The Fall / 458489 A-sides on white vinyl

White vinyl pressing • First US release on vinyl

The Fall‘s 1990 compilation, 458489 A-sides, is being reissued on vinyl – for the first time in the USA – and to add to the desirability, this will be a WHITE vinyl pressing.

The 17-track album was issued on cassette and CD stateside but it appears only the UK and Germany were treated to (black) vinyl at the time.

All the A-sides on this compilation are from The Fall’s Brix Smith era (aka when they were signed to Beggars Banquet) and they appear more or less chronologically. The white vinyl is housed within a full colour inner sleeve.

458489 A-sides will be issued on 10 August 2018, via Beggars Banquet.

A1. Oh! Brother
A2. C.R.E.E.P.
A3. No Bulbs 3
A4. Rollin’ Dany
A5. Couldn’t Get Ahead
A6. Cruisers Creek
A7. L.A.
A8. Living Too Late

B1. Hit The North Part 1
B2. Mr. Pharmacist
B3. Hey! Luciani
B4. There’s A Ghost In My House
B5. Victoria
B6. Big New Prinz
B7. Wrong Place, Right Time No. 2
B8. Jerusalem
B9. Dead Beat Descendant

Track 1 is from the Oh! Brother single
Track 2 is from the C.R.E.E.P. single
Track 3 is from the Call For Escape Route single
Tracks 4-5 are from the Couldn’t Get Ahead/Rollin’ Dany double A-side single
Tracks 6-7 are from the Cruiser’s Creek single
Track 8 is from the Living Too Late single
Track 9 is from the Hit The North single
Track 10 is from the Mr. Pharmacist single
Track 11 is from the Hey! Luciani single
Track 12 is from the There’s A Ghost In My House single
Track 13 is from the Victoria single
Tracks 14-16 are from the double single Jerusalem/Big New Prin
Track 17 is from the Cab It Up single.

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Paul Taylor

My copy arrived today and sounds absolutely fine. No quieter than other 12 track albums I have. It’s a very good pressing.


I thought this might be reissued when Mark passed away..great to see..ordered mine on eVilbay ..

Paul M

Tucked away in the back of a cupboard somewhere I also have VHS8489 – some of which is hilarious from what I remember.



As a big fan of The Fall, I already have the original A-Sides and B-Sides compilations on vinyl and CD. UK release. If my memory serves well, there’s also a german edition. I also have almost all Fall’s Beggars Banquet 7″ and 12″ so obviously I don’t need this new release, especially on colored vinyl but I recommend this compilation. Back in 1990, The Fall also released two cd box-sets including all their albums on Beggars Banquet label.


Those sets were only issued in Japan – the main benefit was that “Hip Priest And Kamerads” was spread over 2 discs – when the UK CD was issued, “And This Day” was sped up to make the whole thing fit onto one CD!!!

Tim H

Discogs says the timing of And This Day is identical on both editions – 15:20? Now I’m intrigued!

mitchell feldstein

i have A sides
would buy B sides for sure

Paul B

Unable to send to an Australian address, but of course not available on amazon.com.au! Not happy.

Paul English

The A-Sides LP sounds ok for 57 minutes.
B-Sides double LP on the other hand is awful sound quality – the second record especially.


I have the original release on vinyl and despite it cramming 57 minutes of tracks across two sides it doesn’t sound too bad at all.

Presumably a rerelease of the double album B Sides 458489 will follow in due course. That spread 26 tracks across 4 sides.


What the fans really want next is a remaster of 1986’s “Bend Sinister”, the only Beggars Banquet album not to receive an upgrade. It seems to have got lost in a hinterland between not meriting an Omnibus edition but being too popular/important to have been swept up in the 5 Albums set that hoovered up the group’s 1987-89 output.

But I suspect you may be right. More vinyl is more likely although BB have already compiled a lot of the material from 458489 B Sides onto a couple of mini-LPs that were repacked with “TWAFW” and “TNSG” a couple of years ago.


‘Bend Sinister’ Omnibus Edition was mentioned in a “coming this year” dispatch from Beggars Arkive either at the start of this year or last – can’t remember now! Obviously no news since, and they don’t bite when I ask on Instagram ;)

jason spaceman

Caroline..I found an ’86 copy in my collection, I think a friend gave it to me before heading to Auz..You can go onto discogs and get a copy for 20- 30 quid. The original pressing sounds great. There is one there now for 26 euro inc postage. I’d be on that if I did have one. This is the Fall at their peak and most accessible, a fantastic record start to finish. Not their most cutting edge but its such a brilliant record.

Kevin M

Nice to see The Fall covered, I thought they were beyond the SDE interest as May’s Levitate 2CD / 3LP expanded reissue didn’t get a mention. Would be cool if SDE can keep us non social media dinosaurs posted about The Fall reissues if poss? x

Adrian Slatcher

Never noticed any problems with the original LPnsound wise. A near perfect collection to anyone wanting to dip into The Fall.


I have the original UK pressing of this and it is quiet. There’s no excuse for this edition, really. This is a crucial period of The Fall’s work and Beggars Banquet’s Omnibus editions of “The Wonderful And Frightening World…” and “This Nation’s Saving Grace” were superb but I won’t be adding this. Pointless vinyl fetishism.


Pointless making this a single album with that many tracks, won’t sound very good. Should have made it a double.


Unassailably great music.

This is a single album with 57 minutes of music on it, though. Recognizing that (a) this is how it was originally issued, (b) The Fall were never exactly about sonic quality, and (c) Hex Enduction Hour is also a single LP and longer still, why not address that fact and issue it over two slabs of vinyl in 2018, rather than take the easy route? Seems like a missed opportunity.

Kevin M

The Fall never about sonic quality? That’s not really right. If the boss Smith left something as it was, mix wise, or recording wise, that happened to be bizarre, then it happened. But there’s nothing poor about the sonics of the vast majority of their catalogue. Fall albums that sound like Dragnet, or songs that sound like Papal Visit, etc, are the exception in Smith’s vast catalogue, not the norm. The Beggars Banquet era was mostly high sound quality, huge, powerful recordings. Older work like Slates, Perverted By Language, later work like The Light User Syndrome or Country on the Click also sound great, along with many others. Much of the more bizarre sounding songs, eg Paintwork, Bury album version, Hotel Blöedel, etc are a result of Smith’s unconventional mixing / layering choices, not “poor sonics” :)


I’ve only ever experienced the Fall on CD (came to the game very late in life), and I’ve never had an issue with the way those sound, completely understanding those were artistic choices.

But be fair, Slates or This Nation’s Saving Grace are not exactly Rumours or Welcome To The Pleasuredome in the sonics department. And there’s no reason a new issue of 458489 can’t be treated better than the original, though based on the other comments, it sounds like it’s one of the few 57-minute LPs that didn’t suffer sonically from that choice, so good on whoever mastered it.

Darren Briscoe

Ordered! Best news I’ve had since Mark died. A must have compilation!




It’s the Fall, it’s great. ’nuff said

elliott buckingham

im assuming judging by the amount of tracks per-side these are 3 minute or less per song