The Jesus and Mary Chain / 21 Singles

The 2002 Jesus and Mary Chain compilation 21 Singles will be issued on vinyl for the first time in July.

The compilation features some of the band’s best-loved singles, and starts with the non-album single Upside Down (from 1984) and ends with I Love Rock N Roll (from 1998’s Munki).

This collection had only previously been available on CD but is now pressed over four sides of black vinyl.

21 Singles will be released on 6 July 2018 and is reasonably priced right now in the UK for a double.

Compare prices and pre-order

The Jesus And Mary Chain

21 Singles [VINYL]


Side 1

1. Upside Down
2. Never Understand
3. You Trip Me Up
4. Just Like Honey
5. Some Candy Talking

Side 2

1. April Skies
2. Happy When It Rains
3. Darklands
4. Sidewalking

Side 3

1. Blues From A Gun
2. Head On
3. Rollercoaster
4. Reverence
5. Far Gone And Out
6. Almost Gold

Side 4

1. Snakedriver
2. Sometimes Always
3. Come On
4. I Hate Rock ‘N’ Roll
5. Cracking Up
6. I Love Rock ‘N’ Roll

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The last few vinyl reissues of grateful dead on amazon have said Unassigned label but when they arrive there always rhino earners records


Rhino warners I mean

Paul Wren

Rhino look likely favourites to be releasing this compilation as they produced the same release on CD in 2002 along with Warner Music.

Paul Wren

21 singles are included and in many cases these versions are different/shorter than the album versions ie, the single version of “Happy When It Rains” shaves off a glorious 30 seconds of the classic, the single for “April Skies” slices off almost a minute.


This really is turning into the second half of the eighties / early nineties in reverse. Not on this release obviously, but there must be people who’ve gone full circle on the vinyl / CD / CD SDE / vinyl / coloured vinyl merry-go-round with some releases.

Jorje Chica

Paul, do you know what label is releasing this? Amazon says the label is “UNASSIGNED”.

Jorje Chica

Hopefully it’s put out by Warners/Rhino.


Surprised you never announced the Peter Murphy box set Paul. It looks great. Coming out in June.


pre-ordered. Bargain price.

Larry Davis

Always dug this collection… What’s not to love?? Great selection. The JAMC are a perfect singles band, so this is both a perfect primer and car disc…and on 2LP is a cool piece too. Black vinyl is fine…clear would be cooler tho. What I love also is the artwork with various mock “Greatest Hits” covers…my fave is the one that says “Greatest Fucking Hits”… Haha!! JAMC Rock!!

Ben Williams

A very, very cool album to have on vinyl. Good news.