The Hotrats / Turn Ons 10th anniversary expanded deluxe edition

Supergrass’ Gaz & Danny • 3CD+DVD set • Signed sets sold out

The Hotrat / Turn Ons 10th anniversary 3CD+DVD signed by Gaz and Danny

Supergrass side project The Hotrats (Gaz Coombes and Danny Goffey) released a covers album, Turn Ons, in 2010. That album has now been expanded and will be reissued as a 3CD+DVD box set.

Produced by Nigel Godrich, the album showcases the band’s classic rock influences with takes on Bowie, the Kinks, Pink Floyd and more. This reissue includes the original album, rare bonus studio recordings and the complete and previously unreleased ‘live in Tokyo’ show. The third CD is instrumentals, or Karaoke with The Hotrats along with an exclusive alternate version of ‘Drive My Car’ and a new song; a cover of Kelis’ ‘Milkshake’.

3CD+DVD deluxe edition

The DVD features all three of the band’s music videos and an interview with Gaz and Danny about the recording of Turn Ons. This package comes complete with a 32-page booklet featuring previously unpublished photographs and notes by Daniel Perry,

This expanded 10th anniversary edition of Turn Ons will be released on 17 July 2020 (was 19 June).

CD 1: Turn Ons

1. I Can’t Stand It (The Velvet Underground)
2. Big Sky (The Kinks)
3. The Crystal Ship (The Doors)
4. (You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (To Party!) (Beastie Boys)
5. Damaged Goods (Gang of Four)
6. Love Is the Drug (Roxy Music)
7. Bike (Pink Floyd)
8. Pump It Up (Elvis Costello & The Attractions)
9. The Lovecats (The Cure)
10. Queen Bitch (David Bowie)
11. E.M.I. (Sex Pistols)
12. Up the Junction (Squeeze)

Bonus tracks

13. Mirror In The Bathroom (The Beat)
14. West End Girls (Pet Shop Boys)
15. Drive My Car (The Beatles)
16. Drive My Car (Alternate Version)
17. Milkshake (Kelis)

CD 2 Live

Live in Tokyo

1. Introduction
2. I Can’t Stand It
3. Damaged Goods
4. (You Gotta) Fight
For Your Right (To Party!)
5. The Crystal Ship
6. Pump It Up
7. Love Is The Drug
8. Big Sky
9. Queen Bitch
10. Bike
11. Mirror In The Bathroom
12. E.M.I.
13. The Lovecats
14. Drive My Car
15. Caught By The Fuzz

Live @ Studio 91

16. I Can’t Stand It
17. Mirror In The Bathroom
18. E.M.I.

CD  3: Karaoke With The Hotrats

1. I Can’t Stand It (Instrumental)
2. Big Sky (Instrumental)
3. The Crystal Ship (Instrumental)
4. (You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party!)
5. Damaged Goods (Instrumental)
6. Love Is The Drug (Instrumental)
7. Bike (Instrumental)
8. Pump It Up (Instrumental)
9. The Lovecats (Instrumental)
10. Queen Bitch (Instrumental)
11. Up The Junction (Instrumental)
12. Mirror In The Bathroom (Instrumental)
13. Milkshake (Instrumental)

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Signed back in stock at Amazon UK this morning (Mon 7th Sep)

Philip John Birtwistle

Changed my mind on this and cancelled it. Received an email from Amazon today apologising for not getting my copy and giving me a £5 voucher!!


I finally received my copy yesterday. About time!

Richard K

Is it just me or is the interview with Gaz and Danny nowhere to be found on the DVD?


If it helps (or hinders), my signed edition arrived on Sunday (19th) from Amazon UK.


Thanks, at least some went out then, still waiting on mine, :(


Spoke to amazon today, they have no stock of this so unless they get more it’s going to get cancelled


My signed edition was showing as dispatched, to be delivered today, it’s now went to we will email you when we have a dispatch date!


Just received this e-mail from Amazon :

We’re still trying to obtain the item(s) which you ordered on April 08 2020 in Order#.
The Hotrats “Turn Ons – 10th Anniversary Edition (Amazon Signed Exclusive)”
We’ll email you as soon as we have a delivery date, and we’re making every effort to ship your order as soon as possible. If you would prefer, you can cancel this order.

I just hope they won’t cancel my order like they did with the signed edition of Pixies “Beneath the Eyrie”.

