The Man Who Fell To Earth / four-disc limited collector’s edition blu-ray

Four-disc collector’s edition includes CD

Studiocanal will later this year reissue Nicholas Roeg‘s 1976 film The Man Who Fell To Earth, in a special collector’s edition that features a 40th anniversary 4K restoration and other collectible content.

Thomas Jerome Newton is arguably David Bowie‘s most memorable film role and the impact was such that images and iconography of the movie bled into Bowie’s musical world, with the two albums that followed (Station to Station and Low) both utilising stills from the film shoot on their front covers.

This restoration of The Man Who Fell to Earth is based on a 4K scan of the original camera negative, followed by a full 4K workflow, with the approval of cinematographer Anthony Richmond. There will be a standard blu-ray version of this film reissue, but it’s the limited collector’s edition that is of real interest, since it has four discs and comes with other content.


Despite the image above showing four blu-rays, StudioCanal have confirmed to SDE that this set contains a blu-ray, two DVDs and a CD. The CD element contains just John Philips music from the soundtrack and has two tracks/versions of tracks not included in the version being issued separately. More on that here.

This collector’s edition will also contain an illustrated booklet with writings on the film, a repro of the original press book for the film, four art cards and an A4 poster of the new theatrical quad for this new 4K restoration of the film (main image at the top).

Also in this set (but not exclusive to the collector’s edition) are new interviews with costume designer May Routh, stills photographer David James and producer Michael Deeley and a new “The Lost Soundtracks” featurette. Other interviews and featurettes are also included.

Considering what you get (blu-ray, DVD, poster, CDs, facsimile bits and bobs), £20 for the collector’s set doesn’t seem bad at all. It might well go up in price between now and 24 October 2016, when this is released.

Compare prices and pre-order

David Bowie

The Man Who Fell To Earth (40th Anniversary), Collector's Edition [Blu-ray] [2016]




Disc 1 > Blu-ray (region B locked)

  • • Feature & extras (as per DVD 2)

Disc 2 > DVD 1 (region 2 locked)

  • Feature only

Disc 3 > DVD 2 (region 2 locked)


  • • New interview with costume designer May Routh featuring original costume sketches
  • • New interview with stills photographer David James featuring behind the scenes stills
  • • New interview with fan Sam Taylor-Johnson
  • • New interview with producer Michael Deeley
  • • New “The Lost Soundtracks” featurette, featuring interviews with Paul Buckmaster and author Chris Campion
  • • Interview with Candy Clark
  • • Interview with writer Paul Mayersberg
  • • Interview with cinematographer Tony Richmond
  • • Interview with Nic Roeg
  • • Extract from David Bowie
  • • Trailer
  • • Watching the Alien featurette

Disc 4 > CD

  • • John Philips’ soundtrack music. Track listing as follows:

1 Jazz II (02:48)
2 Boys From The South (01:45)
3 Rhumba Boogie (02:01)
4 America (01:00)
5 Jazz (00:59)
6 Space Capsule (01:49)
7 Bluegrass Breakdown (01:38)
8 Desert Shack (02:02)
9 Window (01:45)
10 Alberto (01:38)
11 Liar, Liar (03:04)
12 Hello Mary Lou 02:25*
13 The Man Who Fell To Earth 02:42
14 Bryce*

*unique versions/tracks not on the soon-to-be-issued soundtrack

Physical items in the box

  • • Illustrated Booklet with writings on the film
  • • 4 exclusive artcards
  • • Original press book for the film
  • • A4 poster of new theatrical quad for the 4K restoration of the film

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The 4th Doctor

I never did find the Canadian version for sale anywhere on the net that would ship to the U.S. Of course eventually this will be officially out of print (if it isn’t already?), and then all the Canadian copies will FINALLY make their way to Ebay, Amazon, etc and be selling for hundreds of dollars…really makes me sick.

Fun Radio

I hope they are releasing the unedited version that was released, rather than the original release.

