The Shadows / Boxing The Shadows 1980-1990: Limited SIGNED 11CD set

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Limited signed edition • 11CD box set 

Boxing The Shadows 1980-1990 is a new 11CD box set that explores The Shadows‘ decade-long association with Polydor Records.

This collection effectively presents eleven albums (some with bonus tracks) in a oversized hardcover book (7″ x 7″) with each CD slotting into its own reproduced mini-album ‘sleeve’. In total there’s 163 tracks.

Considering it was 25 years on from their massive early years, some of these records were very successful indeed. In fact The Shadows had an impressive run of four consecutive top ten UK albums, from 1986 to 1990, including the popular (and winningly titled) Moonlight Shadows and Simply Shadows (the latter went platinum).

Broadcaster, DJ and Frankie Goes To Hollywood hater, Mike Read (best known for presenting UK TV’s Saturday Superstore), has written 7,000 words of sleeve notes, which includes elements from recently conducted interviews with members of The Shadows.

Bag a limited edition version of this which comes with a 6″ x 6″ black and white photograph SIGNED by The Shadows! This are exclusive to Amazon UK and limited to 1000 units.

Boxing The Shadows 1980-1990 is released on 3 November 2017.


  • 1 Mozart Forte
  • 2 Midnight Creepin’
  • 3 Change Of Address
  • 4 Just The Way You Are
  • 5 Indigo
  • 6 Arty’s Party
  • 7 Outdigo
  • 8 Hello Mr. W.A.M.
  • 9 Temptation
  • 10 Albatross
  • 11 If You Leave Me Now
  • 12 Equinoxe (Part V)


  • 1 Telstar
  • 2 Chi Mai (Theme From “The Life And
  • Times Of David Lloyd George”)
  • 3 We Don’t Talk Anymore
  • 4 Imagine/Woman
  • 5 Hats Off To Wally
  • 6 One Day I’ll Fly Away
  • 7 Summer Love ‘59
  • 8 Misty
  • 9 This Ole House
  • 10 The Winner Takes It All
  • 11 Sailing
  • 12 Thing-Me-Jig
  • 13 More Than I Can Say
  • 14 Cowboy Cafe
  • 15 The Third Man
  • 16 Nut Rocker


  • 17 The Fourth Man


  • 1 Life In The Jungle
  • 2 High Noon
  • 3 The Theme From “Missing”
  • 4 Treat Me Nice
  • 5 Cat ‘N’ Mouse
  • 6 Chariots Of Fire
  • 7 No Dancing!
  • 8 Riders Of The Range
  • 9 The Old Romantics
  • 10 You Rescue Me
  • 11 Lili Marlene
  • 12 Raunchy


  • 13 Spot The Ball
  • 14 The Shady Lady


  • 1 The Third Man
  • 2 Thing-Me-Jig
  • 3 Runaway
  • 4 All I Have To Do Is Dream
  • 5 It Doesn’t Matter Anymore
  • 6 Johnny B. Goode
  • 7 Over In A Flash
  • 8 Summer Love ‘59
  • 9 Oh! Boy
  • 10 Crying In The Rain
  • 11 Arty’s Party

CD5/ XXV (1983)

  • 1 Africa
  • 2 Going Home (Theme From “Local Hero”)
  • 3 Up Where We Belong
  • 4 You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me
  • 5 The Modern Way
  • 6 Diamonds
  • 7 Time Is Tight
  • 8 Memory
  • 9 Liverpool Days
  • 10 Queen Of Hearts
  • 11 A Whiter Shade Of Pale


  • 12 Elevenis


  • 1 How Do I Love Thee
  • 2 Hammerhead
  • 3 The Saturday Western
  • 4 Look Back On Love
  • (From The Film “Terminal Choice”)
  • 5 Johnny Staccato
  • 6 I Will Return
  • 7 (I’m Gonna Be Your) Guardian Angel
  • 8 Can’t Play Your Game
  • 9 On A Night Like This
  • 10 Turning Point
  • 11 Our Albert


  • 1 Every Breath You Take
  • 2 Hello
  • 3 The Power Of Love
  • 4 Hey Jude
  • 5 Against All Odds
  • 6 Memory
  • 7 Dancing In The Dark
  • 8 Whiter Shade Of Pale
  • 9 Moonlight Shadow
  • 10 Three Times A Lady
  • 11 Sailing
  • 12 I Just Called To Say I Love You
  • 13 I Know Him So Well
  • 14 Nights In White Satin
  • 15 Imagine/Woman
  • 16 Walk Of Life


  • 17 Dancing In The Dark (7” Remix)
  • 18 Dancing In The Dark (12” Remix)


