The Rolling Stones / Japanese ‘paper sleeve’ CDs available at a great price

High quality Japanese mini-LP CDs at bargain prices

Universal Music Catalogue (UMC) are making available globally, some ‘paper sleeve’ (or vinyl replica) CD Rolling Stones reissues that have been exclusive to Japan, until now.

The five releases are made up of four compilations, originally issued in the 1970s and early eighties, and the Spanish version of 1971 studio album Sticky Fingers which has a very different (and quite literal) cover treatment.

These CDs were last issued in Japan in April last year, but for the first time are now released globally in early December. These are identical to what was released in 2019 and each CD comes with exquisite packaging, with the original vinyl design reproduced in miniature, OBI-strips, inner sleeves replicated and booklets with lyrics in English and Japanese. The CDs are protected with the usual Japanese ‘rice paper’ style sleeves and Sticky Fingers additionally includes a card insert of the front cover.

These are SHM-CDs (which stands for Super High Material) and, in theory, are higher quality than standard CDs although in reality it’s a claim that should be taken with a pinch of salt. The important thing is that they are fully compatible with all standard CD players.

The compilations on offer here are Made in the Shade (1975), Time Waits For No One: Anthology 1971-1977 (issued in 1979), Sucking in the Seventies (1981) and Rewind (1984). The Stones were certainly not shy in coming forward with the various ‘best of’ collections! As well as the different artwork, the Spanish version of Sticky Fingers replaces ‘Sister Morphine’ with ‘Let It Rock (live)’.

The audio is mainly from 2005 and 2009 remasters. These CDs are normally around the £20 mark in Japan before you pay for shipping and import duty, so the UK price of £12.99 is fantastic and this is a great opportunity to these acquire these brilliantly packaged CD reissues and some of these semi-forgotten ‘Stones compilations

All five are released on 4 December 2020.

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The Rolling Stones

Sticky Fingers spanish version - Japanese paper sleeve CD


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The Rolling Stones

Made in the Shade - Japanese paper sleeve CD


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The Rolling Stones

Time Waits For No One Anthology 1971-1977 Japanese paper sleeve CD


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The Rolling Stones

Sucking in the Seventies - Japanese paper sleeve CD


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The Rolling Stones

Rewind 1971-1984 - Japanese paper sleeve CD


Sticky Fingers (Spanish Version) (1971)

1. Brown Sugar 3:48
2. Sway 3:50
3. Wild Horses 5:42
4. Can’t You Hear Me Knocking 7:14
5. You Gotta Move 2:32
6. Bitch 3:38
7. I Got the Blues 3:54
8. Let It Rock (live)
9. Dead Flowers 4:03
10. Moonlight Mile 5.56

Made in the Shade (1975)

Brown Sugar 3:48
Tumbling Dice 3:45
Happy 3:04
Dance Little Sister 4:11
Wild Horses 5:42
Angie 4:33
Bitch 3:38
It’s Only Rock’n Roll (But I Like It) 5:07
Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker) 3:26
Rip This Joint 2:22

Time Waits For No One: Anthology 1971-1977 (1979)

Time Waits for No One – 6:39 From It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll
Bitch – 3:37 From Sticky Fingers
All Down the Line – 3:48 From Exile on Main St.
Dancing with Mr. D – 4:52 From Goats Head Soup
Angie – 4:33 From Goats Head Soup
Star Star – 4:26 From Goats Head Soup
If You Can’t Rock Me / Get Off Of My Cloud – 4:56 From Love You Live
Hand of Fate – 4:28 From Black and Blue
Crazy Mama – 4:34 From Black and Blue
Fool to Cry – 5:04 From Black and Blue

Sucking in the Seventies (1981)

Shattered – 3:46 From Some Girls (1978)
Everything Is Turning to Gold – 4:06 B-side to “Shattered”
Hot Stuff – 3:30 Edited version from Black and Blue (1976)
Time Waits for No One – 4:25 Edited version from It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll (1974)
Fool to Cry – 4:07 Edited version from Black and Blue (1976)
Mannish Boy – 4:38 Edited version from Love You Live (1977)
When the Whip Comes Down (Live version) – 4:35 Recorded live in Detroit 1978
If I Was a Dancer (Dance Pt. 2)  – 5:50 Previously unreleased, from the Emotional Rescue sessions (1980)
Crazy Mama – 4:06 Edited version from Black and Blue (1976)
Beast of Burden – 3:27 Edited version from Some Girls (1978)

Rewind (1984)

1 Brown Sugar
2. Undercover of the Night
3. Start Me Up
4. Tumbling Dice
5. It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll (But I Like It)
6. She’s So Cold
7. Miss You
8. Beast of Burden
9 Fool To Cry
10 Waiting on a Friend
11 Angie
12 Respectable

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I also own quite a few Japanese issued SHM-CD, Blu-Spec, Platinum SHM-CD, and Platinum SHM-SACD albums. These expensive compact discs use superior acrylic coatings that provide better reading ability for a laser, and sometimes superior pulse code modulations like Blu-Spec, that allows the CD to play more like a Blu-ray disc. But there are two points to make:

Number 1) Today’s multi-format players have excellent error correcting ability and don’t require special acrylic coatings or precious reflective surfaces like platinum or gold to provide a more accurate playback.

