The Doors / Waiting For The Sun: 50th anniversary deluxe edition

2CD+LP • Newly remastered • 14 previously unreleased tracks

In September, Rhino will issue a 50th anniversary deluxe edition of The Doors‘ third album Waiting For The Sun.

The 1968 long-player features the band’s second US number one, Hello, I Love You (its B-side Love Street is the second track on Waiting For The Sun) and it reached the summit on the American album charts too, the only Doors album to achieve this feat.

This 50th anniversary reissue is a three-disc set – two CDs and a vinyl record – and features a newly remastered version of the stereo mix of the album (by Bruce Botnick) on both CD and the vinyl.

The second CD offers 14 previously unreleased tracks: Rough mixes of nine songs from the album, as well as five tracks performed live in Copenhagen in September 1968. Of the ‘recently discovered’ rough mixes Botnick has this to say: “I prefer some of these rough mixes to the finals, as they represent all of the elements and additional background vocals, different sensibilities on balances, and some intangible roughness, all of which are quite attractive and refreshing.” The bonus tracks on the 40th anniversary reissue haven’t been repeated here.

Audiophiles might be interested to know that the CDs in this new release have been encoded with the MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) process. These are fully compatible with standard CD players, but when connected to an MQA-enabled device, it can play the same disc back in hi-res 176 kHz /24 bit. I’ve never tried this myself – any good?

There is also a Japanese 2 x SHM-CD version which doesn’t include the vinyl. This can actually be pre-ordered via Amazon UK. You won’t save much over the other package but if you don’t have a turntable you won’t have the superfluous vinyl and it will be shelf-friendly. Update: This release has now been cancelled.

This Waiting For The Sun 50th anniversary reissue will be released on 14 September 2018.

An anniversary seven-inch single of Hello, I Love You and Love Street will also be issued on 3 August 2018. This single will features the rare mono radio mixes of the songs. This version of Hello, I Love You was issued on the CD version of last year’s The Singles, but Love Street wasn’t, so this mix is being released commercially for the first time on this seven-inch vinyl (which also features a recreation of the unique black and white promotional label and is housed in its original Elektra records paper sleeve).

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The Doors

Waiting For The Sun - 50th anniversary deluxe


Compare prices and pre-order

The Doors

Hello, I Love You / Love Street seven-inch single


Disc One (CD)

Hello, I Love You
Love Street
Not To Touch The Earth
Summer’s Almost Gone
Wintertime Love
The Unknown Soldier
Spanish Caravan
My Wild Love
We Could Be So Good Together
Yes, The River Knows
Five To One

Disc Two (CD) (All Tracks Previously Unreleased)

Rough Mixes

Hello, I Love You
Summer’s Almost Gone
Yes, The River Knows
Spanish Caravan
Love Street
Wintertime Love
Not To Touch The Earth
Five To One
My Wild Love
Live In Copenhagen

The WASP (Texas Radio And The Big Beat)
Hello, I Love You
Back Door Man
Five To One
The Unknown Soldier

Disc Three: 180g LP (Remastered Original Stereo Mix)

Side One

Hello, I Love You
Love Street
Not To Touch The Earth
Summer’s Almost Gone
Wintertime Love
The Unknown Soldier
Side Two

Spanish Caravan
My Wild Love
We Could Be So Good Together
Yes, The River Knows
Five To One

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[…] edition’ of 15,000 individually numbered copies and is presented similarly to the Waiting For The Sun or The Doors deluxe editions. In other words, it’s a large format hardcover book format and […]


ok, so they released a deluxe numbered box of their debut album then they skipped a truly deluxe for Strange Days, just to get back to the box set numbered edition again for Waiting for the Sun?? Did I miss a Strange Days box set release (cd+vinyl) or are these guys a little bipolar?

Bruce Kelso

just got the rough mixes. no question , the doors were amazing. quite a few suprises as no sound effects on spanish caravan, alternate vocal (better) on summers almost gone and the no stereo panning on some tracks. to bad that this will not appeal to anyone but hardcore fans(i am one) but they missed the chance to have the 2 stockholm shows from 68 here and the mono lp on cd.

andy b in the place 2 b

The 50th is very nice, I do like the rough mixes of these tracks, shame the mono mix of the LP wasn’t included, that was a missed opportunity. I’ll keep my rip of the mono LP instead then.