The Music Bubble

Not received my signed version from Amazon

They tell me they haven’t had any stock or sent any out at all…

Theavidcollector collector

Yes it’s strange. I ordered early, the 8th of April, from amazon UK too after seeing this post on your wonderful website, but they don’t seem to be able to supply me with it. Maybe I’m going to be unlucky? Not sure?


Same as me. Guess, we won’t get a signed one. :(


Just wondered if anyone else has received their amazon signed edition yet? I placed my amazon order on 8th April, it was meant to be released on 17th July , then it changed to today 21st July, and today I’ve received another amazon email saying they are still trying to obtain the item. So just wondered if everyone else is in the same boat?

James Greenfield

Got the same problem. Spoke to Amazon yesterday. Terribly sorry but we don’t have any, tried denying that they had taken more orders than they could have fulfilled. I am leaving it a week just in case they find a box , but unlikely anymore exist. They did offer to credit my CC with the money so I could but it elsewhere, but there will be no signed stock elsewhere.

Philip Marion

Thanks, Paul! My very first order from SDE. I appreciate you making this available to me in the US. Cheers!


In a way it’s bizarre and a bit sad that this is a far more comprehensive document of an era than most of the Supergrass albums (every one apart from I Should Coco) have received in terms of reissue. I’d love a four disc In It For The Money package.

Alan B

Signed version sold out. It was the no 1 best seller in CDs and vinyl. Bagged one this morning. If it follows the pattern of recent exclusives it will become intermittently available over the next few weeks so worth checking back if you missed out.

Gareth Jones

It would appear you can already hear their version of Milkshake. It’s been on Spotify since April 1st https://open.spotify.com/album/4r5P4PUONgaVInNuGrCL79?si=hLLwkdJZTR6kFaII3oxM_g

Wayne Olsen

Is Amazon UK honoring previous orders? I’ve had Narillion and the Bangles since you announced them. They’re still in my orders status, but when I click on the items themselves, the no US message comes up.
I’m willing to wait so that an elderly couple in Brighton can get their sanitizer, but if Amazon is going to ship eventually or not, that would be nice to know.
Stay well, everyone!


I had a few longstanding orders for last Friday and the week before that where they were just sat, no update on when they would actually ship (or when Amazon would receive stock), so in light of them prioritising essential deliveries -fair enough -ive cancelled the orders and ordered the through independent shops to support them instead (like the great Norman records) which come via royal mail

David Bly

Regarding the unreasonable ’embargo’, Amazon is claiming they are only shipping “essential” items.
I knew even before clicking on this, Amazon UK would not let me buy this. Ironic for two reasons… one – the debacle with the recent Toyah signed box set where I had it in my basket and then when I tried to buy it, it was gone — two – the fact that I have credit with them, because of a problem with the Supergrass box, which was damaged. And were it not for this embargo, it looks like this one I could get (unlike the Toyah).
And I note that on the page that lists Amazon UK’s restrictions it says, regarding…

“Books, Music, DVD & Videos
[can be shipped to] Most countries in the world
Please note that customers in the US and Canada may be restricted to one copy of certain book titles.”

But nowhere does it say that they can’t send these things unless I want more than one copy.

This is especially bad for us in the US as Amazon US is not even ordering new CDs & vinyl at all. And yet they consider school supplies to be “essential” items at this time, even as the vast majority of schools, colleges and universities are closed now and/or are online; and most elementary schools in the US are unlikely to open again before the end of the school year.

Don’t get me wrong, I fully understand the graveness of the situation as I am in a number of prime groups more susceptible to the COVID-19 virus, and I applaud the people who have to go to work in these very trying times. The extent of my going out is now limited to my front porch to see if the mail has come. Yesterday I got some LPs and CDs from some US indie labels who are still providing there items, and in one case I know of, with only one brave employee working in the warehouse to fulfill our orders.

But why is Amazon perfectly happy to still ship things like TVs, Blu-ray players, and other kinds of entertainment items, but then not some of the actual entertainment itself? Plus, are things like Alexa, cameras, and binoculars essential?

And here is the US, some states consider gun stores to be an essential business (approved by Trump and the NRA, of course) and therefore are open for business; while record stores, bookstores, libraries, and other similar places that provide much-needed essentials for the soul are closed.

Yes, I hear many will say that everything they need of this sort can be found online. But there are some of us who don’t have the same internet capabilities that others do (or choose not to), and a very significant number of Americans (more so than in many other countries) do not have computers and/or internet access at all, something that was evident before the shutdown at libraries where many people would use their computers as they did not have their own.

