The Kinks / Lola 50th anniversary

1970 album reissued across four physical formats

Lola versus Powerman and The Moneygoround, Part One, The Kinks‘ 1970 album, will be reissued as a 50th anniversary deluxe box set in December.

Commonly abbreviated to Lola Versus Powerman, or just Lola, the 1970 album was a commercial and critical success and of course contains the big hit single ‘Lola’ and also ‘Apeman’.

The deluxe box set is similar to Arthur from last year, as it is presented in an eight-inch box and contains three CDs, two seven-inch singles, a 60-page hardcover book and some art cards.

The Lola box set features three CDs, two seven-inch singles and a book

In terms of the CDs, the original album has been remastered from the original tapes and there’s plenty of single mixes (in stereo and mono), B-sides, alternate mixes and new medleys with Ray & Dave Davies spoken word commentary. There’s also previously unreleased demos, original session outtakes and more.

The two seven inch singles are ‘Lola’ and ‘Apeman’ with their respective B-sides and four art cards with full band shots complete this box set.

There’s also a two-CD deluxe (which features the first CD from the box set and a unique compilation of bonus material on disc two), a single CD (which also has a different selection of bonus material appended) and a gatefold vinyl LP which features the remaster and a 12-inch booklet.

Lola versus Powerman and The Moneygoround, Part One will be reissued on 11 December 2020 (18 Dec in the US, except for the box set which will be released on 22 Jan 2021).

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The Kinks

Lola 50th anniversary box set


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The Kinks

Lola 50th anniversary vinyl LP


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Various Artists

Lola Versus Powerman and the Moneygoround, Pt. 1


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The Kinks

Lola 50th anniversary single CD


Lola Versus Powerman And The Moneygoround, Part One box set

CD 1

1. The Contenders
2. Strangers
3. Denmark Street
4. Get Back In Line
5. Lola
6. Top Of The Pops
7. The Moneygoround
8. This Time Tomorrow
9. A Long Way From Home
10. Rats
11. Apeman
12. Powerman
13. Got To Be Free

Alternate Versions

14. Lola (Mono Single Mix)
15. Apeman (UK Mono Single Mix)
16. Rats (Mono Single Mix
17. Powerman (Mono Mix)
18. Apeman (Alternate Version, Stereo)
19. The Moneygoround (Alternate Version, Mono)

CD 2

Alternate Versions / New Medleys & Mixes / Demos / Film Soundtrack

1. This Time Tomorrow (Alternate Take, 2020 Mix)
2. Top Of The Pops (2020 Mix)
3. Lola/Radio Spot, Edit (Ray’s Kitchen Sink)
4. Got To Be Free (Ray’s Kitchen Sink)
5. The Contenders (Ray’s Kitchen Sink)
6. The Good Life (2020 Mix)
7. Apeman (Unplugged Live Version)
8. Get Back In Line (Live Version)
9. Marathon (Edit, from The Long Distance Piano Player)
10. Got To Be Free (Edit, from The Long Distance Piano Player)
11. Lola (Ray Davies & Band with The Danish National Chamber Orchestra & The Danish National Vocal Ensemble)
12. The Good Life
13. Apeman (US Mono Single Mix)
14. Moments (2020 Mix)
15. This Time Tomorrow & Cassette Demos Medley (Ray’s Kitchen Sink)

CD 3

Alternate Versions / New Medleys & Mixes / Demos / Live

1. Get Back In Line (Ray’s Kitchen Sink)
2. Rats (Ray’s Kitchen Sink)
3. Rats (2020 Mix)
4. Powerman (Ray’s Kitchen Sink)
5. Powerman (2020 Mix)
6. The Contenders (Instrumental Demo)
7. Anytime
8. A Long Way From Home (Ray’s Kitchen Sink)
9. A Long Way From Home (Live, Austin City Limits, 2006)
10. Strangers (Ray’s Kitchen Sink)
11. Strangers (2020 Stereo Mix)
12. The Way Love Used To Be (2020 Monitor Mix)
13. Apeman (Morgan Studios Run-Through)
14. Radio Spot/Live, Queens College, Flushing, NY, 1971 15. The Follower -
Anytime 2020 (featuring Anytime by The Kinks)

Seven inch singles

Single 1 – ‘Lola / Berkerley Mews
Single 2 – ‘Apeman / Rats’

Lola Versus Powerman And The Moneygoround, Part One vinyl LP

1. The Contenders
2. Strangers
3. Denmark Street
4. Get Back In Line
5. Lola
6. Top Of The Pops
7. The Moneygoround
8. This Time Tomorrow
9. A Long Way From Home
10. Rats
11. Apeman
12. Powerman
13. Got To Be Free

