The Rolling Stones / From The Vault: No Security: San Jose ’99

The tour that supported the live album from the previous tour.

After a frenetic schedule back in 2015, Eagle Rock’s Rolling Stones ‘From The Vault’ series has slowed down in recent years, with only one release – 2017’s  Sticky Fingers at Fonda Theatre – in the last two and a half years. But the series continues in July, with No Security. San Jose ’99 which is available in the usual variety of formats.

The No Security tour of 1999 was in support of the No Security live album (issued in 1998) which itself used performances from the Bridges To Babylon tour. The ‘Stones were certainly keeping busy during this period, because the Bridges To Babylon tour ended in Sep 1998, only four months or so before they started the No Security tour!

Two shows in San Jose in April ’99 ended the US leg of the No Security tour before the band moved to Europe for nine concerts in June. The band made a point of playing arenas (not stadiums) on the No Security tour, playing to much smaller crowds than they had in ’98. While still not exactly intimate, the idea was to lose some of the special effects and let the music do the talking.

The set list features some sixties classics (but no Satisfaction) and includes songs like Midnight Rambler, Out of Control, Some Girls and Saint of Me.

No Security. San Jose ’99 will be issued as a 3LP vinyl set (coloured edition is only available in North America), a 2CD+DVD package and on blu-ray and DVD on 13 July 2018. Note that the blu-ray is an ‘SD Blu-ray’ indicating that the footage is standard definition, therefore with the 2CD+DVD package you aren’t really losing anything in terms of picture quality.

1. Jumpin’ Jack Flash
2. Bitch
3. You Got Me Rocking
4. Respectable
5. Honky Tonk Woman
6. I Got the Blues
7. Saint of Me
8. Some Girls
9. Paint It Black
10. You Got the Silver
11. Before They Make Me Run
12. Out of Control
13. Route 66
14. Get Off of My Cloud
15. Midnight Rambler
16. Get Off of My Cloud
17. It’s Only Rock ‘N’ Roll (But I Like It)
18. Start Me Up
19. Brown Sugar
20. Sympathy for the Devil

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I have seen the Blu-ray/2 CD package of this release on Amazon & Ebay over $100 US. Can anyone tell me why it is priced so high??

John Ireland

I ordered this on the basis that it was going to be c9,outed vinyl, disappointed to say mine has arrived and it’s black. I didn’t see anything saying that it was going to be black only. I’d have cancelled had I known.
Ho hum, I should’ve just stuck with the cd/dvd versions that I’ve gotten in the past. For those that are asking theirs no dvd with the vinyl but I knew that before hand. Still a good release though.

Paul Taylor

At what point do you think Amazon UK are going to tell those of us who ordered this as a coloured vinyl set (confirmed by email) that we’re not getting it? So far there has been no communication to that effect. The release date is supposed to be this Friday although mine shows as due for delivery on the 18th

Paul Taylor

Well, it does actually matter from a service viewpoint. I don’t see how it’s acceptable for them to send you an alternative product to what you ordered without prior notification. Whether I hear the information elsewhere is irrelevant. It’s up to the vendor to communicate with the buyer, not for the buyer to hear the alleged information second hand.


Paul(s) ….
Of course it matters! If the incorrect coloured copy was not despatched then it’s common courtesy to inform the buyer of their options either to receive a Black Copy at a Discount or to cancel the order, plain and simple manners a thing a lot of people / company’s don’t have any more !

It’s like a vegetarian ordering a veggie pizza And getting a Fully loaded meat feast!

Did anyone actually receive a coloured copy?

I just checked my USA order made within the first 10 minutes of being announced on here, it was on order since day one with a picture of the coloured vinyl on my order page….
Just checking now Amazon USA have actually deleted my order – totally disappeared off my Amazon Page – with no explanation at all.

Now that’s Bloody Poor and an absolute Joke!

Tony Orwell

This is Showing as Coloured vinyl again on amazon.co.uk but dont be fooled, I spoke to Lindsay at Eagle Rock who assures me that the uk sold copy will black vinyl. For future reference Universal have informed eagle rock at the beginning of this concept that Universal EU could not make 180g coloured vinyl and only Universal USA could, Lindsay said that he was not happy with 150g or 160g vinyl so it was decided that this would only be black vinyl in the uk. Future releases though in the uk will have the opportunity to be coloured vinyl going forward and he mentioned another release to come later in the year.

