Eagles / Hotel California 40th anniversary super deluxe edition box

Box set with 5.1 surround blu-ray • unreleased live tracks • remastered

Late next month Warner Music will issue a 40th anniversary super deluxe edition of the Eagles‘ fifth studio album, Hotel California.

The package will be a three disc set consisting of a remastered version of the original album, a live disc with 10 previously unreleased live tracks (from the 20-22 October ’76 gigs at the Los Angeles Forum) and a blu-ray audio with hi-res stereo and 5.1 mixes of the album.

The box set is not dissimilar to the Led Zeppelin super deluxe editions (although no vinyl) and comes in a ‘Solander’ box. As well as the audio/video content described, will include a 44-page hardcover book, a 24-page replica tour book (11″ x 11″) and three posters (11″ x 22″): Norman Seef photograph, Pete Frame ‘Family Tree’ and Tour Poster).

A two-CD deluxe edition pairs the remastered album with the live CD and, for what it’s worth, there’s also a one CD remaster.

Hotel California 40th anniversary reissues will be released on 24 November 2017.

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Hotel California - super deluxe edition


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Hotel California - 2CD deluxe edition


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Hotel California - one CD remaster


CD 1 Hotel California remastered
1. Hotel California
2. New Kid In Town
3. Life in the Fast Lane
4. Wasted Time
5. Wasted Time (Reprise)
6. Victim of Love
7. Pretty Maids All in a Row
8. Try and Love Again
9. The Last Resort

CD 2 Live at The Los Angeles Forum 2CD deluxe and super deluxe ONLY
10/20-22/76 –
1. Take it Easy
2. Take It to the Limit
3. New Kid in Town
4. James Dean
5. Good Day in Hell
6. Witchy Woman
7. Funk 49
8. One of These Nights
9. Hotel California
10. Already Gone

Blu-Ray (Audio)Super Deluxe ONLY

DTS-HD Master 5.1 Surround Sond (96 KHz/24-Bit)
PCM Stereo (192 KHz/24-Bit)

1. Hotel California
2. New Kid in Town
3. Life in the Fast Lane
4. Wasted Time
5. Wasted Time (Reprise)
6. Victim of Love
7. Pretty Maids All in a Row
8. Try and Love Again
9. The Last Resort

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Super deluxe of this is $62 on Amazon US at the moment, lowest price they have sold it for.


I was hot, sweating profusely and tossing and turning. I thought I’d gone to hell…and there it was this box set sitting on top with Life in the FastLane playing at top volume in 5.1. Then I woke up and realized that it was all just a terrible nightmare. Thank goodness for that, for if I ever willing bought this album in any format it wouldn’t be a nightmare it would be my living hell. It’s amazing that a band that had 2 of the greatest living guitar players ever – Don Felder & Joe Walsh should be playing on an album I hate so much. Thanks for understanding…

Angelo Mastalia

super deluxe bought from amazon italy at 66 euro. I’m very happy


Hello Andy, interesting comment about the high-res stereo mix. Have you listen tobthe surround mix ?
Has anyone compared the new 5.1 mix with thr currently available mix on dvd-a and sacd (those last two being same ones) ?

Paul LaD

Here’s a handy way to replicate that Eagles Concert Experience without shelling out triple-digits for tickets.

Get an Eagles photo or poster and tape it to the wall.

Get a desk lamp, turn it on and point it at your poster.

Get a copy of Eagles’ Greatest Hits and cue it up.

Place a chair a few feet from your poster.

Get a cold beer.

Turn out the “house lights” & start your CD.

Sit in your chair & enjoy the music and your beer.

There you go. Exactly the same stage dynamics as a “real” Eagles’ Concert except the beer is cheaper, the sound is better and you have a great seat.


I’ve seen them a number of times and you’re about 95% correct with that “homemade” concert experience.


I had reservations about this but listening to the 24-96 HD tracks, wow a great mix with use of splitting the sound over the left and right channels. Nice and crisp sound, sounds pretty modern sounding for a LP that is 41 years old.


Actually at Amazon.de only 40 euros for the super deluxe


PopMarket is selling this for $80+shipping at http://www.popmarket.com/the-eagles/b235708
It is a one-day sale.

james joyce

that is a lot of hotel california for one to handle.




Please can you explain why my comment that this is available for £49.99 from xxx keeps being deleted?

I either put the web address in the email.


Chris Squires

ooh, now I am curious.

Bastards! nuff said.

the internet…. hard to create, too easy to steal.

Marc Hocker

Worst Super Deluxe edition – Additional Content division (measly or inappropriate content)

I think this can definately be applied to the Saturday Night Fever Super Deluxe Edition.

