The League of Gentlemen’s Vinyl Cuts

12LP coloured vinyl box • Signed • limited edition • bonus 7″ single

The League of Gentlemen / Vinyl Cuts vinyl box set

British comedy TV series The League of Gentlemen is celebrated in November by Demon Records. The label have worked with creators Mark Gatiss, Steve Pemberton, Reece Shearsmith and Jeremy Dyson to produce a lavish 12LP coloured vinyl box set that features some stunning illustrations by horror legend Graham Humphreys.

This set includes the original BBC radio series, and every episode of the first three TV series presented as four 3LP gatefold sets.

Additionally, there is a bonus one-sided seven-inch single of Creme Brulee’s ‘Voodoo Lady’ with etched B-side!

Mark Gatiss, Steve Pemberton, Reece Shearsmith and Jeremy Dyson have contributed brand new sleeve notes and each of these limited sets includes a photo print SIGNED by them. Additionally, this box includes four 12″ prints of the series artwork.

The League of Gentlemen’s Vinyl Cuts will be issued on 2 November 2018. Well priced on Amazon UK at £119 which is £20 cheaper than the official shop.

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League of Gentlemen

Special Stuff: The League Of Gentlemen's Vinyl Cuts [VINYL]

Shop Price gbp Stock
JPC de   200.99
FNAC fr   225.53

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On The Town With The League Of Gentlemen

A guest At The Dentons
Death By Mau Mau

LP 2
Go To Joan Glover
Gunpowder, Treason and Plot

LP 3
A Kind Of Loving
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

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Series One – A Local Shop For Local People

LP 4
Welcome To Royston Vasey
The Road To Royston Vasey

LP 5
Nightmare In Royston Vasey
The Beast Of Royston Vasey

LP 6
Love Comes To Royston Vasey
Escape From Royston Vasey

Click image to enlarge

Series Two – You’re My Wife Now

LP 7
Destination: Royston Vasey
Lust For Royston Vasey

LP 8
A Plague On Royston Vasey
Death In Royston Vasey

LP 9
Anarchy In Royston Vasey
Royston Vasey And The Monster From Hell

Click image to enlarge

Series Three – Do You Want A Bag With That?

LP 10
The Lesbian And The Monkey
The One Armed man Is King

LP 11
Turn Again Geoff Tipps
The Medusa Touch

LP 12
Beauty And The beast (Or Come Into My Parlour)
How The Elephant Got It’s Trunk

Exclusive one sided 7” single of Creme Brulee’s ‘Voodoo
Lady’ with etched B-side

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William Miller

i just got my order from Amazon UK, the box is damaged, it was removed from the packing material that is in the unboxing video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A3SRK9qnDNk , and packed in a flimsy box with brown paper

anyone else packed this way from Amazon and damaged ?

Chris Squires

Mine came with a fitted polystyrene / some kind of plastic shell and them cardboard outer in a the usual amazon outer box.
I agree it’s odd as there is no rhyme or reason, there have been items that do / don’t come in the packaging as supplied by the suppliers depending on how lucky you are. I can’t see the reason why Amazon would go to the bother or removing this plastic packaging, it slots together like lego (not really but you get the idea) to create a safe shell, to take it off and then post it is just nuts.

William Miller

thanks for sharing your experience amazon are sending out another i did speak to them even linking the video asking to leave in packing in came with , they didnt seem to understand, so i guess it will be pot luck again if i get it as is supposed to be. the packing its meant to come in does look pretty sturdy so why remove !!!

Leigh Giddings

Still waiting to hear back from the official site, have mailed them severial times asking when my box set will be shipped, and still no reply. I have had no communication since they sent me out a keyring and a badge.Dont’t mind it being late. Just want to know whats going on


Ah, I’ve been holding off forever on this but the reviews here sound too good. Bought!


It is up on amazon.uk as of now (Sat 10th Nov – 17.10) at £96


My copy arrived yesterday and it is a quality box set.
It is numbered, stamped in a small box on the bottom left of the rear of the box.
I received No 459/750. Who will be the lucky recipient of No 666?

Really hefty item, vinyl looks and sounds excellent.

Chris Squires

Mine arrived yesterday, but I have only just opened it up. What a thing of absolute beauty. That’s a couple of recent purchases that have felt like ART rather than a simple conductor of music.
The edition is only 750, I have no idea why this wasn’t publicized, it would have sold out in seconds. As such it will not be around for long, so if you are waiting for another deal alert, I got mine for £96, I don’t think there will be one with this small a run.
Haven’t had chance to actually listen to it yet. I watched the full series last week in anticipation and so the visual element would be fresh in my mind. can’t wait for the right day….

