The League of Gentlemen / Precious Things vinyl box set

The League of Gentlemen / Precious Things vinyl box set

Demon Music follow up last years impressive Special Stuff  box set this December with a new League of Gentlemen vinyl package, Precious Things.

The 3LP box pulls together the original Christmas special (first aired in 2000) and the three anniversary episodes shown in December 2017.

Precious Things vinyl box (click image to enlarge)

“Yule Never Leave” is pressed on 180g ‘Snow Slash’ vinyl, while the three anniversary specials (“Return To Royston Vasey”, “Save Royston Vasey” and “Royston Vasey Mon Amour”) from 2017 are pressed on three sides of 180g ‘Snow globe’ vinyl. The fourth side is an Tubbs and Edward etched disc.

Each series is presented in a gatefold set and the artwork is once again handled by Graham Humphreys. Producer Adam Tandy supplies sleeve notes and a die cut outer slipcase allows you to swap over the sleeves to create a different ‘local shop’ window.

Special Stuff was a thing of beauty and went out of print very quickly (in part thanks to the signed print) and anyone who was lucky enough to acquire that is surely going to ‘need’ this to complete the collection.

Precious Things is released on 6 December 2019.

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Wayne Klein

Wonder how that black face cover is going to go over…


I’ve got the Vinyl Cuts box, the DVDs and the “Scripts And That” book…I think the only further way to consume the series is if they bring out a virtual reality headset which allows you to immerse yourself in the scenes and feel and smell the surroundings of Royston Vasey…actually that sounds a bit too creepy. You’ll never leave!


Whenever I see a ‘The League of Gentlemen’ headline on this site I automatically hope it is a reference to the excellent New Wave group Robert Fripp formed briefly during the 80s hiatus of King Crimson.
One album only. Never reissued. Fantastic material!

Oh well… maybe one day :-)


I am with you Trash, I clicked immediately with the pointless hope this was some mega reissue of tha album you mention (which I have on vinyl) plus lives and outtakes and extra unknown tracks… Maybe one day!!!

Peter Muscutt

Yay! Was just listening to vinyl cuts today…I echo above what lovely items these are just for the sheer amount of effort put into the packaging/coloured LPs. I think there’s only Live at Drury Lane and the film to put on vinyl now (!!!)

Paul Mac

Agreed, lovely sets and this one will round out the collection nicely.

Stuart Ansell

Hi Paul, the collection is rounded out by the live album which was released for RSD…. They’re all such lovely packages and lovingly put together, can’t wait to get my hands on this little beauty!!!