The Rolling Stones / Steel Wheels Live

Unreleased 1989 concert film issued on audio and video formats

The Rolling Stones will issue a previously unreleased 1989 concert film Steel Wheels Live – Atlantic City, New Jersey in September across a large number of audio and video formats.

The Steel Wheels Tour (later rebranded the Urban Jungle Tour) kicked off in August 1989 was in support of the band’s 19th studio album (in the UK) which was released the same month. It lasted a whole year and the North American leg finished at the Convention Centre in Atlantic City, New Jersey in December 1989.

The performance features the usual hits along with four cuts from the Steel Wheels album and guests on stage include Guns N’ Roses’ Axl Rose and Izzy Stradlin, Eric Clapton and John Lee Hooker.

This release from Eagle Rock Entertainment has been “restored, remixed and remastered” and there’s an incredible amount of physical formats to choose from, including limited edition 4LP 180g coloured vinyl, 2CD+SD-blu-ray and 2CD+DVD combo sets, standalone DVD and blu-ray and non-limited 4LP black vinyl.

The pick of the formats however, is probably the special limited six-disc deluxe version, which includes the Atlantic City performance on DVD, SD-Blu-ray and 2CD; a DVD of their Steel Wheels Tour performance at the famed Tokyo Dome; and Steel Wheels Rare Reels – a CD featuring tracks which didn’t feature on the core tour setlist (exclusive to this release).

This limited edition collector’s edition comes housed in a 10”x 10” hard slipcase, with a 40-page hardback book and gatefold disc-holder. It’s quite reasonably priced, actually.

All DVDs are NTSC, region free and the blu-rays are also all region. The SD-Blu-ray has LPCM Stereo and DTS-HD 5.1 Master Audio. The DVD has Dolby Digital Stereo, Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound and DTS 5.1 Surround Sound.

All formats of Steel Wheels Live will be released on 25 September 2020. The SDE shop is carrying the limited edition 6-disc set ONLY. Order via this link or the button below.

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The Rolling Stones

Steel Wheels Live - 6-disc limited edition


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The Rolling Stones

Steel Wheels Live - 2CD+blu-ray


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The Rolling Stones

Steel Wheels Live - 4LP coloured vinyl


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The Rolling Stones

Steel Wheels Live - 2CD+DVD


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The Rolling Stones

Steel Wheels Live - 4LP black vinyl


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The Rolling Stones

Steel Wheels Live - blu-ray


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The Rolling Stones

Steel Wheels Live - DVD



CD 1

1 Intro
2 Start Me Up
3 Bitch
4 Sad Sad Sad
5 Undercover Of The Night
6 Harlem Shuffle
7 Tumbling Dice
8 Miss You
9 Terrifying
10 Ruby Tuesday
11 Salt Of The Earth (featuring Axl Rose & Izzy Stradlin)
12 Rock And A Hard Place
13 Mixed Emotions
14 Honky Tonk Women
15 Midnight Rambler

CD 2

1 You Can’t Always Get What You Want
2 Little Red Rooster (featuring Eric Clapton)
3 Boogie Chillen (featuring Eric Clapton & John Lee Hooker)
4 Can’t Be Seen
5 Happy
6 Paint It Black
7 2,000 Light Years From Home
8 Sympathy For The Devil
9 Gimme Shelter
10 It’s Only Rock n Roll (But I Like It)
11 Brown Sugar
12 (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction
13 Jumpin’ Jack

SD-Blu-ray or DVD

1 Intro
2 Start Me Up
3 Bitch
4 Sad Sad Sad
5 Undercover Of The Night
6 Harlem Shuffle
7 Tumbling Dice
8 Miss You
9 Terrifying
10 Ruby Tuesday
11 Salt Of The Earth (featuring Axl Rose & Izzy Stradlin)
12 Rock And A Hard Place
13 Mixed Emotions
14 Honky Tonk Women
15 Midnight Rambler
16 You Can’t Always Get What You Want
17 Little Red Rooster(featuring Eric Clapton)
18 Boogie Chillen (featuring Eric Clapton & John Lee Hooker)
19 Can’t Be Seen
20 Happy
21 Paint It Black
22 2,000 Light Years From Home
23 Sympathy For The Devil
24 Gimme Shelter
25 It’s Only Rock n Roll (But I Like It)
26 Brown Sugar
27 (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction
28 Jumpin’ Jack Flash

Steel Wheels Rare Reels (from 6-disc deluxe)

