The Rolling Stones / Their Satanic Majesties Request: anniversary deluxe

Mono/Stereo vinyl • Hybrid SACDs • No bonus audio

Universal Music will issue a 50th anniversary deluxe edition of The Rolling Stones‘ 1967 album Their Satanic Majesties Request in September .

This set is one of the more straightforward to explain, since it comprises the stereo and mono versions of the album, newly remastered by by Bob Ludwig at Gateway Mastering. Both mixes are pressed onto vinyl (lacquer cut by Sean Magee at Abbey Road Studios) and are supplied on two hybrid SACDs (super audio CDs).

Universal are calling this a ’50th Anniversary Special Audiophile Edition’ and while the term ‘audiophile’ is used so liberally these days by labels and their PR partners it’s all but lost its meaning, the inclusion of the very niche SACD format does justify it in this case.

So to be clear, this is a four-disc set that delivers two vinyl records and two hybrid SACDs – these aren’t being made available separately. Hybrid means that you can play the discs on standard CD players, although you will lose the hi-res element and will only be accessing a standard 44.1 kHz/16 bit stereo version of the new remaster.

It should be noted that Their Satanic Majesties Request has been issued on SACD before. The out-of-print ABKCO Rolling Stones CD reissues of 2002 were all hybrid SACDs although that fact was rather unplayed at the time and you have to look hard to see mention of it on the packaging. Also, Universal Japan issued an SACD of this title in 2011, which was reissued as recently as 2014.

This new 2017 edition of the album comes in special eight-panel gatefold packaging that folds out into a square (see image above). It also restores the original lenticular front cover, something last year’s mono box set failed to do.

The 50th anniversary comes with a modest 20-page booklet, which includes an essay by Rob Bowman and features Michael Cooper’s photos from original cover shoot. This set is described as a “limited edition pressing” that comes with “hand-numbered sleeves”.

This four-disc 50th anniversary edition of Their Satanic Majesties Request will be released on 22 September 2017.

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The Rolling Stones

Their Satanic Majesties Request - 2LP + 2SACD


  • 1. Sing This All Together
  • 2. Citadel
  • 3. In Another Land
  • 4. 2000 Man
  • 5. Sing This All Together (See What Happens)
  • 6. She’s A Rainbow
  • 7. The Lantern
  • 8. Gomper
  • 9. 2000 Light Years From Home
  • 10. On With The Show

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Anyone who bought this think that the vocal on the Stereo LP version of ‘She’s A Rainbow’ is wayyyy low??

rodger mullen

No extras? I already have the original, so I’ll pass.


No Outtakes?, Session Highlights?, or Live performances from that era of ’67?.


Bought TSMR 50th today. Was born in 1970, so this is my chance to get a new pressing with the original cover art, instead of running after a pricey first mono pressing on ebay. First impressions – Very sturdy cardboard cover, like the old US albums. Booklet ok, thin but with plenty to read. Very few pictures though. CD and vinyl label more acurate to original than on the recently released mono box. Production/serial numbers on outer grooves not carved in by hand, but by machine. Takes away a bit from the nostalgic side of things, but not an issue here. And, they finally included the original inner sleeve again. One wine red (that’s the one that came in the ’67 release) and a blue. Have not listened to the records or CD’s yet. So far, everything’s looking good.

Dave David Howell

Can you or Anyone Tell Me How Many of This 50th Anniversary Special Edition were made? I would think they would tell us as it is Hand Numbered?

Nass Khan

I saw this in HMV today and the price was high £69 but the package looked superb very well made and besides Single Lenticular 3d covers go for higher prices so I thought oh stuff it and purchased it.

Sorry to all you Exile fans but this has always been my favourite Stones lp and could never understand the hate towards it

I am playing the Stereo Cd first and it sounds smoother than the 2002 version . In fact sound quality is excellent.

It is pricey but its a nice extravagance if you cherish this classic album.


Useless to most except collectors. Separated SACDs from vinyl would of been a better option.


Hi experts.

Can anyone tell me if this lovely but expensive box has 5.1 on the SACDs?


Assuming that these are not new mixes, if you already have the 2002 Hybrid (which I do) the only reason to buy this is the mono mix and the book? Hmm, that’s tough. A lot of $.


This could have been a spectacular and much looked forward release if they had focused on all the outtakes from this period for possible add on. I have over 10 CD’s of outtakes from this period. Another missed opportunity.