Lola Versus Powerman And The Moneygoround, Part One 2CD deluxe

CD 1

1. The Contenders
2. Strangers
3. Denmark Street
4. Get Back In Line
5. Lola
6. Top Of The Pops
7. The Moneygoround
8. This Time Tomorrow
9. A Long Way From Home
10. Rats
11. Apeman
12. Powerman
13. Got To Be Free

Alternate Versions

14. Lola (Mono Single Mix)
15. Apeman (UK Mono Single Mix)
16. Rats (Mono Single Mix
17. Powerman (Mono Mix)
18. Apeman (Alternate Version, Stereo)
19. The Moneygoround (Alternate Version, Mono)


11. RATS (2020 MIX)
13. POWERMAN (2020 MIX)

Lola Versus Powerman And The Moneygoround, Part One single CD edition

CD 1

1. The Contenders
2. Strangers
3. Denmark Street
4. Get Back In Line
5. Lola
6. Top Of The Pops
7. The Moneygoround
8. This Time Tomorrow
9. A Long Way From Home
10. Rats
11. Apeman
12. Powerman
13. Got To Be Free

Alternate Versions

14. Anytime
15. The Good Life (2020 Mix)
16. Apeman (Alternate Version, Stereo)
17. The Time Tomorrow (Alternate Take, 2020 mix)
18. Lola (Mono Single Mix)

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Rare Glam

Got mine this evening. Was surprised to find it isn’t the same box format as ‘Arthur’ SDL as advertised but a 10.5″ square book in a slip case, the same as Ronnie Lane set but 1/2″ bigger. Looks great with nice spot varnish flourishes but does mean all three SDLs (with Arthur and Village Green) are all in different size formats.

Paul English

Mine shipped from Amazon UK this morning


Mine has arrived today too from Amazon Italy – in proper packaging – Result!


Had the same “packaging” with the Steve Miller box from amazon us that arrived last week. Shipping label slapped on the shrink wrap. Fortunately no damage beyond a minor dent or two not worth the hassle of sending back. More and more I’m looking for alternatives to amazon.

Kevin Aston

Is the Kinks Lola …. box not available from Amazon Uk


It is (was). I pre-ordered it from Amazon.co.uk when this site first announced it. My pre-order was still there but showing a price of £62. So I’ve just cancelled it and ordered instead from Amazon Italy – total price £52. Thanks Paul. Every little helps!


Oh, by the way, I have to mention that I had the Arthur box set come last week (same size and format) from Amazon.co.uk and it came with NO PACKAGING AT ALL! The dispatch labels were stuck straight on the shrink wrap. The product was there for the whole world to see. Never had that before, and never want it again. Fortunately it was fine but what a disgrace! As I just wrote – I’ve gone to Italy for hopefully better treatment with the Lola box.

The Golden Age Of The Phonograph

Don’t expect any different from Amazon Italy ARidd. They sent my Bob Marley Vinyl LP Box Set with delivery labels on the shrink wrap and that was it!

Joe Donato

One of my favorite Kinks albums. Ray Davies’s humor really comes through. I will stick with the 2 CD set from 2014, as that has the Percy Soundtrack. Lately I have been hearing “This Time Tomorrow “ on TV shows and commercials.

Jo Vromen

Why didn’t we get a Face to Face Box Set? At least the Kinks were at the height of their creative powers then, while this new one shows their decline, which went for most groups at that period. I like this group so much, but alas only in the sixties.

peter laffey

The Kinks were still at the height of their creative powers when they released this classic .
Most groups of that period on the decline ? WHAT DOES THAT MEAN ?!!!
Just look at all the classic albums released in 1970 . Blows your silly comment to pieces !

Tim Barton

There are two boxes-one called Picture Book, and the Sony box from a few year back. I never did get Picture Book, but the Sony box is excellent. It also comes with a 7″, and is quite extensive enough. Packaging is a bit tricky; it takes forever to get the discs out of their pockets!

Another absolute collectible is the BBC box, issued when Sanctuary was distributed bo Universal. DVD included.

Tim Barton

Just ordered mine from Tower Japan. Looking forward to this box. I would welcome a Something Else box in the future.