Still very nice sound from my system.

I purchased the 24/192 FLAC copy.


Paul, you do realize this is still showing as an Amazon UK pre-order with an October 5 release date under B07DV9LWGY? It is also showing at Amazon US and Amazon CA with a release date a week later on Oct. 12.
On all the Products Details, it lists: Number of Discs: 1. However, on the US site, under Editorial Reviews, it says, “Japanese 2 x SHM-CD pressing. Warner. 2018.”
Very mysterious.


Don’t need the vinyl.
Not impressed that the 40th anniversary extras aren’t included.

Bruce Kelso

anyone hear any news out the japan shm 2 cd set of waiting for the sun?

Bruce Kelso

hi paul this is real sad news. there is no way i will buy the U.S. edition. bad move from the doors and universal.

Bruce Kelso

japan cancels 50th anniversary waiting for the sun 2 cd. this is very bad news. it was in my cart at cd japan . i checked today to see thats its been cannceled. one question is why?

Richard L

Just had email from CDJapan re 2 CD release:
We are sending you this email to let you know that we just received an update from the label informing us that the release of the item(s) below will be cancelled, unfortunately.
Waiting for the Sun (50th Anniversary) [SHM-CD]
The Doors September 26, 2018
No details about the reason for cancellation has been provided.
At this time, there is no indication to show whether or not it might be released at a later time in the future.


Sadly, I received the same email from them. I really don’t want to buy the version with the LP. I just wanted the two CD’s. Nuts.

Bruce Kelso

this is very sad news.

Bruce Kelso

this is bad news

John Mason

Have to wonder if the cancellation of Japan release signals a domestic issue somewhere down the line?


This just came through from CDJapan:
“We are sending you this email to let you know that we just received an update from the label informing us that the release of the item(s) below will be cancelled, unfortunately.
Waiting for the Sun (50th Anniversary) [SHM-CD]
The Doors
September 26, 2018
No details about the reason for cancellation has been provided.
At this time, there is no indication to show whether or not it might be released at a later time in the future.
Therefore, it needed to be cancelled from your order.
You will not be charged for the cancelled item(s).
We are sorry for the inconvenience.
Thank you so much for shopping at CDJapan.”


Having not yet heard MQA, I don’t know if it sounds better than CD, DVD-A, Blu-ray Audio, hi-res streaming or anything else, but I saw a video review and they showed a bit of the documentation that comes with the Japanese MQA releases. In that document, they try to make the case that MQA creates pits that are perfectly square vs. their claim that regular CD’s have rounded pits. That tells me that MQA is probably total b.s. because the shape of the pits makes absolutely no difference.

Pits and lands represent changes from 0’s to 1’s and 1’s to 0’s. As long as a CD player can detect the pit (or land) that’s all that matters. That’s the beauty of all digital formats. The shape is irrelevant. Also, some of the MQA’s are created at a sampling rate of 352.8 KHz (24 bit), which is ridiculous because it permits frequencies up to 176.4 KHz when we (actually our young kids) can hear to 22KHz at best (which is why 44.1 KHz was chosen for Redbook CD).

I won’t argue with success and if it sounds better, it sounds better, but I have my doubts.

The OPPO 205 Blu-ray player does support MQA. I’ll probably buy a sampler disc and see how it sounds. There was recently a release of a large number of titles in Japan.


As for the MQA business, the ever excellent Technmoan has just released a video about it:



Don’t know if it’s been posted yet (too many posts to sift through!) but IMO this should have included the ‘take’ on ‘Celebration of The Lizard’ that was released some years ago on a 2 CD compilation whose name escapes me (there having been, um, ‘one or two’ Doors compilations over the years). After-the fact re-construction or not, this is an essential piece of the history of ‘Waiting For The Sun’. I remember reading Danny Sugarman’s ‘No One Here Gets Out Alive’ back in the early ’80s, and it painted a less-than-flattering portrait of Morrison’s condition and in-studio behaviour at the time. The album holds up remarkably well given the lost opportunities, though. And man, I love that cover art!


