The Happy Mondays / The Early EP’s coloured vinyl box set

4 x 12-inch coloured vinyl box • Remastered • Limited

London Record will issue The Early EP’s a vinyl box set containing very early Happy Mondays tracks originally released on limited vinyl in the late 1980s by Factory Records.

Included is the original version of ‘24 Hour Party People’ and feature track ‘The Egg’ – for which a new video has been made (see below).

All audio has been rematered from the original tapes and this set consists of four coloured vinyl 12-inch records in an outer slipcase. ‘Forty Five’ is pressed on translucent green vinyl, ‘Freaky Dancin’ / The Egg’ on translucent orange vinyl, ’Tart Tart’ on translucent blue vinyl and finally, ’24 Hour Party People’ on translucent yellow vinyl.

This set is released on 25 October 2019 and appears to be very limited and we have a small allocation on the SDE shop. You secure a pre-order via this link or the button below.

]]>Forty Five :

A. Delightful
B1. This Feeling
B2. Oasis

Freaky Dancin’ / The Egg :

A. Freaky Dancin’ (Live)
B1. The Egg (Mix)
B2. Freaky Dancin’

Tart Tart :

A. Tart Tart
B. Little Matchstick Owen’s Rap

24 Hour Party People :

A. 24 Hour Party People
B1. Yahoo
B2. Wah Wah (Think Tank)

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I had a copy of the 7″ version…it was better if i remember rightly. I’m hoping somebody can upload a good quality version of it for mp3.


Mark Day is such an underrated guitarist, he hardly ever gets talked about but his playing is completely unique. As mentioned in another comment Squirrel and G-Man is crying out for a proper remaster, although Cale’s production is great. I have a Tart Tart promo 12″ somewhere with hand drawn labels by Paul Davis.

Rob F

Actually I got it wrong earlier when I said that the new video version (3:02) was the 7″ single edit (3:58). It’s not. It appears to be a brand new edit of the original 12″ mix (4:57). The original 7″ version doesn’t have any of the vocal effects/echoes on it and is probably the best of all versions. In fact the 7″ version of Freaky Dancing is a totally different edit/mix (and arguably better) too. A shame that these versions won’t see a digital release

Neil Kelly

33 years on and still no CD release and £45 for vinyl? In 2019… Really?


Remember saving up my dinner money every wk so I could go HMV Saturday morning to buy all these early records,still in my collection now,got about 15 different versions of pills and thrill on vinyle,already ordered mine,massive mondays collector.coloured vinyle looks mint,eagerly waiting for them to drop a new album.pop voodoo for me was a wicked album if that’s anything To go by there new album will be massive,big upthe mondays


Ordered them already,collect everything happy mondays,got about 15 different versions of pills and thrills on vinyl.i think they look mint on coloured vinyle,hope they release a load more before they inevitably bring out a brand new album,remember saving my dinner money to go HMV every Saturday to bye these first time round,

Rob F

I hope the Tart Tart 12” has the correct rap version of Little Matchstick Owen as this site is the only one that lists it as such. All other press releases I’ve seen have not mentioned it being the rap version. It’s hilariously brilliant. Worst rapping you will hear! The version of the Egg in that video is the 7″ edit, so hopefully the full version is on the 12″. Also the video is cool but seems anachronistic with Rowetta at the end?!

Lee Edwards

Good early stuff gutted now as had most of them and flogged me

Dr Volume

I really like this era of the Mondays. The first EP doesn’t have much to distinguish it from other C86 era indie bands like The Wedding Present, The Bodines or their label-mates James so gives few clues as to what is coming next. The rest however has that fantastic mix of swagger, menace and downright weirdness that only this bunch of oddballs from suburban Salford could have produced. They’re better known for Pills n Thrills/Step On and being on reality TV – but this stuff, Bummed and the Rave On EP is sleazy, grimly funky, genuinely (accidentally) visionary music.

Looks like this is cued up for release on iTunes so there *will* be a digital version of the remastered singles but no CD.
But – ‘Squirrel and G-Man…’ is long overdue the SDE it never got- crying out for a reissue with that wipe-clean PVC sleeve – so perhaps these tracks can be tacked on, with the Peel Sessions, the copyright violating Beatles-quoting ‘Desmond’ and whatever else can be found.

Mark G

Some of these tracks can be found on various deluxe versions of cd albums, but some have never been on CD.

I had to make my own cd off the original 12″ Singles, a shame there’s no cd version.


already got them so wont purchase especially at nearly £12 a 12″ may have if they had provided d/l codes though


Nice video, the version of The Egg is a slight edit though. And these EPs are still the only place you can find some of these great early tunes


No apostrophe in ‘EPs’ – when will they learn…

Sincerely, an English Teacher

P Dantic

Shouldn’t that be English teacher?


The full stop was missing from the end of the sentence too.


It was designed by Central Station and all EP sleeves redrawn rather than scanned


Ordered, despite the awful artwork.


A complementary CD or lossless download would be no mistake!

Mad Cyril

The outer design is absolutely awful, I will stick my neck out here and say definitely not Central Station, looking like a money grabbing exercise to me… I’ll avoid thanks


Yeah, the outer design aint great.

However, I have been after a decent copy of 24 Hour Party People on 12″ for a while now, and while you don’t have to break the bank for original pressings of the other singles, a nice copy of 24HPP will set you back a good chunk of the cost of this boxset, so I’m seriously tempted.


does anyone know how much of the music is different than versions available on albums ?

Dr Volume

All the tracks on the Forty Five EP can only be found on that 12″, the version of ‘Oasis’ is a completely different recording to the album version. Freaky Dancin’ appears on some compilations (not sure which version) but don’t think The Egg has been released elsewhere. Tart Tart and 24HPP I think are identical to the versions on ‘Squirrel & G-Man…’ but again those b-sides can only be found on these 12″ singles. So my reckoning there are at least 7 tracks here that have never been on CD or download.


thanks for the info!

Paul Ball

What about on the 2CD limited edition of “Loads More”…???

Anyway… the Forty Five EP is brilliant! “This Feeling” is a hidden gem! I’ve always loved that track. Really nice indie-style guitar work, and SWR has rarely sounded so endearing (although notable example being the awesome “Olive Oil”, on the debut LP)

The intro (and production) of “Freaky Dancing” is truly bonkers – there’s one bit where it sounds like the band are playing 3 different songs between themselves, and the whole thing sounds likely to fall apart at any moment, until it all gradually clicks into place :-)


With Shaun and Bez seemingly on every reality based channel going you do forget just what a great band they were.