Mike Villano

I remember buying a cut-out (remember them?) of this album in 1973 for probably $1.99. I’ve always loved this record, and will happily plunk down the $80 for te box. I would love it if they do the same for “Muswell Hillbillies” next year, my favorite album of theirs.
About a year after finding “Lola…”, I got “The Great Lost Kinks Album,” and my lifelong love of The Kinks was cemented forever.

John MC cann

Wot was a cut out then?

Jb Welda

A cut out was a clearanced record, usually with a “cut out”, either a trimmed corner of the cover or a hole punched or drilled (or worse) in a corner of the cover. This sort of marking was also used on promotional records sometimes but in this context they were records in the 99 cent bin at the record store or other outlet.


Gregory Viner

Amazon.ca has the deluxe box for $80.02 Canadian dollars roughly £46 not a bad deal! Ordered mine today god save the kinks❤️

David M

Plus tax, at least 13% in most provinces.

Ian McJannet

Can anybody tell me if the ‘Lola’ on this version of the album
and on the single is the ‘cherry-cola’ or the original ‘coca-cola’ version ??
Because I just detest the censored version ….

hendry doran

Digressing slightly but has there ever been a Kinks singles box set issued?

Tim Barton

There are two boxes-one called Picture Book, and the Sony box from a few year back. I never did get Picture Book, but the Sony box is excellent. It also comes with a 7″, and is quite extensive enough. Packaging is a bit tricky; it takes forever to get the discs out of their pockets!

Another absolute collectible is the BBC box, issued when Sanctuary was distributed bo Universal. DVD included.

Tim Barton

I should have mentioned the name of the Sony box: Anthology. It is a good box to own if you just want to trawl through mainly singles, but it is very extensive.

David M

Compilations not a box containing the singles.

Peter Oelgaard

Finally track lists! The Kinks Shop offers “bundles” where you can get the 2CD version along with the box set, which surprised me, since disc 2 in the 2CD version is supposed to be highlights from CDs 2&3 in the box. Well, apparently the 2CD version contains ONE track not in the box: an extra alternate version af The Moneygoround, presumably not the mono alternate version on CD1. Talk about a rip-off! Well, not for me! Still looking forward to the box, though!

David Tomlinson

The box offered on the Kinks store apparently includes an extra single and A badge. These are not on the other sites, including Amazon. I canceled my Amazon order and ordered there.

Peter Oelgaard

Now that we have seen the actual product (plays well, by the way) we can see that CD1 in the 2CD set has only 18 tracks, so The Moneygoround (Alt. Version) is transferred to CD2. So you get everything in the box set. But with this number of different track lists (the singular CD is also different!) no wonder that the assemble staff get confused. People are beginning to report that they get the 2CD versions with the box!

Tom Walsh

I love that new version of Anytime…its like a strange, vivid snapshot of the first lockdown period in the UK. Brilliant track.

Richard Pievaitis

On my goodness how some like to complain !
Well for my twopennies worth all I can say is a big yes! For the vinyl I mean.
I am currently having a big revisit/repurchase of certain vinyl versions of stuff I either used to own but due to many house moves ( 5 in the last 20 years) plus a divorce 28 years ago I seem to have lost.
But this one I have never owned on vinyl, goodness knows why and as somebody has already pointed out it was last reissued on vinyl for the UK market back in the late 80’s. I kept checking on Discogs for a decent price but no !
Until today, Paul you have made my day ( evening) I don’t want extra tracks or remixes or pin badges etc etc. Hopefully it will be a vinyl-friendly remaster and sit with my ever increasing collection of new albums, along with my existing collection from my teenage vinyl obsessive days.
This is very welcome news and will arrive in perfect time so that I can hide it along side other Yuletide pressies.
Funny how I’ve reverted back to vinyl again. Always collected it in the mid/late 70s but then went big time into the digital CD age by the mid 80s. Then bought the CD remasters in the 90s up to 2005 but ever since I treated myself to an early semi retirement present ( yes I was made redundant that bit too early ) of a Rega P7 I have returned slowly and steadily back to vinyl.
Sure I appreciate some do not like vinyl at all, fine each to their own preference of course. But for me it’s even the smell for God’s sake !?
Just loving the recent XTC 200 gm slabs, I mean Nonsuch is a work of such artistic beauty on all fronts, right ?
So God save The Kinks, again and again.
You have made a 58 year old very happy.
Happy collecting everyone and be kind to each other. Ramble over.


