The Rolling Stones / Beggars Banquet 50th anniversary edition

Remastered vinyl with bonus 12-inch • No unheard audio

ABKCO Records will release a 50th anniversary edition of The Rolling StonesBeggars Banquet album in November.

The last album recorded with the original lineup of Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Brian Jones, Bill Wyman and Charlie Watts, Beggars Banquet was recorded between March and July of 1968 at Olympic Sound Studios in London and released in December of that same year. The best known songs on the record are probably Street Fighting Man and Sympathy For The Devil.

Beggars Banquet is being reissued as a special vinyl package which incorporates both versions of the cover. The gatefold sleeve features the Michael Vosse photograph of a vandalised toilet (once deemed offensive) but will come with an ‘overwrap’ of the inoffensive ‘wedding invitation’ version.

In stark contrast to the forthcoming White Album reissue, no unheard bonus audio forms part of this 50th anniversary package, but the new vinyl does come with a bonus 12-inch vinyl record with a mono version of Sympathy For The Devil cut at 45RPM. The reverse of this vinyl features an etching of the ‘toilet’ cover art.

Also included is a replica of the rare Japanese bonus flexi disc containing a phone interview with Mick Jagger from 1968, and a download code for the album plus interview.

Beggars Banquet has been newly mastered by engineer Bob Ludwig, lacquers cut at Abbey Road and pressed on 180g vinyl. It is released on 16 November 2018, and the remaster is available on CD, too.

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The Rolling Stones

Beggars Banquet - vinyl LP+12-inch+flexidisc


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The Rolling Stones

Beggars Banquet - CD edition


Beggars Banquet (50th Anniversary Edition) vinyl LP

Disc 1

Side A

Sympathy For the Devil
No Expectations
Dear Doctor
Parachute Woman
Jigsaw Puzzle

Side B

Street Fighting Man
Prodigal Son
Stray Cat Blues
Factory Girl
Salt of the Earth

Disc 2

Sympathy For the Devil (mono)

Flexi disc

1) ‘Hello, This Is Mick Jagger!’ LONDON to TOKYO April 17, 1968

Beggars Banquet (50th Anniversary Edition) CD

Sympathy for the Devil
No Expectations
Dear Doctor
Parachute Woman
Jigsaw Puzzle
Street Fighting Man
Prodigal Son
Stray Cat Blues
Factory Girl
Salt of the Earth

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Martin Kyprianides

Can anyone who has the Japan 2 x Hybrid SACD set confirm the mastering that’s been used for the SACD layer? Is it a new remaster or has the 2002 SACD remaster been used?

Damian Zaninovich

I bought the 50th anniversary Japanese cd edition. It’s overpriced but wow does it sound great. I always thought this album had a poor sound and so always preferred Let it Bleed, now I see them as equally great. Only interested in two channel stereo and I don’t think anyone else who commented has heard this version, their loss.


For what its worth, and bear in mind it’s just a record not war and peace, though it would appear sometimes during discussions. It has to be said no this doesn’t offer anything new material wise.
The lack of outtake material isn’t because of Brian, it’s simply because of the legal situation between the Stones and ABKCO. No the stones aren’t short of a few quid but respect where respect is due, this was their hard work and they don’t own it. Not because they made it so but because they were ripped off by management. That would erk anyone. The Stones have and probably are still trying to get that material back under their control. The legal deal between the two is such that neither can really do anything. If the stones agreed to release more material from the vaults, its more material that would be lost in a deal which would see them cut out and more material relinquished to ABKCO to make money out of.
With relation to this release if you read up on the process of these remasters by Bob Ludwig what you have are first generation masters that have been edited and tweaked to produce very clean and consistent recordings. The mastering process and archiving of masters gets a little muddy over the years. The original albums are not necessarily compiled from first generation masters. So what you end up with is copies of the original masters some are 2 and 3 generations. What Bob did was compile the earliest generations he could for fidelity. Some masters had to be repaired because of tolerances of tape and drop outs. What you will find listening to these is clarity, the bass is better placed. I’ve had a good listen and I can say that unlike the mono boxset which I wasn’t really impressed with on some tracks “Street Fighting Man” wrong mono mix used once again, is that the mixes are much better. I have to say that Stray Cat Blues had some issues I suspect at points ie drop outs.

Maybe this release hasn’t been put out properly for the audiophiles because what your getting is a better set of masters and you can hear that very clearly.

Ron de Joode

The 2003 DSD mastered SACD and LP versions are the last ultimate versions. And a 5.1 mix has absolutely nothing to do with the original intentions of this record. Falsification of history.

