The Rolling Stones / Steel Wheels Live 6-disc limited edition unboxed

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SDE takes a look at the newly-released Rolling Stones Steel Wheels Live. This is the six-disc limited edition box set which features three CDs, two DVDs and a blu-ray. Watch the unboxing video below…

Steel Wheels Live is out now. See all the different formats below.


CD 1

1 Intro
2 Start Me Up
3 Bitch
4 Sad Sad Sad
5 Undercover Of The Night
6 Harlem Shuffle
7 Tumbling Dice
8 Miss You
9 Terrifying
10 Ruby Tuesday
11 Salt Of The Earth (featuring Axl Rose & Izzy Stradlin)
12 Rock And A Hard Place
13 Mixed Emotions
14 Honky Tonk Women
15 Midnight Rambler

CD 2

1 You Can’t Always Get What You Want
2 Little Red Rooster (featuring Eric Clapton)
3 Boogie Chillen (featuring Eric Clapton & John Lee Hooker)
4 Can’t Be Seen
5 Happy
6 Paint It Black
7 2,000 Light Years From Home
8 Sympathy For The Devil
9 Gimme Shelter
10 It’s Only Rock n Roll (But I Like It)
11 Brown Sugar
12 (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction
13 Jumpin’ Jack

SD-Blu-ray or DVD

1 Intro
2 Start Me Up
3 Bitch
4 Sad Sad Sad
5 Undercover Of The Night
6 Harlem Shuffle
7 Tumbling Dice
8 Miss You
9 Terrifying
10 Ruby Tuesday
11 Salt Of The Earth (featuring Axl Rose & Izzy Stradlin)
12 Rock And A Hard Place
13 Mixed Emotions
14 Honky Tonk Women
15 Midnight Rambler
16 You Can’t Always Get What You Want
17 Little Red Rooster(featuring Eric Clapton)
18 Boogie Chillen (featuring Eric Clapton & John Lee Hooker)
19 Can’t Be Seen
20 Happy
21 Paint It Black
22 2,000 Light Years From Home
23 Sympathy For The Devil
24 Gimme Shelter
25 It’s Only Rock n Roll (But I Like It)
26 Brown Sugar
27 (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction
28 Jumpin’ Jack Flash

Steel Wheels Rare Reels (from 6-disc deluxe)

1 Play with Fire (CNE Stadium, Toronto, On 03/09/89)
2 Dead Flowers (CNE Stadium, Toronto, On 03/09/89)
3 Almost Hear You Sigh (Wembley Stadium, London 06/07/90)
4 I Just Want to Make Love to You (Wembley Stadium, London 06/07/90)
5 Street Fighting Man (Wembley Stadium, London 06/07/90)

Tokyo Dome DVD (from 6-disc deluxe)

1 Intro
2 Start Me Up
3 Bitch
4 SadSadSad
5 Harlem Shuffle
6 Tumbling Dice
7 Miss You
8 Ruby Tuesday
9 Almost Hear You Sigh
10 Rock And A Hard Place
11 Mixed Emotions
12 HonkyTonkWomen
13 Midnight Rambler
14 You Can’t Always Get What You Want
15 Can’t Be Seen
16 Happy
17 Paint It Black
18 2,000 Light Years From Home
19 Sympathy For The Devil
20 GimmeShelter
21 It’s OnlyRock’n’Roll(But I Like It)
22 Brown Sugar
23 (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction
24 Jumpin’ Jack Flash

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Today morning 9,99€ at smszon.it, but it did not last long.

Jason P.

The audio and video have been available for years regarding the 1989-1990 tour. Even the rarely performed “bonus style” tracks have been available in excellent soundboard quality for many moons. Video is nice but I seldom break out DVD/video material, when I have a hankerin’ to *hear* the Rolling Stones live.


3LP and 12“ vinyl edition at amazon.de for 33,99 Euro.



David K.

What is the point of including both the DVD and BR of the Atlantic City show? Am I missing something?

John MC cann

Well you could be missing a Blu-ray player? And only have a dvd player!,or you could be missing a hi.def TV and and have a old school scart infested TV?so dvd would do,I’m sure there are plenty of people who might have a old Sony 36 inch CRT that they paid 2 grand for 20 years ago,(I did), and have it set up in a garage or spare room,stick the kids in ,put on toy story,bugs life,ect,,or rolling stones dvd,,also when traveling big screen portable DVDs are dirt cheap so dvd would do for that as well!

Woodsey Niles

Paul, as always, thanks for the video. Just got the 2 + 1 set today and have been listening. Hard to believe the “Steel Wheelchairs” tour was over 30 years ago. What’s next? – the “Wooden Casket tour” like Ghost did with all the dead Papas? Anyway, to my ear the music sounds great. It was a real crowd pleasing set list. Amazing that they have outlived Lemmy.

David M

Why? Was Lemmy a clean living teatotaller?

John Pettigrew

I don’t know why you left off the Amazon UK price in your price comparison, Paul – I thought it was unavailable at first but it turns out the 6 disc version is £47.67 which isn’t a great price but it is a UK price.

John Pettigrew

No offence intended.