The 4th Doctor

Well, apparently the 2-Disc STUDIO CANAL BOXSET that’s now available on the AMAZON CANADA site in REGION A for Canada, and the U.S. – isn’t actually available for shipping to the U.S.!!!

I tried to order it, as I live in the U.S., and was told I couldn’t.

Many THX to AMAZON. I think NOT.

Would be very nice if someone here had a helpful hint at just where online I could order that 2-Disc REGION A Boxset, so I could get it shipped to the U.S.



The “Extract from David Bowie” sounds interesting. I wonder which part of him we get.

The 4th Doctor

I live in the U.S. and was hoping for this 4-Disc Collectors Set to be released here as well, but it won’t be. I wrote StudioCanal, and asked them -“WHY?”

They were kind enough to write me back, and explain that


“Hi ****,
I’m afraid that Lionsgate have the rights for The Man Who Fell to Earth in the US, so they would be able to answer your question.

Best wishes,


So, I wrote Lionsgate, and asked them about their plans for any future releases of the
‘The Man Who Fell To Earth’, and they never bothered to answer.

Now, I did also happen upon another forum discussing this release, where it was noted by one member that AMAZON CANADA was offering the same set as above in Region A – minus the two additional DVD’s. So in the U.S. you can order from AMAZON CANADA, and buy the same set – with all the cards, poster, etc; Only NO DVD’s.

I’m not sure what to do really? Order it, or not?

I don’t know if the AMAZON CANADA version will be worth the time, and expense?

If it’s the same quality as the STUDIOCANAL 4-DISC version?

Here’s the link for the AMAZON CANADA site:


I did also notice recently that the BEST BUY chain here in the U.S. has a page listed for the upcoming release as well, but only as a single disc BluRay, for $14.99.

Here’s the link for the BEST BUY site:


I wrote BEST BUY, and inquired about that 4-Disc Collectors Edition, and got a reply


“Hi ****,

Thank you for contacting Best Buy.

The Man Who Fell to Earth Collector’s edition is not available, I suggest you periodically check our website at http://www.bestbuy.com or go to any of our retail stores to check on the item’s availability.

We appreciate you doing business with us. For any other concerns, you may visit our Help Center at http://www.bestbuy.com.”

So, there’s some info from me here stateside for those in the U.S. seeking answers…



This is showing up as unavailable at Amazon UK already, with the worrying “we don’t know when or if this item will be back in stock”. Does anyone have any more info? Is it out of print already, or is this purely an Amazon stock problem?


Has this been pulled? As my order now says “currently unavailable ” the normal blu ray still has a date but can’t find this.

P.s this is on Amazon


Reading back through the comments…

blu ray region locking, although not widespread, is fairly common. I was in California when I bought into blu ray, so my player and TV are Region A/NTSC. BBC region free titles are useless, they are 50Hz and Region A players don’t like that (I’m sure someone here can explain that better than I did). I always tread carefully when buying new blu rays in the UK, London Has Fallen for example was region locked despite being a worldwide release.

As for The Man Who Fell To Earth and Region A/US availability, I haven’t seen anything in the US yet (apart from the old Criterion), but Amazon Canada has a similar limited edition version. Blu ray and CD with art cards released November 1, 40th Anniversary; doesn’t mention a 4k remaster but the image shows the studio canal logo. No ratings logos which to me is always a bonus! (as I find them really ugly)

Kevin Allen

REMINDER: The Man Who Fell To Earth 4K is showing at the BFI (and other cinemas) from Friday.

Daniel Wylie

The CD, despite having Bowie plastered all over it, contains no Bowie music.

Derek Cornish

Damn……no US release

Ian Conway

I’ll stick with my Criterion release which includes the commentary by David Bowie. Seems a bit of a glaring omission from StudioCanal’s otherwise comprehensive programme of extras, but it’s surely the cherry on the cake, so it’s curious that they coudn’t go the extra mile in terms of whatever licensing was required.


Yes, I have to agree. This is a great deal but I’d much rather wait and see what we get in North America.