I too have returned to vinyl and am busily plugging the holes in my vinyl collection; tracking down missing gems with the help of these web pages, and playing them on my original Dunlop Systemdeck turntable with Mission arm. Thank god I looked after it and it all still works!
How I never bought any Kinks albums back in the day is a real mystery. I bought the Village Green box set after seeing the sky arts doc about it, and it really is excellent; an instant favourite. I’ve so far passed on Arthur (at that price), but the Lola box set is right up my street, with or without vinyl included. After Lola, I intend to work backwards into their 60s albums – to see what accompanied those fabulous singles!


This album is one of my top ten, certainly my favourite Kinks lp, and one I have spent a lot of time listening to multiple versions of.

One thing with buying new vinyl is the fact that it’s almost without exception pressed from the same master as the cd. A premium turntable will still get the best out of older vinyl pressings and is a worthwhile investment in that respect.

But this release will almost certainly simply be a high res file pressed to vinyl, and the highest quality turntable in the land will only be doing its best to replicate that source. If it’s sound quality that matters, you are better just downloading the high res file and skipping the analog step that the vinyl conversion adds.

I buy vinyl, new vinyl too, because i’ve never liked cds. But I know that ultimately it’s for the comfort and feel of owning it on vinyl rather than the audio quality. The pressings are often quite poor and no turntable will get away from the sometime godawful mastering.

I have a Tidal subscription too which is the best source I have. It’s a simple fact that the Tidal version of this release (unless mastered differently specifically for vinyl) will sound better streamed than vinyl and the cd because it’s higher resolution.

The sad thing too about these Kinks albums is that they were pretty ropey recordings to begin with. Unlike the masterful recording quality of The Beatles for instance.

And regardless of the ‘audio quality’ you also need to factor in how it sounds. I’ll take a low quality rip of a good master over a hi-res, over processed stream for that reason. My preference of course would be the best master in the best quality.

Almost every cd /vinyl reissue without fail sounds inferior (again to my ears) to the original vinyl. I compared the original UK vinyl to rips of 9 different cds (Pye 86, PRT 87, Reprise 88, Castle 89, Essential 98, Victor 2000, Sanctuary 04, Sanctuary 14, Sanctuary 18).

Only one replicates the original sound (it’s the Victor 2000). It’s so close it’s clearly from the original master tapes. The other have all sorts of failings which add to the original roughness of the source. The 2014 ‘deluxe’ sounds like it has a blanket thrown over it (as they all do but it’s the worst offender), the 86 cuts an opening drum roll, 87 cuts a count in.

This (Victor 2000) by the way is true for all the Kinks albums if you are looking for definitive digital sources of the original vinyl.
So in this instance, my go to copy for this album is a cd of all things because that master is not available to stream.

So i’ll stream this for the new demos etc, but I have little to no faith in the original album being a new preferred playing copy. Point taken that we won’t know until it’s released, but i’ll play it side by side with the 2000 cd and will know if we have a winner in about 10 seconds.

It’s a shame that it requires so much ‘research’ to find a copy that sounds how it sounded when released. But is guess a ‘new’ mastering is one of the gimmicks employed to get people to purchase the same album over and over again. New does not equal better when it come to mastering.

Richard Stephen Pievaitis

Hi ARidd,
Sorry to be so slack but just noticed your lovely response.
I can totally agree with you in that I never had any Kinks music when I was growing up in the mid/late 70s. Sure I loved Lola and Apeman but they were for old farts weren’t they lol !! I mean I was 15 and whilst loving Yes, Genesis,ELP and Sabbath etc I was also getting into punk.
So the Kinks had no place to fit in my post prog /pre new wave confusion.
It’s only after hearing Kate Rusby playing a great cover of Village Green at a live gig in Huddersfield Town Hall a few years ago that my ears twitched. I bought the 3 cd deluxe a few years back. Then went to see the Kounterfeit Kinks at Bridlington Spa five years ago and came out a very happy man. My wife and teenage daughter loved them too.
So I started buying a few CD s here and there e.g. Something Else and Lola and Arthur 3 cd version.
But as I said just these last couple years I decided to downsize my total collection. Currently have over 10,000 cd s and 2000 of vinyl but realised I have so much I then don’t know where to start so give up as I can’t find what I’m after anyway.
I was diagnosed last year with Parkinson’s so we need to move to a bungalow to help prevent falls but I will have to sell off one hell of a lot of this collection before we can even move !
So started to list on ebay but it takes me so long to list, I’ll be dead before I finish. But now I’m only buying decent vinyl editions of a few selected classics ( obviously very subjective term there !?!) and trying to keep to vinyl only purchases. But as someone said most vinyl remasters are usually, but not always, from a digital source. Ok, so I read reviews and ask questions on certain forums as to the good sounding vinyl versions and what price point I should consider.
My days of massive hoarding are now over, no more room at the Inn, so to speak. But the new Sade set does look and seems to sound lovely, Miles Showell seems to be the half speed man. I mean listen to Tin Drum for God’s sake, it’s immaculate.
Don’t know your deck set up but please email me to chat more if you wish.

