The Monkees: Complete Albums box


A 10-disc Complete Albums box set, featuring the long-players of American pop-rock quartet The Monkees, will be issued in early 2016.

This is thought to be a remastered set and will feature the band’s nine original studio albums: The Monkees; More of the Monkees; Headquarters; Pieces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones Ltd .; The Birds, The Bees & the Monkees; Head; Instant Replay; Present and Changes. A tenth bonus disc of singles completes the set.

The Monkees Complete Albums box will be issued by Rhino on 22 January 2016.


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stephen maltais

These come with no booklet, it is bare bones with cd’s and original mini covers that is all!!

[…] The Monkees / Complete Albums (10CD box […]


Anybody hoping for Japanese-style replica packaging will be disappointed…the £25-30 price point tells you that much

Wouldn’t be suprised to see the dreaded white borders : ( the classic sign of a ‘will-this-do’ box set…

On another forum, somebody said this set is gonna be released on vinyl, but didn’t give any reference/link….

Richard Salzberg

Would be nice if this was also on DVD/Blu-ray Audio



Where’s `Pool It`?


You could also say where is ‘JustUs’ or whatever it’s called. But nobody wants that either.


Well, unlike some I haven’t got all of the monkees albums. If this set had the remastered CDs with the extra tracks in it I would be straight in there with an order – but it hasn’t, so I won’t!

Rob Dickinson

…On the other hand, as someone with no Monkees albums whatsoever, it appears to be a great value set.


Why isn’t it a good value? (1) All but the truly hardcore fans would be satisfied with four or five of the first six albums (More Of The Monkees was a quickie filler album, Head is lots of soundtrack filler surrounding the Monkees’ finest moment (“Porpoise Song”)). (2) The albums are very short: most of the band’s songs clock in at under 2-1/2 minutes, and most of the albums barely cross the half-hour mark. The entire audio contents could easily fit onto five cds. (3) All of the key albums have been available for decades on that hip “vinyl” format in every thrift store in America. (4) As others mention, this material has been reissued and remastered again and again over the decades.

Those who comment that this catalogue is being milked as a “cash cow” might be amused to know just how right they are. In fact, the Monkees albums were critical to the early success of the Rhino label back when it was still a little independent, and provided a steady, reliable source of income that insulated the company against the shifting tides of the reissue market for decades, until it was finally swallowed by Time Warner in the late 1990s.


Trying to milk the cash cow. On the shirt tails of the Beatles. Enough to spend on the complete tv series etc box set. It gets beyond a joke.


Agree with many above.Have the excellent Friday Music Monkees in Mono Vinyl box (have saved for Xmas morning play),but hoped this was to be 180gram Stereo remasters .
Prepared to wait…

don cooper

Looks like RSD listing has answered my prayers…


It will depend on the packaging for me. If they do proper mini-LP replica packaging (with gatefolds, etc.), then I will pick it up if it’s a reasonable price. Or if it has a nice book or something with it. Otherwise, I’ll pass. I have the “Classic Album Collection” which has the first 5 albums (with bonus tracks) although in crappy, “pseudo mini-LP sleeves.” I’d love to have the remaining 4 albums, but not worth rebuying the first 5 if it’s not an upgrade.


As a Monkees fan who has all of these several times over, I would agree that the only things that would get me to buy again would be:
1) SACD/BluRay hi-res and/or
2) Proper 6X6 Japan-style mini-LP packaging (foil “Head” cover, for example).
…and this set is clearly neither.

Also interesting that there’s no listing on Amazon U.S. I’m thinking this may be an international version of that “Original Albums Series” box with the first 5 CD’s that was released here in the U.S. (?).


Seems to me Rhino is burning the candle in the middle. FOUR cd re-releases of EVERYTHING… now they want to jam them down our throats AGAIN??? C’mon Rhino- give us the 180 gram vinyl and we’re more likely to give you our money for Monkees we ALREADY HAVE 4 OF… (not counting my extensive Colgems vinyl collection of 5 + per lp!) I don’t mind buying, but CD’s are so 1995…. They are defunct and NOBODY wants them anymore. (my 2 cents)


I think you’ll find that an awful lot of us do want CDs. I think you’ll also find that vinyl is so 1982.

Wayne Klwim

Which is why they continue to out sell vinyl, what? 10 to 1? The only market truly growing are streaming services. Both lossy and lossless digital downloads aren’t growing either.

Maybe your rant against CDs would be better served complaining about streaming services.

While I wouldn’t disagree that we don’t need these re-releases yet again (Rhino continues to make a monkey out of us the consumers by repackaging and remastering and reissuing the same basic product again and again), clearly they think there IS some sort of market out there for them.

Still, one has to wonder what market this is truly being created for because these have been reissued in those cheap o five in one mini “boxed” sets.

Honestly, who really needs this yet again? They are burning out the good will of fans of The Monkees.


That’s why I only purchased the mono boxset at least it can replace the mono ones I already have from the sixties plus I never did get a mono copy of bb&m

Mark McKendrick

I do. Just not the Monkees.
I’m so 1995.


No bonus tracks. Just the straight albums. Changes is listed as a 2015 remaster. The Singles disc contains the 1986 Daydream Believer remix. Other than that, nothing new.


Are they kidding with this? I clicked over here to see if this was a vinyl package and yet again they are clumping CDs together in a release.

Enough with the CDs already guys. We have them 3 or 4 times over.

Derek T.

Is this vinyl or cd? Or both?

Mark McKendrick



I literally have every Monkees CD Rhino has issued, so of course I’ll be buying this, as well.

Douglas Baptie

Mmm… The existing discs are pretty good. Not sure what these bring to the party.


Do the albums also include the Rhino reissue bonus tracks?