£49.99 on HMV’s Website at the moment and Free Shipping……… so why are Universal Charging £65.00 plus postage ???


Does anyone know if the Mono mix will be a real mono mix. The original Mono vinyl with the IP & PI matrix was a true mono cut but the ones with T2 matrices were stereo fold downs.

This is a big detail for this reissue and it’s price tag so they need to be clear

Kenneth Tilley

Bit pricey i’ll hold off for the time being. One thing i will say, shame there’s no 5.1 mix, this is one rolling stones album that’s crying out for a 5.1 mix

Brad Breault

I’m with the fellow SACD listeners here, the mono mix SACD is the only real CD draw but not enough to warrant buying this entire set. And to second other mentions, those of you who don’t already own a Blu Ray player, Sony has made a few models of player than can also play the SACD format. I’ve even seen a few CD/SACD players in US pawn shops if you know to look for the logo. Not all SACD’s are outstanding once you get started on them but the original Stones hybrid discs sound great to me, and as long as you have 5 speakers or more hooked up to a receiver you’ll typically get the full effect with playback. Anyway, fingers crossed for a standalone issue of the mono SACD or even a 2CD set with both mixes.

Mike Grivich

Strange they didn’t bother with outtakes. A ton of them are circulating. I think I have the common 8 cd set. You need to be pretty dedicated to this album to listen to it all but they could easily have cherry picked quite a few gems from the set.


Very odd they would release this album without releasing Beggar’s Banquet and Let It Bleed first which are classics. They also did not not include any studio outtakes and alternate versions from the Majesties recording sessions. They do exist. There are a boatload of outtakes from the Beggar’s Banquet album. God I cannot wait until that reissue appears (if it ever does). Mick and Co. have zero excuse to not include the Beggar’s outtakes. Most of them are finished, mixed with lead vocals and finished lyrics. The cover of “Still A Fool” from the Beggar’s sessions might be the best Stones cover of all time.

Dave H

For those of you who own a Sony blu-ray player, the chances are you can play SACD’s as most Sony players can handle the DSD stream on a SACD and output via the HDMI cable. Check the audio settings on your blu-ray player.

The original run of Stones SACD’s sounded really good as well. Interesting to hear what a new remaster will bring.

As well as a lot of SACD’s being released in Japan, there’s a couple of companies in the US who have been releasing SACD’s – Analogue Productions and Audio Fidelity. Some of them have been Quad mixes from the 70’s.


Nothing for me here. I have the 2002 and was quite happy with the redbook layer, but my go to now is the mono CD from last years mono box. What a revelation that is, makes the album quite dark edged and kind of predates the great US grunge / psychedelic band stuff from the late 80’s early 90’s like Butthole Surfers, Flaming Lips and Sonic Youth. The Stones were there first!


Agree with OurKev. Would love to see that kind of superdeluxe edition. But that’s not going to happen, I’m afraid. On the other hand, would love to see that lenticular cover upclose. What would a decent version cost on discogs?

John Hirst

SACD is no good to me – it’s a great album, but without a blu-ray option this feels like an opportunity missed.


Thanks but no thanks. I will stick to my 2002 SACDs. No more double dipping of music I have already paid for.


Hardly a classic but there are a few highlights, and one I play only occasionally.
Generally I’d go as far as to say that this album is virtually unknown to all but Stones’ aficionados. Nothing to see here IMO.


Satanic has been my guiltiest pleasure since the day of release and been looking forward to a Super Deluxe for years. The replica cover, 7″ We Love You, mono/stereo, outtakes, huge hardback book, posters and Bluray of TV appearances plus documentary. Maybe not the revered musical/iconic force that is Pepper but equally representative of the times in which it was produced and far more in tune with my definition of psychedelia. At last Satanic will get the re-evaluation it deserves.
Ooops !!! Might wait till it comes down to £9.99 in order to play with the lenticular panel for a minute or two.


My 2nd favourite Stones LP. Miffed, like others, that era singles, outtakes, & alternates aren’t here at this price. The big selling point to me is the mono mix on SACD. The mono box titles are supposed to at some point get individual releases, but I doubt they’ll be hybrids, so this may well be the only place to get the mono SACD.

Jochen Mosthaf

I will be quite happy not to have any out- and alternative takes…i never listen to the extra tracks from Exile or Some Girls. The mono SACD should be a killer and be worth the purchase alone.
Next year we will get Beggars Banquet, and in 2019 Let It Bleed, and then ABKCO will surprise us with something else.