Re: the mystery bonus CD by John Phillips

This isn’t the late John Phillips of The Mama’s & The Papa’s fame is it? This project seems a bit out of character, even for him, though many of the songs listed in the end credits above fit into his general musical era. I wasn’t aware of him having a “Bowie connection”.


Yes it was him.

Mark Allen

Shame there isn’t a Blu-Ray II true-4K release, this would really do the 4K restoration proper justice, and something to play on my new X-Box One S :-)

[…] reported just last week about the restored deluxe blu-ray version of Nicholas Roeg’s 1976 film The Man Who Fell To […]


Thanks – looking fwd to this … The Wiki entry gives info on music https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Man_Who_Fell_to_Earth

Music as listed on end credits

Composed and recorded by Stomu Yamashta:

“Poker Dice” (from Floating Music)
“33⅓” (from Raindog)
“Mandala” (from Soundtrack from Man from the East)
“Wind Words” (from Freedom is Frightening)
“One Way” (from Floating Music)
“Memory of Hiroshima” (from Soundtrack from Man from the East)
Performed by John Phillips:

“Boys from the South”
“Rhumba Boogie”
“Bluegrass Breakdown”
“Hello Mary-Lou” (featuring Mick Taylor)
Other music:

“Blueberry Hill” – Louis Armstrong
“Enfantillages Pittoresques” – Frank Glazer
“A Fool Such As I” – Jim Reeves
“Make the World Go Away” – Jim Reeves
“Try to Remember” – The Kingston Trio
“Blue Bayou” – Roy Orbison
“Silent Night” – Robert Farnon
“Any Major Dude Will Tell You” – Steely Dan
“Shades of Scarlett Conquering” – Joni Mitchell
“True Love” – Bing Crosby
“Love Is Coming Back” – Genevieve Waite
“Stardust” – Artie Shaw
“Planets Suite, Op. 32: Mars, Bringer of War & Venus, Bringer of Peace”
composed by Gustav Holst and performed by the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra


Strange i was just looking at the picture on amazon of the discs and all 4 discs have the Blu-ray logo on them and DTS Master logo on them as well no sign of any CD’s or DVD’s included.

Kevin Allen

The BFI are screening the 4K restoration of The Man Who Fell To Earth from 9 September.

Kevin Allen


NB: BFI will be showing the film in NFT 1, NFT3 & Studio but the 4K digital restoration will only be shown in NFT1 & NFT3. Elsewhere it will be 2K.


How strange, I was only wondering today (prompted by something that I was reading) if there was any material in the vaults from the film that could be picked up for whatever extras the Berlin-era box-set contains next year (a-la the next one’s Gouster), and then I see this post…

I do seem to recall reading in the dim and distant past that somebody had hung on to what had been put together for the film, so let’s hope so.

Jeff Rougvie

Criterion have announced a new version in the US but no further details. I would expect all the prior extras to carry over as they are Criterions proprietary materials, but assume new extras too.


The 2 CD version might include the Stomu Yamashta tracks as well; I doubt the unreleased Bowie will appear (maybe 1 or 2 tracks at most for a taster). They will save Bowie’s work for the Berlin box which will no doubt appear soon. (logically)


Absolutely ordering this.


I must admit I’m a bit confused here… The deluxe box has 1 CD, the standalone audio has 2. So is there some content which is exclusive to the 2CD edition? And what’s in it, anyway, beside John Phillips’ soundtrack?… I see the box set has 2 Dvd, what exactly is on the Dvds and what’s on the BR?…

Shaun Harris

I think this will be a 1 BR,1 DVD and 2 CDs


Wow my earlier comment still awaiting moderation – I didn’t think I had said anything contentious :-(


No worries – I presumed it was something like that.
Incidentally – in case you didn’t know, the B.A.D. track I mentioned is a homage to the films of Nicholas Roeg.