Mats Lindgren

Mono, stereo and 5.1 surround AND bonus track that’s what I want

David B

Interestingly there is a two cd SACD version of this coming out on 23 November .. the only problem is that it’s part of a VERY limited Black Friday USA release, and will be offered for sale first to customers who visit the Dusty Groove retail outlet in Chicago. It will not be pre-sold, or reserved in any way. However, the day after Black Friday, they will offer up whatever’s left for sale online. So to guarantee a copy – er anyone going to Chicago around then ??!!!!!???


Jochen Mosthaf

Apparently this will be a limited (3000 copies) Japanese 2SACD plus flexi release.

harry l blaisure

available right now to pre-order from Amazon.


Wow, totally dissapointing especially as s 50th? Same as the Majesties Satanic release in a way, no out takes? How sad? Maybe got the 100th anniversary then?


Saddest deluxe edition ever.

Steve Goldsmith

Understand and agree with the disappointment. Despite emotive comments about ‘suppressing Brian Jones,’ the real reason for the lack of new material is that Jagger and Richards lost their song copyrights, without realising it, and therefore lost royalties on all product up to and including a number of Sticky Fingers tracks.
It is incorrect that Mick and Keith are not interested in producing deluxe products; look at Ya Yas Sticky Fingers and Exile. These were superbly produced box sets, with the assistance of Charlie
They have tried to regain ownership of their Decca Catalogue without success. It is understandable that they do not want to enrich the current owners of their songs.


A deluxe ‘Beggars’ could have been superb… All the outtakes (‘Pay Their Dues’ the acoustic ‘Sympathy’ etc), alternate versions (‘No Expectations’ etc), bonus 7′ or CD replica singles (‘Jumpin Jack Flash’ the banned ‘Street Fighting Man’), promo films (the ‘war paint’ and no make up versions of ‘Flash’ and the ‘Child Of The Moon’ promo), the 68 NME Poll Winners concert, the David Frost show, the album launch ‘custard pie’ footage, outtakes (if any) from Godard’s filming at Olympic, pictures from the David Bailey photo session done for the ‘Flash’ single cover, Michael Cooper’s photos of the time, new interviews with Mick, Keith, Bill, Charlie. Archive words from Brian, Stu and Jimmy Miller….

To be honest, I think part of it is that the surviving Stones (Bill excepted) aren’t particularly arsed about preserving their past and they certainly aren’t bothered about preserving anything to do with Brian Jones or giving fans what they want. The ‘Stones Brand’ still makes so much money (from gigs, merchandising, you name it) that they financially don’t need to revisit their glory years of the 1960s and maybe any non-release of rarities is out of ABKCO’s hands. I’m sure ABKCO would cash in on their Stones goldmine if they could…. A once great band are now a (very expensive) touring jukebox and a corporate monster. Bill Graham was right….


Wot! No ambient rave 12” of Olympic studios on fire during the Beggars Sessions backed with Mick Jagger’s toilet breaks during the filming of Performance?

robert taylor

This album NOT recorded in true mono only fold down mono. Only Sympathy For the Devil was recorded in true mono.


Wasted opportunity. Should have included a 5.1 disc.





bruce kelso

what a useless release. abkco missed the boat on this one.

Ken Anselmi

The Stones have a multitude of outtakes from this era in their vaults. Many have slipped out on Bootlegs over the years. Great alternates of Dear Doctor and No Expectations have been around for a long time. This is one of the Stones best albums, but why would anyone want to buy this? I’m certainly not going to. This is just another awful reissue in the long line of inferior Stones Anniversary products.

Kenneth Anselmi

The Stones have a multitude of outtakes from this era in their vaults. Why not treat this release like the Beatles box set of the White Album. Why would anyone buy this. I’m certainly not going to. Stones reissues have mostly been awful.


Wonder why they didn’t do the mono/stereo + 2 SACD’s like they did with Satanic Majesties. Beggars being a far more popular album, one would have expected AT LEAST that.
I’ll stick with my clear vinyl reissue and hope for the inevitable RSD coloured vinyl version.


One of my favourite albums – great songs, fantastic performances and a brilliant melding of influences. Having said that…

Did I read on superdeluxeedition (or was it somewhere else – not sure) that Mick has little enthusiasm for re-issues that are linked to the ABKCO years. I’m beginning to see what was meant by that comment. Someone, somewhere, in that company or elsewhere, had no intention of supporting this release. A real shame.

Marcelo Lamela

This one deserved what Their Satanic Majestic did. And viceversa.


Why not a flexi disc of Keith talking on the phone with his dealer ?