Sorry, I try to not be negative and it’s hard. $90 plus shipping for the same album milked over 4 different formats. No extra’s whatsoever. Doesn’t work for me.

Robert Fitzpatrick

this looks like a pathetic set ! should have done what Beatles did with Pepper!

Patrick W

TSMR is, in my opinion, one of the best psychedelic albums of all time. It has been the most maligned album by a major rock group in history, for no good reason, other than the vague, and not very accurate, reference to Pepper. I love the album. I also agree that this is a huge wasted opportunity. It’s as though the Stones are still somewhat embarrassed by this album and so decided to only slightly commemorate it’s 50th anniversary, almost as though it was an obligation, not an opportunity to revisit one of the most fascinating eras of the band’s history. Plenty of singles, alternate edits, etc. that could have been included. Pity.


There are a lot of labels out there getting filthy rich off reissues and repackaged vinyl these days, UMC are one of the worst!


While many of the special reissues are indeed overpriced and many venture into complete ripoff territory, the overall music business in really in the dumps. I can’t speak specifically to the UK or other European markets, but in the U.S., the overall recording business is half its former peak size and just one-third its former peak size adjusted for inflation (including physical, downloads, streaming and licensing). The first half 2017 numbers haven’t been publicly released yet, but I have a feeling that it’s going to be bad news. I’d love to be proven wrong.

Since the mass market isn’t much willing to pay for music anymore, the labels try to make it up on collectors. Sometimes it’s worth it, sometimes it’s not. As most here seem to agree, this one might have been if it had included extra tracks.


Hmmmm! Before reading the comments added it to my Amazon basket, not got this stones in my collection albeit small collection! Price wise not to whacky considering the content 2 vinyl 2 scad and book with lenticular cover. I will leave pre orders for now as always with Amazon price may go down and it is numbered, to how man though we don’t know. Paul any idea on the limited numbers being produced ?


This is a helluva lot of money for 2-CD’s & 2-LP’s in Stereo/Mono for ‘TSMR.’ Mistake no. 1. Yet another wasted opportunity to get it right. No separate release of the Mono CD or LP with the lenticular cover either. 2nd mistake. No unreleased material from the sessions. A 3rd mistake. I’m not buying it with the high price and mistakes abound. Abkco Records you know and can do a lot better !


Every CD segues Sing This Song Altogether (See What Happens) into Cosmic Christmas. On the original LP (mono and stereo) there’s a space. I bet this reissue makes the same mistake four times :)

Albert Tatlock

Absurd that there is still no ‘1+’ style DVD/Bluray of the Stones glory years from ABKCO.
Some films were restored recently (‘Jumpin Jack Flash’ ‘Child Of The Moon’) and bits were shown on Keef’s ‘Lost Weekend’ on BBC4 and at the ‘Exhibitionism’ show. While the Beatles, Zeppelin (who were notorious for a lack of TV appearances and promos) and Floyd (The ‘Early Years’ set) all have as good as definitive DVDs out there, the 60s/Brian Jones era Stones are only represented by ‘Charlie Is My Darling’ and ‘The Rock ‘N’ Roll Circus’. ABKCO seems to pull the plug on most 60s Stones footage posted on Youtube by fans, but won’t put the bloody stuff out. They should do a Stones CD/DVD release of the 1963-69 years instead of reissuing the same thing again….


Jeez, no out takes? An out take from these sessions was the closing track on the Bonus disc of the 2010 deluxe Exile re-issue!!! And none here….Why bother, can any say if the mono mixes are worth it? I have a 4 CD bootleg box set of the sessions of the LP in perfect quality. Most lacking vocals (just bleed from Jagger live, guide vocal), but still really cool.

Bob Peel

I’m placing this box set in my Amazon basket’s wants lists

you know the ones you actually never get round to buying

Glen Buchanan

I still have the original copy that was given to me for Christmas, 1967. I’ve always looked after my LPs and this one is in great shape. Nothing beats the chill of 2000 Light Years From Home.

Ross Baker

This feels like a wasted opportunity. As mentioned several times, the standalone single and some outtakes or alternate takes from the sessions could have made an interesting second disc. As it is, I have the beautifully packaged mini-LP CD version that suits me fine. Sturdy and with the lenticular cover.

Ron de Joode

The 2003 SACD reissues are the most definitive ones. No need for greed.


Vinyl and SACD I’m the same box that’s one more lost sale


nice , but again same stuff and now 4 discs with same songs i purchase 2x mono + 2x stereo the same songs again again again



To sum it all up: No demos, alternate, outtakes, etc, I’m not buying it.

