The Rolling Stones / Honk

New greatest hits • 3CD deluxe features live tracks/collaborations

The Rolling Stones release a new ‘best of’ called Honk next month.

This package is limited to the material the band control (i.e. no ABKCO-era), so it starts at 1971 and goes through to 2016’s Blue & Lonesome. 36-track 2CD and 3LP sets offer hits and cuts from every album issued in this period, while a 3CD deluxe edition adds ten recent live tracks including a number of notable on-stage collaborations including Dave Grohl, Florence Welch and Ed Sheeran.

Honk will be released on 19 April 2019.

Working on getting Amazon Australia on the widget, for now, here’s the link

2CD / 3CD sets

CD 1 
1. Start Me Up
2. Brown Sugar
3. Rocks Off
4. Miss You
5. Tumbling Dice
6. Just Your Fool
7. Wild Horses
8. Fool To Cry
9. Angie
10. Beast Of Burden
11. Hot Stuff
12. It’s Only Rock’n’Roll (But I Like It)
13. Rock And A Hard Place
14. Doom And Gloom
15. Love Is Strong
16. Mixed Emotions
17. Don’t Stop
18. Ride ‘Em On Down

CD 2 
1. Bitch
2. Harlem Shuffle
3. Hate To See You Go
4. Rough Justice
5. Happy
6. Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker)
7. One More Shot
8. Respectable
9. You Got Me Rocking
10. Rain Fall Down
11. Dancing With Mr D
12. Undercover (Of The Night)
13. Emotional Rescue
14. Waiting On A Friend
15. Saint Of Me
16. Out Of Control
17. Streets Of Love
18. Out Of Tears

CD  3 – Live Tracks *DELUXE CD ONLY*
1. Get off My Cloud
2. Dancing With Mr D
3. Beast Of Burden (with Ed Sheeran)
4. She’s A Rainbow
5. Wild Horses (with Florence Welch)
6. Let’s Spend The Night Together
7. Dead Flowers (with Brad Paisley)
8. Shine A Light
9. Under My Thumb
10. Bitch (with Dave Grohl)

3LP vinyl


  1. Start Me Up
  2. Brown Sugar
  3. Rocks Off
  4. Miss You
  5. Tumbling Dice
  6. Just Your Fool


  1. Wild Horses
  2. Fool To Cry
  3. Angie
  4. Beast Of Burden
  5. Hot Stuff
  6. It’s Only Rock’n’Roll (But I Like It)


  1. Rock And A Hard Place
  2. Doom And Gloom
  3. Love Is Strong
  4. Mixed Emotions
  5. Don’t Stop
  6. Ride ‘Em On Down


  1. Bitch
  2. Harlem Shuffle
  3. Hate To See You Go
  4. Rough Justice
  5. Happy
  6. Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker)
  7. One More Shot


  1. Respectable
  2. You Got Me Rocking
  3. Rain Fall Down
  4. Dancing With Mr D
  5. Undercover (Of The Night)
  6. Emotional Rescue


  1. Waiting On A Friend
  2. Saint Of Me
  3. Out Of Control
  4. Streets Of Love
  5. Out Of Tears

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I was in Target yesterday & they have a 2 LP on Blue Vinyl for $32 & a CD version for $28. I grabbed the blue vinyl

Manny lemon

Nothing new here I’ll pass

Jim Matherly

I love that fact that these aren’t radio edits!

Julian H

The tracklisting is just as bizarre as the cover. So you get no “Honky Tonk Women” but two versions of “Wild Horses”, “Beast of Burden” and “Dancing With Mr D” (surely not a big hit?).

As for the cover, there is an Italian Disney comic from 1996 which has just been released for the first time in Germany, which prominently features this “H O N K” logo spread out in exactly the same manner. It’s apparently a magic formula which can transport you to another dimension ;-) I literally rubbed my eyes in disbelief when I saw it. The explanation for why it has to be those four letters is very thin too. Strange coincidence?!