Wow, no unheard material, no book, and no Blu-ray, but even worse, this release doesn’t even look like a 50th Anniversary Edition.” So why did they even bother to release this?

If they could have at least presented us with a remixed stereo 180 gram vinyl disc and a separate remixed mono 180 gram vinyl disc of the entire album, with each record in separate gate-fold album jackets with the ‘vandalized bathroom’ cover photo, and the two records housed inside a single slipcase with the alternate ‘RSVP white wedding invitation cover, that would have improved things a bit. And if they wanted to pique more interest from RS fans, they could have included a booklet and/or big fold-out poster, a 45 RPM 12 inch (or 7 inch) single of “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” b/w “Child of the Moon,” AND remixed stereo and mono SACDs of “Beggars Banquet” like they did for “Their Satanic Majasties Request.”


Anniversary boxsets should be issued to celebrate classic albums. This does nothing to do that. This release is a total waste!!!


Apparently there is a clause in the ABKCO/Stones deal that states ABKCO have to ask the Stones’ permission to release any unreleased tracks or outtakes. So, maybe Mick and Keith are the ones who have kiboshed this release? Maybe they are still trying to dumb down Brian Jones and his legacy? Had a full deluxe ‘Pepper style’ box for ‘Satanic Majesties’ been released I dare say critics and fans alike would have shone a light on Brian and his musicianship and inventiveness. A deluxe ‘Beggars Banquet’ would also show that Brian was far from being as ‘useless’ and ‘out of it’ as much as the Glimmer Twins say he was in 1968. Mick and especially Keith like to say that Jones was a dead weight during ‘Beggars’, but he is on all but two tracks on the actual album. Seriously though, I wouldn’t put is past them… Keef – in his own little world – still insists that Stu alone founded the Stones and that it was ‘Stu’s band’ (What? a band he was sacked from and wasn’t allowed to be officially a part of?). Yet everyone else (including Stu, God rest his soul) said and knows that Brian formed the band. They never give Brian any credit if they can help it, and I dare say this 50th anniversary of ‘Beggars’ is no different.

Tom Kristensen

I hear you. Cheers!

Jim Shelley

Well said.


@ Blakey = Great comment!


Just echoing everyone else’s disappointment with this release. I literally would not pay $1.00 US for this.

It is a total waste of space and there is absolutely no reason to purchase. How hard is it to dig into the vaults and produce an extra album’s worth of outtakes?

Charlie Waffles

This release is disappointing. I wanted the cd to offer the mono and the stereo mixes together. Pass. Thanks for nothing, ABKCO.


Disappointing to say the least.
The deluxe treatments of Exile and Sticky Fingers were among the best releases.
Ill pass on this.

Wayne Olsen

Like everyone else, my heart leapt when I saw the headline. Then I started to read the description and I must have dozed off zzzzzz.


WQW! a Japanese Flexi Disc….. YAWN! – I can hardly wait…..


Why do people (allegedly) want surround/5.1 version on old music? You are asking for a legendary album that was fine as it was to be REmixed. Why should any artist want to do that? I think you’re asking something unreasonable. Extra content is what they could include.


Have you ever listened to music in surround? I’d go as far as to say, you’ve never truly heard Talking Heads if you’ve not heard the surround Sound mixes – especially on Fear of Music. Done well, you’ll hear things you hadn’t heard before, and create a different experience from the Stereo mix.

I mean, back in the late 60’s, there were people surprised when mono albums were remixed to Stereo – I mean, what would they want to do that? Because it’s a different experience – that’s why.

Furthermore, it’s added value.


Surround is the only way I want to hear this music if I’m buying it again.


It depends on the album. Something like “Larks Tongues in Aspic” is such a dense production that the surround mix opens up the music and brings clarity and detail which cannot be heard in stereo. On the other hand, something like “Red” is three guys playing in a room, and the surround mix adds a little space but nothing startling. (And, yes, I deliberately chose two by the same group…)

There’s also a more general benefit to re-mixing. Modern tech allows a mix to be carefully tweaked over a week or more. In the 70s, a 40 minute album would be mixed in 40 minutes. If you wanted to tweak something, you needed to redo the entire mix, possibly making something else worse. (Okay, they would normally mix a song or a section at a time, but the point that it was a live performance remains true.)

Someone like Steven Wilson who remains true to the original mix while making small improvements is producing vastly better mixes than those previously available, without losing what was great about the original album.

Why would any artist NOT want that?

George Steven Cleere

What a rip– I have a very nice, very good quality entire alternative CD of BB -so obviously there is a ton of other stuff that could have been made into an SDE release that this album deserves — shame on ABKCO


Paul Wren

It’s amazing that there isn’t additional bonus material as you have pointed out. So it’s of little interest to me.