1 Play with Fire (CNE Stadium, Toronto, On 03/09/89)
2 Dead Flowers (CNE Stadium, Toronto, On 03/09/89)
3 Almost Hear You Sigh (Wembley Stadium, London 06/07/90)
4 I Just Want to Make Love to You (Wembley Stadium, London 06/07/90)
5 Street Fighting Man (Wembley Stadium, London 06/07/90)

Tokyo Dome DVD (from 6-disc deluxe)

1 Intro
2 Start Me Up
3 Bitch
4 SadSadSad
5 Harlem Shuffle
6 Tumbling Dice
7 Miss You
8 Ruby Tuesday
9 Almost Hear You Sigh
10 Rock And A Hard Place
11 Mixed Emotions
12 HonkyTonkWomen
13 Midnight Rambler
14 You Can’t Always Get What You Want
15 Can’t Be Seen
16 Happy
17 Paint It Black
18 2,000 Light Years From Home
19 Sympathy For The Devil
20 GimmeShelter
21 It’s OnlyRock’n’Roll(But I Like It)
22 Brown Sugar
23 (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction
24 Jumpin’ Jack Flash

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Coloured vinyl is 33 euros on amazon.de and nl now

Sascha H.

Thanks, Paul, yes you are right, I just watched both shows yesterday. Great stuff, the Atlantic City show is a bit better as a video to watch.

Mark Lendhurst

Like the Tears For Fears up and coming release of the Seeds of Love where are the music videos 4 Between a rock and a hard place and Mixed Emotions? I bought the two CD DVD but wouldn’t buy the box because the videos are not included/ omitted. If your going to do a box set at least include the promo videos. Frustrating. Duran Duran ALWAYS includes their proper videos. That’s what makes a reissue worth buying IMHO. I am grateful having these releases however

Sascha H.

So, is the Tokyo Show unreleased until now or is it the already released one we get a few years ago ? Can somebody help me out, please, cause I will get my exemplare tomorrow or on Tuesday ?


The day after, it will be Record Store Day 2, and The Rolling Stones – Steel Wheels – Live 10” format will be available on Eagle Rock label. « More Info: For Record Store Day’s September 26th 2020, The Rolling Stones will release ‘Steel Wheels Live’, a special limited edition double A-side 10” picture disc featuring two standout tracks from their upcoming concert film release. The cover artwork for the Record Store Day 10” has been designed by the same artist who created the original Steel Wheels album cover. Track list is: A – ROCK AND A HARD PLACE (Live from Atlantic City, NJ) AA – ALMOST HEAR YOU SIGH (Live from Tokyo) ». For fan, collector or completist, of course…


I wish the 25×5 IMAX movie that was released around the same time made it onto this edition.


You talk about 2 different Things.

25×5 is a documentary about their first 25 years with song snippets and interviews and was released on home video.

The IMAX film “Live at the MAX” was shot in this tour in Turin, London and Berlin and contains around 90 minutes of complete live songs in a stunning visual quality. It is widely available on Blu Ray.

David G

6 Disc ordered! Thanks for Macca book, received today.

bruce kelso

i saw 9 shows on this tour in fact i had front row tickets for both shows here in phila pa. it was really great to see them and the new songs did sound great live, then came the voodoo lounge tour. saw them 6 times including the new orleans show that was a radio broadcast again new songs were fantastic,. but i could never stand to watch the video of the shows that i collected. it wasnt the same and after the stripped tour ( 0nly saw twice) it hit me that i was chasing a train that i no longer needed to board. for me it wasnt the same band that i really loved. future tours i have sat out. it seems like they going thru the motions. yes i saw 81. 78 , 76, 72 and 69. but its those 72 and 69 shows that still radiate for me. after mick taylor left something was missing. i must be the only one, seeing all the postive comments .


Didn’t they lose power on the first night in Philly during “Shattered?” Don’t think they tried to play it again on that tour, but I could be wrong.

John McCann'.

Your obviously a superfan Bruce! Did you ever get to meet any of them?

bruce kelso

hi john , yes i had the pleasure to meet them many times, the first time was the the love you live release party in nyc. after that i was granted passes to met them in 78 and 81. met ronnie a few times on his solo tour (year?) and all tho i had many questions reguarding songs ,sessions i was advised NOT to bring anything that up. altho ronnie did answer my questions bout his short time in the creation and that any talk bout the jeff beck group was off limits. bobby keys was always available in the bar after many shows and he would chat all night and day. the others cept bill were more in their own world so say hi and and if they wanted to chat then ok but leave them their space which i did.

John McCann'

Thats amazing Bruce!, you where basically the 6 th stone for a while!

bruce kelso

thanks john but really not ,the REAL 6th stone will always be ian stewart,no one else i ever met so humbly steped aside to to let others go on to such success.