Here’s a link: https://inducks.org/story.php?c=I+M++++35-1


@Julian H:
Ummm. The version on the 3rd CD are live.
And I don’t think they meant to make this as a “Best Of” or a singles collection.

Joe S

Hi Paul,

It appears for North America, Rolling Stones Honk is only a 2LP version. – Is this accurate or an error?
Stones website 4LP
Stones for Europe 3LP (SDE)
Stones for North America 2LP (Amazon.ca & com)

Steele Bonz

The US 4LP is a Limited Edition release as a collectable I imagine.


Hopefully a pre-cursor for a new studio album of new material. It’s about time we had one.

Paul Berney

You know what infuriates me? When someone claims they’re a fan of someone, but balk at every release that comes around. It’s always “I’m a big fan, I’m not spending my money!”. Simple truth is, any real fan relishes the prospect of even one unreleased recording. I’ve often bought multiple copies of albums, just so I could keep one unopened and in mint condition. I get it, this Stones album doesn’t have much outside of the regular 70s plus material. But so what? You don’t gotta buy it if you don’t gotta have it. It’s not as if the Stones are stealing your money.

I agree that releasing this instead of a new career spanning collection is disappointing. I even think the live disc is disappointing, given it was an opportunity to at least include live versions of the London Decca classics, if they weren’t willing to cross license. Heck, I maybe would have scrapped this altogether and made a knockout triple disc live set from that tour instead. But alas, this is what they’re is.

And for what it is, it’s still one of the greatest albums I’ve seen come around in a long time. Start Me Up, Rock And A Hard Place, Doom And Gloom, It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll, Brown Sugar, Bitch, Respectable, You Got Me Rocking, Miss You, Undercover Of The Night, Wild Horses, Beast Of Burden, Harlem Shuffle etc… On one album? That’s worth anyone’s money, regardless of whether you have all those songs or not. Some live versions of the London classics and Anybody Seen My Baby would have made this album completely unmissable.

Danko Crljen

Couldn’t agree more!

Kevin Wollenweber

Usually the story goes that the record company issues stuff like this without consulting the group and its the record company’s fault that certain material never sees the light of day, but for the Rolling Stones, at this point, to be denying the fans the kind of super deluxe that you’ve seen already for the Beatles?? That makes absolutely no sense! By now, I would have expected digitally remastered old and new stereo masters of the Abco stuff–we already got the fantastic monophonic box–with all original cover art in mini-LP sleeves. The closest thing we’ve seen was the SACD/vinyl release, in mono and stereo, of THEIR SATANIC MAJESTY’S REQUEST! This isn’t a rant; it is more a puzzled question mark. What’s the deal, guys? Maybe they’re sick of all the comments such as these, but fans are aching for the true completist essence, the kind of thing Bob Dylan gives us each year.

Brad Breault

Seems like mainly an excuse to get some of their recent ‘collaborations’ on out on some kind of official release more than anything. I say for folks like us reading a site like this, this crowd would most likely spend money on some SACD’s of the rest of the non-ABKCO catalogue, if you’re going to keep reissuing the same material, go ahead and spend a little time putting out the best possible-sounding physical release you can. They could easily do them in stages, going a decade at a time, hell near the end it’s less work due to less albums. Of course that’s more a wish list for me but hey a boy can dream.

Craig Fleming

Pension fund comes to mind….