Chris Squires

Overall it must be a contender for the end of year awards….

Several categories spring to mind –
Overall Worst Super Deluxe edition
Worst Super Deluxe edition – Additional Content division (measly or inappropriate content)
Worst Super Deluxe edition -Appalling Value for Money division (quite a few contenders this year)
Biggest disappointment division (Gap between Brilliance of original LP Vs. Suckiness of SDE)


Overblown and way too expensive!
Would love to upgrade the SACD to a Blu-ray Audio, but… no.
For just 3 Discs a book Edition (like the Jethro Tull titles) would be the right thing.


Way 2 expensive for me especially given the extra content is just an edited concert and NO demos, unreleased tracks, etc. For me it’s not much of a deluxe edition.

Charlie Waffles

There is a great interview with Steve Martin I saw on PBS one night. It had something to do with The Troubadour club. Glenn Frey states the band name is Eagles, but Martin says The Eagles is a great name. Frey corrects him. Frey states the name is Eagles only.

I agree with most commentators. The Super Deluxe box set is priced too high. Sorry, Henley. I am passing.

Alan Blevin

Terrible contrast with another Deluxe Edition announced the same day.Wilco’s Being There reissue has 5 discs of incredible content for half the price.
It would have been so easy to put the full concert on cd and include a film of a concert from that period(which they do have).There was also 1 non album b side and that is without the alternate takes and demos they were never going to share.
Save your money.Buy Wilco instead.


That sounds a lot more interesting, even though I prefer the Nels Cline era stuff…

Larry Walker

Also available on The Eagles web site for same $99 us. For $40 more you can get a T-shirt and key chain. Don’t expect Amazon to drop price more than $10.
Love Blu-ray 5.1 but way overpriced.

Ron Martin

I still have the SACD, so not reason to get the Blu-ray audio, but great for those who don’t. You can still get it for a decent price on eBay if you shop around and wait.

The extra printed material is nice, but I’m not enough of a fan to pay extra for that. I really just want the music. After I purchased all three Pink Floyd “Immersive” box sets, I sold everything from them on eBay but the actual discs.

10 live tracks are better than none, but I would love to know the reason why they didn’t include at least enough to fill up a disc. Hell, I would buy live double-CD’s from every one of their tours if they would release them. We got some live stuff from their “Eagles Live” release (that was really nice) their 40th box set, some live stuff (video) from their “History” video, and now 10 more live tracks. I love them, but wish we could get an entire concert worth of songs. I love live music and if I ever had a chance to ask Henley a question, it would be about releasing full live concerts (or performances from different concerts to total a complete concert (like “Eagles Live”).

I guess I will have to combine tracks from all four above-mentioned sources to make a longer concert (if I ever have the time).

I’ll get the 2-CD set for the live music only.

Auntie Sabrina

“The deluxe edition will include two CDs — the original album on one, the live tracks on the other — along with a Blu-Ray containing a new high-resolution (192KHz/24-bit) stereo mix of the studio album, high-res multichannel sound (96Khz/24-bit) and a 5.1 Dolby Digital surround-sound mix previously released in 2001.”



Does it come with a pack of Columbian marching powder?


Amazon often drops the price before release day.


Glad I have it on DVD-Audio with the bonus video of the engineer talking about the remix. I only wish the concert was available separate to this release.


I wonder if they’re ever going to release the full concert from the Capital Centre in 1977.

They released part of it for the History of the Eagles DVD set in 2013. As it’s from the Hotel California Tour, the full concert would have been a great inclusion for the HC SDE as it not only has the vision but they play more songs from the album than on the live CD that is scheduled for the SDE release.

If they had included the full concert from the Capital Centre I’d have been in for the SDE without a second thought. Right now though, might save the pennies for the Dylan Gospel box and mull over the HC one.

Michael Sippie

I to already own the DVD-Audio Version, so I am sure the mix will be the same, so I already have the Hi-Res version in 5.1 and PCM Stereo. Is this a new remaster or sourced from the previous 2005 or 6 edition? As many have pointed out what is with these labels only putting 10 songs from a Live” show. If your going to charge us so much and give us more. I cannot believe there are not Demo’s, Alt. Versions or unissued recordings from the Hotel California Sessions. Since fans will buying this set why not poll fans as to what they would like and you might get a larger amount sales. I am sure Record Companies know about all the Bootleg material that has surface around, well if you release the official product you might be able to avoid losing out on sales and preventing more Bootleg recordings from surfacing. Fans are willing to shell out there hard earn dollars if you supply the material, and not waste expense on a packaging. Make it a double Live” CD and throw in DVD Concert of the same show. Record companies wonder why sales are down and the industry has gone down hill. HMMMMM. From Audiophiles to Music Collectors. I feel your pain to. You could probably purchase the DVD-Audio or Japan SACD version and buy the old remastered version of Hotel California and find a “live show on CD from some (FM Broadcast ETC..) and still be cheaper than the Super Deluxe Edition. Peace..