  • 1 I Knew You Were Waiting For Me
  • 2 We Don’t Need Another Hero
  • 3 Walking In The Air
  • 4 Careless Whisper
  • 5 Don’t Give Up
  • 6 I Guess That’s Why They Call It The Blues
  • 7 A Heart Will Break Tonight
  • 8 The Lady In Red
  • 9 Pulaski
  • 10 Take My Breath Away
  • 11 The Music Of The Night (from The Phantom Of The Opera)
  • 12 The Themes From “EastEnders” & “Howards’ Way”
  • 13 I Want To Know What Love Is
  • 14 The Skye Boat Song
  • 15 Jealous Guy
  • 16 Chain Reaction


  • 1 You Win Again
  • 2 I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)
  • 3 He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother
  • 4 Candle In The Wind
  • 5 Farewell My Lovely
  • 6 Mountains Of The Moon
  • 7 Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love For You
  • 8 Heaven Is A Place On Earth
  • 9 When The Going Gets Tough
  • 10 Alone
  • 11 All I Ask Of You
  • 12 Stack-It
  • 13 Shoba
  • 14 You Keep Me Hangin’ On
  • 15 Some People
  • 16 One Moment In Time


  • 1 Apache
  • 2 Man Of Mystery
  • 3 Shindig
  • 4 Wonderful Land
  • 5 The Rise And Fall Of Flingel Bunt
  • 6 The Theme From “The Deerhunter” (Cavatina)
  • 7 The Boys
  • 8 The Frightened City
  • 9 Theme For Young Lovers
  • 10 Dance On
  • 11 The Savage
  • 12 F.B.I.
  • 13 Guitar Tango
  • 14 Genie With The Light Brown Lamp
  • 15 Atlantis
  • 16 Foot Tapper
  • 17 Don’t Cry For Me Argentina
  • 18 Kon-Tiki
  • 19 Geronimo
  • 20 The Stranger

CD11 / REFLECTION (1990)

  • 1 Eye Of The Tiger
  • 2 Crockett’s Theme (From “Miami Vice”)
  • 3 Right Here Waiting
  • 4 Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
  • 5 Sealed With A Kiss
  • 6 Uptown Girl
  • 7 Strawberry Fields Forever
  • 8 Riders In The Sky ‘90
  • 9 Flashdance…What A Feeling
  • 10 Something’s Gotten Hold Of My Heart
  • 11 Love Changes Everything
  • 12 Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now
  • 13 Bilitis
  • 14 You’ll Never Walk Alone
  • 15 Shadowmix featuring Apache / Wonderful Land / The Rise And Fall Of Flingel Bunt / Kon-Tiki / F.B.I. / Man Of Mystery and Apache
  • 16 Always On My Mind

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Joan C.

I have this boxset as MP3’s, with the covers, if someone wants to hear something off of these albums

[…] release (check out the 11CD signed box set), this time aimed at the vinyl connoisseur. At Their Very Best is a 2LP hits collection available […]

Larry Davis

I know the Shadows were Cliff Richard’s backing band with Hank Marvin and I know they are viewed as legends in the UK…never heard them before… Seeing the tracklistings of the albums and it’s mostly covers of popular songs at the time…are these instrumental albums or was there a singer?? Despite their status, i don’t think I would want a boxset of rock & roll Muzak or elevator music instrumentals…i hope its more than that for me to consider this…thanks…

Joan C.

I have this boxset, and most all of the songs, are musical, but Hank sings on just a few of them, like on the XXV album, he sings on “The Modern Way”, and “Liverpool Days”. Most of the songs are with a fast beat, some of them are slow. They do quite a few “cover” songs, from various movies.
Here’s the list of the albums from Wikipedia, where you can click on the titles of the albums, and it will tell you which ones Hank sings on, which ones are from different movies, etc.
I’ve enjoyed going through all these albums, and listening to them. I think this a very talented band! Here’s the link for all their albums and the info on them:

The Shadows discography


Bernard O'Hara

This is a really super set. Yes – I have all these albums and tracks – but this is a lovely item, well priced, including a number of long deleted albums (some with extra tracks)and with the added bonus of a print signed by Bruce, Brian and Hank. Well done.


I think you’re right, it would be some undertaking to re-record 11 albums!

Auntie Sabrina

I think the sticker refers to the fact these were new albums made from 1980 onwards if that helps Michael…


On the sticker it says ‘All the newly recorded albums’

Does this mean it’s not the original recordings but some new remakes of each album?

