The Killers / Imploding The Mirage

New album on the way

The Killers‘ sixth studio album will be called Imploding The Mirage and is scheduled for release at the end of May.

The ten track album will features contributions from the likes of Lindsey Buckinghamk.d. lang, Weyes Blood and Adam Granduciel (from The War on Drugs) and you can preview ‘Caution’ below (this is the one that Buckingham plays on).

The formats are black vinyl LP in a gatefold sleeve and CD. The full track listing has yet to be announced.

Imploding The Mirage will be issued on 29 May 2020, via Virgin/EMI.

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First album is a classic, second album didn’t quite hit the heights, but was still very good. After that, it’s all gone downhill for me. Their last album I tried, but I just couldn’t stomach it. New single I heard the other day, it’s really very dull and instantly forgettable. It really was no surprise to me watching their set at Glastonbury last year, that the only time the crowd got into it was when they played the early stuff.


i only began listening to the killers after they played the football final here in Australia 2+ years ago. I thought their last album was decent. love the artwork for this one. stay well people.

Russ T

A real shame there’s no physical release of this single – the artwork is beautiful.
And also, nothing whatsoever limited?! The Killers have a habit of only issuing things like signed versions in America and not the UK for some bizarre reason. Looks like this’ll happen again with this one.
It sounds… ok. I really liked The Desired Effect, his second solo album… and I think this’ll be his last Killers album for some time, now it’s only half the band anyway.
Great live act – but they’ve suffered from that ‘incredible debut almost impossible to follow-up’ syndrome for years now, as sales figures show.

Nick Murray

New track sounds okay to me. Happy to stick with them for now, they are always interesting IMO and Flowers is a good frontman and fine singer. Looking forward to it. Fingers crossed it is a good one.

Mark Jensen

Based on history and the promo photos for the new album, I think it’s safe to assume that their original guitarist Dave likel did not contribute to this new album at all, so I’m guessing that 3 original members made this new album. I hope it’s better than the last one, but Caution is bland enough to lower expectations. I love their first three albums.


I absolutely loved the 1st album, the second album had some good moments but they lost me with “Are we human or are we dancer?” What was that all about? & now is there only 2 of the original line up left? That can’t be good.


I knew there was only 2 doing the touring. Not 100 % sure on the studio & songwriting. The last album of theirs I bought was “Sam’s Town” so I can’t check the credits of anything recent. I bet BF is praying Ronnie never wants to leave!!

O(+> Peter B

I gave up after their 4th album, it was diminishing returns after the first album. Which is a shame because I like Brandon’s voice and they’re a good live band, but the music became too bland and the lyrics became too cliched and predictable.


So much potential but so damn predictable and mundane since Sams Town. Hopefully Stuart Price not at the helm as his dated over-production does them no justice. Strip it back and keep it simple and stop trying to turn every track into an epic.

Peter Muscutt

I’ll give this a listen but only on streaming. I’ve kind of lost patience with The Killers, who seem to have been on a downward trajectory since Sam’s Town. It can’t be as bad as the Trade Descriptions Act baiting ‘Wonderful Wonderful’ can it? That album was the absolute pits, and I say that as quite a big Killers fan back in the day!


I think it makes perfect sense to release the album during these times .People are sitting at home with time on their hands to listen to music…Digital downloads are immediately available while the physical formats are not held up for too long. Does Jarvis really think he’ll sell double in the crowded post virus market?

Peter Muscutt

I think it’s more to do with timing the album release so they (bands who have put album releases back) can go out and tour, not release the album then wait six months to tour due to the virus issue. I note Nick Mason has done similar with his live album.


Odd that they are pressing ahead with a release during the current uncertainty when other high-profile but lower-budget acts like The Pretenders and Jarv Is have delayed their new albums to the autumn.


It is also available on cassette.


Black vinyl? What a novelty!
Seriously though, wasn’t there. coloured version of this announced with the tour?