The La’s vinyl reissue


The La’s 1990 album self-titled album is to be reissued on vinyl LP in August.

This was infamously the Liverpool band’s one and only studio album but is almost universally hailed as a modern classic, despite frontman Lee Mavers’ supposed dissatisfaction with it.

Four singles were released from the album including There She Goes, which when re-released, provided The La’s with their only top 40 hit (number 13).

This Feelin’ was the last single from the album

The 25-year old album has never been reissued on vinyl in the UK (resulting in high prices for used copies), although in US indie-rock specialists Plain Recordings did license a reissue back for North America back in 2009.

This new vinyl reissue is being put out by Polydor/Universal and is expected to be released on 19 August 2016.

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The La's

The La's [VINYL]



1. “Son of a Gun” 1:55
2. “I Can’t Sleep” 2:37
3. “Timeless Melody” 3:01
4. “Liberty Ship” 2:31
5. “There She Goes” 2:42
6. “Doledrum” 2:50
7. “Feelin'” 1:45
8. “Way Out” 2:32
9. “I.O.U.” 2:13
10. “Freedom Song” 2:23
11. “Failure” 2:54
12. “Looking Glass”

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[…] vinyl reissue of The La’s one and only studio album, which SDE reported on back in May, will not be pressed on black vinyl, but will be a limited coloured vinyl edition… The 1990 […]


Looks like there is going to be a blue vinyl version of this release and states that it is a 2016 remaster on the hype sticker, Paul any info on that? http://www.resident-music.com/productdetails&product_id=43511


Have you got any details on where I’ll be able to purchase this? I’ve done an online search and can’t find any details which is unusual considering its rumoured to be going on sale in a couple of weeks time.


Thanks for this, Paul. Great to hear!!

The stuff Plain releases is suitable quality for my 2-year old to play on his Fisher-Price record player. Why anyone would more than $2 for their garbage… let alone $40… is puzzling.

Paul Wren

I’m also lucky enough to own an original vinyl copy – car boot for £1 – this is good news for those who don’t want to pay over the odds for a copy: The 2008 reissue goes for c. £40 and the original for about £60+ in mint condition.

Simon F

Yup I also got a copy for a quid from a second hand shop due to a slightly water damaged outer sleeve, although nothing too serious. The inner sleeve and record were totally unaffected so a great bargain and a great album.
I also picked up a copy of the La’s very first single, “Way Out” on 12″ in it’s original red and grey sleeve for just 50 pence! That usually goes now for between £20-£30 or more.

Peter Yarrow

I was wondering how long it would be before this was reissued on vinyl. I bought it on vinyl when it was first issued having seen The La’s on a few occasions before the album came out. It’s great album and as per Martin Stockdale’s comment, it’s shame nothing further emerged from them. My original copy will now plummet in financial value … but then it probably only cost a fiver in the first place!


Best vinyl news I’ve heard in months. Not sure if Polydor/Universal have a decent history of audiophile/analogue reissues or is it likely to be from CD?


Being an owner of an original UK vinyl 1st press, for me this is a good news: i can put it on a safe! :)
Would like to know what kind of masters are gonna be used, who will cut it (and where)…

Mark T.

Been hoping for this re-issue for awhile now. It’s been long overdue. But $39.00 for a single album (currently as I write this) is a bit outrageous.

Martin Stockdale

Classic album – shame no moresignificant music emerged from the La’s or Lee Mavers for well-documented reasons. Be nice to have this on vinyl – prices for the original vinyl are a joke.

Julian Hancock

Mmm. I see the cheapest on Discogs is over £40!


Hopefully it’s not just the CD pressed to vinyl but from the original tapes, Mavers’ obsession with capturing a vintage mid 60s analogue sound deserves no less.

BTW that song is called Feelin’ not “This Feeling”, and a tremendously good song it is at that.