The Replacements / Pleased to Meet Me

3CD+LP deluxe edition

The Replacements‘ 1987 studio album Pleased to Meet Me will be reissued as a deluxe edition in October.

The band’s fifth studio album was recorded as a trio (after guitarist Bob Stinson’s exit after the release of the previous album Tim). The sessions took place in Memphis at the end of 1986 and early 1987, with Jim Dickinson producing. By the time the album was released, in April ’87, guitarist Bob ‘Slim’ Dunlap had joined.

The album is reissued as a 3CD+LP deluxe set and comes with an incredible amount of bonus material; largely demos and outtakes. There’s 38 in total, with most of them previously unreleased. There are also six non-album tracks appended to the album on the first CD.

This comes with a vinyl record which rather than featuring the studio album is actually a version featuring rough cuts.

This comes presented as a 12″ x 12″ hardcover book with rare photos and a new notes by Bob Mehr, author of Trouble Boys: The True Story of the Replacements.

Pleased to Meet Me will be released on 9 October 2020.

CD 1: Pleased to Meet Me (2020 Remaster) + Rare, Single-Only Tracks
1. “I.O.U.”
2. “Alex Chilton”
3. “I Don’t Know”
4. “Nightclub Jitters”
5. “The Ledge”
6. “Never Mind”
7. “Valentine”
8. “Shooting Dirty Pool”
9. “Red Red Wine”
10. “Skyway”
11. “Can’t Hardly Wait”
12. “Election Day”
13. “Jungle Rock”
14. “Route 66”
15. “Tossin’ n’ Turnin’”
16. “Cool Water”
17. “Can’t Hardly Wait” – Jimmy Iovine Remix

CD 2: Blackberry Way Demos
1. “Bundle Up” – Demo
2. “Birthday Gal” – Demo
3. “I.O.U.” – Demo *
4. “Red Red Wine” – Demo *
5. “Photo” – Demo
6. “Time Is Killing Us” – Demo *
7. “Valentine” – Demo
8. “Awake Tonight” – Demo *
9. “Hey Shadow” – Demo *
10. “I Don’t Know” – Demo *
11. “Kick It In” – Demo 1 *
12. “Shooting Dirty Pool” – Demo *
13. “Kick It In” – Demo 2 *
14. “All He Wants To Do Is Fish” – Demo *
15. “Even If It’s Cheap” – Demo *

CD 3: Rough Mixes, Outtakes, & Alternates
1. “Valentine” – Rough Mix *
2. “Never Mind” – Rough Mix *
3. “Birthday Gal” – Rough Mix *
4. “Alex Chilton” – Rough Mix *
5. “Election Day” – Rough Mix *
6. “Kick It In” – Rough Mix *
7. “Red Red Wine” – Rough Mix *
8. “The Ledge” – Rough Mix *
9. “I.O.U.” – Rough Mix *
10. “Can’t Hardly Wait” – Rough Mix *
11. “Nightclub Jitters” – Rough Mix *
12. “Skyway” – Rough Mix *
13. “Cool Water” – Rough Mix *
14. “Birthday Gal”
15. “Learn How To Fail” *
16. “Run For The Country” *
17. “All He Wants To Do Is Fish”
18. “I Can Help” – Outtake *
19. “Lift Your Skirt” *
20. “‘Til We’re Nude”
21. “Beer For Breakfast”
22. “Trouble On The Way” *
23. “I Don’t Know” – Outtake

Vinyl LP
Side A
1. “Valentine” – Rough Mix *
2. “Never Mind” – Rough Mix *
3. “Birthday Gal” – Rough Mix *
4. “Alex Chilton” – Rough Mix *
5. “Election Day” – Rough Mix *
6. “Kick It In” – Rough Mix *

Side B
1. “Red Red Wine” – Rough Mix *
2. “The Ledge” – Rough Mix *
3. “I.O.U.” – Rough Mix *
4. “Can’t Hardly Wait” – Rough Mix *
5. “Nightclub Jitters” – Rough Mix *
6. “Skyway” – Rough Mix *
7. “Cool Water” – Rough Mix *

* previously unreleased

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Has anyone actual received one from a UK outlet? I cannot find anyone who actually has this in stock.


