The Jam / 1977 five-disc box set

Universal Music will in October issue The Jam / 1977, a new 40th anniversary, five-disc box set celebrating the busy debut year of The Jam, when Paul Weller, Rick Buckler Bruce Foxton and delivered two albums and three hit singles.

This forthcoming collection features remastered versions of both In The City and This Is The Modern World, and despite a plethora of Jam box sets in the last five or six years the label have dug out six previously unreleased demos from the first album which feature on the second CD alongside five further demos which have been issued before.

CD four is a live disc and includes a previously unreleased concert (15 tracks) from the ‘Nashville’ recorded on 10 September 1977. This is paired with two John Peel sessions from the same year.

Finally the fifth disc – a DVD – features TV appearances and promo videos.

This discs in this box set are packaged in mini-LP vinyl replica wallets with printed inner bags. In The City uses the US version of the inner sleeve and This Is The Modern World features an alternate Gered Markowitz cover image. The box is a rigid card, lift-off lid variety and comes with a 144-page book, featuring new liner notes, period photos etc. It also comes with five postcards.

The Jam / 1977 will be released on 20 October 2017

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The Jam

1977 (40th Anniversary)


Disc 1 – ‘In The City’ (original album remastered)
1. Art School
2. I’ve Changed My Address
3. Slow Down
4. I Got By In Time
5. Away From The Numbers
6. Batman Theme
7. In The City
8. Sounds From The Street
9. Non-Stop Dancing
10. Time For Truth
11. Takin’ My Love
12. Bricks & Mortar

+ single & B-side extras
13. All Around The World
14. Carnaby Street

Disc 2 – ‘The Polydor Demos: February 1977’
1. Art School (demo)*
2. In The City (demo)
3. I Got By In Time (demo)*
4. I’ve Changed My Address (demo)*
5. Time For Truth (demo)
6. Sounds From The Street (demo)
7. Non Stop Dancing (demo)*
8. Bricks And Mortar (demo)*
9. Takin’ My Love (demo)
10. So Sad About Us (demo)
11. Slowdown (demo)*

Disc 3 – ‘This Is The Modern World’ (original album remastered)
1. The Modern World
2. London Traffic
3. Standards
4. Life From A Window
5. The Combine
6. Don’t Tell Them You’re Sane
7. In The Street Today
8. London Girl
9. I Need You (For Someone)
10. Here Comes The Weekend
11. Tonight At Noon
12. In The Midnight Hour

Disc 4 – ‘Live 1977’
John Peel sessions
1. In The City
2. Art School
3. I’ve Changed My Address
4. The Modern World
Recorded 26.4.1977 – Transmitted 2.5.1977

5. All Around The World
6. London Girl
7. Bricks & Mortar
8. Carnaby Street
Recorded 19.7.1977 – Transmitted 25.7.1977

Live at the ‘Nashville’ – September 10th 1977 (previously unreleased)
9. Carnaby Street
10. The Modern World
11. Time For Truth
12. So Sad About Us
13. London Girl
14. In the Street Today
15. All Around The World
16. London Traffic
17. Sweet Soul Music
18. Bricks & Mortar
19. In The City
20. Art School
21. In The Midnight Hour
22. Sounds From The Street
23. Slowdown

Disc 5 – DVD
1. In The City (Polydor promo – 1977)
2. Art School (Polydor promo – 1977)
3. In The City (‘Top Of The Pops’ – 19 May 1977)
4. All Around The World (‘Top Of The Pops’ – 18 August 1977)
5. All Around The World (‘Marc’ – 24 August 1977 )
6. The Modern World (‘Top Of The Pops’ – 3 November 1977)
7. In The City (‘So It Goes’ – 20 November 1977)
8. Bricks and Mortar (‘So It Goes’ – 20 November 1977)
9. Carnaby Street (‘So It Goes’ – 20 November 1977)
10. Slowdown (‘So It Goes’ – 20 November 1977)
11. All Around The World (‘So It Goes’ – 20 November 1977)

* Previously unreleased

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Glad i sold my DE of sound affects and SDEs of the gift and setting sons, just in case they decide to expand and rerelease any of them


I wonder if there will be a The Jam 1978 set next year? While there would be just All Mod Cons and various singles/b-sides (in addition to whatever Peel sessions and live cuts seem relevant), I’d be curious to hear the initial tracks from AMC that were turned down, forcing Paul to come up with some of the best songs of his career.