Edward Longmire

Does anybody know the latest about the 3-coloured vinyl worldwide issue ? From the looks of the Amazon UK site, it IS being issued in the UK as well ? Would be grateful for any updates on this…


The reason for this tour was a bit different. The Stones had to cancel their UK shows in 1998 as part of the Bridges to Babylon tour. The reason was tax payments. So, all UK shows were postponed to summer 1999. Additional European dates were scheduled and that’s when the idea came around to do something different for the US. Hence, the No Security tour was born. This was a US only tour and preceeded the 1999 Bridges tour

[…] No Security. San Jose ’99 will be released on 13 July 2018. Read more information about this release. […]


I am very happy about this. In my humble opinion, the 90’s were a high point in their career despite a lot of people always assuming the 60’s/70’s were. 1994-2004 (Voodoo Lounge – Licks Tours) had incredible setlists and the energy of the band and crowds were amazing. Therefore, anything that gets released from this era is guaranteed to be amazing. Out Of Control and Saint Of Me are two of their best songs in years, so to have them included is a bonus.
I will be buying the DVD + 2CD edition as that is how I have bought all the other From The Vault shows. The only ones worth buying on Blu-ray are Shine A Light, Sweet Summer Sun, Havana Moon and Sticky Fingers at The Fonda.
Now here’s hoping that Glastonbury gets a Vault release in the near future!!

Geoff Kavanagh

I have read the DVD Blu Ray debate with interest so here is my take on it. I find the packages with CDs much more useful because I can listen to the shows in the car, in my office or wherever I choose. Realistically, just how many times will you actually watch the concert? The CD option allows far more flexibility. At some point they will offer CD package with Blu Ray until then, a set with CDs is my preferred option.

Kevin Galliford

Been more than happy with the quality of the releases so far In this series, especiallly the SF release but Eagle Star customer service does leave something to be desired.


I’m buying the 2CD + DVD version because I have a DVD player LOL!!

John Wos

Need to see my boys as a quintet. Not a quartet. Brian, Bill and Mick Taylor. The way they always will be in my mind.

Mark Carroll

Hear, Hear !!


I find the fact Japan editions have extra tracks quite wearisome. Or even offensive.


Agree…does my head in

peter chrisp

It’s not surprising the Japanese releases seem to always have an extra track or 2


I think track 16 should be “Tumbling Dice” according to the setlists at IORR.org



If I have a choice between a DVD release or a BR [in SD] release, I will still take the BR release even though there may be little difference in quality. I don’t really want to have cases of different sizes. :-)

Meanwhile, I am expecting the RS or Eagle Rock to scr?w us again by pulling a few tracks out of the concert and call them “bonus tracks”. They’ve done it with so many releases it is annoying and a border line scam. They did it with Sweet Summer Sun, Havana Moon and others.

David Bond

Thus far in the ‘From the Vault’ series, the only one they’ve pulled that stunt on was the ‘Sticky Fingers at Fonda Theatre’ release.


Oh crikety.. ( and I’m a Yank)… I will agree with you Paul on the SD-Bluray VISUAL aspect being spot on (you Brits are wearing off on me.. LOL). However, I will disagree on the potential for a higher res, less compressed AUDIO track. This is why whenever Eagle Rock offers a choice I go for the Blu, just for the bump up in audio quality.

I didn’t post to put another nail in the coffin, I actually am posting to say you have my sympathies Paul for all of the flack you have seem taken over this. I immediately understood what you were getting at and I’m sure you were just innocently trying to help steer people towards a more affordable option, which I commend you for. Keep up the good work.. love the site!

Thanks and All The Best -Jeff

Alan Blevin

Whatever the tech specs say here is my opinion on vintage concerts on Bluray.Some shows I have bought in this format-Some Girls In Texas and Who At Shea Stadium-have had picture quality more suited to a video cassette than DVD let alone Bluray.The one where the upgrade was worth it was Rust Never Sleeps where they went back to the original film negative and authored it from that.It is stunning.
The Fonda show I made a point of getting it in Bluray/cd because it was filmed in quality that would make the format worthwhile.As for sound quality cd standard is fine for me so the difference between Bluray and DVD sound is not a deal breaker.The inclusion of CDs in a package is the deal breaker for me not what video format it is in.I have all the previous From The Vault releases and while I have not watched any of the shows more than once or twice-I have over 20 Stones shows on DVD/Bluray-I would have listened to each of the CD’s 15-20 times.


Paint It Black was fantastic . . .

Frenchy Eric

Apart from completists and extreme hardcore fans, who seriously needs a RS live album from late 90’s ?
Give me some 1970 european tour vaults please !


Non-completists and non-hardcore fans who first listened to them in the 90s? And who will watch them live for the first time in 2018 :)

Kevin Galliford

I’ve been wondering when we would have some of the 90’s mega tours released in this series. & now after hitting a few dead ends of trying to find out what is going on, here we at last! I will definitely be buying the DVD / CD combo & am glad they are featuring a few album tracks from BTB, especially the superb “Out of Control”. Was this their last great contemporary album anyone?. Before they essentially really did become a Nostalgia act?