Mike Grogan

Totally with you Richard. I am once again a vinyl obsessive and I am loving it! Will now buy nonsuch on your comments.
God save the Kinks!

Bill Darlington

Remastered? Which remaster? I believe my 2014 Sanctuary issue was remastered. Will be this be a new effort? If so, will it be brickwalled like most routine remasters these days?
Personally, I can’t be bothered with umpteen alternative mixes or versions of tracks I already have. I’ll probably pass.

Rett Russell

Perhaps I missed it, but will this album version be the same as the 2014 Deluxe Edition?
(I’m honestly losing count of how many times I’ve bought this album….)

Ron Martin

The closet thing I could find to your answer is:
“…the original album has been remastered from the original tapes…”


So now what are they going to do with Percy? It’s not going to sell well by itself…

Alex Jimenez

Does anybody know if the alternate version of “Apeman” is the cajun style version (i think it’s live)?


I think the Cajun version you speak of is the version that appeared on the 1994 release ‘To The Bone’ which was an unplugged type affair recorded at Konk studios.

Wayne K

Disappointed that they didn’t include the Percy release as they did with the two CD reissue. Once again an orphan…

Alan Robinson

‘Lola’ is a great album, and you can tell, musically speaking, that the effect of finally being allowed to tour the USA again after their ‘ban’ had been lifted had exerted some influence over the bands’ sound. It’s shifting toward the Bluesier / Trad Jazz / Country sound that Ray dug even deeper into with the ‘Muswell Hillbillies’ album of the following year.

Some of the songs also come out of court cases and leagl wranglings that had dogged The Kinks since they signed to Pye. They legendarily inked a succession of shitty deals (although, as one of their managers, Larry Page, said of the terrible initial Pye deal: “It wasn’t a bad offer. it was the ONLY OFFER!”), leading to the band being one of the most litigated in rock and roll history, and they were also one of the first to turn to the services of Allen Klein to renegotiate their deal – and like the Rolling Stones, ended up paying a heavy price – The Kinks lost the US rights to their Pye era recordings. All of the litigation did inspire some great songs, such as ‘The Moneygoround’, ‘Top of the Pops’, and ‘Denmark Street’. Often, songs about how beastly the music industry can be don’t make for a great listening experience, but Ray Davies is never less than entertaining here. At the same time, Dave Davies proffered some great songs of his own – such as ‘Strangers’ and ‘Rats’. Ray is in great lyrical form here, though – after all, he managed to get a love song to a transsexual to number one with ‘Lola’ (strange that the BBC baulked at the mention of ‘Coca-Cola’ (ADVERTISING!), but didn’t mind a lyric about the seduction of a young man by a cross-dresser (Or is s/he?), with ‘Apeman’, he had a hit with one of the first songs referring to environmental catastrophe, whilst simultaneously sneaking an F-bomb into the libretto (“the air pollution is a FOGGING up my eyes” – that’s what the sheet music says, but the record sounds otherwise).

I’m looking forward to this release, even if it’s something like the seventeenth different version I will own of it!

paul wren

Remarkably, this is the first vinyl reissue since 1987! Lord alone knows why this vinyl reissue doesn’t contain alternate versions etc – bonkers! That said, I don’t possess a copy so have therefore pressed the buy button on this one.

Donal O'Connell

So disappointed that this is in style of Arthur and not the village preservation society. The lack of vinyl – makes this a hard no for me on boxset and just a maybe on the vinyl reissue as it is first studio album not in Kinks mono collection boxes. Shame as I wanted the coca cola version of Lola on record and love ‘Strangers’

M Petz

Brief excitement following the recent MOJO interview with Ray has crashed for those of us who collect vinyl. Nothing to see here.

Philip Ogden

Is the disc 1 mix any different to either the 2008 or 2014 releases? Might be interested in single or two disc version but only if it’s something new.


Great news! But I wonder if we can expect a 50th anniversary edition of Percy, now that it’s not included here.

Ron Martin

I really only want the CD’s.

Questions: Does anybody what “Ray’s Kitchen Sink” is?


Could they not have found a space for Berkeley Mews on the CDs?