Tony Dagnall

I ordered this when it was announced on SDE and Amazon have just told me of a delay in release date, but that doesn’t concern me. I was pondering exactly how the three series of TV episodes would translate to audio only on the LP’s. Decades ago I recall Fawlty Towers released vinyl LPs of the show and Andrew Sachs as Manuel narrated over the parts that the listener wouldn’t be able to see. Take Mr Chinnery, Royston Vasey’s local vet, for example. Pretty much everything he does is visually guided. On a vinyl record the uninitiated listener would just hear an explosion followed by laughter, and may not know what was so funny. It intrigues me. None of the pre-release info says anything pertinent. I was just thinking, that’s all. Carry on.

Peter Muscutt

Good point Tony, I have a feeling these LPs won’t have the narration as there is a quote from Jeremy Dyson on some of the item descriptions advising that this is a straight LP of the series featuring just the audio, and jokingly asking “why someone would want to own this”! There’s also a spoof quote from the character Olly Plimsolls which says something along the lines of “as most of our work is visual, prior knowledge of our material is advisable” – I think it will just be a straight conversion of the TV series audio onto vinyl, but seeing as this is a) around £100 and b) quite clearly geared towards the hardcore fans, this shouldn’t be too much of an issue!

Looking forward to getting my set, provided Amazon pack it well enough and it doesn’t come with crumpled corners etc.!!!

[…] recently announced 12LP coloured vinyl box set of British comedy TV series The League of Gentlemen is now even […]


Just seen on the official site, that it is now SOLD OUT! Time to check out that Amazon

Peter Muscutt

It’s a shame the 7″ isn’t “sprayed” gold to match the gold-sales record Les McQueen has in his shed! If they were rooting around for a B-side, they could have used the live version of ‘Voodoo Lady’ from the ‘Drury Lane’ DVD back in the day…!

Made the mistake of ordering from the official store, then saw it was on Amazon! I thought it was only going to be available from the official store, so have to hunt for my confirmation email now to cancel and re-order from Amazon to get the saving (d’oh!!)

Matthew North

Not a massive fan, but at a teller per LP this appears to be a good value box set.


Nobody else stocking this apart from the mighty Amazon?


hopefully will ship to oz


I have left 3 comments, of which only one has appeared. Maybe I should consider deleting this site from my favourites. :o(


Creme Brulee is missing in my Eurovision Collection.

mr mercury



Loved the TV series. Never heard the radio programmes so this is a ‘must have’. If the quality is anything like ‘Hitchhikers’ then it’ll be amazing. Not a single click or pop anywhere among the 6 sides of red vinyl!


One of my favorite shows ever! (The movie not quite as good, but Psychoville made up for it)
Unleashed a torrent of blackness from my heart I never knew I had.
I must buy this!


I loved the radio series. TV was good too, but I felt the laughter felt a bit forced at times. However, I’ve heard it repeated on BBC 4extra a few times over the years so I’m not in the market for these.

Paul Kent

Love The League Of Gentlemen. This set looks absolutely stunning. Massively envious of those of you who nab a copy. However – and I’m not bitching, sniping or moaning – no CD???

Dom Smith

Love the utterly classic TV series, love comedy on vinyl and love the care that’s clearly gone in to the design. Don’t quite understand the trolling it’s getting here. I think even the infamous Debbie Gibson box set got more plaudits! PS Robert Fripp is such an easy target for a rhyming gag, but I refrained…

Chris Squires

It’s a perfect release to drag out pre-conceived prejudices.

i) No-one will buy this…..betcha it’ll sell out
ii) It’ll only be flippers – betcha it won’t be, stuff like this has a *massive* fanbase, like Hitchhikers or Red Dwarf
iii) No-one buys soundtracks, comedy or radio programmes – erm yes they do. Current favourite is Coraline closely followed by Ratatouille and again Hitchhikers. And as CAB says below a long-lost and re-found Bob Newhart LP is a treasure, ditto The Goon Show.

And for Clive – Why not? It’s far more interesting than a clear Vinyl version of Hunting High and Low or another Vanilla release of some 80s classic, most of which I have 3 or 4 times over. Whether you buy it or not it certainly a more interesting prospect than the Mike and the Mechanics re-re-re-release. (Granville!)

It’s wonderful that there are people out there willing to take a risk and clearly putting some thought and effort into these things. Some will fail and some will succeed, “but is it art?” – yes indeed and it is worth the effort for that alone.



Hear, hear. Here.


Perhaps a missed opportunity to have this ready to be on-sale on the merch stand of their current arena tour – they must be performing to about 100,000 people between August and the end of September. Captive market and all that.
It was always cult viewing which often breeds the most fanatical of fans so I imagine they and Demon did the sums and are fairly optimistic of all making a few quid from it.