Its bizarre how Rhino have messed it up, i still can’t source one in UK either, for it not to be available at Amazon & HMV is unheard of, Dead Mans Pop was easy to find at the time, you’d think they would have have pressed more given the appeal of this album or did Dead Man’s Pop not sell well?

Paul English

Looks great. Have placed order through SDE shop – can’t (hardly) wait!

Anthony Loman

I know it has been discussed before several times but the combining of two formats in one box really puts me off purchasing. Fans of CD tend to just favour that format and similarly, vinyl fans in most instances probably don’t want CDs.


Does anybody know why Rhino’s UK online store doesn’t off the same products as the US one?
It seems crazy. I’d love to order one of the bundles there with exclusive promo bonus stuff but, after the hassle when I pre-ordered the Dead Man’s Pop box set (it took literally months to arrive and Rhino’s response to customer enquiries throughout was non existent), I’m extremely reluctant to use them.
Even better, if you could snag the same goodies to sell with your pre-order deal Paul I’d be in like a shot, and you’d sell out your quota, I’m sure.

Michael Neethling

Still cannot order this on Amazon UK, any ideas why?

Asif S

Thanks Paul for this information. Really can’t wait for this. Seems that they are still omitting two tracks (“Going Out of My Head” and “Make This Your Home”) that have been known to exist (and, um, circulate). By my count, the band recorded 31 individual songs during these sessions and released only 11 on the original album. Amazing, really, how prolific they were.

Minnesota Geoff

When are we gonna get some Westerberg solo re-issues?
Wishing for some complete concerts from 14 songs or Eventually tours.
At First Ave on 14 songs tour stop, Paul grabbed & ripped up a ‘Paul is God’
sign from a front row fan during opening number…in Milwaukee at Modjeska Theatre in July ’96, he was more relaxed, tho’ it was the new drummer’s 2nd or 3rd
show. Former Prince drummer Michael Bland abruptly quit the tour, to re-join Symbolina. Both, incredible shows!


Very excited for this. My good friend Justin did remastering on this!


The Replacements are a top 3 band for me. I’m not a musician or an engineer. I’m sure the drums are a little drier in this mix than the original, but the sample Paul shared above is still a touch disappointing for me. The Replacements were a rock band (even if a rock band that emerged from a punk rock scene). I want to hear drums that are more timeless (as would be the case on a Stones record) not a drum sound that is still too wet.

I’m still likely to buy it, though.


Fantastic album, the dead mans pop box was brilliant so no doubt this will be a quality product as well. Sad to see this release only inspires 8 comments, lot of people clearly not in the know about this legendary band!

John H

Only 8 comments must mean they’re still a niche band Richard! Looking forward to getting this, Dead Man’s Pop was terrific but, for me, this is a superior album and possibly my favourite ‘Mats record. Here’s hoping there’s more to come.

Paul Wren

It would be nice if the rough cuts vinyl was to be released as a standalone item in due course.

Bongo Fury

fantastic news, although it is a pity that no live recordings have been added like on the supurb “Dead man’s pop”.


Looks great! Can’t wait for this one.

Nice price as well..not ripping off fans like Macca the billionaire.

Al C.

For geeks like me, this is on offer from Rhino U.S.:
“This EXCLUSIVE bundle comes with a 10″x14″ paper placemat that is a replica of the original Pleased To Meet Me promo item from 1987.”


Can’t hardly wait!! (Just wanted to get it out of the way)

Dan Timmons

I’m biased as I live in Minneapolis and have been a ‘Mats fan for a long time; this will be a good one! Now if we could only get them to release the reunion show from St Paul Midway Stadium that they professionally filmed…

Paul E.

@Dan Timmons – I’m just outside of Chicago and can’t wait for those two weeks approaching Sept. 25th – October 9th: we get the finest from Minneapolis: Prince “Sign o’ The Times” SDE, Bob Mould “Blue Hearts” and The Mats “Pleased To Meet Me”! I’d recommend you check out Newbury Comics’ site if you want an autographed copy of Bob Mould’s CD (still available).

Jim Vandegrift

Fantastic news. Let’s hope the rest of the catalog gets this treatment. Dead Man’s Pop was a 1st class box. Stay safe everyone.