Ross Baker

When I was 10, my parents bought a new stereo for the house, and my dad picked up a couple of CDs in Woolworths to try out this exciting new technology (it was 1994, we were behind the times). One of them was ‘Another String of Hot Hits (and More!)’. Before that I’d had pretty much no interest in music whatsoever. In the 23 years since then I’ve bought over 3,000 CDs, tapes, records and downloads, completed a degree in Music Technology and released a bunch of my own records – needless to say The Shadows changed my life in a very big way.

Having mostly owned various cheap compilations as a kid, I decided this year to revisit them and pick up all the studio albums which, along with the 4CD As & Bs compilation, should tidy up pretty much all their studio material. A set like this is quite tempting, as it ties up their less essential material (I’m enormously fond of some of their ’80s stuff in a nostalgic way, but the ’60s material will always be their peak) in a single purchase – but as it won’t fit on my CD shelves it’s immediately a difficult decision. I do like to have my whole collection lined up neatly in alphabetical order, ha.

Andrew M

Interesting. In the eighties, when I was around 16 and very cynical of a band like The Shadows, Brian Bennet’s son (Joff, if I recall) was in the boarding house which my parents ran. The whole family were absolutely lovely. Genuine great people. When the Shadows played at Colston Hall they invited me to go, and being a bit sniffy I was thinking to myself – why would I want to see them?

But I loved music even then so I went. And you know what? they were brilliant. Brian told me to bring my electric guitar that I owned and leave it at the backstage door before the gig. I did so, wondering what they were planning and when I went backstage afterwards I got invited in. The whole band signed my guitar and chatted to me and made me feel like royalty.

You know what? Live, they were superb as well. they taught me a valuable lesson about not being sniffy about any kind of music at all. They were so talented and just a really enjoyable gig.

Sorry for the rabbiting on but someone may find it interesting.

Mike the Fish

Yes, lovely story.

Metal Mickey

@CJ Frankly, all you really need is the “20 Golden Greats” compilation, an exemplary summary of their 60s hits which was MASSIVE when it was released in 1977…

ian s

Or even the ”50 Golden Greats” 2 CD compilation released in 2000 which as well as their 60s hits also includes the hits they had in the 70s.

Michael G

Thanks for the alert bought it straight away and a real bonus to have their signatures, other bands should take note no crappy vinyl included,price is decent and they have taken the trouble to sign a print ltd to 1000,get in quick before they all disappear.


Is this hand signed or a reprint?


Looks good thanks… but any news on remastering?? Any if we pay Gene Simmons prices will we get Hank playing live in our front room ..??? Probably not .. shame ..

For links to Shadows stuff .. here’s one – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ScvUeKV5Gko


Thank you for the links. It turns out I did find them on Spotify, I just didn’t think it was the same group because none of the albums in this box were there. I’m going to need to continue investigating, because while I think they sound really good, I’m not sure how often i would really play instrumental versions (I didn’t realize they were a purely instrumental band).


I’m intrigued by this, but I have never actually heard the band. Spotify is giving me a different band, and I can’t seem to bring this band up on there. Is there a place I can go to listen to some of the tracks? Some great songs covered on here, and I love good over versions, but I’d like to hear a bit of what they sound like before going in at $75.


Just have a listen on YouTube. I’m sure you will find plenty of Shadows tracks on there.

DJ Control
Ian Kershaw

Try YouTube. Plenty of Shadows music there.

Rare Glam

I’m not interested in this set at all but I’d love a nice boxed edition of the three albums from the early 70s
Marvin, Welsh, Farrar – Marvin, Welsh, Farrar (Regal Zonophone, 1971)
Marvin, Welsh, Farrar – Second Opinion (Regal Zonophone 1971)
Marvin & Farrar – Marvin & Farrar (EMI, 1973)
The first two have been reissued as a two-fer (on the old See For Miles label) and individually in jewel cases but not for a good many years. I’m not sure the third one ever has been. These are three real gems both vocally and compositionally that never get enough exposure.

Paul Spurgeon

Thanks. Ordered ltd edition. £60 for 11cd is good value – others should take note.

jimmy boots

Why have they left off the single version of Equinoxe V and its B-side ‘Fender Bender’? They could have induced the hardcore fans by finally issuing ‘It’s Too Late’ which was left off ‘Guardian Angel’ as well, but nothing here worth having for Shadows fans and nothing of interest to the casual buyer really.

Ian Kershaw

They also missed Shadoogie ‘83 and Life Story. Obviously compiled by someone who wasn’t full conversant with The Shadows output!
They stuffed up a great opportunity!

Andy Swallow

Cheers Paul, ordered…that’s my dad’s Christmas sorted…!

Andrew R

Another great ‘heads up’ – thanks


signed by The Shadows, does that include Hank?