I loved the whole LoG project. I wrote to their management via email and was sent a fully signed colour 10×8 so the fact that this has a signed photo wouldn’t tempt me. A nice curio release, but totally unnecessary and won’t be making its way onto my already creaking shelves.

alexander cowan

how my heart sank when I read this thinking it was Robert Fripp instead of this cack!!!!


Should’ve gone to Specsavers…


Just to prove there is no shortage of pressing plants and Vinyl, I guess. A total waste of time and money, imo. On the other hand, they only need a 1000 or so “investors” to think they can make money by flipping it later, and they’re golden.



Broken record, Ha!

Chris Squires

Not quite as “Sad” as your comment though Dean, which reeks of bitterness and spite.


I genuinely don’t understand why people can’t just ignore releases that don’t interest them and move along, rather than posting world-weary comments about how pointless or cynical they consider the product in question to be. I often see announcements on here that don’t float my boat at all, but it’s hardly my place to declare them irrelevant on behalf of everyone else.

Here’s how it works, for those who weren’t aware:
– Companies (e.g. record companies) make money by selling stuff.
– If people want it and are happy to pay the asking price then they will; if not, they won’t.
– No-one is obliged to buy anything they don’t want.
– We all want different stuff.
– Someone buying the stuff they want doesn’t prevent you from buying the stuff you want.

Life is brief – don’t waste a load of it trying the make the whole world revolve around you. You’ll just end up very tired, and very disappointed.


Very well said Kook :)
I’m going to buy this because I’m a massive fan, I’m probably the only one in this house that will ever listen to it lol . Went to see them in Dublin last month, the stage show is brilliant, sharp as a pin in execution and the 3 lads kept the audience in stitches throughout.


Was a fan of the show when it first aired, and find this release interesting. I cannot see why they would create such a lavish set without having a pretty good gauge that the interest would be there for it to sell. I generally dont wait for price drops and buy what I like when it comes out, but on this occasion I do feel myself hoping the price will drop enough to afford it for my own collection. Thanks for the heads up as always Paul.


I disagree with the nay-sayers. To me this is what vinyl is all about, and I’m not even a vinyl collector any more – haven’t been for ages.
This is the sort of thing you stumble upon in someone’s collection 20 years hence on a wet Sunday and you end up listening to it out of curiosity.
That’s how I discovered Blaster Bates and Bob Newhart in the 80’s. Me and a mate were flicking through his dad’s record collection and stumbled upon some strange artwork……. and the driving instructor monologue reached a new generation.
I don’t think they’ll have any issue offloading a thousand of these. Best Christmas present ever for a fan.

Paul Mac

Totally agree. I stumbled across The Driving Instructor on 7″ vinyl in my dad’s record collection years ago and couldn’t believe something this cool had found its way into all the Jim Reeves and Perry Como albums! :)

John S

I got a little excited when this popped up until i realised that it wasn’t the Robert Fripp solo project, that must be another deluxe edition that’s long overdue!


@John S
I was about to post exactly the same thing. For me Robert Fripp’s League of Gentlemen album is the best thing he has done (in a great career).
It’s a shame it was limited to one album (never properly issued on CD) and a set of bootlegs…

Kevin Wollenweber

I am totally unfamiliar with this series. A set like this peaks my interest; if this were CD, I might jump. I clicked on this originally because I thought this was a set dedicated to the Robert Fripp material which was reissued for CD, removing incidental dialogue, etc., but imagine my surprise to find that it had to do with c omedy. I’d love to hear a sample of this sometime. I am sure it is worth collecting.


It’s going to be worth listening to, repeatedly, too! The radio show is tremendous (you can download it free on an Amazon ‘Audible’ trial), and the TV series is IMO the best British comedy of recent decades. The live show on at the moment lives up to expectations. These chaps are untouchable, so this is an instant purchase, with a CD set to following for the car hopefully.


For a moment I thought this was about Robert Fripp’s League of Gentlemen… wishful thinking, I suppose.


I can see the value in a vinyl of the original radio series but the TV series had so many visual jokes that a record can’t hope to provide the intended experience (unless there’s been some editing to remove what will seem like unexplained bursts of laughter). It’ll just feel weird. Odd.

Auntie Sabrina

Maybe they’ll add some narration like when Fawlty Towers was released on vinyl back in the 70s, not that I can remember this myself…


Just.. WHY?