Peter Anderson

Frustrating – could/should have been so much better with complete concert, the HC tour footage, classic albums blu ray, the early alternate key takes of Hotel California (even if unfinished) and Felder’s original Hotel California demo. OK the last item probably never going to happen but anyone on here could come up with better in seconds. As someone said already, only going for it if/when it drops to around £40.


Why can’t we get Bowie boxes of sone of the key albums like this? (Cd+24/96 Blu Ray)? We only get Hirez physical disc sets of the Prog stuff and the classic rock stuff.Come on Warners-wake up!

Guy Vitti

Underwhelmed by this rip off.

Mark Phillips

I agree with everyone who says this is an overpriced, under compiled offering.

Surely there must be demos of the songs in the vaults. Likewise why not the full concert?

This is one of my fave albums, and I totally disagree with the comment that there’s 3 or 4 good tracks on it.

The Last Resort, along with the title track, are my favourite Eagles songs ever, so I’d love to hear them in 5.1. But unless there are some serious sales coming, I can’t indulge.

Compare this set to the excellent Fresh Cream reissue. Now that’s how it’s done.

peter chrisp

Could not agree more it’s an all time classic album looks as though it has a touch of Paul Mac’s albums the price is a little steep and a bit over the top, i’ll most likely stick with my sacd copy from Japan although there are no extras & i look at the 4th coming box set of Whitesnake’s 30th anniversary of their classic 1987, 5 discs @ around 36 pounds what a huge difference!! Now that should have been the price?


Vinyl lover: Bernie Grundman mastered. He does direct from original tapes.

Scott Smith

The Eagles were very talented musicians, perhaps too much so. Their live shows were often nearly note-for-note recreations of the studio versions. It was impressive that they could do that, but I’d much rather hear some spontaneity, especially from guitarists as good as Felder and Walsh. The live disc, especially since it’s only half a concert, does not entice me at all.


I’m no Eagles fan by a long shot but I find it frustrating that the only ever include the Bluray Audio format with the boxsets these days. Why not as a stand alone product?


I bought this millionseller in 1976 for about 7 Euros. It still sounds goodand i listen to it now and then. But to be honest, there are only 3 or 4 real good songs on it. So it is pretty overrated in my opinion and i cannot understand why i should spend ten times as much in 2017 for a “better sound” and some live tracks on CD.
This is definetly a rip off.
Anyway, I just loved their live-shows very much. They were unbeatable.

Matthew Collier

Hmmm, *really* want, but really don’t want to give in to what does appear to be an element of “price gouging!” :(

If this is the master from 2001 that made it onto the DVD-A, and later to the SACD (WPCR-14165 ), then I already have the hi-res 2.0 and 5.1.

Paul, how do we (you ;) ), go about finding out the source/mastering/version info of the 5.1?

Any ideas?



Randy Metro



Love the Eagles, love Hotel California but £80.00 for this content………..no thank you. They can’t even release more than half of the concert set list. Looking on the bright side, 10 live tracks (which, knowing the Eagles, probably sound almost identical to the studio versions) are better than nothing I suppose but it’s a shabby effort in my opinion.


I should clarify something in my last post:

Take It Easy and Hotel California were on the ‘Eagles Live’ release, but they were from the 1980 concerts, while New Kid and Take It To The Limit were from these 1976 shows {so only 2 have the possibility of being duplicated}, leaving the other 6 as ‘new’ live songs.


First things first – THANKS Paul for an amazing site – I check it daily, if not more hoping for something that really piques my interest. Hotel California certainly did – at first….

I have been enamored with Eagles music since I was a kid – these guys put out some amazing stuff in the 70’s and I don’t think anyone can question that. That being said, Eagles have always been a fairly greedy band – not as much as say Gene Simmons {who could EVER top that man in the greed category} but they are up there. Case in point: after Glenn Frey died, Henley said there would be no more Eagles shows because it would seem like a ‘cash grab’ and where are they now? Touring again – albeit with Frey’s son, but Deacon is not Glenn. Eagles concerts have always been expensive, but well performed.

I only say this because I am not at all surprised that this box set is extremely overpriced. I, like many others, would love to have had more live songs in this set – they are certainly out there. At least the live CD has 6 songs that were not on the ‘Eagles Live’ release, and hopefully the other 4 are truly new versions taken from one of the other nights.