Paul. Do you think by the fact this set has Ed Sheerhan on it that it will reduce about 75% in first few weeks…then I’d buy it

Phil Cohen

I’ve been collecting The Rolling Stones’ music since the 1960’s(the first Stones album that I bought at the time of release was “Their Satanic Majesties Request”), and, excepting further concert DVD & Blu-ray releases, I’m seeing increasingly little reason to buy any further Stones “Product”. But I am willing to buy new studio recordings (I.E. which would be new to my collection). “New” could mean brand new songs recorded in the 21st century or it could mean vintage vault tracks recorded in the 20th century.
It appears that The Stones’ already bad relationship with ABKCO has taken a turn for the worse: A pointless “50th Anniversary” reissue of “Beggars Banquet” instead of a real Super Deluxe Edition , the Blu-ray release of “Rock n’Roll Circus” goes into indefinite limbo and “Grrr”(which had some ABKCO-licensed tracks) is replaced by “Honk”(which has no ABKCO tracks). It is known that the Stones would like to buy the 1960’s recordings from ABKCO, but that is unlikely to happen. In the meantime, unreleased pre-1969 unreleased Stones recordings have entered UK/Europe public domain. ABKCO’s song publishing division gets paid (for 1960’s Jagger/Richards compositions) whether 1960’s outtakes are released by ABKCO(which The Stones prohibit) or by a UK public domain label such as “Coda Publications”(who legally can’t be stopped). ABKCO has the last laugh.
In the meantime, The Stones could release Super Deluxe editions of other 1970’s & 1980’s albums, but they just don’t care. As for releasing a genuinely new album, The Stones have come to the same conclusion as other groups from their era: there’s no point spending their precious time in the studio, when they can make more money on the road. The same excuse is used by members of Fleetwood Mac & The Moody Blues to justify never recording new albums anymore. So these groups are now touring oldies groups.
Universal Music has offered The Rolling Stones a guaranteed £12 to deliver a new album, but that’s not enough to motivate The Stones.


Public domain only applies to recordings that were released 50 years ago, not to unreleased recordings. In fact, if unreleased recordings from the sixties were released today, it would take 50 years for them to enter the public domain. But I agree with Phil that an offer of twelve pounds form Universal would not motivate the Stones to deliver a new album.

Phil Cohen

Martin, In The UK & Europe the copyright protection for released recordings is 70 years, but there is a “Use it or Lose It” provision in those laws that says that if an unreleased recording is not released after 50 years, the recording (but not the song publishing) enters public domain. The reason for download-only “Copyright Extension” releases by Motown, The Beach Boys & Bob Dylan is to extend the UK/Europe copyright protection on those recordings to 70 years. The unauthorized Rolling Stones CD’s sold quite openly on amazon.co.uk are fully legal. because ABKCO and/or The Rolling Stones chose not to release these performances within 50 years after they were recorded. Unlike regular bootlegs, which pay neither artist or song publishing royalties, the manufacturers of public domain CD’s must pay song publishing royalties. ABKCO’s song publishing division gets paid for 1960’s Jagger/Richards compositions (and also for a 1965 Bill Wyman composition “Goodbye Girl”). Presumably, ABKCO pays a small amount to Jagger.Richards & Wyman.
By the way, I meant to say that Universal is offering the Stones a £12 MILLION guarantee to deliver a new album.


Phil, thanks for the explanation. Still, recordings not released officially were obtained illegally from the record company’s vault or the Stones’ vault. It seems strange that stolen goods enter the public domain after fifty years. If they do I wish my grandfather had been a bank robber.

paul wren

Another Stones compilation? I suppose someone must be buying them or they wouldn’t keep putting them out……………………………


As stevieb said, not really for fans. What I would like to see is a Blue & Lonesome Vol II and a remaster of Rolling Stones No 2 (UK )


Thin thin gravy ……….love that.

Thanks Dave


We’re only three years away from the 60th anniversary, so we’ll get to buy yet another comp with Brown Sugar on it.

Cosmo Castanza

Ed Sheeran …. easy decision not to purchase.

David Perry

Pfft. Didn’t they get Tom Waits up for one of their shows in 2013? Ed and Florence and Grohl are thin thin gravy in comparison…

Kevin Galliford

Who has done the most needless compilations? The Stones or Bryan Ferry / Roxy Music ? Can’t be much in it! Give me a Rarities Vol 2. Not another compilation! Just smells of pure greed to me!!