Phil Cohen

Be cautioned, that as for this specific Tokyo Dome show (there were ten) included in this set, the performance and sound are fine, but the video quality is poor; blurry and with problems with malfunctioning cameras, which cause multiple ghost images in the picture, and some kind of afterimage. It appears that at some point, one of the cameras is replaced, but the problem(in this multi-camera producton) is not totally resolved. The picture sharpness does improve for the last eight songs. Consider the bonus concert to be (sort of) an “Official Bootleg”


Apparently the Tokyo show included here is a ‘dress rehearsal’ for the filming of the show that eventually appeared as the prior From The Vault release. Like you say; the sound is fine, in fact I’d suggest the sound is actually an improvement over the prior Tokyo release which sounds in places like it was recorded in a swimming pool.

Michel Banen

It surprises me that they keep releasing this as “SD on blu-ray”. Is there no way they can upgrade the quality to HD or at least better than the original material ? Just about any obscure movie or old TV show is being upgraded to HD. What is the benefit of “SD on Blu ray” over a DVD then ? Or is this just part of the plan to re-release everything again at a later point in actual HD to have fans buy it all AGAIN ?


I agree with the above comment on SD vs HD and you stated that in your initial announcement correctly. However, I would submit that the sound is not really that good either. It is supposed to be DTS-5.1 but of all the boxes I have bought over the years in this format, this one doesn’t rank high. I’ll be returning mine to Mr Bezos.


It forever bums me out that the Stones insist on pushing their latter-day performances at the expense of their prime. Yes, I know the Allen Klein-ABKCO legal fight ensures that no vintage pre-71 performances see the light of day but even when they make Brussels Affair ’73 available (aside from the Google D/L), they do so in the most expensive way they can.

I remember seeing parts of the Atlantic City show on broadcast TV back in 1989-1990 and I erased the tape because it was so unremarkable and lifeless. (Right up there with Springsteen’s MTV Plugged in terms of legendary live acts issuing mediocre concerts.)

I guess I should be happy that Live in Texas ’78 made it out — and that some of the Stripped tour was actually just them performing a wider variety of tunes than usual). But everytime I see an ’89 concert or a ’90 show receive such expansive treatment, I shake my head and wonder why they disregard their hardcore fans who know it’s a long way from 1973 and longer since ’69.

(Avoid the ’75-’76 shows, too. Jagger’s vocal phrasings kill whatever goodwill there is.)

Ron Mustang

I can remember seeing the show after I got it on video (which was after I got it on audio) and they were on fire! Easily one of their best performances. Both Keith and Ronnie were nailing solos left and right, and I must have listened to the show at least forty times within the first year I had it.

This was the first tour in a very long time that they tried to make the songs sound like the records. That doesn’t mean the performances were lifeless.

Comparisons are a bitch, and I never compare tours with other tours, as their style of playing live changes.


I saw them on the Steel Wheel tour in the USA and Europe and they were great. I just saw them last year in NYC (or NJ rather, as it was the Giants Stadium) on the No Filter Tour so 30 years + later and that was quite subdued. I will never forget Keith’s many solo’s during the Steel Wheel’s tour and later again in the Urban Jungle Tour. I would not classify those concerts as “unremarkable or lifeless” but then again I never saw the Stones in the 70’s.

Phil Cohen

Jagger was having voice problems (though not in every show) in 1975,1976,1978 & 1982 performances. Some have speculated that it was possibly a growth on his vocal cords, while others have speculatively called it a “cocaine growl”. At the time of the “Black and Blue” album, “People” magazine said “There are problems closer to home: Mick Jagger’s voice at 32”. One UK newspaper said “Death Knell For Stones”, to which Keith Richards responded “Death Knell? Who’s She?”


I saw the Steel Wheels Tour in the Superdome In New Orleans and the Urban Jungle Tour in Rotterdam so I definitely want this. I had been eyeing the Tokyo Dome release for a while so this will fill that void. Great tour, great release.


Paul, I’ve got a serious question for you, and it might sound like some sort of judgment or dig or whatever, but I swear it isn’t. So, here goes:

Are you a fan of everything you review in your unboxing videos? You seem enthusiastic about all the SDEs you crack open, and it leads me to believe that you have a very open and diverse taste when it come to popular music. Or, you’re just doing a clinical newsman’s job of reviewing new product.

I’m just curious, as I’ve started a music column elsewhere, and there is no way I could even think of reviewing or analyzing or commenting on music that I’m not a fan of. Like, for instance, your “Sign ‘O’ The Times” unboxing review I watched with glee. (Mine is supposed to show up today! Yay!) But this Stones box, I couldn’t get into if my life depended on it. But you do it so well, it comes across as if you really do like the music that you’re commenting on.

Anyway, love this site, love your passion, love pre-ordering UK stuff through you! Keep up the great work!


Thanks for replying. I appreciate what you do here. Finding this site was like stumbling across a small pool of water in the desert.

David M

Did you receive the Lou Reed New York set? I like your unboxings and that would be also good to see.


Interestingly, one of the bonus disc tracks appeared on the CD singles around the Flashpoint release in the actual version (I Just Want To Make Love To You from Wembley 6th July 1990) but the others didn’t. Although I’m prepared to be corrected! And, agreed, it’s a fine effort.

tom m hans

I guess the other tracks were part of Urban Jungle – the (European) Second Leg of the tour. But I was asking myself the same question – especially the absence of Factory Girl hurts.


I was lucky enough to pick up one of the copies from the SDE store and I can honestly say that this is probably the best value SDE I have bought (so far) this year. 6 discs, with exclusive content and a large format hardback book for £45 is great value when you consider my local HMV has the 2CD/Blu-Ray set for £30.

Really pleased with this purchase and would recommend