Philip Cohen

Agreed. The fans are not to blame for whatever “wrongs”(perceived or real) that Allen Klein may have done against The Stones decades ago. The fans deserve some real archival music from the Decca/London years. This was probably the last and only chance to release TSMR archival music.

Neil Wilkes

Sorry but an Audiophile SACD is an oxymoron.
Nowt but noise above 23kHz (and lots of it too) and depending on how it was transferred & DSD’d, the ultrasonic garbage could run as low as 14-15kHz.

Ken A

Why would anyone want this? No alternate versions? No outtakes or singles recorded during the sessions, Child of the Moon, We Love You, etc.? No demos or alternate mixes? And not everyone always wants vinyl.


I’m sure as the release date approaches, the price will come down. Always does. I’m sorry, but I have to say it! I love the Stones, but this was a blatant Sgt. Pepper rip off!

David M

It’s not really much like Pepper at all (apart from cover choices). Much more psychedelic for one thing.

Ross Baker

I never understood the whole Sgt. Pepper ripoff accusation – other than perhaps On With the Show, I don’t hear any particular similarities. Certainly they attempted a few psych cliches (the long freakout on See What Happens, some questionable vocal effects on In Another Land), but overall it always struck me as a solid psych album with its own identity. There are plenty of other albums from the era that sound closer to it than Pepper!

Philip Cohen

Music hall-style tunes such as “On with The Show”(and “Something Happened to Me Yesterday” on the album “Between The Buttons”) were likely influenced by The Kinks, the first British group to write original 1960’s songs in the music hall style.

Ross Baker

Oh definitely – there’s an obvious Kinks influence on Between the Buttons (and some bits on Aftermath maybe?). But there’s something about the ‘show’ element of On With the Show which really reminds me of the two title tracks on Pepper.


$90 on Amazon in the U.S. with free shipping. That’s a bit steep for 12 tracks. I still have the original LP with the lenticular cover, but the reality is that I haven’t listened to it in years. This makes the Sgt. Pepper box, currently selling for $118 in the U.S. seem like a bargain. But with 2 LPs and 2 SACD’s, I can’t see this being priced for less than $70 or so and I don’t think I would pay that either. On the other hand, I’d love to hear what Ludwig did with the remastering. Some years ago, I saw Ludwig give a speech at the AES convention and he said that because the record companies were not willing (at that time) to pay for a separate master for vinyl, he sold all his lathes. I wonder if he regrets that now.

In checking, I was surprised to see that I don’t have any CD version of this, even though I’ve got a bunch of the SACD hybrid remasters and the Virgin remasters that replicated the original LP packaging, including a real zipper for Sticky Fingers, plus the remastered Get Yer Ya Ya’s Out box and some other stuff. I also see I sold my LP of Sticky Fingers with a working zipper. That was probably a mistake.


For those of you who do not want the vinyl you can get the 2 SACD’s in 7″ format with the lenticular sleeve from CDJapan for 7400 yen plus shipping. (More than this 2 LP, 2 SACD set!) It is even a more exclusive (“collectable”) set of things we all have and don’t need. On a more interesting note Amazon Japan has The Rolling Stones “Sticky Fingers – Live at the Fonda Theater 2015” [First Press Limited Edition Blu-ray + CD (Japan advance release / Japanese caption included / Japanese commentary enclosed) for 8,100 yen plus shipping and if you really have money to burn for 12,960 yen plus shipping you can get that 8,100 yen set with a t-shirt!!! Since SDE readers and the like are the only buyers of music as physical product, we are really being fleeced. Suddenly “Flowers in the Dirt” is looking like a set packed with everything, at a reasonable price. BTW, I have still passed on that one waiting for a SDE alert. Paul, any sign of Amazon liquidating an overstock of them?


@Greg: Your question about overstock, especially for LPs, is an interesting one. On the one hand, looking at actual sales numbers (in the U.S.), not that many LPs are being sold (17.2 million in the U.S. in 2016, up 1.8% from 16.9 million in 2015) and my bet is that most runs are very short. As I’ve said so many times before, considering that there were individual LPs that sold 10 million in the U.S., the whole market being 17 million is really nothing, in spite of the hype. All physical was just 22.4% of the U.S. market in 2016 (1st half 2017 numbers haven’t been released yet).

