The Rolling Stones: Blue and Lonesome

This December, The Rolling Stones will issue Blue & Lonesome, their first studio album in over a decade…

The album – recorded in just three days in London at the end of last year – takes the band back to their blues roots and features songs by artists such as Jimmy Reed, Willie Dixon, Eddie Taylor, Little Walter and Howlin’ Wolf. It was produced by Don Was and ‘The Glimmer Twins’ (i.e. Jagger/Richards).

The music was played live in the studio without overdubs where the band were joined by Darryl Jones (bass), Chuck Leavell (keyboards) and Matt Clifford (keyboards). Eric Clapton appears on two tracks.


As well as the standard CD, there will be a deluxe edition of Blue & Lonesome (picture above) which will feature a 75-page mini-book about the making of the album and band postcard prints. A 2LP gatefold heavyweight vinyl edition (with download code) is also available.

Blue & Lonesome will be released on 2 December 2016.

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The Rolling Stones

Blue & Lonesome deluxe edition


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The Rolling Stones

Blue & Lonesome 2LP vinyl


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The Rolling Stones

Blue & Lonesome CD



1. Just Your Fool
(Original written and recorded in 1960 by Little Walter)

2.  Commit A Crime
(Original written and recorded in 1966 by Howlin’ Wolf – Chester Burnett)

3. Blue And Lonesome
(Original written and recorded in 1959 by Little Walter)

4. All Of Your Love
(Original written and recorded in 1967 by Magic Sam – Samuel Maghett)

5. I Gotta Go
(Original written and recorded in 1955 by Little Walter)

6. *Everybody Knows About My Good Thing
(Original recorded in 1971 by Little Johnny Taylor, composed by Miles Grayson & Lermon Horton)

7. Ride ‘Em On Down
(Original written and recorded in 1955 by Eddie Taylor)

8. Hate To See You Go
(Original written and recorded in 1955 by Little Walter)

9. **Hoo Doo Blues
(Original recorded in 1958 by Lightnin’ Slim, composed by Otis Hicks & Jerry West)

10. Little Rain
(Original recorded in 1957 by Jimmy Reed, composed by Ewart.G.Abner Jr. and Jimmy Reed)

11. Just Like I Treat You
(Original written by Willie Dixon and recorded by Howlin’ Wolf in December 1961)

12. *I Can’t Quit You Baby
(Original written by Willie Dixon and recorded by Otis Rush in 1956)

*Eric Clapton: Guitar
**Jim Keltner: Percussion

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klaus scholz

Love it or not, its just a simple blues album with credits to all those who wrote the songs and its not a fast cashmaking, u think this guys are in need? Haha..! Its pure fun and excellent. And if u open your ears u can hear probably the best Mick Jagger ever, and his harmonica play is superb. The cover fits perfect. This album is a sensation in Music history, time will prove it and i love it.


not a bad cover lp nothing special , would have been better doing their own blues tunes with some feeling, Mick Jaggers harp is still the worst and piercing sound I have ever heard ( unless it’s redubbed over and over in the studio) no magic dick, paul butterfield or charlie musselwhite just a bad harp player

klaus scholz

Dats what you think, the harp is not bad and off course Mick is not Little Walter, but hes a brilliant blues singer !


Just bought 3 deluxe for £20 thanks for the tip off!


Just ordered the deluxe edition for £10 on the Amazon UK site


If you’re really into Mick singing blues covers and playing harmonica with that “live band, one take” sound then try to get the CD “Mean Ol’ World.” This is Mick in fine form as a from the heart, rockin’ and rollin’, hollerin’ bluesman. It is 22 tracks of him with the Red Devils blues band – yes, not the Stones. The sessions’ main details are well covered in a dedicated chapter of Dan LeRoy’s well researched book “The Greatest Music Never Sold.”




I must say, as a long-time Stones-obsessive, I do agree with the comments regarding the cover.
It is ultimately the exact same cover as Forty Licks – even down to the font they have used, albeit different covers. I think a black cover with individual black and white photos of them in the studio would have been far more fitting, but hey who really cares – it’s new music from The Stones – and something us long-time fans have been wishing for for a looooong time; a back-to-basics blues album!
Of course I’ve already ordered the box set!


