super nice guy, brilliant show too. It’s great to have a founding member still involved and approving these, I’ve ordered my copy, this is a great format.

Jarmo Keranen

I just remembered that Frank Sinatra was Jim Morrison’s favorite singer. When i read it somewhere for the first time, since then i have heard Sinatra’s phrasing in Jim’s singing almost every slower Doors song. It shows espcially on The Soft Parade because it has horns and strings. Just listen Touch Me and Tell All The People!

paul wren

I suspect that this will be available at heavily discounted prices in due course.

Michel Banen

How often can you remaster an already repeatedly remastered album !? The 40th annniversary remaster CD was perfect so why mess with that ? Sure, every Doors album will have a 40th, 50th, 60th, 70th etc. re-master, re-issue but why (yes – money ofcourse but no artistically added value) ? The 40th anniversary remasters with the 5.1 DVD audio discs were -and are- absolute perfection. The selling point here are the bonus tracks.

Emily R.

The whole “pointlessness” thing with the Doors catalog started with the 40th anniversary remixes, and making those remixes the only Doors CD’s fans could buy. I feel it is sacrilegious for a legendary band to REMIX any of its catalog unless they keep the original mix in print (like the Fab 4 did with “The White Album”). Remixing is altering history. It should never, ever, ever, ever be done to a catalog unless the original mixes are kept in print. Along with the remixes, the engineers also jacked up the volume (of course) of the 40 anniversary reissues. I am glad that I still have my original Doors CD’s, although it would be if a good engineer could remaster the catalog. However, my sense is that the 2019 single CD remaster of “The Soft Parade” will not be soft when it comes to the remastering limiters being pushed to the max.

Tim Joseph

No original-mix Genesis albums available either:(


I’m on the Doors email list so I gave in and ordered from their website as I couldn’t resist the limited edition poster.
Always liked the inside LP cover art.

Mark G

I can imagine that without horns and strings, things might seem a bit sparse, so additional guitar makes sense. Also including some no-overdub versions might well prove so.

Wayne Olsen

And I LIKE the horns and strings!just don’t give those people who did the Orbison/Elvis/beach boys things any ideas…


This was the weakest of The Doors albums when it was released in ’69 (they got back on track the following year with ‘Morrison Hotel’), which in context makes it only about ten times better than much of what was passing for rock in the pre-punk mid-’70s. BTW has anyone else had bad luck with the pressing quality in the two previous 50th anniversary boxes?

bruce kelso

hi. here we go again with the vinyl lp. really ? this should be a cd release only. why did Robbie have to do overdubs for ? I got the first 2 Japanese with no lp. waiting for the sun was issued back in jan as a 2 cd set(no vinyl). this is also missing whiskey mystics and men.that was a bonus trk on the remix from 05 with a slight edit in the intro. why not include that complete version, .not yet available for preorder in japan yet. . also maybe in a while it will become available as just a cd release only. nice to see rock is dead FINNALY being issued complete. the screamin ray daniels 3 trax have new added bass parts by stone temple pilots bassist Robert deleo, i heard roadhouse blues and its awfull. never liked ray singing the other blues songs in concert either. in fact i really only like 2 songs from the original release those being shamans blues and wild child,the rest i can do without. i made a cdr of shamans blues ,whisky mystics men, wild child and who scared you. that is what play. will in fact wait for a friend to buy it and make a cdr of the best(in my opinion)of the unreleased material.


Are there any interviews with Kreiger on why he felt compelled to add new guitar tracks to the band-only versions? Seems pointless to me. But at least they have the “stripped” versions with and without his new parts. And a complete “Rock Is Dead”! I don’t know if that’s been bootlegged already but I’m glad it’s here.

If it wasn’t for the fact that, IMHO, this is one of the worst albums ever made, I’d pony up the dollars for it.

James W

I think if you remove “Do It” and “Easy Ride”, it’s not a bad album. Yes, it’s The Doors worst Jim Morrison fronted album, but it’s still better than what a lot of the other 1960’s artists were releasing. It will be interesting to hear the new mixes of the songs that have the brass section and orchestral embellishments removed. And I like the Ray Manzarek sung version of “Roadhouse Blues”. It’s on The Doors YouTube channel for those who wish to hear it. It’s great to hear an earlier version of that song.


I didn’t bother to look but I am guessing the bonus tracks [some or all] from the 2007 release are not included in this release. This will follow previous releases where they did the same. Now fans need to keep the 2007 release in addition to this release.
As LA Woman got a more deluxe issue 12 years ago, will they include the same tracks in an eventual 50th anniversary release?
Like all previous releases, I am guessing there will be a release without the LP eventually [I think the debut was only available with the CDs in Japan].
They did that with the overprice London Fog CD/LP with the CD only version out soon.

