The Specials / Encore red vinyl

2LP coloured vinyl with bonus live content

The Specials will release a special red vinyl edition of their number one album Encore in July.

This is a double-album set with the album on the first LP with a selection of live tracks on the second record, including performances from The Bataclan in Paris in 2014 and London’s The Troxy in 2016.

This Encore red vinyl is released on 26 July 2019.

LP 1

Side A

1. Black Skin Blue Eyed Boys
2. B.L.M
3. Vote For Me
4. The Lunatic Have Taken Over The Asylum
5. Breaking Point

Side B

6. Blam Blam Fever
7. The Ten Commandments
8. Embarrassed By You
9. The Life And Times Of A Man Called Depression
10. We Sell Hope

LP 2

Side C

1. Gangsters (Recorded live at Le Bataclan, Paris, 30th November 2014)
2. A Message To You, Rudy (Recorded live at Le Bataclan, Paris, 30th November 2014)
3. Nite Klub (Recorded live at The Troxy, London, 16th November 2016)
4. Friday Night, Saturday Morning (Recorded live at Le Bataclan, Paris, 30th November 2014)
5. Stereotype (Recorded live at Le Bataclan, Paris, 30th November 2014)
6. Redemption Song (Recorded live at The Troxy, London, 16th November 2016)

Side D

7. Monkey Man (Recorded live at Le Bataclan, Paris, 30th November 2014)
8. Too Much Too Young (Recorded live at The Troxy, London, 16th November 2016)
9. Enjoy Yourself (It’s Later Than You Think) (Recorded live at Le Bataclan, Paris, 30th November 2014)
10. Ghost Town (Recorded live at Le Bataclan, Paris, 30th November 2014)
11. All The Time In The World (Recorded live at The Troxy, London, 16th November 2016)

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How many times over the years have we seen artists release several versions of their records, usually to consolidate chart positions. This was done originally by releasing 12″ and 7″ versions of singles, usually with extended versions or additional tracks. Depeche Mode even went as far as to release multiple 12″ versions of the same single (I know, I bought them all ) then later, multiple CD versions. But to release a collectors edition at over twice the price of the standard release is just extracting the p**s, double lp on red vinyl or not. Still, this will become a collectors item through time. It’s The Specials after all.


This was quoted to me as £40 in HMV at the weekend ffs. Ridiculous!


£33 wow ! Single black vinyl is £17

Ken Quinn

Dont know what the fuss is about.

Bands have been releasing coloured vinyls since the 70’s.

I should know as I have some original pressings from that time.


Why are The Specials album + singles on vinyl so expensive..?

Martin Power

Too expensive by far pitched at £20 would be a draw bad mistake will fingers crossed for a deal

Timm Davison

I really dislike the practice of putting out a ‘special’ edition of a new release so soon after it originally drops. This, in my mind, is the height of highway robbery. Put out the special edition at the same time and let the consumer decide. Don’t stick a super fan with shelling out more dollars so soon after buying the original in the first place.

Martin Power

I’m not a fan but bands have done it for as long as I can remember

Chris Squires

As Timm says it’s nothing really new is it. In my pomp I recall many a second 12″ or 7″ double pack, not to forget the picture disc or free LP with the new album. Never in the first few weeks but maybe after a stall in the charts and that last final push for the summit.

Thinking about it a bit I think the difference is because back in the day records and chart places could be slow burners. Information about a new release was hard to find unless you were a regular reader of NM, sounds, RM, Smash Hits etc or lived in your local record shop. Even then you wouldn’t really know about the latest single by “x” until the week of release. I remember being a massive Oldfield fan and didn’t know QE2 had been released until I heard Wonderful Land playing on Radio WM early one Saturday morning. I was 13 and belted into Brum to buy it from HMV. But it showed that there wasn’t that awareness or pre-release push that there is now. Most things we buy now are on pre-order, maybe months in advance so that late special edition could seem a little cynical. As 90-odd percent of people who might buy the special edition will already have the album whereas back in the day only the fervent collector would buy the double pack if they already had the main single or album.

Mike the Fish

I agree, it alienates the fan/customer. Why breed the ill will?

Michael McGreevy

Buy 10 copies and stick them on ebay for twice the price. That’s what seems to happen with every other desirable ltd edition record.

David S

Far too pricey! If you have the original album on vinyl, it would take some very dedicated collector to spend out for this, because of some live versions of favourites, which were on the CD edition.


A bit pricey and I’m not a coloured vinyl collector. A 2-CD of this for around £14 would be tempting though.

Steve A

It’s been out as a 2CD since February


Thanks, I was blissfully unaware of that. Will take a look in HMV over the weekend.


They have it on Amazon for£7.00 2cd.

Ian Ryder

Which has been available for as little as seven quid from HMV and others since release.