Amazon had listed several editions but now they pulled the links

-Regular o set
-standalone remastered cd
-standaone vinyl
-standalone 2 cd

It would be cool if Paul and SDE could check this.


Folks, the answers to many of your questions are staring in yo face! Lol. It’s an anniversary release which by default would be a limited edition (at least usually, yes?)! So otherwise this is naught only not a definitive release but an opportunity to do something that hasn’t been done yet and taking advantage of it for “in the meantime”.

Mark Sinclair

There really is no need for MQA at all.

Hi-res (24 bit 88/96) PCM delivered via FLAC download or physical Blu Ray is perfect, not sure what problem/gap MQA is actual trying to solve/fill.

Mark Sinclair

Oh and MQA has now been exposed as inferior to true 24 but 88/96 Hz PCM, MQA is not fully lossless as it was first advertised/promoted.

Paul Wren

Lots of unhappy folks posting on here. I get it could be better compiled, but at least we are getting unheard material which surely is what this release is all about?

Richard Lamming

For Reed –
Link to Japanese 2 CD set – ordered mine



Where is that link?


Thanks, it seems that my over sensitive adblocking-program didn’t show it originally.


Thank you Richard. Just ordered mine.

Benjamin Adams

Awesome! I was very disappointed when STRANGE DAYS wasn’t issued in this format. I was hoping for a set like this. Perfect!

Mathew Lauren

I’ve read, that The Doors 5.1’s were, rather, meh! So, I skipped them for that reason, as well as, when I saw that Botnick didn’t bother to fix, nor re-issue affected disc(s), that were (also) missing the sub-channel.

I figured he’d surround-remix, RM and put ‘em out on Blu-ray, at some point. Supporting MQA, doesn’t surprise me. Regardless of Botnick’s discrete, surround-sound, mixing prowess, he’s a forward thinker, when it comes to keeping The Doors catalogue in circulation.



Mathew Lauren

So, yeah MQA-enabled, USB DAC’s, for streaming, were the only game, but MQA-cds are about a year old:


My problem is that there are NO PLANS for multichannel support via MQA.


So another botched release from The Doors Records and their management.
Lacking the extra tracks from the other release.
No mono release.
Including the vinyl with the CDs.
It seems that for every Doors album there is a different configuration.


Anyone have a link on where I can find the 2-cd Japan SHM import that is coming out? I don’t collect vinyl anymore and just want the 2 CD’s.

Bruce Kelso

hi reed,check out cdjapan release date sept 23. they are by far the cheapest and it comes before the release date. great packing to.


Well, n my case as I imagine for many others we value the vinyl as a document and collector’s item but don’t play them as they scratch way too easily. Henceforth why we also want the c.d. The real question I have is why aren’t the bonus tracks on a second vinyl disc? Aside from that why aren’t the vinyls being spread across a couple more vinyl discs using a hologram on one side like the new “Appetite For Destruction”, Star Wars soundtrack, and Jack White’s “Lazarus”?


I do not like what Jeff Jampol has done with the Doors, Janis Joplin, and Peter Tosh.
Piss poor management regarding their legacy and releases that have followed.

Michel Banen

For me NOTHING can top the 40th anniversary remasters with the 5.1 DVD audio discs. That set remains the ultimate Doors collection to me. I’d rather enjoy the music in 5.1 than in mono.


Given the mono mix is extremely rare why is it not included here ? Or is it just a fold down of the stereo mix ?

Bruce Kelso

hi bruno, yes sadly it is a fold down but its sounds great. i got mine in the early 80s for $7 stone mint. they go for around $300 now. there was also a u.k. mono.


When I saw initial post I thought great present. Upon reading I find there’s vinyl and cd making it over twice the price to should be and it would be a bit silly giving vinyl to someone without a deck! Or I could just get the 40th for a fiver.


Jim Cortez

lots of wrong info on MQA here. You can buy a Meridian Explorer 2 usb DAC which processes /unfolds the pure MQA file for only 199.00 I have one and it is phenomenal sound for streaming music on my Mac. Even Spotify sounds 100% better but with Tidal Hifi the difference in sound is amazing since Tidal Hifi uses MQA files. Don’t knock it till you try it.