This set looks good but again UMC have missed another opportunity for something really special – Pre-Polydor & Modern World demos would have made this an essential purchase (was Weller`s home demos ever considered?) . The DVD appears to be missing Takin` My Love from So It Goes (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UzBHybWdOnY) – The TOTP version of All Around the World is the final appearance (Weller with shades) & not the 21/7/77 or 4/8/77 broadcasts (Jimmy Saville could skilfully have been edited out!) plus You Tube has super-rare footage from the 100 Club which should have been added. The 7″ version of Modern World & B-sides would have completed the set nicely as there appears to be space available on the discs. Does the Nashville show look complete (Was Carnaby Street ever an opening number…) – Personally I would have liked to have seen one of the CBGB shows added as well. Is the Takin` My Love demo from the About the Young Idea set (In the City radio ad also missing!!) My main gripe however is why didn’t UMC ask for fan participation in helping putting this set together. What next for The Jam….Bingley Hall 1982 vinyl/cd/dvd release perhaps & possibly a vinyl issue of the Nashville show….probably! Cheers!


What is the exclusive print ?

Kevin S

Turns out it is a print of the front cover of the boxed set.


Is anyone out there keeping a master Jam sessionography/discography online? I confess I am getting pretty confused as to what exists, and what recordings are on what releases.


Kevin S


I think the Weller shop and Recordstore are all part of the same company. Hopefully you’ll get the boxset and print.


I’ve only had the Reaction box set all these years and personally I’m looking for an upgrade. It is quite a few years old now so I’m curious to see how the new remaster’s sound, also the box set splits the albums up on separate discs which is infuriating. Every time I listen to it I’m aware the album isn’t complete. I’ve also never been crazy about 2 albums a bunch of bonus tracks being on one disc. So that’s my alternative viewpoint on the box set. I’m thinking about selling it and buying these deluxe version.


I can understand your viewpoint but it shouldn’t stop people new to The Jam from getting this as i suppose your problem is that you knew the original vinyl albums by heart.

I’ve this problem with other artists as well but to discover an artist new to me i don’t know much that you can compare to the DRC-box because you get the whole career of the band in one set and it’s not even expensive.

I guess if you like what you hear on there you’re free to explore what else exists (live recordings, demos etc.) but for people with a general interest in the band this is a real treat.

…and no, i don’t get paid by anyone in the band for writing this ;-))


Boxset + print also available from Weller’s own site – after the Radiohead pre-order shambles i’m not giving Recordstore any more of my custom.


Set with print ordered from recordstore. Thanks for the hint!

Anders Hedman

Why do they have to “re master” the albums when the originals sound good? I’d like to decide myself wether I want my music louder or not, with the volume knob.

Dave H

Although the reissues haven’t been in chronological order, 1977 is the only one that falls 40 years on from it’s release.

1982 The Gift (Super Deluxe Box Set 3CD + DVD)
1980 Sound Affects (Deluxe 2CD)
1979 Setting Sons (Super Deluxe Box Set 3CD + DVD)
1978 All Mod Cons (Deluxe CD + DVD)
1977 In The City + This Is The Modern World (1977 Super Deluxe Box Set)

Of the released deluxe editions, I’ve never liked the remastering of The Gift and Sound Affects as to me Bruce Foxton’s thumping bass sound has been cleaned and replaced by a thin bass sound. If you have more than one version compare ‘Town Called Malice’ and you may hear what I mean.

[…] and are housed in the familiar lift-off-lid style box that Universal use regularly (see the just announced Jam box). It also comes with a 48-page booklet, with track-by-track annotation by “acclaimed Who […]


Hey Fabien, don’t know if anyone has suggested it, but you should get Direction Reaction Creation… what’s that… oh okay.


What are the differences between the different versions of DRC in terms of packaging and/or mastering?


Hi Eddie,

it was first released in 1997 in a box with a lift-off lid including a box-sized booklet in about 6″x12″ (half the size of an LP) with each disc inside its own digifile.
There’s a Japanese version of this as well if you’re into OBI-strips and unreadable booklets ;-)
10 years later it was re-released in Germany as a so-called Ear-Book, a 12″x12″ (LP-sized) hardback-book with the same content as the first released version, though obviously this is the one you’d like to have if you’re into photos because they’re bigger here. The CDs though come here all 5 at one of the inner sleevesides of the book on a plastic tray, meaning that one disc sits on top of the four others, which regarding scratches is surely not for serious collectors. The audio was remastered. As far as i know the Ear-Book includes exactly the same CDs as the first version, so no new remastering for that.