Number 2) Good sound quality comes from good remastering — PERIOD. No special formatted disc (including SACD, DVD-A, or Blu-ray) can truly compensate if the sound engineer didn’t source from the original master tapes, or clipped higher and lower frequencies in the remaster, thus minimizing the full frequency range capability of a superior digital format.

That’s why it’s a dodgy judgment call on SHM-CD, or any other more advanced music format — some album titles sound great and others not so much. Most of the SHM-CDs I own sound good to great, and for sheer delight in good quality packaging, Japanese mini-discs do deliver!


Just a comment on shm-cd’s and blu-spec I have multiple of each and I can tell you that shm-cd’s outweigh blu-spec by far.Especially platinum ones which are pricey,almost every one of the shm’s I own far outshine their cd counterparts.I do own a 7.1 system which I use but for music I make sure it’s on a 5.1 setting and I usually get wowed by the presentation.

Matthew mcrudden

What does CASSETTE CD mean with the rolling stones Japanese paper covers?


Anybody know what mix of “Let It Rock” is on the Sticky Fingers reissue? Is it the original mono single mix or the stereo mix that is available on CD and download otherwise?


Just checked the cost of Rewind: $15.63, shipping $17,93 !!, and finally an exchange fee of $1.01. Total of $34.57 for one UMC ultra compressed CD. True, nice packaging, but for the USA, this sucks.

Jarmo Keranen

Sticky Fingers without Sister Morphine? Sounds like a bad joke!


15 Rolling Stones titles released as mini LP shmmcds also out on the 4 December in Japan


I was lucky enough to visit Japan when these were released last year, picked up a couple of them and can confirm they have great packaging and sound. Pick em up while you can at these prices !

Paul Wren

Even more Stones compilations. I understand that they will be of interest to Stones completists, but it would be nice if the band were to dig deep into the archives and give us more unreleased demo’s, different mixes, live shows etc as so many other bands of the period have done.

Tom Ruocco

100%! I have an interest in the ” Time Waits For No One ” compilation because I had it as a kid. Other than that, the ” Made In The Shade ” and ” Rewind ” would really only be for completists. The Stones need to get with ABCKO and delve into their vaults…none of us are getting any younger.( At least ” Sucking In The Seventies ” has a couple of tracks that were unique at the time of their release ).


Nothing for me here, but I’ve never understood why true Mini-LP sleeves were no adopted more widely. We tend to get those nasty replica things – but when done right as the Japanese market gets, there’s nothing quite like them.

As I say, I’ve no interest in these, but if they open up other titles I may well be in!

Isaac McHelicopter

On Amazon UK, most of the titles are described as “(SHM-CD) [CASSETTE]”, which is a bit odd. I’d have taken the plunge on Sticky Fingers, but I really don’t want to risk ending up with a cassette.


Too bad … ‘Rewind’ is the European version. The Japanse version had 11 tracks and ‘Hang Fire’ included. ‘Respectable’ and ‘Angie’ are not on the original Japan CD-release (32DP 614)


Correct but this is a replica to the original lp album from japan, not the 1984 cd …

Kim Porter

SHM – no discernible difference. Blu-Spec – Holy Mother of God!! Almost 3D sound from two speakers.
Like the smack dealer outside the schoolyard, I’ll get you started, Ian. Buy yourself Santana’s Caravanserai and you will be hooked.


@Kim, agree about Blu-Spec, just this weekend had ELO’s Eldorado on and wow, just wow.
I would’ve bought these Rolling Stones issues in a shot, but I don’t get on with the Universal masters. I bought the 2009 studio albums by default when I decided to get back into the Stones without knowing how compressed they are. Then git hold of the Virgins which are the best IMHO.


Everything is turning to gold on Sucking in the Seventies was a great b-side.
Never really noticed a difference between a standard cd and an SHM-CD or a “blu-spec” or a “Platinum Shm-CD”… But the packaging is always great.


The Platinum SHM-CDs are unique because they usually have a “flat transfer”.


There is a mistake for Spanish Sticky Fingers track list. There is no Sister Morphine on the CD but Let It Rock.

Mats Karlsson

It was bannad in Spain and replaced by Let it Rock. No misstanke.

Julian De Backer

Always thought ‘Sucking in the Seventies’ was a fun title. Sounds like they’re taking a jab at their seventies output.