No, that’s either T.Rex, The Kinks or the Beach Boys!


30 studio albums, 26 live albums, 25 compilation albums. It’s been 7 years since “Grrr,” so I guess another compilation is to be expected no matter how superfluous, but I think that it speaks more to the dearth of studio albums and new material than anything. 14 years since their last album of original material? In another 14 years I’ll be nearing retirement and the Stones will be nearing or over 90. (Knock on wood.) Perhaps it is time to think of the band in the past tense?


AndyB, I nominate The Who and Chicago.


The usual re-fried stuff they’ve been putting out and cashing in on for years. While the Beatles have released deluxe versions of Pepper and the White Album and will be giving us a deluxe Abbey Road this year and Peter Jackson’s Let It Be project next year, the Stones just re (re-re-re) release the same old same old. As for a duet with Ed Sheeran? One can imagine Brian Jones (RIP) saying ‘Is this what my band has come to?!’


I have the Grrr on Blu-ray. A nice job there [plus you get to listen to the full release without having to change a CD every 70+ minutes or a vinyl side every 15-20 minutes.
Yes another compilation – to coincide with the next tour.
Could of been sellable, HONK , if the 2 CD set had either a new track or two or maybe an alternative version or something. Unsure why anyone buys this 2CD release [the same way as why a fan would buy a single CD remaster instead of the deluxe edition.
And how long have they been in the studio for the “new” album? I think they were recording the new album during the same sessions as Blue & Lonesome. So that could be up to 4 years.

bruce kelso

another summer tour, another greatest hits, another horrible cover, another useless release when will it ever end.

Paul Bakewell

Ha. The cover is the only good thing imo lol


Sigh. I’ll end up buying this for the live stuff but, really, this is rather a micky take for fans. I might have felt differently if Highwire had been included.


Largely pointless. Why can’t we have a DVD anthology of the original promo videos?


I wish they would just finish the rumoured “new” album. These reissues are not needed and given the bounty of live releases, who needs this set!!!


they have them all streaming free of charge on youtube on the official stones channel.

elliott buckingham

im still wishing for a dbl cd edition of jaggers solo album she’s the boss. there were some great 12″ mixes released from that and a alt version of hard woman


Well, being a completist, I’ll buy it. Only for the live disc though. I was at the show Wild Horses is taken from and I am a big Foo Fighters fan too, so would like the Dave Grohl track.
Even though the Stones are my main band to buy, if it wasn’t for disc three, I would have passed on this.
All grumbles aside though, for a Stones release, this is pretty reasonably priced (the CDs. Not the vinyls – they’re extortionate!).

Philip Birtwistle

Surely what we need is a compilation of all the previously unreleased songs available on compilations….

Charlie Waffles



We need an SDE of Undercover with the Arthur Baker mixes of “Too Much Blood”, not this!!


Amen! I could not believe they just skipped “Too Much Blood” on The Singles 1971-2006 – I was so looking forward to having the Arthur Baker mixes on CD finally. Still a bit miffed about it, frankly.

(And honestly, having taken my daughter to see him live last year, Ed Sheeran is not so awful. You might not like his songs, but he’s pretty talented, and here he’s singing a Stones tune, so I’m willing to give it a fair shake.)

Paul Bakewell

An SDE of both GHS & IOTAR better still !


UGGHH this is so redundant – just in time for Easter!!


yawn…time to still milk the physical buyers.

Mark Levy

I’ve got the GRRR box. Isn’t that enough?

Wayne Olsen

Can another Who Greatest Hits be far behind

Stan Butler

Unlike 40 Licks and Grrr! the Who’s Hits 50 is still available for a very decent price.
When I was a lad it seemed that records stayed in the racks at the same price for year upon year. Now with many of them, 2 or 3 years after release, they’re being sold at ridiculous prices. And these are bog standard compilations, not limited edition deluxe box sets. What’s changed?


