The Orb / History of the Future: The Island Years / 4-disc box set


Electronic pioneers The Orb celebrate 25 years of music with new four-disc box set.

History of the Future is released on 7 October 2013 and collects three CDs of singles, remixes, and live tracks, and then throws in a DVD of promo videos and Top Of The Pops appearances for good measure.

The Orb will also be touring the UK in October and November this year.

History of the Future track listing:

Disc One – The Singles Collection

  • 01: A Huge Ever Growing Pulsating Brain That Rules From The Centre of the Ultraworld: Loving You Orbital Dance mix (Alex Paterson and Jimmy Cauty) (8:20)
  • 02: Little Fluffy Clouds Single version (3:59)
  • 03: Perpetual Dawn Solar Youth mix (4:00)
  • 04: Blue Room 7” version (4:02)
  • 05: Assassin 7” version (Alex Paterson, Kris Weston and & DJ Lewis) (4:05)
  • 06: Oxbow Lakes Album version (7:28)
  • 07: Asylum Album version (5:19)
  • 08: Toxygene Album version (5:19)
  • 09: Once More Album version (4:18)
  • 10: Ghost Dancing Album version (7:29)

Disc Two – Remixes and Rarities

  • 01: A Huge Ever Growing Pulsating Brain That Rules From The Centre of the Ultraworld: Loving You Aubrey Mix Mk II (Alex Paterson and Jimmy Cauty ) (7:22)
  • 02: Little Fluffy Clouds Coldcut Heavyweight Dub mix (6:18)
  • 03: Perpetual Dawn Andrew Weatherall Ultrabass 1 mix (8:04)
  • 04: Blue Room Excerpt 605 (6:03 )
  • 05: Majestic Heavy Mix (The Orb and Youth) (9:45)
  • 06: Close Encounters Smile, You’re On Camera mix (The Orb and Slam) (10:05)
  • 07: Assassin Another Live mix (13:31)
  • 08: Toxygene Ganja Kru mix (6:29)
  • 09: Once More Mark Pritchard mix (7:50)

Disc Three – Live In Copenhagen & Woodstock

  • 01: Towers of Dub Live @ Trekkoner Sunset Gig Copenhagen ‘93
  • 02: Little Fluffy Clouds Live @ Trekkoner Sunset Gig Copenhagen ‘93
  • 03: Blue Room Live @ Trekkoner Sunset Gig Copenhagen ‘93
  • 04: Star 6 & 7 8 9 Live @ Trekkoner Sunset Gig Copenhagen ‘93
  • 05: Valley Live @ Trekkoner Sunset Gig Copenhagen ‘93
  • 06: Assassin Live at Woodstock 2 USA ‘94

Disc Four – DVD

  • 01: Little Fluffy Clouds Promotional video
  • 02: Perpetual Dawn Promotional video
  • 03: Assassin Promotional video
  • 04: Oxbow Lakes Promotional video
  • 05: Pomme Fritz Promotional video
  • 06: Toxygene Promotional video
  • 07: DJ Asylum Promotional video
  • 08: Once More Promotional video
  • 09: Blue Room Top Of The Pops ‘92
  • 10: Toxygene Top Of The Pops ‘97
  • 11: Little Fluffy Clouds Live from T In The Park
  • 12: Perpetual Dawn 10” TV advert

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[…] more next month, with a follow-up collection to 2013′s The History of the Future. Like the previous release, The History of the Future, Part 2 is a four-disc set (3CD+DVD) but the focus here is on the post […]

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Jean Christophe DERRIEN

Only this is “new”, right ?

05: Majestic Heavy Mix (The Orb and Youth) (9:45)
06: Close Encounters Smile, You’re On Camera mix (The Orb and Slam) (10:05)

[…] Electronic pioneers The Orb celebrate 25 years of music with new four-disc box set. Includes a DVD with promo videos and Top Of The Pops appearances.   […]

Tim C

Yeah, meh, exactly. How about live stuff from, oh, any tour SINCE ’93 (one track from Woodstock doesn’t count)!


You wouldn’t believe how excited I was when I read the title of this post…

Then I clicked through, saw the tracklist, and… meh.

I’m not really interested in 7″ versions. I’m not sure that The Orb were ever about pop singles. I’m even less interested in album versions. Who is going to spend £34 on a 4 disk set without already owning all the commonplace albums? Don’t we already have ‘Orb Greatest Hits’ compilations for the really casual fans?

I want stuff that was hard to find in 1993, not just hard to find now. Demos, outakes, remixes, stems… However I will buy the same old 12″ mixes again if they are gathered into a comprehensive collection (ideally with comprehensive sleeve notes…) with better quality transfers to CD than I could manage myself off my old vinyl.

And if you are going to release a DVD, then “Patterns and Textures” would be nice… I still have the VHS, but nothing to play it on!

Wikström X

I want a 12″ mix compilation. This is nothing but a deluxe edition of U.F.Off from 1998.

Darren Rigby

They could have put Patterns & Textures on the DVD. And Disc 1 is the “singles collection” yet has album mixes rather than 7″ versions. A bit shoddy.


I just can’t see who this is aimed at. Noob’s will not want a 4 disc set and fans will already own the vast majority of what’s on offer here. How many more times can Little Fluffy Clouds be slapped out? The Orb are far better than this and deserve something far more worthy.


Like the look of this release…but the future release from Malicious Damage to celebrate 25 years is the set I am looking forward too!