Amazingly enough I was at both shows ! I was only going to attend the first one originally when it was scheduled to take place in…January but then Jagger got laryngitis after the first two shows (Sacramento and Oakland ?) so that opened some seats for the rescheduled concerts in April. I remember being thrilled at seeing them in such a “small” venue after the massive shows of the early 90s. Midnight Rambler on the B-Stage was particularly impressive with Mick and Keith feeding off of each other, the audience was stunned. It was the second night though and the released show is from the first night on the 19th apparently.

Bill W.

I saw one of these two last shows in SJ at the Shark Tank and it was great, they played a stripped down set also in the middle of the arena and SugarRay opened for them which to my surprise were pretty damn good. So it will be cool to own this and see the show that i went to.


There is a CD/Blu-ray option available from Amazon US


Hi Everyone,

Just an important note. In reference to: ‘therefore with the 2CD+DVD package you aren’t really losing anything in terms of picture quality’ – You actually ARE losing picture quality. Blu-ray discs can hold much more information than DVDs and therefore the video and audio don’t have to be compromised with compression the same as they may with DVDs.

When a release comes listed as ‘SD Blu-ray’, what this actually means is that the SOURCE MATERIAL is not of HD standard as it may have only been recorded on SD Video and not 35mm film, for example. If you believe that the upgrade to Blu-ray isn’t worth it, you may want to reconsider for your viewing and listening pleasure as I guarantee you’ll be missing out.

I recently purchased the Eagle Rock release of Joni Mitchell’s ‘Woman Of Heart & Mind’ / ‘Painting With Words And Music’, which is listed as a SD Blu-ray release and the picture and sound quality are stunning. Head and shoulders above DVD standards. So, don’t sell yourself so short by saving about £3.00, go for the highest quality: Blu-ray. It DOES make a BIG difference.

Same principal with CDs and vinyl…


The Japanese version has Moonlight Mile and Gimme Shelter as bonus tracks.


I’ve seen The Rolling Stones at least 7 times. The only thing memorable about the No Security show was how forgettable that concert was.


And yet you remember it. And you told us about it. And, as you read this, you’re still remembering it. You lucky lucky ducky.

David M

I saw 2 gigs, in Boston and Chicago. One was ok, the other was a completely brilliant show Everything clicked on stage, when this happens with The Stones few are better

Gary Shaw

So as the 2 CD + DVD package is the same price as the BluRay, unless the BluRay includes at least download codes, there’s no point buying it, if it’s only SD.

Dave H

the picture will be SD but the audio will be of higher quality hence why a blu-ray version is released.


And the picture is also better quality on the Blu-ray, despire what the article claims.


That’s what I said: the footage may be from an SD source. But the transfering of this SD footage (and audio) to either DVD or Blu-ray will yield different results.

Your article says: “therefore with the 2CD+DVD package you aren’t really losing anything in terms of picture quality.” You wrote that statement, didn’t you? Therefore you’re making a statement as if it were fact, when it’s not. It’s your perception, which is wrong. Have you seen / heard the Joni Mitchell release that I mentioned to evidence my point?

Surely you know this already though? It’s the same as transferring to CD or Vinyl. Vinyl can generally handle more quality and therefore will generally be the better choice for ‘hearing’ the music.


It’s not the same, Gary. The Blu-ray is higher quality. Check it for yourself though…

Chris Squires

In a way you are both right. It’s not about resolution but compression. DVD can only handle .mpg and at 8000kbps (720×576) you can put just short of 70 minutes of footage before you have to start reducing that 8000. And if you want complicated menus and other extras you will have to reduce even further. However most DVDs for this type of thing are dual layer and you can put about 120 mins before you have to bring that 8000 down. .mpg is not a great compression codec, it’s quite old, but I would happily go down to about 6000kbps before anything noticeable appears on screen as deterioration of image. Of course having a 4K TV will show the artefacts introduced by that increase in compression more obviously than an SD or HD TV. What Blu-Ray gives you is not an increase in resolution (unless you pointlessly upscale the SD image) it’ll still be 720 x 576 in PAL or 720 x 480 in NTSC but what you can get is one of two improvements by using a BD. You can use .mpg and have about 6 hours of best quality footage. So no compression needed for even the longest of concerts with oodles of space for bonus content. The second advantage is that you can use a much more modern codec which is h.264, DVD cannot do this. H.264 is far superior to .mpg you can get smaller files and better quality so a BD can get about 8 or 9 hours of SD footage without compression.
So the resolution of DVD and BD will be the same but you have to start compressing the images on a DVD much sooner and with an inferior codec. If footage is under an hour you will more than likely see little or no difference, but longer video sequences will be better on BD as they will not have to be compressed. I won’t go into audio, but it is the same principle. BD can hold more and better. But only if the source material starts out at high enough quality.
Teaching Granny to suck eggs I am sure. Given the choice, for the small price difference I would go for the BD, but it will only have the potential to be better, it’s not a given, unless the company have mastered everything to BD specs and the source material allows it to be better. A Cine film source will always allow it to be better, video…. not necessarily.


