The Rolling Stones / Bridges To Bremen

1998 concert film • Remixed audio • Restored visuals • Surround sound • 2CD+Blu-ray, 3LP vinyl + more formats

This June, Eagle Vision will issue Bridges To Bremen, a full-length show performed by The Rolling Stones on the final leg of the ‘Bridges To Babylon’ tour.

Bremen is in Northwest Germany and the gig was filmed at the city’s Weserstadion on 2 September 1998.  By this point the ‘Stones were three months into the European leg of this enormous year-long tour which had seen them fill stadia and arenas in North America, Asia and South America.

This was the first tour where fans could vote on the band’s website for a track they wanted to hear at the show, which is why ‘Memory Motel’ from Black and Blue is in the setlist.

In terms of audio and picture quality, it sounds promising, since Eagle Vision state that the film has been “meticulously restored from the original masters” while the audio has been remixed and remastered from the live multitrack recordings. Remember, even though this is offered on blu-ray, this isn’t full HD but ‘upscaled standard definition’. In terms of sound, we get uncompressed stereo and DTS-HD Master Audio surround sound.

A full range of formats is on offer, including 2CD+blu-ray and 2CD+DVD combo packs, 3LP vinyl and standalone blu-ray and DVD. The video element offers four tracks from their Soldier Field performances in Chicago.

Bridges to Bremen will be released on 21 June 2019.

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The Rolling Stones

Bridges to Bremen - 2CD+blu-ray


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The Rolling Stones

Bridges to Bremen - 2CD+DVD


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The Rolling Stones

Bridges to Bremen - 3LP vinyl


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The Rolling Stones

Bridges to Bremen - blu-ray


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The Rolling Stones

Bridges to Bremen - DVD


3LP vinyl

1. (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction
2. Let’s Spend The Night Together
3. Flip The Switch
4. Gimme Shelter
5. Anybody Seen My Baby?
6. Paint It Black
7. Saint Of Me
8. Out Of Control
9. Memory Motel
10. Miss You
11. Thief In The Night
12. Wanna Hold You
13. Its Only Rock ‘n’ Roll (But I Like It)
14. You Got Me Rocking
15. Like A Rolling Stone
16. Sympathy For The Devil
17. Tumbling Dice
18. Honky Tonk Women
19. Start Me Up
20. Jumpin’ Jack Flash
21. You Can’t Always Get What You Want
22. Brown Sugar

‘Bridges to Chicago’ blu-ray/DVD bonus performances

1. Rock And A Hard Place
2. Under My Thumb
3. All About You
4. Let It Bleed

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As a fan anything from the stones is welcome so embrace mike

Charlie Waffles

I agree with Joe. Let’s Spend the Night Together is a great movie.

James W

I like that film. I have it on DVD. But, I think the “From The Vault: Hampton ’81” show in it’s entirety is a much better alternative. I think that show on it’s own is a better Rolling Stones ’81 tour experience. I’ve seen/ listened to that more than “Still Life” and the “LSTNT” movie.


@James W
I found the Rolling Bones rushed too much for “Hampton ’81” – speeding up the songs to get as many tracks in.

David M

I thought it was terrible. I saw them for the first time on that tour and thought the show was great, the movie didn’t capture any of that for me. And I think The Stones got better in the 90s (as I previously stated).

Tom m hans

Saw that show at Hockenheim Formula One Racetrack. Personally I found it too big, too over the top of a venue, more than 100000 people, if I remember correctly.
Big Country opened. Why the long face. RIP Stuart Adamson. Not a bad show. Guess I get this to finally see what I missed in person. Sadly they did not play Memory Motel, I only have the abysmal live version with Dave Matthew’s.
Playing My Life from Keith via audible right now.
Interesting. Peace.

Tom m hans

Correction, my bad. I saw Voodoo Lounge in 95 and not Bridges to Babylon. Sigh. Old age.

paul wren

The superb Big Country – a terrific live band and it’s no wonder The Stones chose them to warm up the crowd.


You Can Always Get What You Don’t Want!


So true! ;)


As Bruce Kelso points out, there are enough post 1990 Stones shows out there already and not enough from the earlier decades. This one is the filling in a ‘Bridges to Babylon 97-98’/’No Security, San Jose ’99’ sandwich, (although that probably won’t stop me getting this one eventually). As for Gisabun’s comment on pricing, I find it better not to buy from Amazon but to wait a few weeks and then pick up a copy from one of the marketplace sellers either in Europe or the U.S.

Kevin Galliford

Excellent! Been waiting for something from this tour for years. I’ll be buying the combo version & the “Bridges to Babylon” album was their best for a long long time !