This RS greatest hits release seems superfluous, AND not even SACD hybrid or remastered. So what’s the point of releasing this?

‘Honk’ if you think the Rolling Stones reissue campaign could be better :-/


The point is to sell copies to people to buy as birthday/Father’s day/Christmas gifts for their dads, brothers, partners who like the Stones. Get it in Sainsburys. Tesco etc for a few months, get it in the front section of HMV, download it. stream it, even sell it to some Ed Sheeran fans. Maybe it’s a a high profile primer for a new Stones album this autumn.

Its not really aimed at people like most of us.


There is a Blu-Ray Audio of “Grrrr” just to let you know…

Ron de Joode

The LY-SACD is indeed superb, but doesn’t cover the period presented here on Honk. Vinyl versions of the last two greatest hits compilations (Grrr and Forty Licks) are nowadays hard to find and cost a fortune, so a greatest hits post-Abkco overview from 1971 up till now on vinyl is very welcome for me. So as John Bercow will say: ORDERRRRR …


I’d much rather they made their post-1971 albums available individually on vinyl rather than pumping out yet another dumb compilation. It’s still impossible to buy a new vinyl copy of Goats Head Soup or Bridges to Babylon without paying for half a dozen albums you don’t want. Ridiculous!


I agree, Jeremy. I would also like to see these RS post-1971 albums issued individually so they can be more affordably obtained over a period of time. Would particularly love to see GHS as a stand alone 180 gram audiophile record — and would be even sweeter if they included a bonus vinyl disc of unreleased/alternate versions like the deluxe Sticky Fingers double vinyl LP I have.

And why don’t they release the post- 1971 RS albums as SACD hybrid discs in tri-fold wallet packages like the lovely pre-1971 ABKCO Stones catalog was done?

thomas solimine

Awful. Cd rack dust collector. Cheapo bins in no time. Pass!

Tom Ruocco

Exactly. They’ll continuously reissue these tracks, yet refuse to strike a deal with Abcko records to release the truly great things in their vaults. This year should see the 50th anniversary Deluxe Edition of ” Let It Bleed “. So many tracks recorded during the several different sessions that started in November of ’68 that have only been released unofficially on boots. Time to swallow your pride, Glimmer twins and give the fans what they want, AND deserve. ( And an insert with the M.C. Escher cover they originally wanted would be right on point as well….)


I like the idea of rare or previously unreleased live tracks mixed with hits but this collection just seems completely redundant. I was hoping that possibly, something from the 2004 Toronto Rocks show (SARS Relief Concert) would surface since the version of Satisfaction from that night still stands out to me as their best performance of the song. (I was at the show and haven’t stopped looking for a decent bootleg since!). However, instead, we get another compilation of the same stuff we all own with an EP of live collaborations with…Ed Sheeran?? Come on!


Get Off Of My Cloud – Cardiff (UK), Principality Stadium, 15-Jun-2018

Dancing With Mr. D – Arnhem (NL), Gelredome, 15-Oct-2017

Beast of Burden (with Ed Sheeran) – Kansas City (MO), Arrowhead Stadium, 27-Jun-2015

She’s A Rainbow – Paris (FR), U Arena, 25-Oct-2017

Wild Horses (with Florence Welch) – London (UK), London Stadium, 25-May-2018

Let’s Spend The Night Together – Manchester (UK), Old Trafford, 5-Jun-2018

Dead Flowers (with Brad Paisley) – Philadelphia (PA), Wells Fargo Center, 18-Jun-2013

Shine A Light – Amsterdam (NL), ArenA, 30-Sep-2017

Under My Thumb – London (UK), London Stadium, 22-May-2018

Bitch (with Dave Grohl) – Anaheim (CA), Honda Center, 18-May-2013

Golden Age Of The Death Of British Politics

I might have got this WHEN it goes cheap, REAL cheap but I’ve just seen that Sheeran’s on it. No way is that t@at getting amongst my record collection.