I thought the exact same thing. LOL


Creme Brulee made it to the heats in qualifying for Eurovision ’81. Lost out to Bucks Fizz and Les McQueen never really recovered. It’s a shit business…

mike e mike

In the context of this conversation…people like sound of vinyl / demon are pushing out so many exclusives ltd editions etc that cant sell a 1000 copies ..I wonder why they put some stuff out like Gotti red vinyl…Who makes those decisions and should they get nearer the ground to find out basically what we want and make proper money from the releases .I just cant see how pushing stuff out that doesn’t sell that well is sustainable in the long run..or is it just me?

mike e mike

Paul yes i don’t know… I didn’t articulate that well and it wasn’t in the context of this release…I was speaking in general about the vinyl releases..I think it been reiterated in some of the comments above…I’ve noticed that people are moaning about the content within most of them…I suppose my point is if I was in that position I’d be more on the ground ..maybe ‘focus grouping it’ for want of a better phrase. ..I just feel sometimes the releases are quite obscure..let me know your view…


My thoughts exactly, my wife has become well and truly tired off me face-palming and shouting ‘Why’? when I’m doing my vinyl browsing online. Gotti was one I got particularly riled about. Why not reissue all the Bond scores on pic disc or nice colours instead of taking a punt on random films/tv. Maybe the recent Skyfall coloured reissue is a toe in the water? I’m interested to know at what point do they make money regarding sales, it must cost a fair bit to put something like this together.

mike e mike

Matt S..I agree I just mentioned Gotti…but the list I think is endless..Im not really moaning as I mainly buy vinyl…they hav had some brilliant releases..but its the mad shit like jumanji etc..for example demon days got a minor release with vinyl me earlier in the year….now its out on straight up release. This was last released in circa 2004..wouldn’t the have been better off negotiating a deal on that ….as a shit load of people have been wanting it for 10 years or more..point being get in the Zietgiest? (typos soz!)

Tony O

is it me or are Demon off their trolleys, not everything deserves a lavish style box set, i doubt there are 100 people who would be interested in this box set unless you just like box sets. I would love to know how many people on this site are likely to be interested and if so is it because they are a fan of the show or just like the neat box set?


I think you underestimate their fan base, and the fanaticism of them! Their current tour is about to or has played the Manchester Arena, a 20,000 seater! Not saying every fan will, buy this, but I don’t think they’ll have any problem shifting a thousand copies.

Tony O

Adam, i have no doubt that this mob have a massive following and if it was a deluxe blu-ray or dvd box set then i could maybe see it. There appear to be a massive influx of vinyl box sets for not music related subjects and they aint £20 or £30. I could be proved wrong but i suspect they will be knocking around the £50 or £60 price tag pretty soon. I have nothing against this show and really enjoyed it when it was on TV, but what next, a 24 disc vinyl box set for eastenders?


I love TLOG and while this is unquestionably excellent (content and packaging) I am not a vinyl fan so a CD version too would make sense to me. Also to make it complete ALL the episodes and the film too would have been perfect – why the most recent revival specials and the superb Christmas special weren’t included too is a bit strange. The omission of the movie I can kind of understand but to not make it the complete BBC collection is a missed opportunity.


Any chance of a cd, gents?



Chris Squires

I still don’t understand why a company WILL NOT SAY how limited “limited edition” means.

It matters.

Say I am wavering and I know it’s 300 or 500. I want it, but it’s a lot of money. I am far more likely to pull the trigger than if I know it’s 2,000 and I can afford to dither a bit more and get a deal alert.

Personally, I believe that a “Limited Edition” where the number is not shouted from the rooftops is more likely to be in the 1,000s. Possibly 3 to 5k. It’s still “limited” but you hope to mop up the waverers and some speculators in an early sweep and then catch the rest when it seems to be still available 6 months later with deep discounts.

It is lowering any respect I had for the industry, such that there was some. If you are claiming something is limited you should be forced to give a number because rather like the massive Queen set all you have to do is reprint and everybody suddenly feels shafted.

Whatever your views on exclusivity and price there is always an element of this in a buying decision. If you want it and there are 10,000 you might wait until the price drops….you know it will still be available in 6 months, if you want it and there are 500, you probably will jump straight in as you know it might not be available by the weekend.

As an example. The McCartney coloured re-issues. 4,000? 10,000? 2,000? 1,000? Who knows.
State it and even better…number them. i.e. the Lord of the Rings box sets.

Chris Squires

I’m willing to guess you are right and the giveaway is the signed photo. Any more than 1,000 and the photo not only loses it’s point it’s also a pain-in-the-arse for the signatories.

Rare Glam

It’s worth pointing out that re the numbered limited edtion issue that it was also Demon / Edsel who just released the very nice 2 x UK Subs book sets, both of which are numbered limited editions of 1000. That fact was also part of those sets press release promotion. So it clearly serves a purpose to do this. I would have thought this vinyl LOG set would be a perfect candidate for the same thing.

Daniel Ashton

1000 won’t be enough, they’re massive in Herzlovakia.


In response to the ‘how limited is limited’ debate, fans of 80s songstresses Judie Tzuke, Beverley Craven and Julia Fordham may be interested in a collaborative album soon to be released titled Woman To Woman Of which there are a number of bundles and signed editions available at present, amongst them a lavender coloured vinyl edition limited to just 250 copies!