Klaus, many thanks for your comprehensive response. Much appreciated.


Seems to me like the last of the deluxe album reissues that started some years ago. They’ve not been in date order so the fact that the first two are last to be released doesn’t seem odd, even though putting them out together doesn’t fit the pattern of the other album re-issues. I’d have thought 180gram vinyl re-issues might be for 2018 or a singles box set, along the lines of the Status Quo/Who sets.


Just curious – Does the group here think that this is the first in reissue campaign or a one off set? I too am trying to figure out my future Jam collection purchases. Thanks

Dave H

Paul – Do you know if it’s been remastered at Abbey Road like the ‘About The Young Idea’ CD?


“. . .and despite a plethora of Jam box sets in the last five or six years the label have dug out six previously unreleased demos from the first album . . .”


There are few games I love playing more than the “Let’s see how many times we can get Chris to buy the same material over and over and over” game. Sigh.


As Hits/Anthology compilations go, I have to imagine the “About The Young Idea” comp. is good. It’s certainly the most recent which suggests the most recent remasters.

Stevie B

For most of their career The Jam were my favourite band in the world; storming singles, fabulous albums, searing live shows. This is a must buy for me… so I just did.


We’ve had all mod cons and sound effects as normal deluxe – with this 77 set , setting sons , the gift and a live 6 cd super box – assuming that this is now it for the jam reissue program for a while

Paolo Meccano

The DE of ‘Sound Affects’ seems to be long out-of-print, so I’d be surprised if a Super Deluxe Edition of that title wasn’t released in the future (2019?).

Mr Clean

One of these days the missus is gonna twig that my music collection keeps getting bigger and bigger and our savings get smaller and smaller


Thank you for all the anwsers, that were all pointing to the same product so it was an easy choice :)

I purchased the “Direction, Reaction, Creation” earbox, as it was much cheaper than the boxset and I find those kind of boxsets not very convenient to use/stock.

eric slangen

The print is actually a poster from 1977.


Do recordstore charge straight away?
Or like amazon only when order shipped?
Would like the box and print but a bit cash strapped today!!

Larry Davis

I love Amazon because you can pre-order so you have it reserved BUT not charged until it’s dispatched, so no money worries…then if you either can’t afford it at the time of shipment or see a better deal somewhere else or you change your mind, you can cancel, won’t be charged, and again, no worries…just cancel at least 2 days in advance of the ship date so you won’t be charged and it won’t be shipped…I just preordered the 3 China Crisis SDE’s in case the price goes up…

Kevin S

Fabien – If you own nothing by them, you should get this.



Now showing as not available on recordstore.co uk. My order has been confirmed though. Let’s see how this pans out.

Chris Squires

Are you watching Kate? Knock it on one year, two albums, Live – could just about squeeze Hammersmith in (1979) and some demos and TV performances…. There is your 5 disc set.

Spent too much on the Jam these last two years….


I’m saving my money for the super deluxe edition of All Mod Cons next year, fingers crossed


Oh hell yes. This is the only period of Jam that interests me, so getting it all in one box is spot on.

Rory McCann

could see this set a mile off, not complaining though.
Only real issues is that there is lots of extra space on the discs (1, 2 and 3) that could be filled with previously released stuff to make it an actually complete set. Lots of good sets coming out this autumn.

Sean Daly

If you don’t own anything by The Jam, then you need to get the “Direction Reaction Creation” Box set, which has all albums, singles, b sides, etc… on it, and will be perfect for you mate !!

Larry Davis

Oh the DRC box is great…HOWEVER, with this new “1977” box that has the uncovered demos, just wondering if UMC is gonna release fairly boxsets for every year/era, making the somewhat old DRC box obsolete in time?? Just curious…

Larry Davis

meant to say fairly inexpensive…


Nice looking package and will be great to finally hear the Nashville live set. However as with most Polydor Jam releases it doesn’t seem complete.
There must be some ‘This Is The Modern World’ demos, and the U.S. mix of I Need You (For Someone) would be nice to have. Also where are the ‘Thousand Things’ demos, and there must be a demo for All Around The World with a different intro arrangement as heard on live bootlegs?
All in all a nice package which I will probably buy, but I just feel that Polydor have missed the boat again.