Rock & Roll Daily

Thank you!!!


Coloured vinyl, but 4 instead of 3 LP
What is on that 4th LP ?
Anyone who knows?

Rock Golf

Album titles “HONK”.
Does it include “Honky Tonk Women”?
Of course not.


Honk? Grrr. ;-)


You NEVER release the only two new songs from another compilation on another compilation. At the very least not the same versions. You then make what that previous compilation has to offer in terms of new recording irrelevant. MAYBE this can be rectified with more new studio songs recorded during sessions for “Grrr” being included on a re-release though that seems unlikely at least for some time. Perhaps a re-release on Blu-Ray Audio which I think is understood to be dead as a format which I cannot begin to explain how disappointing that is.

Otherwise this compilation might have been better served as a and the real and first two c.d. set that covers the last forty five years if there had been a new studio song, or three (like two c.d. set anthologies should have). Otherwise this is really a re-hash which is sad. Then again beyond all of that can the Stones’ hits really be summed up in a two c.d. set of the last forty five years? Which could/would justify something else being done down the line.

Perhaps this serves its purpose in some way…in the meantime?

elliott buckingham

if you have grr and 40 licks absolutely no reason to purchase this. deluxe editions of undercover and dirty work would be great if the included all the 12″ mixes from these albums


I remember thinking even ‘Grrr’ was pretty superfluous, although the 50th anniversary was perhaps a reasonable excuse to put out another greatest hits package. But this is just taking the… er, Mick.

I don’t understand the post-ABKCO angle either – ‘Forty Licks’ managed to span their whole career, so licensing obviously isn’t an issue?

Dave B

100% agree Paul. That Blu-ray audio was a revelation. After listening to theses songs for decades, it was brilliant to put this disc in for the first time and suddenly feel like you were actually in the studio while the tracks were being laid down. Sonically, it was simply streets ahead of any other release of their material.


I was mildly curious when I got the e-mail flyer earlier. Turns out it’s yet another bloody compilation!

Even the cover is a hasty rehash of ‘Jump Back’. Is there anyone who hasn’t already got some version of this?

Ben Williams

I love the artwork – does anyone know the dates the live tracks were recorded that aren’t the duets? Would be cool to know!

Have pre-ordered the vinyl, pretty good at £31.99 on UK Amazon IMO.


Get Off Of My Cloud – Cardiff (UK), Principality Stadium, 15-Jun-2018
Dancing With Mr. D – Arnhem (NL), Gelredome, 15-Oct-2017
Beast of Burden (with Ed Sheeran) – Kansas City (MO), Arrowhead Stadium, 27-Jun-2015
She’s A Rainbow – Paris (FR), U Arena, 25-Oct-2017
Wild Horses (with Florence Welch) – London (UK), London Stadium, 25-May-2018
Let’s Spend The Night Together – Manchester (UK), Old Trafford, 5-Jun-2018
Dead Flowers (with Brad Paisley) – Philadelphia (PA), Wells Fargo Center, 18-Jun-2013
Shine A Light – Amsterdam (NL), ArenA, 30-Sep-2017
Under My Thumb – London (UK), London Stadium, 22-May-2018
Bitch (with Dave Grohl) – Anaheim (CA), Honda Center, 18-May-2013

Source: http://www.Universal-Music.co.jp/rolling-stones/products/pdct-5003/

James Kelly

Another Greatest Hits??


Just… why? I don’t understand who this is for. A new full live album would be worthwhile for those interested, sure, but.. a 1971 to 2016 hits package?


I’m guessing that the live tracks will be released on vinyl as the last photo shows a cover for that discs tracklisting designated as side a and side b.

David Smith

A 4 LP version, with the live tracks on the 4th LP is available from their website on coloured vinyl for an eye watering £74.99.