Also interesting to note: there are suddenly a whole lot of ‘mint’ or ‘nearly mint’ Hotel California tour books suddenly popping up on eBay – wonder if someone got hold of a few of these when they were being reprinted for this release….

Pieter van der Velde wzn

I’m gonna buy the 2CD. It’s the first time that I’ve come across a live version of Witchy woman. It was the first song, on a single with b-side Earlybird, I ever heard from the Eagles and got hooked to the band.


Double cd for me, the box is way too expensice for what it is.


Just saw this listed on Warner”s Australian site with a retail of… $AU175… what a joke


It’s a shame they’re pricing the SDE this way. I own DVD-A and SACD as well, but will still most likely pick this up.
Agreed they could have at the very least added the entire show. I’d pass, but this album and Dark Side of the Moon are my favorite 2 albums ever.


The likelihood of me spending $100 for this alleged Super Deluxe Edition of Hotel California is best expressed by Don Henley — when Hell freezes over. As others have said, many of us have the Japanese SACD and unless otherwise advised, believe that this Blu-ray (this $80!!!! Blue-ray) contains the same Hi Res. Stereo and 5.1 mixes. Although nobody has said it yet, this is an AMAZING album. Greatest hits albums of other artists do not have this much good material. If the Blu-ray had more content — demos, rare tracks, b-sides, etc., I would gladly pay $100. If you want my $100 then please don’t give me a big box with no content. Warner, look at the recent SDE of XTC’s Black Sea, that’s a Super Deluxe Edition and it does not even have a box. Hotel California merited better than this. This is a $35-$45 item for someone who did not spend $25 on the Japanese SACD.

Ken A.

Didn’t this originally come with a different monochromatic poster as an insert? Could they not include that one as well?


> So they only played 10 songs at the forum?

That got me curious… I went to the setlist.fm site. Only one of the three nights has the full setlist and that night (the 20th) lists 21 songs for that show. I would assume the other two would have similar, if not exact, setlists. You’d think if they were pulling this CD from all three nights, they’d have all the songs, if not from each night, then from at least one. In other words, they could compile a “full” show.

Obviously to include that in this set, they’d need a second CD which would have tempered attitudes (slightly) toward the price they’re asking unless that would have boosted the price higher. But it would, perhaps, feel a bit more complete… the original album, 5.1, and a full live show from that era.

Or… they could offer the the extra live songs as downloads!! :)


Canada links are up $97 for Super, a big jumper from the $24 for the double, just for the blu ray…

Gis Bun

Ya. I’m passing on the SDE and stick with the way cheaper 2CD edition. I don’t need all the fluff/reprinted stuff. Only thing I’d like is the BR. But since there is nothing else not released to “all”, I am not expecting to see the BR for months if not years.

Ian Street

Can anybody tell me if the 5.1 mix is “updated” from the SACD version everyone has mentioned?


Steven Wilson please


Seems that 21 tracks were played on the 1st gig at the Forum !
This bonus disc is a JOKE
You do not get a full show for 76 pounds : No SDE of HC for me…


The double disc plus a DVD-A or SACD from Discogs comes to about 40 quid. Less than half the price and no silly huge box…

Christopher Bloom

I think they’ve included some nice extras here–I’m glad that there are no marbles, coasters, or patches or anything else that you’ll look at once while wondering how much less expensive the set might’ve been without them. And I’m okay with there not being vinyl included; I’m unlikely to play it anyway though I know there are definitely fans who want that as part of a “complete” package.

But here’s what annoys me: Two CDs are $20, but three discs in a box with some skinny books are $70 more? Seriously? Don’t get me wrong, I love the hardcover books–I bought the entire Zeppelin series (which did include the two vinyl LPs and a very thick hardcover book)–but do I really love them and the skimpy blu-ray that includes no interviews, live tracks, et cetera $70 more? As great as this box would look on my shelf, I’m gonna have to give it a pass.

But my pet peeve his having CDs affixed to the box packaging like this. Whyyyyyy can’t we have mini album replica sleeves or even blank cardboard slips for this stuff? (This is something else that Zeppelin did right.)

And I applaud the Doors for including a blu-ray in their three-disc Singles package for well under $30, and how about XTC’s amazing reissue series that give the fans a beautiful remasters and the equivalent of a boxed set on the companion blu-ray disc? (Download codes for all the extras would make them perfect.) It’s almost as if XTC and the Doors really want their fans to hear the music…!

The gorgeous Led Zeppelin boxes are still the gold standard as far as I’m concerned, even if they don’t contain 5.1 mixes. Maybe Jimmy Page will release a set of those separately in the future…with a nice hardcover book.

Not Available

Essentially $100.00 for a 5.1 surround mix, they can kiss my ass!