To me, and I imagine most of the people here, music items are essential items and something that helps many people get through tough times.

Lastly, I will note that the SDE shop does have the non-signed edition available, and that’s great, and I may very well take advantage of that, and am always happy to purchase from here.
But one of the great things here is the listings which inform us where and for how much we can buy things cheaper. As a result I have ordered UK items from Italy or even US items from Canada because they were significantly cheaper, something that helps us all, no matter whether we are in lockdown or not.

A rousing three (or more) cheers must go out to you, Paul, no matter who knows what tomorrow may bring (blatant Traffic reference).

Colin naylor

Hi, can I help if order for you from the UK and post to you in the USA ?

David Bly

Colin – I assume you are talking to me.

Of course that kind of thing would help but I would not know how I would pay you back among other issues. In normal times I guess I could just send an International Money Order, but my bank is closed to the public at the moment and I don’t know how I would get something like that offhand.

But if you have some idea how this could work I am willing to try to figure this out. Like perhaps a swap for somethings you can’t get in the UK.
Just note that I am one of those aforementioned that has a very slow computer

Keith Humphrey

Same: US address; cannot order the signed edition. I just went through an Amazon chat; the rep said they are only shipping “essential” items, which I understand. (Even though the release date is June, and nobody knows where we’ll be then.) Why post it for sale if you can’t sell it?

David M

Can be sold in the UK.


Would normally immediately purchase a signed copy, but being in the USA, no can do per Amazon. On the other hand, I already have the original issue and can I live without the five bonus tracks, the live tracks and karaoke versions? Well…yes. Yes I can.

Chris Thomas

Ordered! Thanks Paul for the Heads Up. I am going a bit stir crazy, no way I can spend money on gigs, football or in the pub, so this was a no brainer. Shame my money is going to Amazon and not SDE though…. :(


The cover versions on Durans Thank you are enough for the rest of my times.
…just kidding: good attempt and worth an order.


Grrr… since I live in the States, it looks like I can’t order it, since Amazon.co.uk aren’t delivering non-essential items there at the moment. I guess my wallet is happy, but still…


Now ordered, thanks for the tip!


Thanks Paul ordered the signed version, have the original cd of this and still listened to it. Saw them tour the album as well at the Bristol O2 Academy back on original release. Top stuff.


Not heard of this one before – So jumped in and worth a punt especially signed


Ordered signed edition.
Thanks Paul!


I tried to order the signed edition, but can’t as I’m in Canada. Apparently Amazon UK isn’t shipping to Canada at the moment.


Love the ‘grass (still getting stuck into their recent career-spanning box set) but is this the point where SDE’s eat themselves/jump the shark?!

The case m’lud: A nicely-packaged 4 disc-set with book-bound liner-notes of a band’s side-project incorporating half of its members doing exclusively cover versions?!

Not a dig, just a bit of wry bemusement ;)`


Not very good cover versions at that!

Gareth Jones

The signed print version is cheaper than unsigned? How bizarre! An interesting release, although sounds like the DVD is a little sparse, and l reckon the karaoke versions will get played once.


Standard disc with bonus tracks would more than suffice. Instrumentals and live I can certainly do without. Vinyl would be good. Signed cheaper than unsigned?


Double 10″ Pink Vinyl is out on RSD 2020, which at the moment is the very next day.

Ian Hartley

It is indeed a set of top tunes and great fun. Also just bagged a signed set (even though I have the original CD). Good to see the signed one is actually cheaper than the regular version. I also believe that there is a 10″ vinyl version of this due for RSD (whenever that ends up being!).

Andrew r

So the signed set is cheaper than regular . That is a first ever and quite amazing . Well done boys

Mike M

I’m all over that Paul, ordered. Cheers for the heads up mate. Amazon’s pricing strategy never ceases to amaze, the signed edition is much cheaper than the standard edition? Some logic there somewhere I’m sure?


Good album, those wanting the vinyl reissue will have to queue up on Record Store Day in June (if it dosen’t slip again).


Ordered the signed edition.
Great set


Ordered. A nice companion piece to the recent Supergrass box set


How you can name yourself “The Hotrats” and not cover Frank Zappa is beyond me…


One suspects that the sheer technical complexity of Zappa puts Zappa covers out of reach of most musicians. Fan of Supergrass and Zappa !

Philip J Birtwistle

…..and ordered! Looks a great set. have heard the original album via a friend but never got as far as buying it, so this is very handy.