The Sisters of Mercy / Some Girls Wander By Mistake / vinyl box set

Rhino will reissue an expanded edition of The Sisters Of Mercy‘s 1992 compilation Some Girls Wander By Mistake as four-record vinyl box set in September.

The compilation retraces The Sisters of Mercy’s formative years and features material from early singles and EPs. It arranges the audio in non-chronological order (starting with the 1983 EP Alice) and includes three songs originally issued in 1980: The Damage Done, Watch and Home Of The Hit-Men.

This box also includes two 12-inch singles, the first of which features the 1992 re-recorded version of Temple Of Love, and the second features two mixes of that Under The Gun (and an updated version of Alice).

This Some Girls Wander By Mistake vinyl box is released on 1 September 2017.

Side One
1.    Alice
2.    Floorshow
3.    Phantom
4.    1969

Side Two
1.    Kiss The Carpet
2.    Lights
3.    Valentine
4.    Fix
5.    Burn
6.    Kiss The Carpet – Reprise

Side Three
1.    Temple Of Love – Extended Version 1983
2.    Heartland
3.    Gimme Shelter

Side Four
1.    The Damage Done
2.    Watch
3.    Home Of The Hit-Men
4.    Body Electric
5.    Adrenochrome
6.    Anaconda

Temple of Love (12″)
Side One
1.    Temple Of Love” – Touched by the Hands of Ofra Haza

Side Two
1.    Vision Thing – Canadian Club Remix

Under The Gun (12″)
Side One
1.    Under The Gun – Metropolis Mix

Side Two
1.    Alice – 1993 Version
2.    Under The Gun – Jutland Mix


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About 10 years ago a guy sold me everything to do with a incarnations of the sisters on vinyl for 5 queen heads !….I still want this even though I have all the 12″ singles it’s a pain to get them out!…worth it for temple of love 12″ extended!

Peter Rogge

Mastered and Cut from the original production tapes by John Webber at Air Studios London.

Tom Foster

I forgot Body & Soul was included in the First & Last & Always set. I haven’t actually listened to any of the 12″ singles from the boxsets yet, just the LPs. I love their covers of Emma and Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door; I used to listen to those two 12″ B-sides all the time.


I prefer the first Body Electric. There is a sense of urgency about it. The second (which I love too) is a little too squeaky clean! I’m just hoping that this time it won’t be truncated.


Yea that and andrenachrome from “they shall not pass” release for miners strike..great vinyl

David Martin

I also love “Gift” and found it on ebay a few years back as I never had the original. Body and Soul is available on the First & Last & Always vinyl box set and it includes one of my fav Sisters tracks Afterhours and a much better re-recorded version of Body Electric. I would like a release of Overbombing but don’t see it as a box set as most of the material has been re-released already and Some Girls includes the tracks post Vision Thing.

Tom Foster

Oh, and I forgot about the Sisterhood EP, but I don’t suppose that will ever get a reissue. There used to be several copies of the vinyl in a record shop near me in the early 90s – I bought one but the others never seemed to shift… I actually really like it and don’t understand why it was so negatively received at the time of release, other than because of all the acrimony with The Mission.

Tom Foster

They’re my favourite band, ever. I have the original 12″ vinyls of all these except the ultra-rare 1980 Damage Done, and Under the Gun which I only have as the CD single. I have bought all three of the other reissue boxsets, even though I already had almost all of the original vinyl. I’m not sure whether to get this one or not, though I’ll probably end up buying it for completeness’ sake… One thing I would have expected was that they’d include ‘Body and Soul’ this time around. I never understood why that was left off ‘Some Girls…’ other than that they maybe ran out of space to get it on the CD (though it was included on ‘Overbombing’)! It will now be the only major Sisters release not to make it onto reissue vinyl.

Robert Atkin

Body and Soul was on Warners Brothers. The original Some Girls collected up all the independent releases only.


The quality of the source audio will definitely make or break this one.

Mark Turrell

Why would any vinyl aficionados bother with this? A bunch of tracks are ripped from vinyl. Why would you buy vinyl of a vinyl rip??? What’s the point? Makes no sense.

Jason Brown

Some Girls…was my real intro in the world of the Sisters (via Temple Of Love 1992) – picked it up on reduced cassette in Woolies for about £2 in ’95. It’s a comp that does it’s job. But Overbombing is just stupendous (my favourite compilation album EVER!!!) Must look for that at vinyl at some point…

Looking forward to seeing them (with Therapy? supporting!) in September…

Mark Reed

The Sisters don’t have control over re-formatting of the old material, as part of their rather acrimonious divorce from “We Won’t Promote Your Album” Records. The Sisters have a reputation (very undeserved) for being difficult to work with, whilst their then label refused to promote them and The Sisters were fairly vocal about it. If you’re competent, there’s no problem.

The Sisters website touches upon it here : http://www.thesistersofmercy.com/gen/faqdim/faqdim.htm#album_frequency and http://www.thesistersofmercy.com/gen/faqnorm/faqnorm.htm and especially here :

Kevin Barrett

Nice edition, will go for this.


The Sisters have repackaged their modest catalogue more than any other band, ever. I know the Rolling Stones and the Who have a lot more compilations, but they also have a lot more material to choose from. The Sisters Of Mercy’s entire recorded work is about 50 songs. I love a lot of their work, and they were great when I saw them live at a secret gig in Cork in 1990, but it’s now 27 years since they released an album of new work. A pity.

Tom of FIN

That’s right, only performed new material on live gigs, not even self-releasing them on his own website digitally.

However, mr. Eldritch is an obvious gambler with big words. He has been though quiet after promising last summer in an interview to highly likely publish new songs, if Donald Dumbo makes it to become a US president:

Simon Long

Bizarre choice to include the ToL ’92 and UtG singles – that then means the box contains all of the Sisters’ earliest recorded material combined with their most recent recorded material, with an enormous hole of the period in the middle covering the bits most people actually know…


Agreed. The 12″ tracks would have fit better on a Slight Case of Overbombing vinyl box set (if it doesn’t exist already).

Jorje Chica

I’m with MFG, the later 12 inch singles just don’t fit with this compilation of early singles. They should have gone with a box for Slight Case…, if one is ever released.


I must agree, too.
BUT… I guess that the record company thought of the release date of the Some Girls compilation (1992) and not the release dates of the original singles.
If so, the box makes completely sense.


Brilliant. Just ordered it… The previous box-sets featured some very good pressings, and this one is definitely “the carpet, that ties the room together”. ;)

Matthew North

Keeping fingers crossed that they have found the master tapes rather than the needledrop that was a fair chunk of the album in 1992.

Jorje Chica

Needledrop? I’ll have to give my copy of the original album another spin, but I don’t remember it sounding bad at all.


Matthew is absolutely right. If I want to listen to digital versions of the old singles I take the selfmade rip my brother did a few years ago from the original singles.

Peter Nicholas

Great compilation this and be good to have on vinyl. September is becoming an expensive month!