I do like the progress of technology, and being a perfectionist means I always want the MOST BESTEST version. But I get frustrated by all the faffing about it involves! When I bought my very first VCR many moons ago, I just plugged one cord into the powerpoint, then plugged the other cord into the TV. Bing bang boom, all done in a minute (bar the tuning in, but with only 5 channels back then, that was pretty quick too)! Now I have to do DAYS of research just to pick a set of speakers! Then spend HOURS connecting and configuring everything. Then I have to buy a set of headphones so I can watch/listen without disturbing others. Have you bought a pair of headphones recently? MY GOD it’s so complicated! So many variations of the same basic item, all saturated with tech-speak that means absolutely nothing to me.

And not to mention the irritation about having to buy CDs or DVDs that I already have. It’s reaching a point where I am reluctant to buy anything just in case I have to re-buy it in the future. I simply can’t afford to keep doing that. It’s annoying enough that I feel the need to make the extra effort (and extra expense) to buy the Japanese editions of CDs, just because I want the extra track that isn’t available anywhere else. And then missing out on the iTunes/digital-only tracks.

*sigh* I’m just a grumpy old bugger, ain’t I?


Without the commentary and a UHD 4K BD I think I will wait and see what comes out via Lionsgate. I can’t watch DVD’s anymore (they look terrible on a large screen TV) and the art cards and A4 poster are just a waste of paper. I don’t want to have to double dip a few months later.

Simon F

What the bloody hell is 4K anyway? Just another way to screw money out of gullible hi-fi snobs? I’m getting really sick and tired of this endless “remastered in 3D, CD, HI-FI,LO-FI 3K 4K 5.1, 6.1 HDTV CCTV BBC ITV blah blah blah zzzzzzzz……………….”


“I’ve got a 4AD 3D CD….”

Apologies to Half Man Half Biscuit.

Ron de Joode

Every week a ‘new’ Bowie release? Why? Why?


I think you meant to say a new bowie reissue surely.


MM said:
“Not really. 4K is still an expensive medium to mass-produce, and is brand new to the market. So no-one is going to be putting out niche movies like this on it for a little while.”

I see your point. Yet they went through the whole process of making a 4K Master “with a complete 4K workflow” for this niche movie. Which is the most expensive part of the process. So what’s the point ? They’re not selling an UHD version of the film, and they’re putting out a major Deluxe edition. I don’t see a new edition coming out in the near future. If no UHD version is made available now, it’ll never happened.

(Or maybe there’s a standalone UHD version coming in parallel with this, wich will be announced soon.)

Paul Murphy

Just to get in first, my bet for the title of the 2017 Bowie Box Set is ‘A New Career In A New Town’.
NB, hat-eating in case of error not included in offer.

John Norris

By the way, re above, it is issue 413 of HiFi Choice.

John Norris

Hi Paul, there was an article in last month’s HiFi Choice magazine, probably still available as an e-mag, which had an article about the OST for the film that was supposed to have come out… you should find some background information there about the CD content.

Apparently when the 1963 book was re released to tie in with the movie release in 1976 there back of it said ‘music by David Bowie, album available on RCA’ but it never appeared. The next release was Low and he was quoted as saying: “that is what I wanted to do for the soundtrack, it would have been a wonderful score”.

Time pressures took over so John Phillips was brought in to do the music.


Like others have said, this is a no-brainer. Even though I picked this up on cheap blu-ray only six months ago, 4 discs and bonus goodies for only $40-$50AUD is just too damn good to pass up!

All I have to do now is actually get a blu-ray PLAYER, lol.


I actually wish they had added to the new 4-disc pack the original (shorter) version of the film which is much more concise. The unedited long version which seems to have been the only available version for a very long time makes for very long-winded boring scenes and includes totally gratuitous shots of Bowie’s nudity which doesn’t add anything to the film. I find the long version makes the whole thing rather tepid.


…oh and an Absolute Beginners 30th anniversary set


amazon now have 30th anniversary edition of Labyrinth and and new Merry Christmas, Mr Lawrence DVD coming soon also listed.

Pete Muscutt

Great film, even if I found it a tad depressing on first watch!! Great performance from Bowie, the first acting role I saw him in – it made more sense than his ‘Twin Peaks’ appearance anyway!! I love a good Bluray set that gets the respect it deserves.