What about putting let’s spend the night together the film on to Blu Ray… still life 81/82 tour was rocking


That one is for sale in Japan.. More expensive than here but worthed anyway…

Pieter Balk

Let’s Spent is available on Blu Ray but only in Japan. It is region free NTSC though so playable worldwide and worth buying.


I’m happy to see at least one band is digging into their archives. The Who has a load of stuff that was released on DVD and even VHS but never on Blu-ray. Dave Matthews Band, Aerosmith, Def Leppard, Genesis, Marillion, and Elton John are some that have barely gone back with Blu-ray [and upgraded DVD] releases.

bruce kelso

why is there no more mick taylor archive concert footage being issued. their is enough of the 90s and 2000 shows already. . the early 70s found the stones in top form as a performing band with out the overblown stage etc that started with 1975 tour in the u.s. for me the rolling stones ended after mick taylor left.

Mark Brian Carroll


David M

Nonsense (the Mick Taylor comment), probably more from the 90s on because more shows were filmed. Personally I prefer 90s to the present day over anything from about 1975-90


It is so tiring to hear about how great the Mick Taylor era was – YES, we all know the core albums from Beggars to IORR, amazing music! For me, I have lived and breathed this band for so long, I am often reaching for albums outside of this era because I live the band so much, more more more. I love every album for different reasons including all the solo work. The Rolling Stones are still performing very strong and at the top of their game.


I totally agree Bruce, the Stones ended with It’s Only Rock and Roll. And for me personally their best period was “68” Beggars Banquet to It’s Only Rock and Roll “74” . a six year period where every album was strong, can’t really be bothered with anything else.

James W

That era is my favorite as well. But, I also really like “Some Girls” and “Tattoo You”.


Strange that with the last 2 releases (this and Voodoo Lounge Uncut) they’ve stepped away from the ‘From The Vault’ brand and packaging?

Stranger still that the From The Vault films were already Eagle Rock releases.

By no means a show-stopper, but it’ll look strange on my shelf



Eagle Rock, the UMG-owned leading producer and distributor of music programming for broadcast, DVD, Blu-Ray, TV and Digital Media, have expanded their global distribution rights to the band’s extensive long-form audio visual catalogue. As part of the agreement, Eagle Rock will also re-issue several classic concert films from their archives including: Atlanta (1989); Steel Wheels (1989-90); Voodoo Lounge (1994); Bridges to Babylon (1997-1998); Four Flicks (2002) and Bigger Bang (2005-2006).


With exceptions, most of the Vault series goes back to the 80s and before.
On the other hand the non “Vault” releases [Havana, Sweet Summer Sun, …] seem to be more expensive.


I am pleased this has been cleaned up and is getting a proper release – I have the bootleg on dvd/cd and it is a great show.
When they first announced the new contract with Eagle Rock and all the shows that were planned for release, I’d initially assumed that the Bridges To Babylon show they mentioned was just going to be a re-release of the video/dvd that came out in the late 90s, so it’s good that we are getting a completely different show.
Others mentioned were Voodoo Lounge (which has now been released as Voodoo Lounge Uncut), Atlanta (presumably Atlantic City ’89 – a well-known bootleg) and A Bigger Bang (hopefully ‘Light The Fuse’ – the Toronto concert they released via the short-lived Stones Archive website as a download a few years back)
Light The Fuse has an ‘all killer no filler’ setlist, with barely a warhorse (Jumping Jack Flash, Satisfaction, Brown Sugar et al) in sight! It would make a refreshing change :)

Peter Berg

YES!!! Can we make some noise on here, Paul, for Eagle Rock to release the DVD/CD of Light the Fuse?? I’ve been waiting for that one in the From the Vault series for so long, since the setlist for that show actually has the diversity in song choice we Stones fans crave. The last few Stones live releases have had mainly the tired war horses. I would also love more releases from the Licks Tour as those setlists were the most diverse the Stones ever played. Please Eagle Rock, release Light the Fault in your From the Vault series! I’d buy 5 copies and give some to friends!


100% agree re: the Licks tour. Disc 2 of Live Licks is the most diverse and interesting tracklist on a Stones live album in years.
The three shows on the Four Flicks box set are amazing. I would love more shows from that tour – not reissues of Four Flicks, but different shows altogether please! :)

Light The Fuse on the other hand really is a gem – no idea why Eagle Rock hasn’t put it out yet. It was definitely filmed as quite a bit of it is included in snippets on one of the Four Flicks documentaries…

Matteo Mazzi

I do appreciate your use of the plural neuter “stadia”: I know, it’s only latin but I like it! Stadi Rock!