The Rolling Stones / From The Vault: Sticky Fingers Live at the Fonda Theatre

The Rolling Stones continue with their ‘From The Vault‘ series with Sticky Fingers: Live at the Fonda Theatre 2015, which will be issued across the usual multiple formats in September.

This unique performance from 20 May 2015, saw the band perform the entire Sticky Fingers album live in concert for the first – and so far only – time in their career. The show took place at the intimate Fonda Theatre and celebrated the reissue of the Sticky Fingers album and was the opening night of The Rolling Stones ‘Zip Code Tour’ of North America.

This ‘From The Vault’ release is available on blu-ray and DVD (which include interviews with the band members intercut with full length performances). Also available are CD+DVD and 3LP+DVD combo packages. The CD and 3LP elements feature the full show as performed on the night.

Infuriating to those in Europe, but consistent with preview releases, there is a CD+Blu-ray edition available only in America. This will be region-free, for what it’s worth and you can order that edition here.

Sticky Fingers: Live at the Fonda Theatre 2015 will be issued on 29 September 2017.

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The Rolling Stones

Sticky Fingers Live 2015 - CD+DVD


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The Rolling Stones

Sticky Fingers Live 2015 - 3LP Vinyl+DVD


Additional formats:

Blu-ray ONLY

Blu-ray/DVD Track Listing
1) Start Me Up
2) Sway
3) Dead Flowers
4) Wild Horses
5) Sister Morphine
6) You Gotta Move
7) Bitch
8) Can t You Hear Me Knocking
9) I Got The Blues
10) Moonlight Mile
11) Brown Sugar
12) Rock Me Baby
13) Jumpin Jack Flash

DVD/Blu-ray Bonus Features
Tracks cut from the concert film:
1) All Down The Line
2) When The Whip Comes Down
3) I Can t Turn You Loose

3LP / CD Track Listing

Side A:
1) Start Me Up
2) When The Whip Comes Down
3) All Down The Line

Side B:
1) Sway
2) Dead Flowers
3) Wild Horses

Side C:
1) Sister Morphine
2) You Gotta Move
3) Bitch

Side D:
1) Can t You Hear Me Knocking
2) I Got The Blues

Side E:
1) Moonlight Mile
2) Brown Sugar

Side F:
1) Rock Me Baby
2) Jumpin Jack Flash
3) I Can t Turn You Loose


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[…] The Vault’ series has slowed down in recent years, with only one release – 2017’s  Sticky Fingers at Fonda Theatre – in the last two and a half years. But the series continues in July, with No Security. San Jose […]


Still annoying that they will be chopping the [short] concert with interviews between some of the songs.
Wasn’t there but I wonder if those in the audience knew the set wouldn’t be lengthy and whether they were pay some ridiculous amount for a seat at the show.


@Gisabun :
I don’t see a track missing, with the 16 songs from the setlist appearing both on the CD/LP format (as they were played) and on the DVD/Blu (with 3 listed as bonus)


@CHDX: At one point they were cut.


Here we go again. According to https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/the-rolling-stones/2015/the-fonda-theatre-hollywood-ca-13c85599.html , 3 tracks from the show are not included in this set. Don’t be too surprised if they eventually show up as “extras” sometime in the near future on another vault release.

Albert Tatlock

Is Mick Taylor on this? If he isn’t then how can they do ‘Sticky Fingers’ in its entirety? ‘Little Mick is all over that album.


Taylor doesn’t like flying. So going over the Atlantic and then to west coast US is less likely.


Is there a reason why the Blu-ray/cd combo only is released in the US and not in Europe ? It would be better if they would release the cd separately, so that fans can choose what they want to buy.


Someone told me once that it depends on what is popular in that territory [i.e. North America, UK, etc.].
On the other hand Eagle Rock has never kept a standard with the Rolling Bones. Sweet Summer Sun never had a BR/CD combo. A few other releases are like that.