There have been some good Stones LP covers. Their wordless debut album cover, Goats Head Soup (with the atmospheric Bailey portraits), Some Girls (the original featuring Monroe, Welch, Lucille Ball etc), It’s Only Rock ‘N’ Roll (with its grandeur), and even the original ‘invitation’ Beggars Banquet was quite nice… Also Hot Rocks (all their heads in a ‘Russian Doll’ effect) was pretty good too…


No Mick Taylor? That’s a real shame, and the cover is awful. A 2016 version of Nicky Wright’s photo on their debut album cover (‘The Rolling Stones’, Decca, 1964) would have been better…. Something that is at least a bit moody and befitting a Stones blues album, instead of the dreaded corporate tongue…

Also, ABKCO need to pull their finger out… A Stones DVD package (similar to The Beatles’ ‘1+’ set) is long overdue.The recent restoration of the ‘Jumpin’ Jack Flash’ and ‘Child Of The Moon’ promos (as seen on Keef’s recent BBC4 residence) hint at how great such a compilation could be. Don’t hold your breath though.


To dc: as opposed to you I am so happy that there are no horns here, just pure Stones. The horns and the hoard of backing vocals girls ruined Exile!


Like the cover. A lot of critical comments out there. As if the Stones do lousy covers, right?


Somewhat disappointing to note no horns here at all because the presence of same would ensure some real dynamics and texture in the sequence of performances–wouldn’t take THAT long to rehearse and work a sax and a trumpet into the mix would it?


For those complaining about the cover, would you rather see 4 very wrinkled faces? Compared to the Phil Collins reissue covers, this one is Grrrreat.


Have the stones ever produced a worthwhile cover to any of their lp’s?
I am not including sticky fingers as that is all Warhol and only Mick’s infatuation got him the gig.
No1 awfull, aftermath generic, between the buttons ,vaseline lens, the list goes on, Bridges to babylon gets my vote for the worst that or day glo Dirty work

Ben W

Exile On Main St. is pretty cool. Bigger Bang is pretty nice also.


I will give you Exile but for a band as iconic as the Stones the vast majority are poor.
Consider also the output of their rivals The Beatles and the Who There is a lot more thought and wit in Revolver , Sell out, Tommy, The White album .Just puzzling as they were all products of Art school.


Massive stones fan so I pre-ordered straight away yesterday, think it’s great their going back to their blues roots with this one. Only thing is I read if you pre-order you automatically get a download of the new single “Just Your Fool’, I ordered through Amazon so anyone know I get this?

As for the artwork I like it, nice take on the classic logo. The deluxe edition is a bit of a cash grab though, I don’t see how the extra £20 really justifies a book and some postcards. Should have at least have had an extra disc with some behind the scenes footage, extra songs etc.


It’s only blues but I like it…! ( with a cover art of 21th century)…


‘The Blues’ in blue for a lifelong Stones and Everton fan.One lick instead of ‘Forty Licks!Deluxe!Delight!Put any signatures on my pre-order and I’ll be ‘stoned’ by the Stones after fourty years!


I hope it sounds better than A Bigger Bang, such a shame that said album hurts my ears.


There is not such a thing as a 75-page book.
76, yes, but not 75…


They couldn’t afford to include the extra page. :-)


I am probably the only one, but I really like the artwork on this album. The Stones logo in blue for a blues album. I want to know if the only difference between the Deluxe Edition and the “normal” cd, the 75-page mini-book is. The difference is about 20 Euro’s and that is a lot of money for only a mini-book.

At this moment I think that I will buy just the normal CD.


Isn’t this basically going back to where they started, literally? I realize it’s too much to expect something really “new” from the Stones, but come on. “Doom And Gloom” was pretty good, I would have loved eleven more like that.

They should be able to roll out a set of twelve blues covers every year. These’ll sound fine, I’m sure, but it’s hard to imagine they’re going to be particularly special.

Paul W

Thanks for the up date i have just put my order in


lots of prices…
paid EUR 59,98 for 2LP and Deluxe CD

I am happy ! :)
rock on

Stevie B

Three days to record the album, three seconds to make the cover…it’s all beginning to make sense! Actually, I don’t dislike the cover a such, just that it’s not really right for this kind of album. No need to rush to order it though, I prefer to buy physical records from physical record stores (that’s ones that pay their taxes)…if you’ve got one nearby, use it or lose it.

Rpbert Atkin

I like the cover art. When I look at it now, all I can see is a blue frog.

Ollie Carlisle

I think the extra £20 for a booklet is to ensure anyone buying it definitely feels the blues. That aside, this should be excellent if the ‘single’ is any indication.


No extra music on the deluxe version? Booo!


That’s rolling stones #1, #2 and Out Of Our Heads all over again. Great, great great! Don’t care about the book, it’s the music that counts, who needs Havana trash when you get the REAL stones.


