The Lilac Time / Return to Us

Stephen Duffy returns with a new Lilac Time album, Return to Us in October, with signed CD and vinyl copies available via SDE.

The Lilac Time (originally Stephen, Nick Duffy and Michael Weston) date back to 1986 when they recorded four albums before Stephen Duffy rebooted his solo career in 1993 (without the ‘Tin Tin’) and released three studio albums, including the recently reissued I Love My Friends.

More albums followed in the new millennium including Keep Going (2003) and 2007’s Runout Groove (“our worse selling record” as Duffy told SDE earlier this year). The most recent record was No Sad Songs which was released about four years ago.

The new nine-track album features ‘(I’m) A Believer’ which you can preview above. The album is being issued as a special gatefold purple vinyl edition and a digi-pack CD.

I’m delighted to say that SDE is offering SIGNED editions of both formats via the SDE shop. Use this link or the buttons below (these are signed by the band, not just Stephen). There’s also a specially-priced vinyl+CD bundle for those who just want ‘everything’.

Return to Us is released on 11 October 2019.

Compare prices and pre-order

The Lilac Time

Return to Us - Purple vinyl


Compare prices and pre-order

The Lilac Time

Return to Us - CD edition


  1. (I’m) A Believer
  2. March to the Docks
  3. The Hills of Cinnamon
  4. The Needles
  5. Return to Us
  6. The Bridge & Down
  7. The River Runs Both Ways
  8. The Simple Things
  9. King Kopetsky

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Looking forward to this album release and its supporting promotional tour:

• Jam Falmouth – Saturday 12 October (16:00) with Claire & Nick
• Rough Trade (East) London – Monday 14 October (19:00) Stephen solo
• Rough Trade Bristol – Tuesday 15 October (19:00) Stephen solo
• Rough Trade Nottingham – Wednesday 16 October (19:00) Stephen solo
• Birmingham Swordfish – Thursday 17 October (17:00) Stephen solo
• Birmingham Glee Club – Thursday 17 October (20:00) Stephen solo

Justin Isbell

Thanks Gazelle. I’ve booked to see him on the 14th Oct at Rough Trade East. I’ve been a devote fan of Mr Duffy since 1982 but this’ll be the first time that I’ve had a chance to see him live :-)


The 14/10 performance at Rough Trade East proved to be a highly entertaining hour-long career-spanning tour de force. Stephen played:

1. Let Our Land Be The One
(from 1990 album And Love For All)
2. Return To Us
(from 2019 album Return To Us)
3. In The Evening Of Her Day
(b-side of 1998 single 17)
4. The Postcard
(from 1998 album I Love My Friends)
5. Looking For A Day In The Night
(from 1999 album Looking For A Day In The Night)
6. Paper Boat
(from 1990 album And Love For All)
7. Bank Holiday Monday
(from 2003 album Keep Moving)
8. March To The Docks
(from 2019 album Return To Us)
9. Icing On The Cake
(from 1985 album The Ups And Downs)
10. Madresfield
(from 1991 album Astronauts)
11. The Girl Who Waves At Trains
(from 1989 album Paradise Circus)
12. Kiss Me
(from 1985 album The Ups And Downs)

Paul Waddington

I was lucky, in that I only checked his website a few days ago to see if he would be doing any shows, so I’ve just managed to see him down in Nottingham. Great as always, teased me by singing the first line of my request, Julie Christie. And I was looking forward to making Chris Squires jealous! But I’ve seen him umpteen times, since the first one 31 or 32 years ago (can’t quite remember) and I’m pretty sure it’s the first time I’ve seen him do The Icing On The Cake, although I may be wrong.

He kindly signed my Swordfish Lilac Time album and Baby Impossible 12”, so those will be going on the wall. Hopefully his new album does well, cos it’s great. I scratch my head at how Ed Sheeran can sell millions of records and pack out football stadiums, whilst one of our greatest ever songwriters plays in front of a couple of dozen (albeit devoted) fans in a record shop.

Matt Thurston

I will buy anything released by Stephen Duffy. Please re-release everything since 1999 and Looking for A Day in the Night on vinyl. And Duffy and Music in Colors too!


Many thanks for this – huge Stephen Duffy/Lilac Time fan so had to order the vinyl+CD bundle.

Thanks Paul.

I’ve also just realised that I am losing track of what I have ordered and am awaiting from the SDE shop. So far I have ordered:
– Midge Soundtrack album
– Haircut 100 album
– Stereolab albums

But I’m not sure when they are due out and if there is anything else I’ve forgotten :-)


I was educated through this website of the exceptional “I love my friends” album, and Stephens subsequent career. Glad to lend my support to a great website – and a signed version is the perfect cherry on the top!


Paul I presume the bundle signed cd and vinyl, is both signed cd and signed vinyl?
Also in the bundle is the vinyl the coloured one?



Just ordered from the S.D.E. shop with deep gratitude.

My ears look forward to being freshly and thoroughly Duffy’d in October: Stephen, Nick, (and Melvin if possible).

Many happy returns to us, Lilac Time.

Neil Staffs

This is really great news, and the preview is tiptop. Autumn is the perfect season for some new Lilac Timeage :)
Nice one re the signed copies!
Btw is there another female vocalist on “(I’m) A Believer”, alongside Claire??


Well, who needs Amazon when you can buy from SDE and get a signed CD into the bargain!!

Been looking forward to this release for so long, love Stephen and the Lilac Time so much. Now why do I get the feeling I’ve seen that cover pic before….does that make this a back to basics affair?? Whatever, I always treasure new material from these consummate musicians (haven’t used that word in a long time lol)

Thanks as always Paul

David Mcintyre

Anything Mr Duffy does is a must buy for me


Thank you Paul, it feels like it’s been ages waiting for this. Ordered the signed bundle from the SDE shop as always looking forward to this, fingers crossed for launch day delivery!