Nick Love

I’m a huge Doors fan but I’ve also become more economical with my purchases over the last few years, and, seeing as though I thought the 40th anniversary remix/remasters sounded great I haven’t bothered to buy releases since other than the 2011 LA Woman remaster which had some bonus material I was interested in. That being said I’m very interested in hearing the versions without orchestration as I always found it very schmaltzy and out of place on the record, leading to this being my last favorite of the first six albums. Also can’t wait to hear a version of Roadhouse Blues with Ray belting it out. He had a great blues voice.

Andrew Greenwood

I just bought a (used) set (well, six individual albums) of the 2007 remasters (inc. extra tracks) and they are really good with a reasonable selection of extra material. I would be still interested in some of these new 50th Anniversary CD sets if they hadn’t’ merged CD and Vinyl.
I know you’re sick of people complaining about these duplicate sets, but if we don’t keep making a point then the record companies have even less reason to change their output.
Our generation is their last chance as my children (late teens) own no physical music and I throw old CDs away (well, sell for nothing to local record shop) as they just DON’T WANT THEM even when they are of bands they really like. In thirty years time the resale value of these Super Deluxe Editions is going to be zero as no one will want them. They’ll just be landfill or (hopefully) recycled into something useful.
The value of Elvis memorabilia has been reportedly dropping for a few years now as the people who remember him die off, and all this other stuff will go the same way.
No Elvis, Beatles or the Rolling Stones in 1977 sang the Clash. They were 60 years too soon, but it’s coming faster now, certainly in physical media


I would add, the album clocks in at around 35 minutes so CDs 1 and 2 of this set would comfortably sit on a single disc. I am one of those also who question the validity of adding overdubs to 50 year old recordings that don’t need them. So, strip out the duplicated songs and what are we really being offered? There is also a reason ‘Rock is Dead’ has only been officially released in an edited version before, it was much bootlegged a while back and for most of its length it’s dull and rambling (as would be expected from an extremely inebriated Jim Morrison). I love The Doors but this one is for die-hard completists only.


This revelation makes me so sad. I am a 24 year old and I only buy physical music. I stream to test what I like and then I buy. I love CD box sets and have loved collecting CD’s ever since I bought my first CD at the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland (I was 9 at the time and it was the Beach Boys Sounds of Summer CD). Ever since, CDs are my life and I hate that my generation will be the reason I can no longer enjoy that feeling of going to the CD store and pulling the shrink wrap off a new purchase, looking at the pictures in the booklets, etc. I now have a collection of some 400 CD’s and box sets and I will continue to buy them and support artists and record stores until they are no more. Long live physical media (I’m not a huge vinyl guy thought to be honest, and it kills me car makers are not even including CD players in cars anymore. At least give us the option. Cassette decks going away made sense because the sound quality sucked but CDs sound better than an MP3 or internet stream. I still like cassettes anyway though but CDs will always be my preferred music form.


Are they actually adding a thick black border thus reducing the size of the stunning artwork?? Why? Oh why. ….

Edward Bates

Both ‘The Doors’ and ‘Waiting For The Sun’ were given the same treatment. I only wish that ‘Strange Days’ was the same instead of a double CD pack. It was the very first album I bought and it will look odd not being there, especially if ‘Morrison Hotel’ and ‘L.A. Woman’ get released in the same format.

David Bly

I was going to comment on that, and I see you beat me (well, I got to this page late).
MAYBE it’s to distinguish it from the regular LP so some stiff won’t accidentally buy this thinking is just a single LP. Just kidding! You know that’s not why they did this.

For similarly unclear reasons, Caroline put a green border (but nowhere near as big) around the outside of the cover of the recent Iggy Pop “Zombie Birdhouse” LP. It is similarly stunning artwork in a totally different way.

Is it so people will know that it’s on green vinyl? But there’s a sticker that says that. Will they restore the full artwork on a non-green vinyl version?
But then I see there is also a version on orange vinyl and it doesn’t have an orange border around it.

Fortunately I have the original LP so I can look at that. And I have an original LP of “The Soft Parade” too, but reducing the cover that much is just ridiculous.


The vinyl are mono or stereo?


First with the obligatory complaint, they could have included the actual single version of “Wishful Sinful” as the version included on the Singles set is a previously unreleased mix included by mistake, but beyond that, I have to say this actually looks pretty groovy man!
On a side note, is this yet another master by Bruce Botnick? I know they did what appears to most everyone as the “definitive” analogue remaster done with tubes etc, for the Infinite set, a couple of years ago, it seems silly to go back yet again after that.