The Psychedelic Furs / Made of Rain

The Psychedelic Furs / Made of Rain new album

The Psychedelic Furs return with Made of Rain, their first new studio album in almost 30 years.

The band’s self-titled debut was released in 1980, while follow-up Talk Talk Talk from ’81 featured the classic ‘Pretty in Pink’, which became a top 20 UK hit in 1986 when it was reissued as a single after appearing on the soundtrack to the John Hughes film of the same name.

Five more studio albums followed, but despite reforming and touring constantly since the turn of the millennium, the Stephen Street-produced World Outside from 1991 was their last studio outing.

But all that is about to change with the news that Made of Rain will be released in early May. The 12-track album was produced by Richard Fortus, and mixed by Tim Palmer and includes the song Don’t Believe, which you can preview below.

The album will be available on CD and double vinyl with a special 2LP coloured/splatter vinyl edition available via the band’s official store with a SIGNED print (a black 2LP vinyl version is also available if you don’t go in for the coloured option).

The band will also play a special show at London’s Royal Albert Hall on 14 May and the store offers special pre-sale access two days before the general sale. The Psychedelic Furs are: Richard Butler (vocals), Tim Butler (bass), Mars Williams (saxophone), Paul Garisto (drums), Amanda Kramer (keyboards) and Rich Good (guitar).

Made of Rain will be released on 31 July 2020 (was 1 May).

The Psychedelic Furs / Made of Rain new album

Made of Rain 2LP vinyl

Side A

1. The Boy That Invented Rock & Roll
2. Don’t Believe
3. You’ll Be Mine

Side B

1. Wrong Train
2. This’ll Never Be Like Love
3. Ash Wednesday

Side C

1. Come All Ye Faithful
2. No-One
3. Tiny Hands

Side D

1. Hide The Medicine
2. Turn Your Back on Me
3. Stars

Made of Rain CD edition

1. The Boy That Invented Rock & Roll
2. Don’t Believe
3. You’ll Be Mine
4. Wrong Train
5. This’ll Never Be Like Love
6. Ash Wednesday
7. Come All Ye Faithful
8. No-One
9. Tiny Hands
10. Hide The Medicine
11. Turn Your Back on Me
12. Stars

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Wow. That track is fine form.
So glad to not be hitting the stop button 30 secs in and actually replaying.
Nice work PF!


Purple rain?


Totally unexpected. I thought some of them died. LOL


So no Phil Calvert on drums, who I happened to be standing right next to in the crowd at a Melbourne art gallery event two nights ago. He must regret the move from Nick Cave to the Furs, which he made all those years ago, and seemed like a great idea at the time…


That’s a good start to the weekend.

Bought the marvellous looking splattered vinyl.


Where did you get that one at? Very Cool!


Wow – this fantastic news. Day 1 purchase for me! Such an amazing band, who sound just as amazing now as they did in the 80’s, it’s about time! Let’s hope this new album is the first of many. :-)


WOW!!!!!!!! What unexpected great news! Love the new track and will definitely be picking up the CD. Will also be keeping fingers crossed for a proper remastered deluxe box of the Furs’ catalogue.


They also sell again these „Test Pressings“. This time 50 of that. Last week I saw a site with over 100 test pressings. What nonsense is that? Usually you have a handful of them to test the pressing. Nowadays it’s only a good chance to squeeze some extra cash out of fans and record collectors with white label black vinyl records. I really wish no one would buy that expensive crap. On the other hand the signed multicoloured vinyl and the cover artwork I like very much.


The point of test pressings is to gauge the quality of what the final product is to sound/look like.
If there are errors in the sound or defects in the pressing it would be corrected and new a master would be cut again.
So when you order 100 test pressings of your latest masterpiece and you play it at home, uh oh, that doesn’t sound right. I see, the hole is off center. You paid for 100 bad records. Now you have to wait until it is corrected, but you can sell those on discogs as a mispress and possibly recoup or turn a profit.

So I’m thinking a band isn’t going to risk sending out expensive bad copies and these so called “test pressings” are just commercial copies with white labels. You can always check the matrix information.
I have received real test copies from labels and musicians and they seem to be authentic.

Lisette Heilman

All I can say is excellent news. The second money is in hand CD will be. I loved this band and their music never disappoints. Thanks furs for the joy you spread.

Allan Coburn

Signed or not. Just forget about what you want but think about what others can afford to pay. Music is for all of us, not just what you want to buy. Snobbery has no place in The ‘Furs back or future catalogue because no snobs were invited. It’s all a fuckin’ marketing ploy. If you want the special editions, signed or otherwise, just fucking pay the money, wait on its arrival, play it and for the sake of the world, try and enjoy it instead of moaning about how much you paid for the “special edition” you wanted and don’t like it. Lets get back to basics. Buy it, listen to it, enjoy it, criticise it constructively, but lets all be listening to the same edition. Rant over, now for some Original Mirrors.

neil haggar

You said what i always wanna say…. Good man.

Charles K.

The best news possible. Midnight was the only album in their catalog slightly suspect, everything else has been gold. This sounds great, really looking forward to this and the subsequent tour.


So great to see ‘Wrong Train’ in the tracklisting. That is such a great song.


Funny how they don’t offer a signed print with the CD alone. If you want the CD you have to spend $48 USD to get the spatter vinyl as well. Wish they would just sign the products. Still waiting for my PSB CD and signed print.


The new single is excellent. It’s on par with the recent Boomtown Rats single, Trash Glam Baby. The question will be – as with The Boomtown Rats – whether the rest of the album is any good!


The new song sounds great, and bodes well for the album as a whole. Can we now keep our fingers crossed for the back catalog to get a remastering / re-issue?

Michael S Perkins

So happy to see one of my favourites still releasing new material 20 years into the new millennium. Better than a lot of the current dribble of pop we see now.


Hi Paul,

I would like to know your opinion on all these signed prints. I like autographs but I want my Vinyl or CD (I like both :-)) to be signed!!

I understand it’s probably much easier to sign hundreds of papers but for me this doesn’t equal the special feeeling to get a signed vinyl or CD….


ORDERED! Don’t Believe is CLASSIC Furs!


Sounds like it was made in 1988, so I’m inclined to agree…


Was expecting it… And they have kept their word.
Great news!!!
Love the Furs, good to have them still going!

Chris Lancaster

Great news, and I really like Don’t Believe – although I’m baffled as to how Richard Butler’s voice seems to have become less gravelly over time, rather than more so. Splatter vinyl with signed print and CD ordered. But who on earth is going to buy the cassette version? Who plays tapes these days (or even has something on which to play them)?!? I do still have my ancient Yamaha tape deck, but I have no idea if it works.


The hyper cool kids buy them -Burger Records and the like.

David Lawrence

Very exciting news. The new track ‘Don’t Believe’ has all the hallmarks of a classic Furs song and hints of Love Spit Love (the album Trysome Eatone is a superb album by the way). Having Richard Fortus on board therefore makes total sense (he was integral to LSL). I can’t wait to get this when it comes out!

Alan R

Best news received this year so far – splatter vinyl immediately ordered.
Thanks for the ace tip off Paul, sterling work as usual!

Brian Smith

back in top form