Don’t understand all the hatred for the cover, I think it looks fantastic! Simple, effective and appropriately, very blue!

Jimmy King

I like the cover as well. What better way to enjoy The Stones playing the music they love ? Live and organic with no overdubs is just the way this should be recorded.


No extra tracks on the deluxe edition? So £20 more for a booklet?!


You forgot the postcards. :-)

Todd R.

I’m in.


Worst cover ever…But I understand it will have a good identification in streaming sites and digital stores.


12 tracks. wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a short album….. Either that or some exclusive edition with more tracks.

Tom M

I’m beginning to wonder the same. A double heavyweight vinyl release for twelve old blues tracks? Maybe they’re 10″ records and/or cut at 45 r.p.m.


I refuse to believe that’s the final cover art. I mean, really, look at it. That’s not even lazy – that’s 3 seconds in Photoshop.

Ben in Colorado

Love the Stones, and just got the Japanese SHM-CD Mono Box today, but I smell a cash grab. Recorded in 3 days. No overdubs. No originals, so no songwriting. Fly in, record some basic Blues tracks, fly out, put it in the can. Ka-ching!


I read [elsewhere?] that they also may have recorded some new tracks. I guess that means another tour in 2017 to 2025. :-)


Nothing for ten years then a Mojo covers CD and a little book for £30, I’ll pass on this one.


Is it even remotely possible that isn’t the actual cover artwork? Maybe a slipcover? Hard to believe they go with that, it does seems “lazy” as Ben Williams said above.

David M

I am sure it is. People wondered the same about Hollywood Bowl release …


Man, what a shock this isn`t!

Great news, if this album IS good maybe that`s the way to go for the band. There`s a thick seam of music to be mined.

Love the cover! ; ))


you have got to be kidding, they did this stuff 50 years ago it was someone else’s music then but the timing was right .They can’t go back , they aren’t bluesmen as much as they feel they are Muddy waters has acknowledged their contribution to making the blues more mainstream ,but anyone who was around in the 60’s and listening to the real blues knew it was coming to white america , as Muddy once told me when I asked him about the stones “yeah they are a great bunch of boys.

Harold Pinter

They ought to use that tongue design more often.


I think this is a great idea and I’m looking forward to it, but this is an album they should have dropped 20 years ago, especially if it took that little time to record. Brian Jones would approve.


not to hard to cover blues songs but lacking in having a good time and not lacking in trying to be different from the originals , should have just let them selves go


awefull lot of extra money for a 75 page book


Yup. I’ll stick with the regular edition. I don’t pay plenty of $$$ just to get what amounts to junk. A real “deluxe” edition would have extra tracks.


Sounds good! Looking forward to this.

Yeah, that cover is less than appetizing. No better than Forty Licks, really. A black and white in-the-studio photo would have been better.


Not as bad as Grrr though, that IS awful. Looks like the Stones will get the bulk of my pennies on the run up to silly season, with Stones in mono already bagged, Havana Moon and now this. The release schedule is so crazy, I have to pull the horns in and be happy with the Who and PIL box sets as the last ‘big ticket’ items this year!

Stevie B

‘Tis the season for classic bands to put out essential discs featuring disappointing covers. That said, I’m very much looking forward to this.


Is that blue vinyl I spy?


If only. Assuming we’re looking at the same thing, that looks like the flap to the envelope the postcard prints will be in with the deluxe CD set.
I have mixed feelings about this release. The 3-days, no overdubs, no songwriting, and Photoshop 101 cover all smell of a quick cash grab alright. But who knows – it may be good.
I just hope for a decent dynamic range and lament no appearance by Mick Taylor.

Paul Murphy

‘Lament’ is right and no mistake. Not only the best guitarist the Stones ever had, but one of the best blues guitarists the country has ever had. Not sure if the ‘3 days only’ is anything to be harping [no pun] on about by the promo people, but we will wait for the aural evidence. Can only assume the 10-year wait has ben because it has taken them that long to find the worst, least representative of contents cover possible.


Good Album, Horrible Artwork.

elliott buckingham

vinyl ordered hope the price drops abit though



Ben Williams

Yay! A new Stones album (thankfully out in December and not on November 11th..).

Album artwork seems a bit lazy. Looks cool but doesn’t look like an album of blues covers.. More like a best-of or gig poster, IMO, but heck, its the Stones – I ‘m just happy theres a new record coming!


Mono lp box, mono SHM-cd Japan box, Havana Moon, and now the blues! Bring it on, Stones!


Jack you forgot the Totally Stripped box

Richard ‘Stones Rule