I watched this when it was first broadcast on TV way back when and the thing I remember most clearly was after Clapton finished his effortlessly brilliant solo, Mick walking past him and flashing him a “Pull it back, you’re making us look bad!” look and it made me laugh.

I’d like to grab it but can’t justify it right now, hopefully it will be available for a while.

Phil G

Order placed for the Limited Edition via the SDE Shop.

Always liked the Steel Wheels album but never saw the tour, so this is a great way to experience it second hand!


Just ordered the 6 disc set from you Paul. My 1st order from you!! Support ye small trader & all that. Delivery charges from the Stones site were criminal!!!

Please send this & the Kate Bush booklet at the same time, no rush.


Any word on who mixed this?


this is near-identical to the semi-recent “tokyo dome” release from the “vault”‘ series… which itself was just an expanded version of the sparse “flashpoint” live album. same tour, so how different could the performances possibly be? unless you really like “salt of the earth” or “terrifying,” doesn’t seem worth it if you already own tokyo dome (which has “almost hear you sigh” and personally I think that song alone is preferable to having both “salt of the earth” and “terrifying”). they need to put out “live licks” on vinyl with more tracks from the cd!

James W

I see your point. But, I would never see/ watch all of the “Steel Wheels” shows back to back anyway. I think it’s good to have different shows from the same tour. But, it really depends on how much you care about the artist, and that particular tour. I think it’s worth having the first “Vault” Tokyo Dome show, plus this new one, and the Atlantic City concert. The Atlantic City and Tokyo shows have a very different “vibe”. So, I think they are different enough. I’d even want a couple of “Urban Jungle” shows as well.

Michael McAlister

Re this – and other live releases like all the recent Bowie stuff – I often wonder why they were never released at the time.


Okay so you get 2 cd’s and a blu ray as well as a dvd of 1 show plus 1 dvd of another show and a 40 page book like a tour book I guess? Is that really worth $75 US? And that’s the cheapest if you order through France……hmmmmm sitting on a fence about this one.

David M

It was briefly about 21 Euro on amazon.de , caught my eye but shipping to North America doubled that price!

Johnny Tuscadero

This was Bill’s last tour. I love how they conveniently do not show him once in the trailer.

Kevin Clingham

Another competitively priced box set from the SDE shop! Nice one Paul!

Allan Campbell

Hilariously, I think this is the pay per view show that Donald Trump had some kind of business interest in and was fired beforehand by the Stones for trying to do his own press conference for it.


I may be in the minority, but I really wish that these artists would also release a CD only release, or double CD depending on the circumstances. I have very little interest in many of the concert releases, no matter the artist. As a side note, for whatever reason, the prices for the pre-order from Amazon (Canada) do not match your listing. The double CD/DVD shows as $34 on Amazon Canada, and not $20.00

Wayne K

You have to change it from GBP to CAD. It’s correct to me.

bruce kelso

this is getting to be very old. all i hear is KA JING KA JING KA JING.yes i know its been a long time to get this released but with everybody already spending what money that have on goats head soup they could of waited till xmas for this release.

Ron Martin


It seems that way, but there are two different companies releasing these, and it isn’t the Rolling Stones’s decision. And, if one of them are released around Christmas, the same argument applies, but worse. Because, then, everybody will be spending their money on Christmas presents for others. Items that people mostly buy for themselves should not be released around Christmas. The sales will be less.

John McCann'.

Hate to ask! But is there a difference in picture quality between s.d Blu-ray and DVD?

Dave B

Probably not, but the sound should be much better on the blu-ray! :)

Personally, I appreciate the refreshingly honest marketing approach taken by Eagle by clearly identifying the item as SD Blu ray. Knowledgeable purchasing decisions are always the best ones!

David Harold

Sort of. The SD-blu has the image already upscaled to 1080i, whereas otherwise any upscaling will be done by your play ‘on the fly’. So their non-realtime upscale ‘could’ be better. Also the SD-blu has better audio on it, though both will be limited by whatever shape the source was in. Some of the Stones releases have been a bit muddy.


John. On a good tv and the word is good ! An upscaled dvd picture can look not far off blu ray .


In Japan they’ll have a bonus interview


I count 5 cuts from Steel Wheels, not 4…

Jonathan Preston

6 cuts. The intro is Continental Drift.


I’m excited about this because I thought the “vault” Tokyo show was a bit lackluster in packaging, and this takes the whole Steel Wheels motif to another level. Despite a number of tracks originating here that would be on FLASHPOINT, most of the bonus material hasn’t been released yet in audio. so again – getting a great deal for the money. This was my first Stones show, so I’m biased, but at least I’m not buying the same concert over again.