@Dave, Studio Canal don’t yet release UHD 4K BDs hence why TMWFTE is not available in that format.

As I posted earlier Lionsgate have US rights and they have aleady released a few UHD BDs so may do for this.

Labyrinth is Sony who are one of the early adopting studios for UHD BD.

Dave H

There’s a 4k ultra hd release of Labyrinth with blu-ray due in September.


It seems odd not to release TMWFTE on the 4k format.

Billy Dojcak

I suspect every film featuring Bowie will soon see an Ultra HD release.

Jim McManus

I hope they are releasing the unedited version that was released, rather than the original release.


@Straker the £20 at Amazon for the LE boxset is consistent with the only other title in their Vintage Classics range they have given this type of deluxe boxset treatment to.
That was The Third Man which was a £17.99 pre-order for the boxset at Amazon, but has since risen to £23.99

I agree Studio Canal massively over charge on their Vintage Classics range as these are normally around £15 to pre-order (or in case of TMWFTE £16) for a single bluray release, and then rise post release. It normally takes well over a year for a meaningful price drop.

Amazon is a good price for this boxset at £20.00, although it’s marginally cheaper at Zavvi they have appalling customer service if something goes wrong, whilst HMV want £24.99


This release will be RB locked so only playable in Europe and Australasia, as per usual Studio Canal policy. Also the DVDs will be R2 PAL so only playable in Europe.

The bluray website DigitalBits has confirmed that Lionsgate own North American rights and they said to them that this new 4K Studio Canal funded restoration will be released by them at a future date to be confirmed. However that may only be the bluray of the film, no guarantee they will do a deluxe boxset with CD and other stuff.


So this is absent the Rip Torn interview, Bowie/Roeg/Henry commentary track, a few audio interviews and the stills and poster galleries from the Criterion disc. They have licensed out some extras in the past from other releases but I guess they weren’t willing to do so for this.

The art cards, repro press-book and poster are just fluff and it would’ve been nice to have the production costs of these put towards something more substantial instead but at £20 it’s quite cheap from Studio Canal who usually gouge a £15 RRP for single bare-bones discs so I’m tempted to say this is a mis-price.

The Bowie commentary is an very unfortunate loss but you can see why Criterion would want to keep hold of this for any future re-release.


StudioCanal did reclaim their rights to a lot of Criterion discs, so I doubt there’s much love lost between them. Don’t expect to see Criterion’s features on SC releases that often.


Would the music Bowie wrote for this be more likely to appear in a Low super-deluxe edition or any unreleased Bowie anthology once the Five Years/Who Can I Be Now?/ career-wide reissue boxes are done with?


It’s an interesting question, and hopefully the documentaries on here take us one step closer to finding out.

I’m in the camp that says a lot of what he wrote for the soundtrack actually was Low and some of “heroes”, but I fear the generally accepted accounts (“what he produced was so awful they got binned”) are the most likely case.

Still, for sheer curiosity, hopefully one day we get confirmation of what it was, if not hear it


Many thanks for that Paul just ordered. Superb Value.

Daniel Wylie

It looks like the original soundtrack is being released as a stand alone cd. This will include songs from the film like Try To Remember by the Kingston Trio, most likely plus incidental music by Stomu Yamashta.




Wouldn’t the Cracked Actor documentary be a fantastic extra given that Roeg cast Bowie off the back of watching it? Unlikely I guess.


Ok, so “this restoration of The Man Who Fell to Earth is based on a 4K scan of the original camera negative, followed by a full 4K workflow”, and in the 4-disc Deluxe edition there is no 4k UHD disc ? Only 2K Bluray and SD dvds ?
They must be joking, right ?


Not really. 4K is still an expensive medium to mass-produce, and is brand new to the market. So no-one is going to be putting out niche movies like this on it for a little while.

Celtic Bob

Looks like an automatic purchase for me (If playable in Canada) as the Criterion version is OOP and copies floating around are insanely priced.