Alan Robinson

Well, ‘Berkleley Mews’ was a couple of years older than the ‘Lola’ album, and wasn’t of the era, I suppose, although it is a great song.

Kevin Wollenweber

Has “Berkeley Muse” ever been released on CD before?

Wayne K

It’s a Village Green era recording even though it was Lola b-side.


Paul is there no double vinyl edition, one with the original album and one disc of selected outtakes?


Really interesting! And really, really good prices for this one. The box set is gorgeous. Thank you, Paul! I just hope there won’t be any error in packaging regarding the single CD and the CD 1 of the 2CD deluxe as the Alternate Versions are not the same

Ian Harris

A great album, but all the recent stuff really does not belong here. I’ve no objection to archive stuff being remixed (a la Steve Wilson) but, for example, I wouldn’t want to hear Midge Ure doing an acoustic medley of Western Promise / All Stood Still appended to the recent Ultravox Vienna box set.

bruce kelso

this comes at a perfect time. time to reflect and look ahead, nice way to end this very upsetting year and look forward to much better times ahead. god save the kinks.


Nothing to see here, another over-priced mixture of CD and vinyl and for me at least, remixing old tracks is a no-go unless there was something seriously wrong with the original – it’s like colourising black and white film, it’s a falsification of history. Sixties/seventies tracks should sound like sixties/seventies tracks, not like they were recorded recently. Great album though…but who really needs yet another copy?

Sascha H.

Yes ! Always one of my favorite from the Kinks. And in the same format like ” Arthur ” with some extra goodies. Can´t wait to get it.


After the glories of the 12 inch ‘Village Green’ box set from a couple years ago, which included the vinyl mono and stereo album versions among other great features, I think it’s a crying shame they’ve gone down this route – I was hoping after ‘Arthur’ they’d revert back. Love the Kinks and was hoping to have a uniform collection of the great albums – I hate it when they change The format and size of these things – maybe that’s the OCD in me. Will pass – I agree it seems a little overpriced for predominantly CDs and book content. Does calling postcards ‘art cards’ add value by giving them an implied sophistication?


The Kinks store is offering ‘bundles’ with the lure of an additional (what appears to be) a silver vinyl 7” copy of Lola/ Berkeley Mews in the Danish picture sleeve and a pin badge…while stocks last!


Correction, the additional freebie if you order early, is a clear vinyl 7” of Berkeley Mews and not silver as it appeared to my speculative vision…..

David Bly


Literally a minute before your e-mail appeared, I got one from The Kinks Store, and they have a bonus thingy as has been done before…

“In addition if you pre-order the boxset from The Kinks Official store here you will also receive exclusive 7″ single – Lola/Berkeley Mews (Danish picture sleeve) and an enamel pin badge.”

Here’s a link…


What? Lola? Worry?

Looks good, less material than last few boxes. I assume the mono single is the cherry cola version.


Is it just me, or does £62 for three CDs, two seven-inch singles, a 60-page hardcover book and some art cards seem a little over priced?!


Let’s do the math… the single cd lists for £10. A bargain as most new release single CDs are £12-£16, but let’s use £10 x 3 = £30. 7” singles also vary but are typically £10-£14. Again, we’ll use £10 x 2 = £20. That gets us to £50. The remaining £12 then covers the hardcover book, postcards and overall packaging. Seems reasonable to me.


The well of previously unreleased tracks definitely appears to have run dry.

Tim Barton

I have yet to see any sign of it on any of the Japanese retailer sites, but I am waiting patiently. Definitely will get the box!


Hi Paul. The 2CD version isn’t just the second disc of the boxset, it’s a selection from CDs 2&3 from the box (check out the tracklisting on the Amazon link.) Thanks!


It looks like The Moneygoround (Alternate Version) on disk two of the two disk set is not on any CD in the box set. Am I correct? BTW it appears as if you get an extra single and a “badge” if you purchase this set from The Kinks store.


Insane! The official Kinks shop is charging €27 for shipping to Germany! Plus the box costs a fiver more from them – there’s absolutely no way I’m going to pay €32 for the additional single that would be really nice to have but offers nothing new at all.

Ron Martin

I just compared all of the tracks and, “yes”, you are correct.

Peter Oelgaard

I saw that too. It is a disgrace!


This Time Tomorrow may be one of the most beautiful songs ever written.

giovanni GEO Asinardi

I totally agree!!

Fernando Magnani

Finally!! Yes!! I was looking forward to it. Pretty damn good album. And no Percy included. Never mind. I know they’ve been preparing this release for the whole year. Long live The Kinks!!