Todd, were you at the actual Atlantic City show, or did you mean this tour was our first?

Either way, that’s Kool. It was my first Stones Show as well, at least the Aug 3 Toronto show was…. :)

I had to wait until 2006 to see them again, in Shanghai, then the next, and last (for now) was 14 on fire in Shanghai as well.

They were just as great in 14 as they were in 1989. Slightly less energetic, but still beating the pants off of bands 50 years their junior.


Ah yes, the Atlantic City show is the USA Pay-Per-View TV show, hence the guest stars you could say. This was released in two similar black/gold 12″ square boxes by “private press” label Swingin’ Pig – one LP’s and one CD’s. It’s a fun show! :-)


The Stones could teach Disney & Coca Cola a few things about marketing for sure!!! Every release gets a whole stack of Merchandise!! What other act is so on the ball with this sort of thing?

Cynical comment aside, I’m gonna buy this! I want the blu ray & 2 x CD’s. The guests sound very impressive & the set list has stuff that hasn’t been on anything else, to my knowledge. I want to see the huge Steel Wheels set that went around America before they changed the name & reduced it for Europe. I fancy the “Lips” logo t-shirt too. Great release!!


This is nice but I‘m still waiting for the day they‘ll release shows from the end of that tour (30 years ago now). These were filmed for IMAX in HD (some of it released as Live At The Max Blu Ray).
The shows in East Berlin and London that August were great (and the last ones with Bill Wyman).

Jonathan Preston

They’ve missed ‘Angie’ from Wembley 7.7.90 on the Rare Reels disc! Still remember this brilliant show broadcast live on 1FM!


To everybody wondering about the Tokyo show in the 6-disc set, it isn’t the one previously released as a UK ‘From The Vault’ release. They did a residency at the Tokyo Dome and this one is a different show. It has already been released as a Japan-only ‘From The Vault Extra’ release, but has been previously unavailable outside Japan (unless you paid through the nose to get it imported of course!).

If you google ‘rolling stones from the vault extra tokyo dome’, you will see it’s previous packaging. The artwork looks quite snazzy actually. You could have got it through Ward Records, but this set saves you the effort and expense.


Cool News ! :)

David Harold

I believe the new Tokyo show is a camera rehearsal and the quality isn’t up to the previous release, but still excited to have it.

tom m hans

Anyone remember SWINGING PIG Label back in the 90s? They issued a great 3CD version shortly after it was aired on US TV (Atlantic City ’89) in a 12 by 12 Black/Silver imprinted Box – legally it was a gray area at that time making all the Swinging Pig Releases “semi-legal” – I still have mine but I will go for the 6 disc version here. This was also my first Rolling Stones show I attended – Frankfurt, Germany. Peace.


I was in Frankfurt in 1990, too! I just got the Driver‘s licence a few days before, so it was my first Stones show (of Four) and my first longer trip with that Citroën CV2 (die Ente) my dad had.
I was also the first time I smelled grass….
Thanks for the memories!

Ron Martin

Hello, Paul

How much would shipping/handling be (approximately) to the United States on the 6-Disc set?

I’m getting the 6 disc set. I’ve bought this show several times already; in 1990 on cassette, later the Swinging Pig CD’s, VHS, and later, DVD. The four CD box set alone was about $100.00. So, this price for all six discs is an excellent bargain. And, of course, the quality will be much better!

Ron Martin

Thank you, Paul.

Ed Silverman

Just to clarify…. The bonus DVD in the box set is actually a different concert than what was released on From the Vault: Live at the Tokyo Dome, which was from a Feb. 26, 1990 concert. A separate DVD release in 2017 – only in Japan – was taken from a Feb. 24, 1990 concert and this is the bonus DVD included in the box set.


Hello ! where do you got the info that it is a different concert ? It seems the same…the Tokyo Dome dvd has previously been released on The Stones From the vault series

Leighton James House

Do we ever know how ‘limited’ limited is…?

Pete Stevens

Hmm…the Tokyo Dome dvd has previously been released on The Stones From the vault series.A lot of Stones fans will already own the Atlantic City concert on unofficial but superb quality cd.Other than that irs a really nice package.Peter


A couple of tracks, included the one with Clapton, were previously released in Flashpoint in 1991.


Hi Paul – Do you know whether the Tokyo Dome DVD is the same as the previously released From The Vault concert from that tour?

Leonardo Lotti Marques

Dear Paul,

Is this bonus DVD the same as the “From The Vault: Live at The Tokyo Dome?

If it is, were these bonus cuts available in there (Rare Reels)?


Jan-Philipp Rogalski

This is the February 24 show previously only released in Japan! But it has the same setlist as the common February 26 Show.