The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Quandary Phase / 2LP coloured vinyl

First time on vinyl • Luxury presentation

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Quandary Phase / 2LP coloured vinyl

Demon Records will issue Quandary Phase a new 2LP coloured vinyl deluxe set that features the fourth series of Douglas Adams’ classic comedy science fiction radio show The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy.

Here, for the first time ever on vinyl, are episodes 19 to 22 of the BBC radio series. First broadcast in 2005, the ‘Quandary Phase’ is based upon the Douglas Adams’s fourth novel So Long, and Thanks for all the Fish.

This fourth radio series stars William Franklyn as The Book, with Simon Jones as Arthur Dent, Geoffrey McGivern as Ford Prefect, Bill Paterson as Rob McKenna, Jane Horrocks as Fenchurch, Sandra Dickinson as Tricia McMillan and Stephen Moore as Marvin the Paranoid Android, with a guest cast including Arthur Smith, June Whitfield, Stephen Fry, Jackie Mason, Rula Lenska, Patrick Moore and Christian Slater, with music by Philip Pope and Paul ‘Wix’ Wickens. It is adapted, directed and co-Produced by Dirk Maggs.

Like the previous three deluxe sets, this is presented on 180g coloured vinyl (blue this time) and housed in a 12″ x 12″ 20-page hardcover book. This is actually a two-record set this time around, and includes a moving tribute to Douglas Adams from Stephen Fry as well as sleeve notes by Jem Roberts, Adams’s official biographer.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy – Quandary Phase will be released on 29 March 2019.

LP 1
1. Fit The Nineteenth
2. Fit The Twentieth

LP 2
1. Fit The Twenty-First
2. Fit The Twenty Second

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Does anyone know what’s happening with this? It was due out yesterday and I normally have everything delivered on release day, yet Amazon are saying that it won’t be delivered until Tuesday. It was withdrawn from sale only a couple of days after release – after I’d ordered it. All month Amazon have been saying that its unavailable.


Got the same mail friday that delivery was for tomorrow tuesday but already received it this morning

Paul Mac

Did you ever receive this, Ged? Mine hasn’t been dispatched yet by Amazon and I’ve heard nothing from them regarding it.


The video for the Primary Phase suggested that there were only going to be five sets. :-{


Billy D

I have to pass. March has way too many preorders already.


Paul, fantastic information, ordered, thanks. Though I am almost out of Flavial Pobblebeads.

Danny, is there something in the first one that suggests that they are only doing the first 5 series? I may be wrong in thinking this but I am not at home to check.

I still think they should have been sold at £42 though!

Peter Muscutt

What is the likelihood of a massive LP box set coming out once the entire run of the series has been released individually though? Probability of 1,245,522 to 1 and falling…

It’d be ruinously expensive though as well, I’d wager! I’d loved to have invested in these, but seeing the total outlay for all the series put me off a bit. I’ll probably come to regret that!

Peter Muscutt

Damn you got me there. I was never good with numbers. I also have yet to get the hang of Thursdays (yes, yes I know it’s Wednesday)…

Rich H

I’m reading it on a Thursday, if that helps!

Danny Graydon

Instantly pre-ordered – thanks so much for the heads up! I have the first three sets and they are unquestionably the most handsome presentation of Adams’ creation that I have ever come across. The design work has been absolutely exquisite. It’s great to have Fry’s input / signature, both as a close friend of Adams and a voice of The Guide. I’m very much hoping that The Hexagonal Phase will suitably finish with Simon Jones as the signee…

Scott Laing

These sets have been fantastic so far and I cannot wait for this one. Yes, they are expensive and yes, you can get them a lot cheaper on CD, but the quality of the book with all of its stunning artwork and making-of info is so high that I doubt anyone that’s bought them felt cheated. The records themselves sound (and look) great. A real labour of love.