Joe Mac Pherson

When I saw the headline, I was excited. Now I’ve read the article; I’m disappointed. The irony is, knowing this is an ABKO production, already had me wondering if this would be truly special, on a par with The Beatles White Album. No, it’s not so special at all. I’ll pass- but I’m glad you let us know about this. Thank You, Paul.

Peter Stanton

I love the Stones. They were the first band that I went to see live (Portsmouth Guildhall 1965) and are the main band that I collect.

However, this really does have nothing much to offer or to tempt me with. Great, great shame and such a wasted opportunity.



What a load of ****. £42 for an album I already own 5 times with nothing in the way of unreleased material. Considering all the other deluxe sets coming out over the next few months, this really has got to be bottom of the pile.

Bryan Krempa

Not exactly the most thrilling news to hear of this BB anniversary edition. I think I’ll hold onto my BB SACD edition from 2002, which still sounds fantastic through the home theater system.

You would think that after the success of the Sgt. Pepper box and the Jethro Tull re-releases with DVD audio, that ABCKO would realize that DVD/Bluray audio mixes of the album drive the sale of these reissue sets. Sure, vinyl is big right now, but since almost every one has a standalone vinyl release too, High Resolution audio is what people want!


50th Anniversary Edition = BULLSHIT EDITION


At £20-22, I might have considered buying it (how many versions of this album do I need?). But unless the price comes down significantly, ABKO can stuff it!


Beggars Belief…

Straight into the SDE Hall of Shame…

Chris Squires

THAT would be an interesting place to view. This fighting for space with Hotel California among others. It’s certainly going to be crowded and as the epic saying goes “We’re gonna have to get a bigger room”…..

In fact rather like the Rock ‘n roll hall of fame there ought to be an SDE version with one entrant from 5 nominations each year. Fame / shame only the very best and very worst allowed.


Very disappointing…

Lawrence Geller

Worst anniversary edition, EVER!

Dean Taylor

Yes … Vodoo lounge is being reissued with a
Exclusive red vinyl edition available from the bands web store . Triple vinyl of the entire show I do believe.

Mark Levy

I’m still trying to find a decent cd replica replacement replacement for my Rolling Stones mono boxed set

Mathew Lauren

ABKCO had the presence of mind to salvage all the old multi-masters, and have them transferred and DSD-stored. Yet, other than the “Sympathy for the Devil” DSD, 5.1 SACD, original-album (song-only) remix, no ‘Stones, original-album material has been offered via any form of surround-sound.

“Meh,” is an understatement!

…esp. next to the forthcoming and/or already available, original-album, Beatles 5.1 RM, REs.

…and there’s the “Love” DVD-A (5.1) “mash-up,” as well.

Another ABKCO miss.



Wildly disappointing :(
Especially as there are soooooo many un(officially)released songs from the recording sessions of that era available on various bootlegs.

I am however looking forward to Voodoo Lounge Uncut – out next month. Looks far more intersting! :)

John Murray

One of the more underwhelming anniversary editions, which is a shame as this has always been my favourite Stones album.


Ho hum. Why go to the trouble of pressing a 12 inch and omit Jumping Jack Flash and Child of the Moon (in mono AND stereo) but include a much bootlegged interview? Oh wait a minute. It’s ABKCO! Never mind….

robert taylor

Beggars Banquet was NOT recorded in true mono, only one track Sympathy for the Devil was. The album was recorded in stereo to mono fold – down, as was Let it Bleed album.



Phil Cohen

I have expressed my disgust towards ABKCO, by cancelling my preorder for the “Sympathy For The Devil” Blu-ray edition (whose release has gone into limbo,anyhow).. That proposed Blu-ray edition’s bonus content was going to be related to the film’s director, and would have had no Rolling Stones content. I’ll get by fine with the DVD, which ABKCO released many years ago. I’ve already got that disc.


The film’s director, Jean-Luc Goddard, is considered one of the most influential film-makers of the post-War period and a key figure of the French New Wave movement: it is not unreasonable for contextual material to be devoted to him and his work – even if by this time he was busy starting his disappearance down a rather boring Maoist/ Marxist rabbithole of his own devising. After the 60s his work became unwatchable.


@Phil Cohen

I hear ya but that director is Jean-Luc Godard, one of the 20th century’s greatest film directors.

So not something to be sniffed at.

Leonardo Lotti Marques

Paul, have you also heard that the “Voodoo Lounge” concert is being released again, after being out of print since the 90’s?