On the other, I bet some of the bigger acts insist on larger runs even though there’s no market for them and sometimes the labels create these expensive fancy boxed sets that won’t sell. So the question becomes at what point do the record company accountants say we have to get these assets off the books and they decide to dump it all at low(er) prices. Or, do the labels instead just consider all the LPs and fancy boxed sets they’ve pressed to be “long tail” items and just let Amazon and the other e-commerce vendors dribble them out over many years.

@Robert: I agree with you. I think almost any album from the psychedelic era sounds better in stereo (assuming it’s not fake electronic stereo). I even prefer Pepper in stereo, which I know is heresy.

Leo Wubbolt

As for the extras, what we don’t get, what are we missing, would would have been possible ? We have ”Gold Painted Nails”, which is on the 8-CD set Satanic Sessions, a bootleg from TSMR recordings. What about ”A degree of murder’ [ BJ soundtrack from the Volker Schlondorff movie]. Jigsaw Puzzle was recorded during the Satanic Sessions, but included on BB. As a complementist I would like to see those US promo 7” edited versions of ”We love you ”and ”Dandelion”, not forgetting the regular stereo versions. And last but not least, the 2002 SACD version of ”We love You” on ”more hot rocks ” has a different ending, so that might be an alternative. All other tracks on the8-CD Satanic Sessions bootleg box are endless jams with no direction.


Well, I’ve always enjoyed my 2002 stereo SACD of this album (on a decent system, that piercing triangle ringing out during ‘Citadel’ gets me every listen), and so I’ve been waiting for the 2002 stereo remaster to be reissued on vinyl for some time. I’d been holding out hope it might be released on clear vinyl as part of Abkco’s (short-lived 2013-2014) “Clearly Classic” reissue campaign – I been picking those up one by one, but I guess that’s that. ADHD ABKCO.

I seem to recall Mick saying he thought this album sounded best in mono (vaguely recall him saying it sounds “silly” in stereo. I personally love and prefer it). So my interest is piqued further by the inclusion of the mono vinyl and mono SACD.

Not including a disc of bonus tracks from the ‘Satanic Sessions’ is a shame, especially since Dandelion and We Love You are such great tracks – and also knowing how much quality studio outtake material exists on bootleg, too. As with just about every previous Stones ‘deluxe edition’ (with the notable exception of ‘Totally Stripped’), this is yet another missed opportunity to make the deluxe release a special, comprehensive experience. Fingers crossed Beggars Banquet gets the 50th anniversary treatment it deserves next year, but I won’t get my hopes up.

All in all I guess I’m up for this release; I happen to be in its target niche, but strongly agree with others in wishing it was $20 cheaper for what it is, though..


So essentially, this is the same album 4 times…

when you look at it that way – it’s riduculous.

If only the album was actually any good. Arguably, the two best songs form this period, as somone pointed out, are left off… Dandelion and We Love You. They could have thrown in a 45 of them at the very least. Even a stereo side A and mono side B of both songs on each side.


Well said. Truly disappointed by this when so many of the other super deluxe releases coming out lately are loaded with tons of extras. I was really trying to rationalize splurging for this but can’t do it at such a price.

elliott buckingham

a super deluxe for the worst stones release beggars belief.

David M

Or beggars banquet?

Jochen Mosthaf

truly funny

Andrew M

I’ve got quite a few SACDs including the Stones Sympathy for the Devil remixes. Just can’t find a player at a decent price. Beginning to be worried I’ll never be able to play the format again :(

David M

I picked up a Sony Blu-ray player in a charity shop for $10 that plays SACDs!

Jochen Mosthaf

In celebration of this coming release i listened to the 2002 stereo SACD and last year’s mono CD, and the SACD sounded far superior, which is not the case when you listen to the 2002 CD layer.
If you want to have the physical product, which i assume all readers here do, and true HD, SACD is the only option.


The high price is due to the reproduction of the original lenticular front cover.

Paul E.

Lenticular printing at this volume is NOT that expensive. I still recall, as child, buying Cracker Jack popcorn with those little “free” lenticular cards inside. That was 40 years ago – I can’t imagine that the print industry hasn’t improved upon economies of scale. The price is indeed a “cracker” and we are getting “jack(ed)”.


Universal has done numerous reissues in the last few years with lenticular covers that are full LP cover size (I have Public Enemy and Parliament reissues under Universal’s “Respect The Classics” banner with them) and the LPs are only ~$10 more than if they weren’t included, so there’s no reason a postcard-sized lenticular cover would add that much to a 2LP set.