The Killers / Career Box: 10LP vinyl set

The Killers‘ seven albums will be reissued on vinyl in Career Box, a 10LP box set.

This starts with the alternate US version of debut Hot Fuss (2004) and goes right up to last year’s Wonderful Wonderful. Odds and sods compilation Sawdust is also included, as is 2009’s Live From The Royal Albert Hall (also exclusive to the box).

These are all pressed on black vinyl, although a limited clear vinyl edition is available via other channels, albeit for a massive premium of around £60.

Career Box comes with a Killers slipmat and will be released on 15 June 2018. Canada currently have the best pre-order price.

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The Killers

Career Box [VINYL]


The Killers HOT FUSS [180-gram vinyl]

1.  Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine
2.  Mr. Brightside
3.  Smile Like You Mean It
4.  Somebody Told Me
5.  All These Things That I’ve Done

1.  Andy, You’re A Star
2.  On Top
3.  Change Your Mind
4.  Believe Me Natalie
5.  Midnight Show
6.  Everything Will Be Alright

The Killers SAM’S TOWN [180-gram vinyl]

1.  Sam’s Town
2.  Enterlude
3.  When You Were Young
4.  Bling (Confession Of A King)
5.  For Reasons Unknown
6.  Read My Mind

1.  Uncle Jonny
2.  Bones
3.  My List
4.  This River Is Wild
5.  Why Do I Keep Counting?
6.  Exitlude

The Killers SAWDUST [double 180-gram vinyl]

1.  Tranquilize (feat. Lou Reed)
2.  Shadowplay
3.  All The Pretty Faces
4.  Leave The Bourbon On The Shelf
5.  Sweet Talk

1.  Under The Gun
2.  Where The White Boys Dance
3.  Show You How
4.  Move Away

1.  Glamorous Indie Rock And Roll
2.  Who Let You Go?
3.  The Ballad of Michael Valentine
4.  Ruby, Don’t Take Your Love To Town

1.  Daddy’s Eyes
2.  Sam’s Town (Live From Abbey Road / 2006)
3.  Romeo And Juliet
4.  Mr. Brightside (Jacques Lu Cont’s Thin White Duke Remix)

The Killers DAY & AGE [180-gram vinyl]

1.  Losing Touch
2.  Human
3.  Spaceman
4.  Joy Ride
5.  A Dustland Fairytale

1.  This Is Your Life
2.  I Can’t Stay
3.  Neon Tiger
4.  The World We Live In
5.  Goodnight, Travel Well

The Killers LIVE FROM THE ROYAL ALBERT HALL [double 180-gram vinyl]

1.  Human
2.  This Is Your Life
3.  Somebody Told Me
4.  The World We Live In
5.  I Can’t Stay

1.  Bling (Confession Of A King)
2.  Shadowplay
3.  Smile Like You Mean It
4.  Losing Touch

1.  Spaceman
2.  A Dustland Fairytale
3.  Sam’s Town
4.  Read My Mind

1.  Mr. Brightside
2.  All These Things That I’ve Done
3.  Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine
4.  When You Were Young

The Killers BATTLE BORN [double 180-gram vinyl]

1.  Flesh And Bone
2.  Runaways
3.  The Way It Was

1.  Here With Me
2.  A Matter Of Time
3.  Deadlines And Commitments

1.  Miss Atomic Bomb
2.  The Rising Tide
3.  Heart Of A Girl

1.  From Here On Out
2.  Be Still
3.  Battle Born

The Killers WONDERFUL WONDERFUL [180-gram vinyl]

1.  Wonderful Wonderful
2.  The Man
3.  Rut
4.  Life To Come
5.  Run For Cover

1.  Tyson Vs. Douglas
2.  Some Kind Of Love
3.  Out Of My Mind
4.  The Calling
5.  Have All The Songs Been Written?

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Roger Harris

I wont get this as i have most of the albums already but hope that do bring out the Live one as a release in its own right as the DVD is awesome. Saw them a couple of months ago and it was a fantastic concert.