Paolo Meccano

Have Universal *ever* produced a Deluxe Edition (“Super” or otherwise) without at least one glaring omission?

David S

Hi Fabien,

Perfect for this is Direction Reaction Creation. It is the complete studio recordings in chronological order. A 5-disc set released in 1997. Perusing the Amazon UK site, it appears to still be available and at a reasonable price.


Is there a career spanning boxset that is worthwhile if you don’t own anything from The Jam?

Chris Brown

I’m sure I won’t be the only one to say this, but Direction Reaction Creation is virtually the complete studio recordings: all six album, plus non-album singles, B-sides and demos. If you’re not bothered about single edits and live stuff, it’s basically all the jam you need.

Speaking of which, Discs 1 & 3 of this contain between them the first disc of DRC. I presume they’ve been split up for artistic reasons which is fair enough, but with all that extra space you’d think they could have added the single version of ‘The Modern World’ and the live B-sides.


There is a two CD set called Snap! It contains 29 songs spanning their short career. Nevertheless, The Jam is one of those few bands that merit the purchase of all of the recordings. Enjoy. By the way the cost of purchasing the set with the limited-edition print, which I did, was $68.45 ship to United States. Therefore, unfortunately, based on the Amazon price, that print cost about $20. But like everyone else has said, one just wants to get everything this band puts out.

DJ Control

Yep. This. Pretty exhaustive collection of their studio material, bunch of bonus tracks and a nice book too.


Hi Fabien, needless to say that i would suggest Direction Reaction Creation too. I checked it out on Discogs for you and there are several copies for between EUR 2O and 25 available there, which is a very reasonable price for what you get. Also interesting if you’re into box sets is last years Fire And Skill with 6 discs of live-recordings throughout their career (and wow, what a live band that was) but that currently comes really expensive because it was limited and is already sold out.


One other thing to add to the plethora of people recommending the superb DRC box.
If you decide you like one particular LP, get hold of the Japanese mini lp version of it – the masters are much better and closer to the rich sound that Vic Coppersmith Heaven achieved for vinyl. Setting Sons is bob on.
The MFSL masters of Sound Affects and All Mod Cons are as close to the vinyl masters as can be. Crispy and not ‘enhanced’ at all.
Happy times for you when that DRC package arrives !


Nice to see that this is not as expensive as the super deluxe edition of The Gift from a few years back.


Thanks Paul! I don’t care how overlap there is, this is an automatic purchase for me.


Typo on Bruce Foxton’s name (Loxton is what the article says).
Can’t decide if this is scraping the sides of the barrel now… what does everyone think?

Paolo Meccano

*Looks at pre-orders*

WHY do record companies insist on releasing everything in October..?

Given that the first two albums have never been “deluxed” before, I suppose this is the one-and-only occasion that they’ll be expanded. Makes sense to bundle the year together, especially as there doesn’t seem to be that much unreleased material.

A note of caution: Jam fans are some of the biggest completist nutjobs out there, so don’t be surprised if this quickly sells-out.


That Nashville gig took place on the day I turned 16. No, I wasn’t there. Good set though, and nice to see the first two albums getting the SDE treatment. Definitely one to add to the ever growing Jam box set collection. But what would be really great would be a collection of their pre-Polydor years demos.
I’ve got a bootleg of some from around 1975/6 and they make for fascinating listening, and it shows how important the influence of punk rock was when Weller saw the Sex Pistols at the 100 Club and added their anger/energy to the Jam’s music.


39.99 with a limited program by for first 1000 from the recordstore.co.uk website with delivery comes to £43.94


That should be limited print for first 1000
– damn predicted text

Douglas Deacy

Thank you Gavin. I usually get updated by Recorstore.co.uk. I ordered right away. Many thanks

Paul Murphy

Very reasonable price, especially taken against what the Pistols are asking for ‘More Product’, the expanded 3-CD version of ‘Some Product’.


No problem

Paul Thomson

Me too, and delighted to be one of the first 1000! That completes all the Jam studio albums in SDE format, so I’m happy.

Paul Thomson

Oops, forgot All Mod Cons is only on DE not SDE. Wonder if they will pad out the DE stuff with live show(s) to release a SDE version. Would seem doubtful but given the scarcity of the DE version now…?

Graham Smith

Cheers for the heads up Gavin
Just ordered