I was excited about the video release of this until I read about interviews between songs. I hate this. I hate this because I “LOVE” live performances and when they are interrupted for some “talking” that I would rather not see at that time, it “take me out” of the moment/fun/enjoyment I’m having watching the performance.

To magnify this, imagine them doing this (interviews) during an actual live performance at a stadium, and watch how impatient many of the audience will get. ‘

I don’t really believe that the vast majority of fans really like seeing it edited this way.

The talking is good for one watching. The live performance is meant to watch multiple times, and this form of editing makes it far less enjoyable.


All of the Japanese “From The Vault” sets with the exemption of “At the Fonda Theatre” have extras, the “Marquee Club” has by far the best extra. The packaging is first class and unfortunately the price is high. I have all of the Japanese “From The Vault” sets and don’t regret it. I’ll probably buy “At the Fonda Theatre” just for continuity. Be warned, getting hooked on CDJapan, Amazon Japan, and HMV Japan is more dangerous than SDEs.

John C


The Japanese from the vault of marquee club had a bonus in it of the Brussels affair (2cds) but whether it will be realised here is another matter. It can still be picked up but unfortunately it’s selling for about £100 for the set!!

Jayson T.

Why has there not been an official “From The Vault” CD reissue of “Brussels Affair.” That 1973 gig is one of the greatest live shows in rock history. Fans in the USA were only allowed to buy mp3’s of the show for a brief period of time, and then it disappeared into nothingness. That concert desperately deserves a CD reissue. It never came out on CD unless you bought that $800 ridiculous super deluxe thing. Fortunately I have the bootleg, but for that sucker to not be released on CD with great sound…what are they thinking?? The Rolling Stones never played a better show. Never. And it’s just sitting in the vaults.


Yes, “Brussels Affair” the greatest live shows in rock history.

Ken A

Paul, Is Mick Taylor on this recording? It would be a crime if he isn’t.

Alan Blevin

Paul are you sure that the Bluray in the Bluray/CD combo is region free?In previous From The Vault DVD combos the DVD’s in the Europe releases have been region free whereas the DVD’s in the American versions have been region encoded(I have bought from both sources).
Agree that it is over priced.It would cost me more than the 5 disc version of Totally Stripped did!


Looks like Eagle Rock is inventing “bonus” tracks again. The CD and LP has the three “DVD/Blu-ray Bonus Features”. So who are they kidding? They did this same monkey business with Hot Summer Sun.
Prices are also ridiculous for a video and single CD.

elliott buckingham

i started buying these on vinyl but for some stupid reason they make the gatefold longer than any other record available.


Those Amazon UK are a bit eye-watering, especially when you consider that The Roundhay Park 4LP/DVD package cost only £20! Let`s wait and see if that Amazon person sobers up,


This is one the fans have been waiting for for a while now – along with Glastonbury. Irritating though, as once again the die-hard fans will have already purchased the audio from iTunes – just like they did with Sweet Summer Sun. Still, the gig should be a lot of fun to watch. At £27 for the CD+DVD though, I am hoping Amazon lower the price soon! If not, it will be by far the most expensive ‘From The Vault’ yet – AND it’s only two discs!

Really looking forward to hearing more about the ‘tie-in album’ and documentary apparently being released to coincide with the ‘On Air In The Sixties’ book in September. Not heard anything more about that!
Have you heard anything, Paul?

Mr Foley

I’ll still def have a look at this if and when the uk price comes down – you’d think it would . But the old ‘interviews intercut with live footage’ chesnut…. ‘ always seems to interupt how any live performance flows – and the rest of the from the vault series (i believe) have avoided this.
Still, like the small venue vibe of this – have a look at the Fonda theatre online – looks like an amazing looking place . 1200 cap. tops..

Marshall Gooch

I saw Wilco at the Fonda in the early 2000s. Like a much more intimate Hollywood Bowl.