Mark Jensem

I love the box design, but already own all the albums on vinyl, except of course the live album. I do think they should have included Direct Hits and Don’t Waste Your Wishes. I don’t know if I’ll buy this.

Paul Wren

The debut album, Hot Fuss, is one of the great debut albums of all time. Just buy this one album alone, maybe? Indeed, why not buy the original first pressing of this for about the same price as this box set? I’m sure glad I bought the original pale blue vinyl pressing back in 2004.


So will there be a cd box close behind??


Is it just me or is anybody else sick to the back teeth of these vinyl releases ?


Me too. I just can’ understand why would anybody want to waste their time and money with old tech when there are much better options available.


It is better having the large packaging to see things PLUS vinyl serves to document the early format for recorded music (outside of cylinder discs…).


Why does it sicken you? There is obviously a market otherwise these releases wouldn’t be happening. Get over it and stop moaning.


I really don’t understand how people get sick of thing they don’t want coming out. Just don’t buy them–easy answer. If the music business’ release schedule were based solely on what I wanted to buy, I’m sure you’d be pretty freaking angry about that.


and yet they didn’t direct hits, leaving shot at the night and just another girl out of the box, they should have created another b-sides / odds and ends comp to make it somewhat justifiable, everything here is easy to buy, except the live concert, which is of no interest.

Randy Metro

The Royal Albert Hall concert video (available on YouTube) is spectacular; however, I am not sure if I would feel the same way with just the audio portion.

The sweeter deal would be to release a DVD of the concert if this LP set comes out as a CD set.


The Royal Albert Hall concert has already been released on dvd in 2009 (with the cd)


The RAH set was originally released on various combinations of CD, DVD and Blu-Ray in 2009.


And a voice in my head says, “Surely they have not been around long enough to have a ‘career compilation.'” Then another voice in my head, more tuned into actual reality, says, “No, you’re just that old. Old, old you, still thinking The Killers are a ‘new’ band.”


Randy Metro

Me, too. I am new to the Killers table. I started listening to them in the past 6 months. I was vaguely aware of them for a few years. I just didn’t “get it” until now. Sawdust & Lou Reed are what first attracted me to them.

However: so soon?


THANK YOU! I feel the same way…but don’t get me wrong this box looks great…I just wish there were a book in it…


I’m with you CJ. I loved their first album but have paid little attention since. I didn’t know they had so many albums.

Pete Muscutt

One of those bands who started strong and saw each successive album get progressively worse! ‘Wonderful Wonderful’ was….well, let’s say I was tempted to call the Office of Fair Trading. It was truly cack.


These were the ones that HMV were selling for £12 or £13 and they had LOADS. I’ve never been much of a Killers fan, even Hot Fuss was only half a decent album, but this had very little redeeming features.


257 € for a limited clear vinyl box set, without numbering and any information how many will be pressed….and the black vinyl box will getting a lot cheaper after a while…not really wonderful wonderful….


Will the clear vinyl box available also somewhere else other than the Killers website ?


It seems charging extra for coloured vinyl versions is a way of wheedling a bit more out of buyers now. Most add on an extra couple of quid, but the £60 extra here is not that far short of a tenner extra per disc!

Paul Taylor

Black records aren’t dyed black. Like tyres….


It costs 60 quid to remove the black dye! ;)

Thom K

A Sawdust Vol 2 (Brickdust?) would have been nice too…

Ben Williams

I love that box design, very cool!


What a missed opportunity! They fail to include their christmas-song compilation :-( Some of their best songs are on there…


Not really a missed Marcel opportunity, although I agree that it’s inclusion would have been welcome. Those that buy this will buy it irrespective and won’t pass because of the absence of a pretty obscure release. As with so many of these box sets, it’s likely to be bought extensively as a gift by people who don’t care a jot for completism for people who don’t care a jot for completism.