Peter Shelter

It may sound great – but definitely not because of MQA. Read the links from “Scott G” and “PauL” below as you’re the one who spreads wrong info ;)

Scott G

@ Jim Cortez
Interesting. So are you saying that the Meridian DAC manipulates Spotify files to make them sound better? or is this DAC just better than previous DAC/s you’ve used?

I think the problem for MQA is that they want to license the technology to other HiFI manufacturers (there’s a cost) which unless there is a really compelling reason – they would have to redesign their product electronics (there’s another cost) – they wont get on-board. Plus, all the current remastered digital material needs to be converted again?? From analogue or digital source??
Also read this article that Linn posted on the MQA..

I would like to hear a side-by-side comparison of MQA v 24bit v DSD from the same source but personally, although I have not heard any MQA encoded music, I think MQA is very niche and I don’t have nor have I read a compelling reason to deliberately add it to my system.

Jim Cortez

if you listen to a Tidal Master thru the Meridien DAC the sound is amazing. Can’t believe I’m streaming digital lol. And I’m a vinyl/analog guy as far as preference. Spotify is not MQA I just meant this DAC you can hear the difference between using it and not using it. Or other DACS i’ve used.

Paul E.

I’m done trying to figure out this type of bundling anymore. Does it move vinyl sales upward, will it help my preferred (dying) CD format sales, will it combat piracy losses by doubling down on physical format revenue, etc. Instead, I just chase after the package that provides the most music (be it remastered album tracks, b-sides, previously unreleased gems or otherwise. Than I bring the unopened vinyl copy to my local music reseller and sell it back to buy…wait for it…MORE CDs! In the end I’m stuck having to pay more but it’s just a hazard of collecting these days. At least my vinyl friends can pick up my traded in copy for a discount without the shiny silver things that I’ve kept and, perhaps in time, I can buy their unwanted CDs in the shop minus the vinyl.


I can‘t read this ‚why no cd set?‘ comments anymore. Under every CD/Vinyl set now. We are here at ‚superdeluxeedition.com’. Not at ‚cdreleases.com‘. How many releases are only done as cd (box sets)? You also want then always to read comments, why no vinyl edition? Boring. Sorry.


Lol! Entirely true! Thank you!


2CDs and I was in add the vinyl and goodbye doors stupid record company decisions .
Did not buy the first album, bought strange days will not buy this.


the japanese shm wil be issued on sept 26. 2 cd shm set.cost $ 22.84, why only a few tracks from that denmark live show, they have the complete show. also where is the mono mix on cd?theres no need for the vinyl issue at all.also we must keep the 2007 version for the bonus tracks. why werent they included here also.

Peter Stevens

Why do we have to keep getting combined cd and vinyl….Just want the cds

Ian Semonin

I’ll stick to my 1st pressing thanks.

Electric Sydney

At this point, it should be that every “package” includes the record or doesn’t include the record. People that appreciate physical product appreciate consistency.

Chris Squires

Agreed, once a path has been set upon it is a good thing to be consistent.


If that’s the packaging too then it’s horrible, why shrink the artwork like that just to have a giant white border round it!?
Maybe the Japanese shm one will have better packaging!


I’ve never heard of MQA either, but I doubt I’d ever have any use for it. So they include rough mixes, but they can’t squeeze the [fold down] mono mix in there anywhere? If this falls in price I’d get it.

And I agree with the other posters about why something similar wasn’t done for “Strange Days”.

@Kevin M – it wasn’t the band that was so meticulous, it was their producer, Paul Rothchild. He was the one that insisted on 120 takes of “The Unknown Soldier”.

Kevin M

ah, ok, thanks madman.


The MQA aspect should be avoided…it’s lossy and not just from the analog-to-digital conversion. Maybe MQA is better than CD quality when you have an MQA-enabled DAC but that’s a new hardware expense on every system you want to hear the benefit on. Vote with your wallet…Blu-ray Audio and SACD will not only provide better audio fidelity but are easier to work with and don’t require new hardware upgrades to your hi-fi systems.