My head hurts after reading this debate , especially Chris’s explanation which is far too detailed to be wrong unless it’s the old case of “if you dazzle them with brilliance baffle them with bullshit” . Anyway I will be buying the CD/DVD combo like I have with all the rest and the quality has been just fine as far as I am concerned

Chris Squires

Ha, quite right.

I should have added of course that it is all entirely subjective and older eyes and ears (i.e. most of us) will barely be able to spot much of a difference if at all. I do strongly believe in the placebo effect. If I believe it is better it will be better and the irony of the fact that I buy everything on Vinyl is not lost on me.

Andrew M

As with all these things it will depend on the quality of the source, the amount of compression used, the end users equipment and many other factors.

Therefore I don’t believe it’s possible for anyone to state definitively either way. Paul, I believe, can’t say there’s no reason to go for the BD and no-one can say he’s wrong.

No-one can know for sure. But the BD has potential to be better even with an SD source. For example the Eagle Viaion SD BD range (including the Freddie Mercury Tribute concert) upscales the image to present it on the BD and then adds uncompressed audio. The result is much better than the DVD.

It’s not a given that this will happen in this case, but if it does it will be better than the DVD.


Preordered, glad to see a bit more variatiion on the set list and no Satisfaction. Also glad the pace on the FTV series slowed as now I am looking forward to this more. The last one (Fonda) was the best one yet.


If you buy it from Japan you get 2 bonus songs (Moonlight Mile and Gimme Shelter)…..and if you want, a T-shirt is optional
With T Shirt
Without T Shirt

No word from WARD Records if a Super Deluxe box (CD/DVD/Vinyl/TShirt) will be released

…and for your readers have excess amounts of cash lying around their turntables, attend the Meet and Greet with the Rolling Stones and have your picture taken with the band…


All You Need is Cash – as The Rutles once said.


They never did release a SDE for a Vault release. So why now?

The Golden Age Of _ _ _ _ _ _`_

Thanks for that tip re: the DVD quality Paul. I was going to go for the vinyl & Bluray but will now get the CD/DVD & vinyl. I don`t know why I`m getting the vinyl because it`s 99% certain it`s digital* but I`ve been collecting all the vinyl sets in the From The Vault series. This is probably because they have been very cheap on the Tax Dodgers. There was that 4 LP/DVD set, not sure which show for £20.

*They do sound good to these ears though.


Vinyl carries better sound quality. That’s why it’s better.

The Golden Age Of _ _ _ _ _ _`_

Thanks Nigel, I am well aware of the merits of vinyl, trouble is srorage space. If I were to replace ALL my CDs with LPs I would need 3 houses and a very FAT wallet!

Paul, I see you have taken some un-warrented flack on the DVD vs Bluray issue. What your critics need to realise is you are acting with our best interests at heart and yes sometimes you may be wrong, who isn`t? We have a nonchalant phrase for people like this around these parts ~ “Fuck `em”.

Paul W

I’ve bought all their ‘From The Vaults’ releases, but it irks me every time that there’s never a CD & Blu Ray package. I realise why, but I’m not falling for that and make do with the DVD. Would be nice if the multimillionaire musicians considered their fans a bit more though, wouldn’t it.

Paul W

Ah, I didn’t read about the Blu Ray being standard definition in this instance, but the point still stands!


For £3.00 extra for the Blu-ray. I’d say that you’re tricking yourself out of a good deal. ‘Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me’. But it’s YOUR choice, my friend. All yours…


I’d say that’s devolved thinking… You could get 15 CDs with it and you still wouldn’t be getting the quality of Blu-ray picture and audio.


you didn’t post my reply to your reply… I think it’s a valid point. Don’t you?


Not really. That’s like saying: If I buy a Ford Mondeo, I get two Ford Focuses with it, so I’ll leave the Porshe, ’cause it just ain’t what it’s cracked up to be…


Why don’t you accept it, Paul? Because you don’t want anyone to think that you made a mistake? I’m sure you and your readers are human and can understand that these things happen… It’s okay. Your Ford Focus is waiting in the drive…

Ben Williams

Does the 3LP edition come with a dvd like previous sets in the series?

Auntie Sabrina

Looks like it’s a 3 LP release Ben, according to:-