The History Of Paul Hardcastle: 4CD box


A new Paul Hardcastle box set called The History of Paul Hardcastle 1984-2016 was issued recently in the States.

This set targets the American market where Paul has enjoyed a successful career serving the genre of ‘Smooth Jazz’. As such, the first disc in this four-CD set is Pure Chill, a continuous mix featuring 11 tracks. Three further discs work through Paul’s back catalogue containing a not inconsiderable 42 tracks and the overall selection ends with an old favourite, 19, in its mash-up guise with Marvin Gaye‘s What’s Going On (and Hardcastle’s own Rainforest).

The History Of Paul Hardcastle is out now. Expect ‘import’ prices outside the US.

CD 1
1 Pure Chill (Continuous Mix, Containing 11 Tracks) 1:08:59

CD 2
1 Smooth Jazz Is Bumpin 4:08
2 Same Place, Same Time 5:50
3 Don’t You Know 5:34
4 Do You Remember 4:15
5 Lost for Words 5:23
6 Sunshine 5:10
7 One Chance Extended 5:54
8 Was It Love 3:51
9 London in Springtime 3:52
10 It Must Be Love 5:36
11 Always Remember 5:18
12 Better Now 4:07
13 You May Be Gone 6:50

CD 3
1 Rainforest 4:15
2 Lost Summer 5:10
3 Lazy Days 6:05
4 Walking to Freedom 4:44
5 Jokers Wild (Smooth Remix) 3:59
6 Paradise Cove 5:10
7 Puerto Banus 3:43
8 Serene 3:16
9 Free as the Wind 3:44
10 Lucky Star 3:46
11 The Circle 3:44
12 Easy Come, Easy Go 3:31
13 No Stress at All 4:12
14 Easy Street 4:05
15 Rhythm of Life Pt. 1 and Reprise 6:36
16 Unlimited Love 4:00

CD 4
1 Echoes Rising 9:02
2 Eclipse 6:06
3 Cut Loose 4:23
4 Halcyon 6:21
5 Run Free 5:55
6 Desire (New Sax Mix) 5:07
7 Into the Blue (Ibiza Cool Mix) 4:41
8 Forever Dreamin 4:43
9 Ibiza Dub (Cloudz Remix) 5:29
10 Dimensions of Light 4:28
11 King Tut (Remastered) 4:50
12 It’s Not Impossible (Demo) 3:55
13 19/ What’s Going On/ Rainforest 4:42

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Charlie Pruitt Jr

Bring out jazzmaster collection or history CD…will be waiting that one soon

Rob R

Aside from his 80’s output, even the smooth jazzy selections are hit or miss. How can they exclude “Feel The Breeze” from the Hardcastle album? That song is what introduced me to his post 80s catalog.

Cal M

It would have been nice for a round up of the Big Hits singles from the 19 era, these are what people know him for.

Yet another “ill miss this one”

Dejan Dozic

Another pointless collection with tracks that had no impact on the dancefloor.
I don’t see ANY of those tracks here.


Not related to this box set, but there’s an article about box bets (and concert tickets) and how they “now both reflect society’s wealth divide”…



Just posted that link on Get In Touch, so Paul please ignore that post. Don’t agree on a lot of what he says though, I mean no mention of demographic (i.e the generation that want these are the physical product buyers anyway and want more from thier favourite artists), the high costs of curation or that in PFs case I believe selected fans may have been consulted on content etc, etc

Gary C

who still chills or lounges in the 21st century?


Paul Hardcastle does, apparently……

Frank Hossack

Most of Europe and Balearic islands


I do, the world could end tomorrow and I still would be chill, what is your hangup?

Gareth Jones

What? Only 4 CDs. I would’ve thought a Hardcastle box set would contain at least 19 discs!


All I want is a master tape derived, non vinyl rip, of the original Rain Forest album on Profile on CD. Is that too much to ask for? Apparently so…

elliott buckingham

why has there never been a deluxe issue of hardcastle 3 I think its called with 19, just for money and don’t waste my time on it there is a wealth of 12″ mixes of the big hits that would fill a 2nd disc and even stick the totp theme the wizard on it

Billy Dojcak

We are not Paul’s current audience. I’m not a fan of smooth jazz. I like the older jazz that makes you feel alive. Smooth jazz is what they play in the background when you get your teeth cleaned.


Very happy about this!
I have purchased in the last 30 years every album in the Hardcastle, Jazzmasters, Kiss The Sky and Chill Lounge series, as his smooth jazz and chill output is simply beautiful music.
I didn’t miss any compilation either, as there are always a couple of previously unreleased tracks worth adding to your collection.

In short, for the newcomer, a perfect way to get introduced to PH’s prolific body of work; and for the fan, a few new gems!


What a boring collection! Where is all his 1980s dance stuff? I will not be bothering with it.

Frank Hossack

Move on with the times you obviously have not listened to his repetoire


I don’t know why it is so difficult to properly reissue the Hardcastle 80’s albums with all the remixes. There are a billion greatest hits albums but the original “Rain Forest” and “Paul Hardcastle” albums have yet to be reissued with the remixes, etc. I have been waiting for this for years. A huge opportunity for Edsel or Cherry Red. Cherry Pop did a terrible job on the “Time Machine/Early Recordings album leaving off many tracks and remixes. It’s time someone did a proper reissue of the above albums WITH the remixes! Paul, may be a project for you?


Both Paul Hardcastle (1985) and No Winners (1988) were reissued on iTunes a while back with bonus tracks but were not remastered, i think. Essentially here’s a list of some singles that’ve perhaps never appeared on CD or were at one point but are now hard to find:

1. You’re The One For Me/AM/Daybreak (7″)
2. You’re The One For Me/AM/Daybreak (Instr. Dub Mix)
3. Guilty (7″)
4. Rainforest (Remix/Sax Remix)
5. Forest Fire/A.M. (12″)
6. Don’t Waste My Time (7″ Mix)
7. Foolin’ Yourself (Frank Mix)
8. Are You Ready (Armada Mix).


You May Be Gone looks like the pick here on a great looking set

Frank Hossack

Listen to ‘coming home for christmas’ absolutely gorgeous

Rob Iles

What a fantastic selection! I’ve always loved Paul’s work but shamefully, I do not own a single album. Will add this to my Christmas list :-)


This is somewhat of a disappointment. It would’ve been a perfect chance to include many hard to find 7″ edits, remixes etc from the 80’s. There’s enough “smooth jazz” Hardcastle stuff out there. If they’d dedicated the first two discs to his 1982-1988 years, then this would’ve been an essential purchase.

Neil Kelly

Yes very disappointed too!

David Powell

Can’t think of anyone I’d need a box set lesser.