Kevin M

I see, thanks Phil. I would have liked Blu Ray in theory, but the format is years old now, and got nowhere with audio. Usual MOR, predictable suspects got released but even that fizzled out. Beggars Banquet put out a Love and Rockets one last year which was right up my street and terrific, but nothing since :(


Here is a link to the Wikipedia article on MQA. Honestly, the article doesn’t make it sound that promising …


Scott G

Here is an interesting article discussing the merits of MQA from Linn.

Kevin M

Cool, thanks Scott G :)


Even more information (and measurements) on MQA/MQA-CD:


Oh, and MQA DACs seem to start at around £900 and I believe it is not a true high resolution format.


Can I resist this one? Already have the DVD Audio box, the SACD box and the 45 rpm vinyl box (which incidentally has the best sound) . I’m another mug who will probably find this hard to avoid.


I also have the excellent DVD-A box set, “The Doors Perception,” in glorious 5.1 surround sound, and the 45 RPM 180 gram double LP’s by The Doors, but I have no interest in buying this 50th Anniversary LP/2 CD-MQA release. Here are my two issues about this Rhino release —

Issue No. 1: MQA technology, which was developed by Meridian Audio, who have reportedly partnered with Warner Bros., is suppose to offer higher-res sound files for streaming ecosystems supported by portable listening devices only. Manufactures have yet to produce an amp/receiver that supports MQA, presumably because of licensing fees they would have to pay to Meridian-Warner for utilization of their patented technology. Besides, there really is no rush to make MQA available on home sound systems, since software formats like SACD and Blu-ray are already in the market place. So I don’t understand why Rhino would offer a CD+MQA instead of a Blu-ray, unless they felt the curiosity about MQA might tempt some of us to re-buy “Waiting for the Sun” for the third or fourth time.

Issue No. 2: I’m a purist, and I really despise added unnecessary graphics like border frames, banners, or any other unnecessary alterations to the original album cover artwork.

Wes Headley

MQA is yet another copy protection scheme designed to get chumps to repurchase their digital music libraries. It does sound better that an old mp3 file, and may sound better than a typical CD– but you will need to by compatible equipment. Some years in the future, they’ll do this all over again, hoping you’ll buy their ephemeral ONE MORE TIME!

If you’re listening to audio on inexpensive earbuds than you aren’t getting much from MQA. If you’re listening on a quality system then I’d say buy vinyl which many labels still wish would just go away and die– it still sounds better and gives you so much more than just a digital file.

MQA is just another way for a very greedy industry to get its hand into your pocket.

David Eaves

Why have they done the first and now third albums in this format but not the second???

Jules Gray

My thoughts exactly. Very annoying.

Murray Robbins

I think they should re-master Alan Hastings. (sorry community, just wanted to make my old mucker laugh. Sorry Paul)

Hi Jules!

Edwin Muller

This means we have to keep the 2007 edition which has completely different bonus tracks:
12 Albinoni’s Adagio In G Minor 4:32
13 Not To Touch The Earth (Dialogue) 0:43
14 Not To Touch The Earth (Take 1) 3:59
15 Not To Touch The Earth (Take 2) 4:17
16 Celebration Of The Lizard (An Experiment / Work In Progress) 17:09

Waiting for the sun is an extremely short album, why not add these songs to disc 1?

Neil Kelly

Agreed. These record companies do this every time. It’s so damn infuriating and the reason i’ll avoid this. An exclusive ‘Mono’ mix on the 7 inch too. Damn it!

Kevin M

Never heard of MQA until now, interesting.

Kevin M

Conveniently Botnick now prefers the rough mixes, when historically his band were IIRC well know for the opposite – being meticulous in the studio, crafting and structuring the final versions with great care even when the band or Morrison were having not so good times.

Surely even big Doors collectors have had enough of this?

John Manning

I’m sure they’ll find more unreleased stuff for the next anniversary. And a new master. And a new mix…


I already have the current 180g and the dvd audio versions. Do I need yet another version?


The Japanese SHM version will be 2 CD only for anyone not interested in the vinyl. I am hoping they break out the CD remaster of the main album the way they did with The Doors album (I did buy the box set but was unimpressed with the mono CD and live CD so sold it).