The Killers / vinyl reissues

Universal Music have just reissued four of The Killers albums on vinyl, with two making their debut on the format (at least in Europe).

2006’s Sam’s Town has been issued previously as a vinyl picture disc and Bong Load Records in America issued a special 10th anniversary package last year, but this is the first time a standard double black vinyl LP has been available in the UK and Europe.

Likewise, when ‘best of’ compilation Direct Hits came out in 2013 there was no standard vinyl, just a flashy and very limited package, which contained the 18 tracks across five 10-inch vinyl records. Now this album is issued as a 2LP vinyl set.

‘Odds and sods’ compilation Sawdust was issued on 2LP vinyl at the time of release (2007) and is being made available again on the format, along with third studio album, 2008’s Day and Age.

All these vinyl sets are out now. The Killers’ latest album Wonderful Wonderful was released in September and their world tour continues in America, in January 2018.

Sam’s Town vinyl LP

A1 Sam’s Town
A2 Enterlude
A3 When You Were Young
A4 Bling (Confession Of A King)
A5 For Reasons Unknown
A6 Read My Mind

B1 Uncle Jonny
B2 Bones
B3 My List
B4 This River Is Wild
B5 Why Do I Keep Counting?
B6 Exitlude

Sawdust 2LP vinyl

1. Tranquilize (Side A)
2. Shadowplay (Side A)
3. All The Pretty Faces (Side A)
4. Leave The Bourbon On The Shelf (Side A)
5. Sweet Talk (Side A)
6. Under The Gun (Side B)
7. Where The White Boys Dance (Side B)
8. Show You How (Side B)
9. Move Away (Side B)
1. Glamorous Indie Rock and Roll (Side A)
2. Who Let You Go? (Side A)
3. The Ballad Of Michael Valentine (Side A)
4. Ruby, Don’t Take Your Love To Town (Side A)
5. Daddy’s Eyes (Side B)
6. Sam’s Town (Abbey Road Version) (Side B)
7. Romeo And Juliet(Side B)
8. Mr. Brightside (Jacques Lu Cont’s Thin White Duke Remix) (Side B)

Day and Age – vinyl LP

1. Losing Touch (Side A)
2. Human (Side A)
3. Spaceman (Side A)
4. Joy Ride (Side A)
5. A Dustland Fairytale (Side A)

6. This Is Your Life (Side B)
7. I Can’t Stay (Side B)
8. Neon Tiger (Side B)
9. The World We Live In (Side B)
10. Goodnight, Travel Well (Side B)

The Killers – 2LP vinyl

1. Mr. Brightside (Side A)
2. Somebody Told Me (Side A)
3. Smile Like You Mean It (Side A)
4. All These Things That I’ve Done (Side A)

5. When You Were Young (Side B)
6. Read My Mind (Side B)
7. For Reasons Unknown (Side B)
8. Human (Side B)

1. Spaceman (Side A)
2. A Dustland Fairytale (Side A)
3. Runaways (Side A)
4. Miss Atomic Bomb (Side A)

5. The Way It Was (Side B)
6. Shot At The Night (Side B)
7. Just Another Girl (Side B)
8. Be Still (Side B)



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can anyone tell me why there is a £5 -9 difference between the UK & France on amazon ? (Rip off Britain strikes again?).


I just bought a copy of the Hot Fuss vinyl that was re-released earlier this year and I definitely see what those who have complained about the sound quality are talking about – I’ll agree with the “tinny” comment. For comparison, I think the new Day & Age LP does sound noticeably better. I actually also just bought the other three recent vinyl albums as well (the record store was having a 3 for the price of 2 deal so I stocked up on several titles I’ve been wanting), but I haven’t had a chance to play any of them yet.


My wife got me a copy of the new Day & Age vinyl for Christmas. It sounds decent to me on my system, and includes a pretty cool fold-out two-sided poster.


Their Hot Fuss sounds horrible. Great risk for this too.

Paul Wren

It seems that the USA based Urban Outfitters sky blue vinyl 3,000 copy reissue of “Hot Fuss” has sold out on their website. Pick up copies via Discogs: https://www.discogs.com/sell/release/11160265?ev=rb
I’m glad I bought the original UK blue vinyl release when it came out in 2004.


Last year I bought Hot Fuss on vinyl. It sounded so tinny. I’m not taking teh risk on their stuff again. Well I see what others say first.


Now how about Don’t Wate Your Wishes on vinyl?

Steve Parrott

Got my Day & Age from Amazon.de. Amazon.co.uk dragged their heels on this one. Amazon.de my preferred supplier at mo based on price, low ship price and speed of delivery


Don’t Waste Your Wishes on vinyl is already available on the website of the Killers

Brenez Alain

Their first album Hot Fuss is available on coloured vinyl from the US Urban Outfitters site. I’m waiting for my copy to arrive.


Urban Outfitters charge $30 for international postage, and then there’s the import duty. I can never justify buying from them.


Direct Hits for me please, it’s all I need.